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July 25, 2011



"Too combative toward those in power."

I thought speaking truth to power was the whole idea, especially at MSNBC.

joanie for KS - one last try

Even MSNBC doesn't want to upset the gift that keeps on giving to Wall Street.

joanie for KS - one last try

(Interjection) The Undefeated: Thom Hartmann just said it has taken in $24,000 nationwide so far. C'mon all you rightwingers, go to the movies!


Cant stand Sharpton. Couldn't stand Cenk. Try again, MSNBC.

joanie for KS - one last try

Well, who do you like besides Maddow?


Lawrence O'D, and we watch Keith on Current. I like when Chris Hays fills in for Rachel or Lawrence. I like Gil Gross..he should have a show on TV, and I like Thom Hartman and Alison Stewart. That is a mix of radio and tv, I know, but i would tune in the TV to see any of them.

My dislike of Cenk goes back to when he and his two co-horts were on the early Young Turks. Mankowitz quit to go host the weekends on Turner Classic movies..his interest was not in politics. I dont remember the name of the woman on there, but she was like fingernails on a blackboard.She sounded like someone's bored girlfriend who is forced to sit and listen to things she found uninteresting or beyond her comprehension. It was horrible radio, and it replaced the show that Rachel and Liz Winstead had, which was what I listened to on the way to school. Finally, Stephanie was put in that time slot. That early in the morning, her mix of news and silly stuff is all I can handle until I am fully awake!


Oh..forgot to put Mike Papintonio ....he is great when he fills in for Ed.


Yes, I agree about the original Turks. I liked Mankiowitz but the girl(Jill?) was definitely formulaic valley girl east-coast style for fluff as far as I was concerned. I even emailed them about it. But I like Cenk and he went on to more interesting things. I like that he came from Republican roots and gives - like Ed - a little different take on things. Plus the ability to label democrats who are rightwingers more than democrats these days. He gives that some credibility.

Liz Winstead is okay and sometimes Rachel gets silly. I'm not impressed with silly. I love her when she is more serious. She can be enthusiastic but the silliness doesn't work for me. Don't like Gil Gross. Just chemistry I guess. I like people who teach me - that's why I put up with Goldman. I like O'Donnell a lot but can't get him. And no one has done more to bring in ex-republicans than Ed.

I think Cenk - like Rachel - appeals to younger and more diverse people and we that. He's got fighting spirit and we need that.

I wish they'd give Spitzer a try on MSNBC. Of course, I couldn't get him either. He's so smart about politics. That's a problem on TV.


Why would any of you pudding heads be in disbelief. See also 2003 and the Donahue show. MSNBC yanked that sucker, and its anti-Iraq Invasion bent in a nano-second...What The Oligarchy wants, The Oligarchy gets,,,


You are right on, Bill. At least those of us on the left can admit who's in charge. Too bad the right doesn't get it. They think it's them.


HA, that's rich, joanie!



KS says Joanie is a faker

Sharpton is a master baiter of race and the young turk guy also sucked.

Once upon a time, John Gibson was on MSNBC - back in the days when it wasn't controlled by the White House.


Gibson . . .so?


Hey Mr. K, The White House used to control Faux News. They even bragged about it. Did that bother you? Didn't think so.
I thought the Presidents speech was ok. I see on the crawler on the TeeVee that Congressional websites are crashing. He told people to contact their representatives and I guess they have.


Well, Jovita, one of them was me - three emails. I was expressing my displeasure with the President. I want to know what KS thinks. He's the guinea pig that will tell us if the President's message was received.

So, KS, what's your verdict?


Oh, and I'm listening to his speech a second time and just heard that our spending is out of control because of both parties. I thought Bill Clinton left a balanced budget and wss on track to reduce the deficit over a number years? Gee, what party did he belong to?

Mike D

I can deal with Cenk's firing but I won't be watching Sharpton. Good guy, his heart's in the right place but I don't like watching him for a whole hour. Voice & manner grating, not telegenic. Plus, to be honest, Tawana Brawley. Bad fumble by MSNBC programming dept.


I have tried every Rep. in the state and cant get through to any of them. Interesting. I wonder if it will make a difference....nah.

Leftist Radio Fail

He's a hack who got no ratings like every leftist on talk radio. How much money are the dems funneling Miller and Stormin Normin? I listen from time to time, all PSAs and the few spots are those usually run overnight on the weekends, but with Miller and Norman it's during drive time!

Mike D

"I have tried every Rep. in the state and cant get through to any of them. Interesting. I wonder if it will make a difference....nah."

I was kinda hoping Obama would give us a reason why calling our representatives would actually make a difference. If the teabaggers are willing to tank the entire economy why the hell would they care what us peons think?

I saw the speech tonight as Obama saying "I can't change the situation. I got nothing. I'm throwing you the ball now folks." Yeah thanks, whatever dude.


If you are going to quote someone, like Obama did tonight quoting Jefferson, at least have it memorized.


Boenher was right on every point. Six months? Obama has been sitting on this crisis for 6 months and now at the 11th hours he is trying to get it together. More time in the White House, less on the golf course.


And Alpha, doing the same thing obama is doing. Blaming thte Shrub. Gotta love it.


How bad was the speech tonight by the Democrat President ?

It was so bad that Joanie thought it was bad... Boehner did something that was absent in the President's speech - he told the truth.

Prez BO's favorite blame target's are (in order of preference); Bush, the House Republicans, Fox News, the rich (as a class) and Corporate Jet owners.


Bill Clinton was willing and able to compromise and worked it in his favor when he was POTUS.

In a situation like this, Clinton would not have let it get to this point and would have used fiscal restraint. He was more of a fiscal conservative than Bush, especially with a GOP controlled congress.


PB&J, get it right once in a while. Did I give a false fact or not? See why no one talks to you?

KS, who for once is smarter than PB&J, you wouldn't know which of them - if either of them - told the truth. But you do manifest the exact thing I accused Obama of doing: giving a laundry list over and over that no one cares about anymore. Those of us on the left want to hear that the corrupt Congress isn't getting paid and you on the right are tired of hearing that the rich shouldn't be getting richer. Why don't you just sign half of your paycheck over to them right now and save the government the expense of giving to them.

BTW, that you are stupid enough to blame the President for putting the wars on budget says enough about your IQ.

And Sparky, I think Mike D got it right. Maybe this speech will keep his base happy, we won't know for a while. For as know reps don't give a rip about anybody except their own constituency. Try emailing Pelz. I got an email from Bold Progressive that Murray and Cantwell aren't on board with Bernie's resolution. Just like they weren't on healthcare for all. No money from me. I throw the damn requests for money in the circular file these days.

Dr. McCormick

Obama sope before the racists at the La Raza meeting today (the "tan clan") and spoke of yearning to do things onhis own, like a dictator. He tried to pretend he was joking about it. He doesn't deserve fur more years- too bad we had to find out the hard way that he isn't presidental material. But he made a good move in telling the folks to call their reps. The Repugs need ot compromise and this will help them do it, with the added pressure.


You know, watching CBC covering the Norway white Christian terrorism, I keep thinking somebody needs to take control in this country and maybe around the world. It seems to me that some of these groups including our own elite are actually treasonous to the ideals of our country and the Constitution - which set up a democracy that gives us majority rule in principle but not in practice.

And our government is so corrupt, nobody knows what to believe anymore. Our Congressional Peters - executive and legislative - have cried wolf so many times, I think people have reached a deserved apathy. And we don't need a lecture, we need a change.


Railfan, if you're out there: what do you think of Layton's re-occurrence of cancer? Man, just when you get somebody who is ready and able to fight for the regular people, something happens. I'm so sorry.

Dr. McCormick

A real crisis in Seaatle right now is the AOB problem- Asses On Bicycles. The anger level from we motorists and motorcycle riders against these prissy, arrogant fools is getting dangerously high.


If Boehner survives this manufactured crisis, a new one will begin the moment it is resolved and fresh knives will be sharpened. Orange John walks with an expiration date and a target stamped on his back. Whatever happens, I expect that Boehner will resign to spend more time with his family in the near future.

And then we will have Speaker Cantor and the fun can really begin.

I almost feel sorry for Boehner, but not really. He has put his ambition and Party ahead of the Nation and when Cantor sticks in the knife with a twist to the right, Orange John will be getting just what he deserves.

Too bad this intra-Party power struggle has to take out the global economy as collateral damage, but so it goes.


Nobody has stated the obvious: Cenk is unlikeable.


For profundity, Boehner's "The bigger the govt, the smaller the people" is up there with "The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'"


Mike Allen at Politico:

'Speaker Boehner had a tough day yesterday. The right of his caucus bailed on his plan instantly and then CNN reported that S&P thinks his plan would lead to a downgrade, while Reid's wouldn't. So the right thinks it doesn't go far enough, and those looking for a solution that protects our credit rating have no reason to support. And his speech was an amazing tactical blunder. Who gives a speech designed to impress his caucus to the entire country? His base may think compromise is a dirty word, but they are the only ones. It ended up being the perfect contrast for the president. Boehner essentially validated everything the President said. It is very unclear whether he can cobble together the votes to pass it. Even if he can, the senate won't pass it, so the choice is his -- reasonable compromise or default. Hopefully he chooses helping the country over appealing to the far right of his caucus.'

Mr. K you have been duped.

Paul Bergerand

The teabaggers are out of control, and with the Republican's vaunted lockstep solidarity in ruins,Boehner has no idea what to do. He encouraged these clueless ideologues to believe they would get everything they wanted, and now he's backed into a corner of his own making. To pass anything he needs votes from Democrats, but if he puts forward a bill acceptable to Democrats he gets crucified by his far right caucus.

He's screwed no matter what he does.

Expect more tears from him in the near future, as he loses his gavel to Cantor who will do even less to help fix the economy.

The Republicans are headed off of the cliff. 2012 will be a disaster for all of them.


Mr Boehner, with his green tie did not appear bright enough to sell his plan. Harry Reid's plan makes the most sense to me and I believe it to be the one the President will go with.
Seriously, listening to Boehner is akin to listening to Tom008 (aka: Dr McCornick) complain about the real problem in this Country; bicycles in Seattle. Bwahaha


Also this from the Washington Post

"The data suggests that those who identify as Republicans who are supportive of the tea party not only view themselves as far more educated than the average person on the current debt debate, but are also far more worried about the impact if the debt limit is increased...

Three quarters of tea party supporters said that they were more concerned that raising the debt ceiling would “lead to higher government spending and make the national debt bigger,” while just 19 percent said they were more worried that “not raising the debt limit would force the government into default and hurt the nation’s economy...”

The message from the numbers? Tea party backers simply don’t believe that not raising the debt limit by Aug. 2 is all that big a deal — and they feel that way because they believe they understand the issue inside and out.

That’s a major potential political problem for Boehner."

That doesnt sound like anyone around here does it?


and his fear of "bull dykes" at Whole Foods. I thought the Tom Leykis shtick was dead?


4. Democrats should have demanded more revenue from progressive tax reform than savings from spending cuts from programs for the vulnerable. The reality is that domestic spending -- adjusted for inflation and population -- has not risen since 2000. Tax cuts, unfunded wars, rising health care costs and recession have racked up the deficits. With the wealthiest 1% of Americans capturing fully two thirds of the income growth in the society -- and paying the lowest rate of taxes since the Great Depression, top end tax hikes should bear more of the burden than domestic spending cuts. It is not shared sacrifice if hedge fund billionaires must finally pay a tax rate similar to their secretaries while seniors have to choose between medicine and food.

5. Democrats have insisted from the start that Medicare and Medicaid be protected. The president had this right: health care costs are the leading source of long term debt projections, but this is because our health care system is broken. Medicare actually does a better job controlling costs than the private insurance industry.

...What is notable about the current choices is how far removed they are from the opinions of most Americans. By overwhelming majorities, Americans want Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid protected. The most popular options on deficit reduction are raising taxes on millionaires, lifting the cap on Social Security, taxing Wall Street bankers for the mess they made, closing off shore tax havens and various corporate subsidies and loopholes.

In her good piece on the debacle for the New York Review of Books entitled What were they Thinking, Elizabeth Drew summarizes two core factors.

1. Tea Party Terror. A deeply conservative Republican Party, Drew argues, is terrorized by its right-wing Tea Party zealots.

2. Presidential Re-election Strategy The president's political advisors decided that independent voters, key to his re-election, were freaked out about spending and deficits, and wanted bipartisan cooperation. So the president would compromise early and often, reach out to Republicans, turn to deficit reduction, while standing firm for Planned Parenthood, or repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell. He would put Medicare and Social Security on the table in exchange for modest revenues on closing loopholes to prove he was willing to go the extra mile.

What Drew doesn't emphasize is perhaps more important: money politics and the passivity of the Democratic base. As campaigns grow more expensive, and labor grows weaker, big money plays a greater role in the Democratic Party. A whole New Democrat ideology has been developed to marry corporate economic policies -- financial deregulation, corporate trade, privatization and more -- to social liberalism. When Pete Peterson and others used the crisis to drive a new focus on deficit reduction, corporate Democrats saluted. The president moved to deficit reduction -- and established his deficit commission -- long before the Tea Party made its presence known. With Republicans captured by the far right, the President could embrace a conservative agenda on economics, confident that his own base had no place else to go. And in fact, most progressive activists have been reluctant to challenge a reform president they were proud to elect.

The Obvious Lesson

Progressives need to learn not so much from the Tea Party as from their own history and build an independent movement to stand with working Americans. Unlike the Tea Party fringe, a progressive movement has the advantage of mobilizing Americans around values and the policy priorities that are supported by a broad majority. It can organize to hold legislators in both parties accountable, demanding that they stand up for the many, not the privileged few. Today, a range of groups are doing just that, calling on members to inundate Congress with demands that Medicare and Social Security be protected, and that the rich pay their fair share of any deal. The challenge for the movement is whether it can gear up to run its own challengers in Democratic primaries against incumbents who are more responsive to their contributors than their constituents. The American Dream Movement, championed by Van Jones, Moveon.org, the Center for Community Change, the Campaign for America's Future that I help direct and others, is beginning to build that uprising.

There is much talk about new centrist third parties, about the need for bipartisan compromise to get things done. But when the Democratic position is to embrace $2.7 trillion in cuts from discretionary spending, divorced from any demand for progressive tax reform or any growth strategy that will rebuild the middle class, the "center" has been wrenched so far to the right that it is at odds with the common sense of most Americans. We need a citizen's movement willing to challenge money politics, clean out the corrupt stables in Washington, and demand a politics that works for working people.

Robert Borsage


My pledge is to never vote for anyone stupid enough to sign a pledge — thereby abdicating their governing responsibilities in a period of incredibly rapid change and financial stress.

Thanks to a quiet political start-up that is now ready to show its hand, a viable, centrist, third presidential ticket, elected by an Internet convention, is going to emerge in 2012. I know it sounds gimmicky — an Internet convention — but an impressive group of frustrated Democrats, Republicans and independents, called Americans Elect, is really serious, and they have thought out this process well. In a few days, Americans Elect will formally submit the 1.6 million signatures it has gathered to get on the presidential ballot in California as part of its unfolding national effort to get on the ballots of all 50 states for 2012.

The goal of Americans Elect is to take a presidential nominating process now monopolized by the Republican and Democratic parties, which are beholden to their special interests, and blow it wide open — guaranteeing that a credible third choice, nominated independently, will not only be on the ballot in every state but be able to take part in every presidential debate and challenge both parties from the middle with the best ideas on how deal with the debt, education and jobs.

...“Our goal is to open up what has been an anticompetitive process to people in the middle who are unsatisfied with the choices of the two parties,” said Kahlil Byrd, the C.E.O. of Americans Elect, speaking from its swank offices, financed with some serious hedge-fund money, a stone’s throw from the White House.

As the group explains on its Web site, www.americanselect.org: “Americans Elect is the first-ever open nominating process. We’re using the Internet to give every single voter — Democrat, Republican or independent — the power to nominate a presidential ticket in 2012. The people will choose the issues. The people will choose the candidates. And in a secure, online convention next June, the people will make history by putting their choice on the ballot in every state.”

Here is how it will work, explains Elliot Ackerman, an Iraq war veteran with a Silver Star, who serves as the chief operating officer of Americans Elect, and whose father, Peter, a successful investor, has been a prime engine behind the group.

@Thomas Friedman

Who says a third party can't make it? Ask the NDP in Canada. Putting the "left" back into politics could right this country again.


Sounds good Alpha. But, what are the safeguards that the Chinese or any other country wont start flooding the site and nominate who they want to be President. Until them safeguards are met, the FEC should outlaw any type of nominating process Americans Elect put on the table.


It's interesting how internal corporate/organizational politics seems to trump conventional wisdom about:

- media business sense: you would assume that all corporate media is about ratings, but not in this case

- consistency: if there were a pro-Obama house style at MSNBC, you would expect that Rachel and Lawrence would be getting notes all the time.

Compare MSNBC on Keith Olbermann for programming decisions that make no sense.


I guess we'll have to wait and see, huh, subordinate.

I don't think, yellowpup, that it's so much pro-Obama as much as pro-Wall Street. Cenk is not beholden to anybody and he's much bolder about taking on the interests of Wall Street.

I rarely hear Maddow or O'Donnell do that.


There are 4 parties involved in Debt Ceiling negotiations; The Tea party conservatives, the GOP, the Democrats and Leftist/Progressives. One of the reasons the chance of an agreement are small is because the GOP is being pulled right by the Tea Party and the Democrats are being pulled left by the leftist/progressives to the point where there is NO common ground. And so it goes and its pissing off and creating a lot of angst for a lot of people.


Oh, yes, KS. Let's all move over to the right-of-Eisenhower/Nixon camp shall we? It would almost be worth it to see you lose all the money you've put into social security over the years and watch you find healthcare with an $8000 voucher at 65. I hope your eating healthy food and staying clear of contagious deseases.


Once again you blather nonsense. Too bad you believe that garbage - or rather choose to believe it..

the dirty truth is that Obamacare will cost you/I considerably more than Ryan's plan and do way more damage to our economy. Both plans have stripped away ~$500 billion from Medicare - one does it in the attempt to destroy private sector health care and the other encourages and revamps the private sector health care.


That's why I asked you if you knew who owns our debt. I was checking to see if you know what you're talking about. aboutI got my answer. You know as much about medicare and Ryan's plan as you do about the debt.


Jesus , Mary and Joseph, - give it a rest, Joanie. Do you talk like you post, dearie? Why don't you try living in my neighborhood here in Newark, with all the "turd worlders" (my boy Mike Savage's phrase) moving in here. Poor old Mrs. Rosellini next door died six months ago and her no good son has already sold the house to two Jamokes, a pair of brothers who wear "crack pants", all pulled down with their drawers showing.


yes i'm "Tony Sopranos mother". Just taking a curtain call from Monaco. oh thank you. thank you very much.

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