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June 05, 2011



Palin will run. Count on it. Her ego leaves no other option. She will be the first modern candidate to try to win the nomination based solely on celebrity rather than, say, hard work, experience, or the quality of her ideas. And she has the money and base of support to make a very, very strong run anyway.

Whether she can get the nomination depends a lot on the extent to which party leaders (most of whom hate her or don't take her seriously) can control the delegate selection process. If she did get the nomination she'd get creamed by Obama; her negatives are just too high outside the Republican base. But whether she can get that far will be very, very interesting.

Obama in large part leveraged his celebrity into the presidency; Palin takes the formula one step further. There are plenty of countries where celebrity demagogues have won the country's highest office. So far we've avoided that fate, but, left or right, the day where an empty suit or pant suit with a marketing campaign can become the most powerful person in the world is coming soon. It's a frightening thought.


Sorry Pete, but that "empty suit or pant suit wit a marketing campaign" has already been elected and occupies the Presidents Office at this very moment.
It is a frightening reality.


To be frank, Palin is relishing all of this attention. Her elongated bus trip is hurting her rise in the Republican party.



Love your tag name...hah~


I'd rather see Michele Bachmann run and she probably will- less of media circus. She would suck a good share of Palin's oxygen out of the room.

What you said - AWPT -lol...


Michelle Bachman believes the earth is 5.000 years old and that men strode alongside dinosaurs.


me too, KS!


Tommy- Palin believes that too. Both think Jesus will pull them up into heaven any day now leaving the rest of us behind.


Come on, both Sarah and Michele are jokes, can you really imagine either one of them answering serious questions on serious topics. I mean really they would come across as simply attractive bimbos. They will continue to be media whores and strangle every second out of their fifteen minutes of fame but I can't imagine the powers in the Fox Republican Party would ever seriously consider letting either one of them be their guy. Money again will decide this and the big money of the FRP will not follow these two wanna be's. And, it simply doesn't matter who the Party of Fox runs, no chance in he'll they could ever defeat our current President of the PEOPLE.

Lawrence "Larry" Fishkiller

Pete may be right about Palin running. I think her ego disallows her to be humiliated again.
On the otherhand, Rachel Maddow predicts that this may be the first year where a candidate tries running w/out granting interviews or facing anyone in the "lamestream media." A campaign only in the right-wing bubble of Fox News, talk radio, and other friendlies. Whatever, it'll be fun to watch.


I think she's running. This bus tour isn't cheap and it certainly isn't a family vacation. I heard an interview with the director of the film about her (on the way back from BB0 and he's dead earnest in presenting her as a real American with all the spit and polish he can muster. He was careful to avoid the questions about his politics but he goals were clear. He's using Hollywood "Michael Moore" techniques to sell her. And he equated his feat of cinema with that of a half-hour cinematic commercial run by Obama during his campaign - which I did not see. But this Palin venture is on a much bigger scale according to him.

We'll see how "hollywoodized" and "celebrity-ized" the citizenry of this country has become.


You thought Mitch Daniels was also running.


Yes, he wanted to from all I read. You ever seen his wife do a public event? Cheri said no. I don't think you know enough about him to know that, do you?

Puget Sound Blathers

Yes, he wanted to from all I read. You ever seen his wife do a public event? Cheri said no. I don't think you know enough about him to know that, do you?

Posted by: joanie | June 05, 2011 at 07:48 PM

turns out KS was right and you were wrong, joanie. no surprise there.


Back to the echo chamber, Huh, bean counter? Do you ever have anything to talk about besides back-door comments about what others post?

You said good-bye to the blog, we didn't. So I guess you don't really mean what you say, do you? You're a drama queen, bean counter. And we're stuck with duplicate posts for everything you have to say. Yes, I was wrong. Have you ever been able to admit being wrong? You are just a ponderous, pontificating echo-chamber. I wish you'd stayed away. For that matter, I wish KS had kept his promise and stayed away as well. A big dose of ignorance came back with the two of you.


Hey Putz; if you disregard the rest of Joanie’s post then I would consider you to be correct. But that’s the description of out of context. By the way, do you remember this post?

”this may turn out to be a Repub year for the Whitehouse. Hmmm..., you'll have to let us know how that crap-sandwhich is gonna taste come November.”
Posted by: Puget Sound | August 29, 2008 at 09:02 AM

You’re wrong often enough, still living with the sour taste in your mouth?


Many here may just be "misunderestimating" Michele Bachmann. She has business experience, government experience, a law degree and is a tax lawyer, fostered 27000 kids, a vagina and in spite of the snarky anti-Christian bias here in Seattle, well over half of Americans (including Democrats) are Christians or religious leaning.
She will sell to Republicans, Tea people, independents and some Democrats that are sick of Obama and of being broke.
If something positive doesn't happen soon to our economy, we should consider putting an alternative to Obama on the Democratic ticket.


Oh, and bean counter, you forgot to add "neener neener."

AWPT, I agree. Bachmann's going for it. Do you think she and the Palin are working toward the same market? Woulodn't it be funny to have a Bachmann/Palin ticket? Bachmann has a lot more credibility. I watched her speak at a rally several weeks ago and she's good. And people are ready for a woman.

Not sure about the "alternative." I'm for Feingold but I think it would split the left.

Obama's words aren't going to seem so inspiring to a whole group of Americans who have watched their jobs disappear, paychecks go down, pensions threatened, unemployment benefits end, and Wall Street bankers enjoying the fruits of their corruption.

I don't know what's going to happen. It might be nothing more than a "medicare" vote this time around which would give the dems another weak victory.


It might be dangerous, but exciting to have a Bachmann/Palin ticket. The Democrats would have to, at the very least, dump Biden and replace him with a woman.
That might not even be enough. A woman to replace Obama would be the most beneficial to overcome any deficit from the economy.
Not real sure about Feingold. She might just as well be an old white man as deeply engrossed in anything Washington as she is.
I think somebody younger with more energy and charisma would be advantages.


Feingold is a man - Russ Feingold. Who are you thinking of? Probably Feinstein. No thank you. She's too corporate. Feingold of Wisconsin - he could rally the nation like his home state is rallying the union movement. Maybe? Hmmm I hadn't thought of that. Maybe a Feingold run would be possible . . .

Obama is frittering away an awful lot of capital gifted by the right. I don't get it.


BTW, AnthonyWeinerPeterTweeter, I'm know as Joanie Hussein in these parts. Except, of course, maybe not so much any more 'cause my guy's been letting me down.

I post at Whitehouse.gov everyday and message that I don't like what he's doing. If everybody on the left did that, maybe we'd be able to make a difference.

BTW, I heard three great interviews from Democracy Now: two from seymour hirsch on Iran and one wikileaks divulging what the US has done in Haiti at the request of big oil. That is one of the poorest countries on the planet and we kept them poor to help big oil. It is disgusting. There is nothing this country won't perpetrate for big oil: kill countries, kill people, kill the environment. Well, we are all about war.


Sorry, I had to post - just saw it:

Homeowners Foreclose On Bank Of America (VIDEO)

Sweet justice.

That's how foreclosure defense attorney Todd Allen described the feeling of going to a Bank of America branch in Naples, Fla. to seize their assets.

Faced with a pair of sheriff's deputies locking down his building, the branch manager capitulated and handed over a check for $2,534. The sum was to cover Allen's fees from a case where he represented clients that the bank had tried to foreclose on -- despite the fact that they paid for their home in cash.

According to the News-Press in Fort Myers, Bank of America opened their case against Warren and Maureen Nyergers in February of 2010 and voluntarily dropped it two months later, but never coughed up for the couple's legal fees as ordered by a judge.

North Carolina's WFMY has the details on how justice was served:

Sheriff's deputies, movers, and the Nyergers' attorney went to the bank and foreclosed on it. The attorney gave instructions to to remove desks, computers, copiers, filing cabinets and any cash in the teller's drawers.

After about an hour of being locked out of the bank, the bank manager handed the attorney a check for the legal fees.

Right and left should find some pleasure in this one.


It's both hilarious and pathetic at the same time to see the leftist/mainstream media weasels in frenzy/uproar every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth. This phenomenon is unprecedented. She is the best smoke screen out there and can match Obama stride per stride w/ or w/o his teleprompter in coverage.

I don't see either Romney or Palin getting the nomination when its all said and done - Romney is reviled by the Tea Party and conservatives as much as any liberal and Sarah has not thrown her motorcycle helmet into the ring yet. Michele Bachmann likely will and don't see those two debating each other - but both of them will debate everyone else.

"I post at Whitehouse.gov everyday and message that I don't like what he's doing. If everybody on the left did that, maybe we'd be able to make a difference."

Posted by: joanie | June 05, 2011

If you had a different on-line demeanor than you display here, more people may take you seriously - or send them lots of money. Otherwise chock it up to money talks and bullshit walks.


Feinstein is whom I was thinking of. Sorry. Must be bed time. Obama has let many of us down.
A big disappointment. He will promise us anything he thinks we want to hear and continue about his merry way. Makes no sense to me anymore. How he could have pissed away all of the opportunities when he had the House and Senate is really perplexing.


Sarah, that should be "President of the World". And if you think back to the 2008 campaign. Did Obama ever seriously answer a serious questions without invoking the Shrubs name in there somehow. Not that i recall. Matter of fact, it was those moments of him mentioning the faild policies of the shrub that actually won him the debates.

Puget Sound Blathers

Feingold's problem is that his own state kicked him to the curb. Since he was defeated we've since entered into a third war; Gitmo remains open, rendition, etc (how's that Pres Obama hope and change workin' for ya?)

But if he was to go into the primaries as an anti war candidate he may make some headway tacking Pres Obama to the left a bit ala Gene McCarthy in 68.


Obama and Weiner having lunch. Breitbart at it again.


Ben Lukoff

Sure we have a distinctive variety of English here.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_Northwest_English


Looks like the snowbelly grifter has some trouble headed her way.

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