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July 15, 2011



American Carol, Atlas Shrugged and now The Undefeated.

The righties were predicting much higher attendance than "any" Michael Moore movie.

Epic fail yet again!


What does this (and the previous post) have to do with talk radio? Nothing. It's now "Politico-Watch."


BREAKING!!! Cliff Mass is BACK!!!!!



C'mon, Jim. Palin isn't politics. She's entertainment. I'm no Bachmann fan, but it will interesting to see Bachmann who is a politician compete with the Saturday Night Live clone.

D. Monson

I'll go see it if only for the sex scenes.

excessive moderate

Beware, you may pick up the clap.


Remember Saddam Hussein and his human shields during the Iraq War. Well it looks like Obama is taking a page from his namesakes playbook by holding American Seniors as human shields in this debt fiasco. Anyone seen Bahgdad Jim anywhere?

excessive moderate

“Queen of the World” or Quitter queen quasi-intellectual?

Radio Queen

The reports of this film's failure may be premature, since it actually premieres in limited AMC theaters across the nation...today. Anyone who gauges its success based on movie reviewers, rather than the American public, may be sorely disappointed. Having said that, I won't be spending my money on it.

BTW, JimF, you've just figured out that this isn't really a radio blog? The number of comments on actual radio stories, especially local ones, is usually less than a dozen. If there are more than that, it's usually because the topic has been co-opted by the usual suspects who appear to be unable to do much more than bash their political opposition.


Poor Queen. Never satisfied but does little to change course herself. Example? The post above.

Now, back to topic: Why, Queen, won't you be spending your money on it?

KS blathering for the halibut

PBJ- In addition to human shields, he is attempting to Cloward-Piven our economic system. For those unclear, Google Cloward & Piven - they taught a course at NYU, beginning in the 1960's based on theory of how to collapse an economic system by various despicable tactics.

Chalk it up to his insanity, being drunk with power, his ideological bent and unwillingness to negotiate - truthfully both sides are entrenched. Not a pretty scenario. It's a game of chicken, which Mr. Obama blathered "Do it my way or economic Armageddon will result". Sounds a lot like a wannabe dick-tator, doesn't it ?


Did you watch her movie KS?

Ben E. Ann Thejets

Its Friday night. I wanna go see a movie. What's opening today? The last Harry Potter movie, or, uh, the Sara Palin movie. What a hard choice. One is about an evil life sucking monster, and the other is about a wizard boy. ROFL

Mike Barer

Wow, I'm really out of touch, had no idea Palin had a movie out and I thought this was a joke.

KS blathering for the halibut

Did you watch her movie KS?

Posted by: Mace | July 15, 2011 at 08:20 PM

Nope, I would rather see the new Harry Potter movie.

Obama (the Chavez/Castro wannabe) would be the life-sucking monster. Palin - less innocuous because she doesn't have the political power of O. If you only had a brain that functioned.

Radio Queen

"Jonathan" (although you remind me of someone else...) Funny you should mention changing course. I've commented only on media-related stories for the past three weeks. As for why I won't be seeing the Palin movie, I'm neither enamored nor obsessed with her.


The topic is irrelevant. Your comment is relevant. So that makes you "one of the usual suspects" - right? Since you posted the first "bashing" comment. The thread is about Palin and so far all the comments have been directed at Palin. Only yours is a put down of your political opponents on this blog. Which makes you a hypocrite. Got it baby?

Radio Queen

Wrong again, "Jonathan." My comment was not specific to one side of the political spectrum or the other--it was mean to be all-inclusive with regard to the usual suspects on both the right and the left. That's what makes it different.

So, do you think public opinion will differ from what the media critics have said so far?

KS blathering for the halibut

"Jonathan" - I share similar sentiments about Palin as does Radio Queen. You sound like a usual suspect on the left yourself. I stand by my previous comment. What I have not heard from any left-leaner is an honest and cogent argument directed at their political opposition.

Not commenting on something that you may take issue with is the best way to move on or back to the original topic. Just sayin'


"Not commenting on something that you may take issue with is the best way to move on or back to the original topic." Practice what you preach, KS. Just sayin'

I will not see propaganda about Sarah Palin. Nor will I predict it's success or failure. That a reviewer - living in a conservative community - found himself alone in a theater might be telling. But I'm no rightwing wuss.

KS blathering for the halibut

Would you classify a similar movie about Barack Obama as propaganda ?

I would call a movie like that about anyone as some form of propaganda.


"a movie like that" - what is "like that" KS. What "form" is it?

Queen always back-door bashes and then cries innocent. You piggyback whenever you can.

There is no movie about Obama.

KS blathering for the halibut

I don't see Queen crying innocent - she is nuanced. I see you misinterpreting her comments.

You did not answer the question that I put to you- for clarity, I'll rephrase it if a similar movie were made about Obama, would you classify it as propaganda ?

"a movie like that" obviously was one made the same way that the Palin "documentary" was made - did you bother to read the post from Bla'M ?


Yes, it would be propaganda. Look up the meaning of nuance. Quit piggybacking and butt out unless you have something to add.

excessive moderate

The movie will be a total failure. Palin’s shelf life has past. Everyone knows her now as a quitter and a dingbat.

Dr. McCormick

Casey Anthony walked out the front door of the Orange County Jail last night at 12 midnight into- Hell. Mobs chanting "killer, killer" surged toward the police line as she strode out the front door of the jail with her lawyer. The free world will be a prison for her and a living Hell. This is because, just as in the O.J. case, despite a ridiculous verdict by a somewhat queationable jury, the prosecution at least did their job. They proved the case to the American people. At least two thirds of us believe she is guilty of murdering her child. Lowest of scum lawyers and despicable punk Jose Baez ( latest reports are that he apprently just made up the Chester the Molester accusations against father George Anthony after flunkies monitoring social media networks for him found out people didn't like George) is reportedly having trouble lining up his pot of gold, big money media deal for Casey and himself. That's because of the widespread belief that she's a child murderer, the extreme hatred for Casey, and the horrible nature of the crime. I see the wheels coming off the Jose and Casey Show already. Although I don't advocate any physical violence toward her, I believe she is a child murderer and I hope and know, actually, that her her life will be made a living Hell, as she encounters decent, fellow humans , not of the reptilian, subhuman breed of Baez, down her long life's road ahead of her.


The jury was "questionable"? Because the piss-poor prosecution never proved a cause of death? The American public "knows" she is guilty? Why? because you and Nancy Grace said so? According you, we don't even need trials. Just let the public suck up enough bullshit from the media until we "know" who is guilty and who isn't.
This woman most likely did cause the death of her daughter. But if you want to "blame" anyone, it should be the prosecutor's failure to produce an airtight case, and media like Nancy Grace, who is so gifted at sucking in idiots like you who believe in Mob Rule.

Dr. McCormick

Unlike you, Weatherdude, i'm sure, i watched every day of the trial. The full, uncensored version , on trutv, not the clips of it on Nancy Grace's HLN show. I don't form my opinions of guilt or innocence of defendants through the comments and clips of screaming witch Nancy Grace. The prosecution did prove their case of first degreee murder, to a jury who was reasonably intelligent and able to engage in critical thinking. Also a jury that understood reasonable doubt. Unfortuinantely, from the comment coming out of the mouths of those jurors who are talking, it appears that they are none of those things. In my opinion they thought the meaning of reasonable doubt was beyond a "shadow of a doubt", which is an impossibly high bar, not required by law, for them to meet. This is a common mistake made by fairly ineducated or aware folks. our own John Curley kept repeating this phrase on his stupid radio show the other day, showing his ignorance of the law, and general stupidity. The freaking moron jury foreman went of with Greta Van Sustern, his face hidden in shame, and revealed that they the jury thought GEORGE might have killed Caylee, when the defense attorney himself told them in his closing that they weren't suggesting in any way that George killed Caylee. When asked to back up his comments, the juror said that golly gee George was THERE AT THE HOUSE,duhh, the last day Caylee was seen. Because another relative was at the house with Caylee the day Caylee disappeared is Not reasonable doubt. There is no evidence that connects George to the murder, or even a motive for the murder. This was a substandard, easily duped and manipulated jury, for which i blame Judge Perry. He rushed through the jury selsction process at a ridiculously fast pace , when there was no reason to do it that way, and we ended up with this group. Ironically, the concern by legal experts, before the vedict, was that the case would be sent back for retrial on appeal because of this rushed jury selection, after a guilty verdict. Unfortunately the state has no right to appeal this crap pulled by the judge, because there is no appeal of an acquittal.

Dr. McCormick

Also, one of the female jurors had an already paid for family cruise to London leaving on Thursday the 7th of July. The jury probably decided to close up shop early , turn in their verdict on the fifth, and let the little lady make her dock departure time, with her family. Ten full hours of "thinking" was plenty enough for them, anyway . It hurt their heads to think, I'm sure. The woman witht the cruise date that clearly was a conflict ahould never have even been let on the jury in the first place by this judge.

Big Jim and the twins

the good doctor hit it out of the park.


For me, the Dr. missed it by a mile. Thank god he wasnt on the jury otherwise we might have sent an innocent person to jail. The system works. The biggest factor for the jurors was how did caylee die? The prosecutor failed. Put blame where blame should be, not the jurors.

Dr. McCormick

There was no cause of death in the Scott Peterson trial either and the jury came back with the death penalty for Scotty. Most experts believe he drowned his wife in the swimming pool, in a cowardly surprise attack, blindsiding her as he pretended to swim with her as she lay on an air mattress in their pool, which she was known to do, while pregnant. Such a murder would leave no real evidence, especially since the body was dumped in another body of water before it was found. The same with the Anthony murder. The bones were found too late in the game for there to be any evidence. That jury however didn't shirk their duties, like Judge Perry's motley collection of boobs and lightweights, and deliberated i believe for over a week, maybe even two weeks, before delivering a verdict.


Well, chux finally shows himself. First time since the "lazy couch potato who wants Fox to do his thinking for him" Ailes' message was delivered. I'd be embarrassed, too, if I were you, chuxie.

Dr. McCormick

Shires highlighted a story tonight, where the Midway Washington Police stopped three young girls from selling lemonade on the corner of their street, in front of their house. The teevee was all over this and interviewed the police chief, a humorless, tight-sphinctered African-American woman. She spoke in a hostile, defensive and insolent tone, sounding like one of Savage's "mean-faced, clipped-haired" types", if you know what i mean, as she She gave a soulless , politically correct justificaiton for the Midway officers actions against the haspless young entreperneurs. This police chief woman is no doubt one of Obama's adoring legions of supporters , quite possibly an affirmative acion recipient. Folks this kind of asininity is what we can expect, except at an exponential level of severity, if America gives Obama four more years. White males over forty will be called out and have large portions of their net worth confiscated and transferred to minorities, mostly blacks. Michelle will call for Senate hearings on "white priviledge". four and no more, folks.


It's President Obama's fault that police allegedly shut down a lemonade stand??? Wow, learned discourse, thy name is Dr. MC.

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