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July 18, 2011



God has a great sense of humor.

Bill Wippel

Hey, the way humans are running our country, it looks as though they might need God.


Not the first time anyone looked to the heavens for guidance. Im sure we all have done it once or twice. Even Mr. Hood.


God has other things to worry about--

The Guardian:

"Sean Hoare, the former News of the World showbiz reporter who was the first named journalist to allege Andy Coulson was aware of phone hacking by his staff, has been found dead, the Guardian has learned."

So far, the police are saying it is not looking suspicious. But the top two Scotland Yard officers quit this morning, so this will be interesting to follow. Better than a John LeCarre novel.


That guy looks and sounds a lot like GWB. Maybe with the help of the Supreme Court, he could be POTUS on a technicality to.


Umm, I think perhaps they will split the god vote and Mitt will have it. Maybe that's god's plan. You think?

Sparky, they say they don't know how it happened but that it ISN'T suspicious. Figure that one out.

I heard the resignations were bribery related. Still early to know. I didn't know that even Gordon Brown had to fly to Austalia to get Rupert's blessing before he could become PM. Unbelievable. Unregulated who-needs-anti-trust laws depend on the FCC and Congress to keep us safe. Life is getting funnier and funnier.

BTW, "Queen," radio and politics are synergistic. Live with it.


Talk about making up facts. Maddow and the Texas voter ID bill.

Occasionally Republicans tip their hand on this, as they have done in Texas, when Texas Republicans were cranking down voting rights, making it harder to vote in that state than it has ever been before, Texas Republicans carved out an exception to their new you-have-to-show-an-ID-to-vote-now rule. The exception is? (pause for dramatic effect) For anybody who has a concealed carry permit for a weapon.

Te problem, no such exemption exist. Fake journalism MSNBC style. I love the Doctor but this reeks of MSNBC asking its host to make things up.


Rachel doesnt make things up, so if it is wrong, and someone can prove that its wrong, then she will run a correction on her show. She has done it before.

I monitor conservatives

While Palin Documentary Flops, Fox Touts ‘Packed’ Theaters

Maddow should not have made a big deal about using concealed weapons permits as ID. It is dumb when any liberal misleads whether by outright lying or by omission which is what Maddow did.

Now, explain Fox News' outright lie about the Palin movie.

Radio Queen

Fox Nation is an opinion website and the story you linked to was actually originated by Reuters. Here's what Fox News is saying about the Palin documentary...

Just trying to keep things honest...or should I say "fair and balanced?"


Fox lying about Palin...who'd have thunk it?

Radio Queen

Fox News is Saying

I monitor conservatives

Another conservative tactic: redirection. Works with simple minds but not the intellectually astute.

Think Progress: Nevertheless, Fox News is touting the opening as a smash hit, leading their “Fox Nation” website with the following:

July 18, 2011
Palin Film Opens Strong, Theaters Packed

Radio Queen's is an example of omission on the right. Ignoring the evidence, she redirects to a link that makes excuses: "Still, the film is not a typical box office release and therefore may not be held to the same rules of traditional films." Ask Michael Moore about that.

Keeping it honest. See why I monitor conservatives? This blog is too easy.

KS blathering for the halibut

Red meat for the Christophobes.

Fox embellished the headline about the Palin film opening - they are somewhat full of crap, but also gave some hard numbers,which indicate to me a very small number in only 10 markets went to see it. Think Progress is full of more crap - as they talked about theatres being packed, they missed the ones where there were only a few people who bothered to see it.

monitior conservative- you missed a liberal exaggeration right under your nose - they were inaccurate in reporting what they wanted their readers to believe Fox reported..

Radio Queen

My response to your misleading post was accurate by clarifying the difference between Fox Nation and Fox News, which you conveniently ignored. Find me a story touting the success of Palin's documentary that can be directly attributed to Fox News and then we'll have something to talk about.

I monitor conservatives

Redirection proved. You claim Fox Nation is not aligned with Fox News? Who's misleading? My point stands.

Radio Queen

I didn't claim they weren't affiliated; however, Fox Nation is not a news organization--it is a clearly identified "opinion" subsection of the Fox News website. Hmmm...no Fox News story yet, huh? I didn't think so. Your point is moot. G'night.


The Perry et al divinations remind me of a priceless line from syndicated African-American columnist Leonard Pitts a few years ago, discussing Dubya's propensity to claim direct instruction from the Almighty. Paraphrasing, Pitts wrote something like: "You know, over the years I've met a lot of people who've claimed that God told them to do something - and (unlike Bush) in every single case, He told them to do something they didn't already want to do."

I monitor conservatives

"Palin Film Opens Strong, Theaters Packed" - whose opinion?

Another conservative tactic: argue until you think you've won but it doesn't change the facts. It is written as fact. It is reported as news derived from Reuters which does not publish opinion. The Reuters notes presales. Thus, a false headline and an inaccurate report - whether by lying or by omission. You tell me.

Another conservative trait: tolerate low standards for right-wing news organizations. When caught in a lie, keep arguing.

Now, this will be my last post. Carry on with your crusade to lend credibility to Fox News.


Well, the Queen knows she's beat and leaves early. Good job, IMC.

Puget Sound Blathers

i like the 'declare victory' and move on style of IMC. too bad our president won't do that in one of his many wars. he's got three going on now, plenty to choose from.
but our progressives on this blog will continue to 'bleat' like sheep in support of president obama's war policies.

Puget Sound Blathers

Ah, the unfortunate scent of a Joanie posting with its whiff of ignorance. Fortunately, we have KS at the ready to apply a deodorant of facts to same. But even KS can only do so much.

Big Ed, a ratings juggernaut. LMAO. Go ahead, Joanie, tell us how Big Ed is creaming the competition in some narrowly defined slice of the demographic (probably the ‘loon and over 65 crowd’)


"some narrowly defined slice of the demographic (probably the ‘loon and over 65 crowd’)"

Another example of conservatives posting without the facts. You never learn.


Well, I for one, have been pretty busy running around supporting Obama's war policies!!

Radio Queen

Well, it's pretty clear that you still don't understand the difference between the Fox News site and the Fox Nation site, so I feel compelled to try one more time. (I must have a bit of masochism in me...) The Fox Nation site is actually similar to Blatherwatch on a much bigger scale. It posts stories from a variety of sources (Politico, The Washington Times, The Hill, Reuters, etc.) and allows people to comment on them. Yes, they most likely write their own headlines and opinion pieces and use the opportunity to spin them, but the actual stories typically come from other sources, which they link to. Yes, it is obviously affiliated with Fox News; however, it doesn't investigate, gather and report its own news any more than Michael Hood does. In response to IMC's original post, I was pointing out that his perception that Fox News lied about the success of Palin's documentary was simply not true (it was a Reuters story--with an admittedly slanted headline-- posted on the Fox Nation site), and I linked to a related story actually written/posted by Fox News on its site. If your ultimate conclusion is that simply by providing an accurate rebuttal to a specific post means I'm defending Fox News in its totality, you've made a giant leap into assumption land. For those of us who are interested in validity of sources, I thought this was an important distinction to make. 'Nuf said.

BTW, I rarely stay up past 10, no matter how titillating the blather might be. :)


An awful lot of words when, in the end, it is a distinction without a difference. And in my opinion, it was reported as fact. But I'm not the one you need to convince. Personally, i think it's much ado about nothing. Everybody knows Fox News isn't a real news organization but a corrupt fantasy for rightwingers who want someone else to do their thinking for them.


At least according to Roger Ailes.

Puget Sound Blathers

too funny coming from one who cites to randi rhodes as a source of fact and reason...

ks, bring in some deoderizing facts when you get a chance. joanie needs another fact bath and chucks ain't gonna do it again.


No, spewgit, I've never cited Randi as a source of fact. Not ever. I've said I got some things from her but never vouched for accuracy. When I state anything as fact, I get the source and link it. As you should know by now. I don't just use quotes . . . umm, sound familiar?

You know, without insults, you really don't have much, do you?

Puget Sound Blathers facts to Joanie

"She's the best out there for political discussion if you can keep up with her.

Her erudite, savvy and comprehensively informed points of view were so welcome in this jungle of right-wing crazy and conservatively cautious main stream media.

Posted by: joanie | February 16, 2009 at 01:30 PM"

laughing my ass off, it's so easy to show your lying ways...

but maybe when you cite to her as 'savy, errudite and comprehensively informed' you don't mean she is accurate or fact based.

i'll pause as the odor of a skeddaddle comes upon this blog...

Puget Sound Blathers

oh gosh, the odor is worse than usual...
Tommy 008 and Duff are roflao


Yes, she is. How does that change what I said? Check your spelling of erudite while you're checking your brain for an answer.

She provides sources and links when stating facts. If I quote her, I link. You would not be able to keep up with her just like you can't keep up with me.

I have often criticized her as well. But for discussion, she's great. So are Tom Hartmann and David Sirota. Information and discourse is different than talking points in case you didn't know.

You had to go back to 2009 on your rolodex for that one. You're better at comedy than discourse.


What do you call someone who constantly accuses other people of skedaddling and then skedaddles?

Oh, I remember: a hypocrite.

D.T. Monson

I'm very suspicious about this 'Fox Plumbing'. I think it's a way to plant listening devices.

Puget Sound Blathers

"I've never cited Randi as a source of fact. Not ever."

and then you write

"She provides sources and links when stating facts. If I quote her, I link."

err joanie, the fact you don't catch your contradictions is funny.


Yes, I link the original source. Try to connect the dots once in a while, spewgit.


There's something very queer about the blokes in the photograph. Very queer.


We have to be careful of Rick Perry. We do not need another egotistical Texan in the White House. Hopefully he will not announce (or has he already, I've been away).
I'm sure the macho boys club here would love his candidacy but they are so out of touch with real American wants and needs, it's pathetic. They all need therapeutic guidance from their beloved Dr Tommy McClintock, or whatever he tends to call himself these days.
[Tom008: just be yourself we totally understand your idiocincrocies and inadequacies.]


Oh, and not too far off topic, just heard that Sarah Palin's son, Trip, Trap, Trope or whatever is soon to be a father. Apparently his wife of two months is significantly showing a bulge in that direction. Sarah and daughter Bristol, let me join the chorus in saying you can SHUT UP now about pre-marital sex and all your bullshit about abstinence.

Puget Sound Blathers

Palin's son, Track, has been a honorable young soldier who served this country in combat. Can you just let up the hammers a bit on the young man and his new wife?

Johnny Sombrerro

yes, never mind the fact that he was probably born out of wedlock and the military was his only option.


Number 1, I don't think I berated the son. He served our country, fine do you know with certainty that his discharge was honorable? Number 2 I was trying to make a point of Sarah and daughter Bristol learning to SHUT UP about abstinence can you not get that point? Enhances joanie's points about you.


Puget Sound has a problem with facts. He doesn't like them. And he never has been able to connect the dots: thus, you get out-of-wedlock sex juxtaposed to military service.

Go figure that one.


Not to mention unprotected sex.


Ahhh Putz, the old military meme aint working. What to do?

Puget Sound Blathers

...cause we just know that 'sarah' was actually dragging in the soldier and his new wife in order to compliment 'em, right?

nice to see the 'usual suspects' have added to their roster of names to post under. although i do like the johnny hat name.

Puget Sound Blathers

gee joanie, at this point you usually wax on about books you missed the meaning of (the Ugly American vs the Quiet American) or authors (Chalmers Johnson) that you have never read. still ticked about that, eh?

just an empty suit, all hat and no cattle. or should that be, all sombrero and no bovine? how's the multi posting working out for you?

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