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July 06, 2011


Dr. McCormick

the case was never a slamdunk. Shouting, shameless hag and evil witch Nancy Grace tried to pretend it was a slamdunk, but former judges and veteran prosecutors had been predicitng she could very well walk, right on her show. Very difficult to prove a "bare bones" case. The best thing about the verdict is the public humiliation of Nancy Grace. As for the "snake in human sin", the sociopath Casey Anthony, just ask the other sociopath who got away with murder O.J. Simpson whether life is always good after acquittal. She will end badly, just like O.J. stay tuned= this isn't over yet.


I've thought as myself somewhat "in touch" with whats going on in the news. (Is using two prepositions side by side proper?) And yet, until a few days ago this whole Casey thing slipped right through my radar. Well, after all, its not like it affected my life at all. So why should I have cared?

I guess I should care in knowing that if something happens to me there is at least a chance I might get to be judged by my peers and not a bunch of fluff head media sluts.

Now I have no idea at all what really happened here. This gal doesn't seem like anyone I would care to sit down with for an afternoon of chit-chat. Even so I don't like seeing anyone convicted by a boat load of circumstantial evidence.

But I do so enjoy watching the media look stupid. Kind of like a bunch of sports commentators tell me who is going to win the big game only to find themselves look foolish. Don't like fluffheads telling me how view anything.

So I guess we could deplore the state of journalism today. But since when has journalism ever been objective? Journalists have always treated the rest of us as idiots who need to have our minds enlightened by them.

Me, I still like rabbits.


Just further proof that facts get in the way of talk radio.


Dr. McCormick have you by any chance run into Tom008?
He, too hates Nancy Grace. Bwahahahah


Conspicuously missing in the wall-to-wall coverage of this is a reason, any reason, a single solitary reason why I should care about it.

The lawnchair

1. Who is Casey Anthony?

2. Who is Nancy Grace?

3. Who cares?

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That NFL jerseys spam is the most intelligent post this blog has ever seen.


Backyard gossip has become the new "news." Of course they haven't "learned a lesson." Gossip is what they want Americans talking and thinking about. Otherwise Americans might actually get off their booties and find out what's going on in the world and in their own country that truly matters. God forbid that should happen.


BTWl journalists are supposed to enlighten us. It used to be their job. The Fourth Estate and all . . . get it?


Thank you..this whole thing has been weird. It skipped over my radar too for the most part, but i had heard enough that my jaw dropped in surprise...but this is a good description of how I feel about this whole mess.


People should be reading


Good one, Coiler. Here's another from the Onion.

American Dream Declared Dead As Final Believer Gives Up

The last vestige of the American Dream slipped away as a Pennington, IL resident quietly laid aside his hope of owning a bar & grill.


And, of course, the sequel: sex with a celebrity


Thank you for posting the truth, Joanie. It's gossip. Nothing more. We've been given such power to influence so many people and we are throwing it all away.

I yamma man

Dunno, don't care, if she's guilty or innocent, I do know she's hot, and I'd like to fuck her. That probably won't happen, so I'd like to see more of her on the TV machine and talk about her slutty ways on the radio.


Ahhh...you'll shoot your eye out.

Puget Sound Blathers

while joanie and coils are reading the 'onion' for news, here is a great story.
one wonders if some of the teachers participating in this cheating scandal also chastised students for cheating in class.
hmm, maybe not so much...
Atlanta Journal Constitution finds scandal


No kidding PS isn't that neat, test score changing parties, yeah that's what we need in our schools. And all about preserving one's position, bonuses, salaries and accepting award and recognition for faked accomplishment. Hope we've got some heavier checks and balances procedures in place in this state to prevent this.


Suddenly the term Faux News seems extraordinarily apropos!


Puget Sound always manages to trivialize the thread.

Dr. Brezinski says it well in his remarks about a "just society:" "US has greatest social disparity in the world."

Civil unrest is inevitable. Why is it always a Democrat that talks like this?

Perhaps some of these absent rightwingers have something to say about this instead of gossiping about educators who cheat here and there. Sort of Arthur Andersen isn't it?

star monson

BTWl journalists are supposed to enlighten us. It used to be their job. The Fourth Estate and all . . . get it?

Posted by: joanie | July 06, 2011 at 07:47 PM

aND school teachers use to be teachers knot cheaters.
JOanie-anus get your own house in order. Stop the cheating and stop the didling of the school kids.

HARd to type with these damn paws. oops ---master calling me out to run on the burke gilman. he calls it EZ show prep when it will be wall to wall casey anthony outrage.

tom magnum

I listen to a ton of talk radio but do not watch cable tv news, nor do I read people or nat'l enquirer. Until the verdict came in, I had scarcely heard of Casey Anthoney.

OP is confused.

Chris Kidd

she has been spotted here

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