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June 19, 2011



I wouldn't be surprised if Rush has aleady donate 200k of his own money ot the charity. Limbaugh nay be an ass but he isn't cheap or ungeneerous. He once offered a loan to Leykis when they both worked at the same station and Leykis was having financial difficulties. The ususal suspects, ;ed by Joanus, like to see people in black and white, cartoonish terms. Life doesn't work that way.


T008 - Enlightening. Black and White and red meat sells though and you illustrated the absurdities and reality that is neglected from that approach. There is also red meat from the left or maybe more appropriately called a vegetarian casserole from the left displayed in the post above.

Black and white can be packaged up and easier to post than shades of gray that exist in the real world. Just sayin'


Introducing Dori Monson White Whine. Bitter, with a slightly sour aftertaste. 2001 was an excellent year.

Lib Idiocy

Another great success for El Rushbo! He'll sell Iced Tea unlike leftist radio hosts who can't even sell commercials during drive time! El Rushbo makes money the way libtard talk show hosts bleed it.


At least it's money being sought in an entrepreneurial manner and not begging some rich widow for funds like your one time hero John Edwards.
Would you be adverse to Mr Weiner selling skull caps under the name weenie-beanies and donating a portion of the proceeds to Acorn. Of course you wouldn't, just like you don't mind some of your political heroes shaking-down corporations. Let's face it your priorities are f'd up.


i just heard on 97.3 via their reporter in Italy that Joanie's enlightened, civilised (compared toour horsecrap country (her opinion))Italians, are taking their yearly 6 week summmer ercess in mid-August. That means all the courts shut down for these lazyass bastards, allowing innocent Seattle woman Amanda Knox to rot in jail another 6 weeks , before her trial wraps up. The main erason shes even in jail is her American passport. They would hate you too, Joans, over there - oh wait a minute- probably not, folks, becaus she would spend all her time there apologizing for being a citizen of the the horrid U.S, and putting down her country as she chats up the locals.


So what are you doing listening to 97.3 (Dori's station) when you knock the hell out of it most times. What a f'n hipocrite you are.

Puget Sound Blathers

Limbaugh nay be an ass but he isn't cheap or ungeneerous. He once offered a loan to Leykis when they both worked at the same station and Leykis was having financial difficulties. The ususal suspects, ;ed by Joanus, like to see people in black and white, cartoonish terms. Life doesn't work that way.

Posted by: Tommy008 | June 19, 2011 at 09:01 AM

Back in the day when he was in Sacremento, Rush is good friends with Cristine Craft and was with Bernie Ward.
I recall hearing Bernie's God Talk show and him talking about it. And yes, I was surprised.

Puget Sound Blathers

They would hate you too, Joans, over there - oh wait a minute- probably not, folks, becaus she would spend all her time there apologizing for being a citizen of the the horrid U.S, and putting down her country as she chats up the locals.

Posted by: Tommy008 | June 19, 2011 at 01:56 PM

Joanie would serve as a 'useful idiot' as she entertained her European friends with apologies for the 'evil' Bush misdeeds in particular and America in general.
They'll always be a place for her kind over there.


Yes, she and McDermott would compliment one another by slamming the USA while on foreign soil. It just doesn't get too much lower than that. The epitome of biting the hand that feeds you. PS, between you and T008, you have correctly identified Joanie for what she is, a habitual whiner and complainer of the country that made her. She is a phony and yes skedaddler from the word go.

jovita had a great Dad's Day

How many cliches can you fit in one post? rofl KS and Star should have a competition. lmao

Johnny Sombrerro

why do the elderly bachelors here complain about joanie all the time?


This almost sounds like an open thread since nothing intelligent has as yet been posted so here goes: Canadian judge

U.S. used 'unmitigated gall' and B.C. court to jail exec

Judge's stinging rebuke aimed at Cisco and U.S. prosecutors

Cisco goes rogue...

or here
Judge blasts Cisco's 'unmitigated gall' in ex-exec's arrest

If anybody wants to see how corporations are running the country including the Justice Department, read the article. But I know you guys love corporations. There should be a corporate-uncle in every home. Don't worry, there will be one day.


Johnny Hat, they hate it that I'm smarter than they are.


As is typical of joanie's sources, neither article has any balance, or even the slightest hint of any effort to seek comment from Maria Cantwell, Cisco Systems or the Justice Dept to get the other side of the story.
As is normal for any half-wit, joanie only thinks that she is smarter than any other posters when, in fact, she is just another idiot.

Puget Sound Blathers

why do the elderly bachelors here complain about joanie all the time?

Posted by: Johnny Sombrerro | June 19, 2011 at 10:27 PM

it's cute how we all play along when sparkles multi posts...shhh, kind of funny, eh?


At 10:30 pm? 0nly if Im posting in my sleep, Puts.

Puget Sound Blathers

yer right, sparkles. 10:30!
No way.

Those Matlock reruns come awfully early in the morning to be screeching late night on the net -unless you're wild ass crazy- on a school night.

What kind of half-brain nutter teacher would be spending midnight on the net tossing out the 'sults on a Schoolnight. Oh wait, anyone want to hazard a guess...

anyway, i was just teasing you.

i know you wouldn't stoop to multi posting. right?


Another cheap shot from the bean counter. When will you find something to post that isn't cheap, Puget Sound?

And chux, what does Maria Cantwell have to do with Canadian justice or Cisco? And you think getting a comment from Cantwell would "balance" the reporting of facts? The judge did what the judge did; the judge said what the judge said. Unless you think all three articles misquoted him. Is that what you think? If so, say it with some intelligence.


Just occurred to me, chux, that your last post is a good example of a Faux-newsified American. I gave you three international articles which still report facts. But you think there are two side to facts. That is why Fox-News listeners get stupider (according to studies) the more they listen to Fox "News."


Bachmann Playing With House Money
Bachmann’s Congressional Spending Shows Close Links to Political Activity

From Roll Call. So much good stuff out there to inform you if you're smart enough to want to know it. Or care.


A few quotes from Alpha Joanie's above link.

"The ethics office apparently investigated the complaint and dropped it."

"already been through ethics. ... I dealt with that and it's been put away."

"...it is not clear whether she has violated any rules."

"which is permissible as long..."

"...again, an unusual expense but not one barred by House rules."

"... so it is impossible to know where Bachmann has gone on the taxpayer dime..."

And in case you missed this one...

"But no questions were taken from the press and, unlike most press conferences, it opened with a prayer, the national anthem and a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance."

How could a schoool teacher miss these straight forward facts in her own link that show Bachmann did nothing wrong and the story is reaching at best for some type of wrong doing.


Hmmm . . . PBJ. I would imagine that Joanie posted the link so that you would read the whole article? You think? She posted the headline. Headline - you know?

"not clear whether she violated the law" - not clear? Knowing the facts are better than not knowing or don't you think so?

The blog has been a little crazy this weekend. A little hostile. Too bad.


AD, i dont think Alpha Joanie was trying to paint Bachmann as someone being unfairly ripped by the media here. Do you?


I want to know why Cisco is after this guy and what evidence they have produced. I want to know if this judge is just another bleeding heart liberal like those that pollute The Ninth Circuit right here and thus should have his decision dismissed or over-ruled as is normal for the Ninth.
Tying Cisco and Cantwell together just invites more google searchers to find this blog when investigating Cantwell's many corporate contributors.


Sorry, chucks. Cantwell is Real Networks, not Cisco. Unless they merged. Did they? Corporate take-overs are commonplace. Do you know if they did?

PBJ: Joanie gave you an article. If you want to believe the headline and paint Bachmann a certain way without reading the article, that would seem unusually . . . lazy. So paint Joanie anyway you wish. Those of us who take the time to read her links can make up our own minds.

Johnny Sombrerro

winnebago-bluebird they're all the same


From Roll Call. So much good stuff out there to inform you if you're smart enough to want to know it. Or care.

Posted by: joanie | June 20, 2011 at 07:11 AM

OK, then. Let's also see how much the other candidates are spending on political activities from both parties. That amount she allegedly spent is a spit in the ocean compared to the amount of money Obama has spent on politically related activities.


AD, Are we reading thesame article?Now maybe you believe i made them quotes up. I didnt. They came straight from the article Alpha Joanie linked. And the article comes nowhere near what the headline suggests.


Cantwell did work at Real Networks. I was playing on Cisco being one of the many corporate contributors that purchase political favor from corporatist Cantwell. One of the many joanie hated American corporations that own liberal American politicians.

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