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June 24, 2011



Well then, it is time for INS to pick his sorry ass up, grab his parents and siblings and ship them out.
Phony ID's and SS numbers should result in prosecution and would be appropriate but deportation and forfeiture of SS money to the national treasury would suffice.
Having been a Pulitzer winner should help him get a job at some liberal rag in his native country.


They are the innocents. Those brought here or birthed by parents who are illegal. They are Americans either by birth or by their only life in memory. They have no direct connection to their parents'home country. It's time to recognize that and give them a way to become legal. Their parents, too. There are too many of them to deport, and this country needs more young people.
Vargas speaks for them.


We need more Vargases and fewer Chucks. Chances are he'll be deported. A shame.


It is beyond me that a reasonable person could read this article and come to the conclusion that deportation is the 'fair' or 'just' solution to this man's particular situation. Even someone who is vehemently opposed to illegal immigration has to acknowledge the fact that this is a person who bears little responsibility for his illegal status. This is a case of a child being sent to a place where he was told he belonged. He spent exactly one-quarter of his life living as 'an American' before discovering he wasn't one, at which point he did what any human being would do when faced with the threat of being forced from a place he obviously loves--absolutely anything he had to.

Sending this man 'back home' would be tantamount to any one of us being banished from the only home we've ever truly known. Forget the fact that he has contributed more to our society that 99% of the people who 'legitimately belong here'--myself included. Forget the fact that he's devoted his life to educating himself and assimilating into our culture, and that he doesn't 'talk funny' in his NPR interview. Forget the fact that this man has spent the last 14 years buying our goods and paying his taxes, and that our system would actually lose money rather than gain money without him as a part of it. All of that is insignificant in the face of the simple fact that this man didn't ask to be here, but has nevertheless spent the vast majority of his life living as one of us. It shouldn't make a difference whether he's a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist or a janitor cleaning the urinals at Arby's. We have no business forcing this man out of the country; telling him we'll consider letting him back only after he's spent a decade 'learning his lesson'.

Our society's inability to see this issue in anything but black-and-white terms may very well destroy this man's life. Maybe it's time that we stop pandering to individuals whose thought processes are steered by taglines on bumper stickers. Maybe it's time we allow these decisions to be made by those among us who can truly comprehend the uniqueness of each of these situations. These are complex matters that deserve to be dealt with by complex minds.




That was nicely thought out there Tony. Think it will work for me getting out of that speeding ticket i got last week.


You say it well, Tony.


What a flip flop on Sparky's part. Considering her recent statement on Sen. Vitter breaking the law.


Sounds to me as if the grand parents should be charged with harboring a criminal alien and conspiracy to violate our immigration laws.
"I am an American, I am". Bull, he is an illegal alien. Granted, some of them do pretty well for themselves once they penetrate our borders. That illegal alien is taking the job of a real American liberal journalist. For some odd reason, the guy feels as if he is special. Send his ass back to the Philippines and let an American take the American job. No doubt there are enough recent grads from journalism school that there will be no problem finding a qualified candidate.
Tony is right that it was not his fault his parents sent him here, however, there should be no reward for his parents and grand parents conspiracy to violate our laws. Let them live with the guilt and consequences that they created with their own criminal acts. He is a victim of their making.
He should be able to create a nice resume to get his new job on the Manila Times.
Now get over your bleeding hearts.


To me the interesting part of his story is the multiple people - teachers and bosses - he confided in over the years, all of whom chose to follow what they considered common sense rather than the letter of the law.

This suggests to me that when it's a concrete case rather than an abstract principle, the law is not currently aligned with what a lot of people thought was "right."

If the law is fairly applied, he will now be deported - which he surely knew would happen when he submitted that article for publication. The irony is that the American economy has always benefitted from talented, hard-working, courageous immigrants like him; but it's his very courage that will probably keep him out of this country - the only country he's known as an adult - for quite some time to come.


PBJ, you are comparing a man who solicited prostitutes from the floor of the Senate, to a man whose family brought him to this country as a baby and has become a person who richly contributes to our country on a number of levels? Ok.

The part of Tony's comments with which I was agreeing, and elicited the comment I made, was the part about letting people who can handle complex thinking make some of these decisions.

This country is messed up. "Paul Allen, 55, a former mortgage CEO who defrauded lenders of over $3 billion gets a 40-month sentence. Roy Brown, 54, a hungry homeless man who robbed a Louisiana bank of $100 got 15 years." But I am sure that you, and others here, can find some justification for why this makes sense.

Radio Queen

This story is a fine example of why issues aren't always black & white, right or wrong. It's the context that forces us to use our brains to consider and differentiate between the two.


I don't know the criminal history of Mr Brown, but there seems to be plenty of mitigating circumstances to indicate that he was over sentenced by the court.
Just don't lose sight of the fact that Brown threatened the life of some poor teller to steal that money. If he had stolen it by trick or device rather then threats of violence, he would likely be looking at a very short incarceration. It was his choice.


and the "device" used by the CEO..? The amount? The length of sentence for him?


I think that the CEO thief got a fair sentence. The "device" is whatever tool, pen, telephone, forged documents, etc. that he used in the furtherance of the crime.
If Mr Brown had used a phony check to steal from the bank, his crime would be the same, or at least similar to the CEO. But he chose to imply a gun and threats of inflicting grave bodily injury.
Bank tellering and store clerking should not be life endangering jobs. ( I am still tending to agree with you on Brown being over-sentenced. Just not agreeing with the thought that both crimes are comparable)


"mitigating circumstances" - that's funny coming from you. I would posit that a boy being sent to America by parents reflects a mitigating circumstance But then he is Hispanic and smart rather than rich and white.


This Chucks guy. If he were living in Nazi Germany, he'd be the first to turn in his Jewish neighbor. Because Hitler said to do it. And Chucks is a good Aryan.


So, would a good compromise be to put his grand parents on trial for their crimes and let him go?
And go fuck your self Jonathan. Always the old reliable lib talking point, if the man does not agree with you, he must be a racist.
I gave you my opinion and why I have that opinion. There were no personal attacks or insults.
This is not Germany, it is the USA. I have worked with many illegals throughout the years and have never turned one in.


I am not a liberal. I am a libertarian-fiscal conservative. So go fuck yourself. You put people in boxes. Point made.

The Anti-Dori

Do you realize you have proposed an interesting conundrum, Chucks? You aided and abetted the crime of illegals remaining in the country but you think that in this case Vargas should be deported. How do you square that? Your own illegal behavior with his?

For the record, I agree in mitigating circumstances and would find a way to allow him to stay. But my question stands. Can you answer it?


Like Chuck's says, the CEO didnt hold a gun to anyones head. He didnt threaten anyone with bodily harm. The senteces were fair for both. Now what part of that word you used earlier are you failing to understand. Illeagal.


Thats "Illegal".


No A-D, I did not aid and abet. Because I believed that certain people were here illegally does not in fact make them here illegally. My suspicion's are not enough to make me call the cops on people. If I had evidence, than probably would. The only exception to the no evidence but still call the police is for child molesters or suspected violent crime. I will call the police in those instances and let the police sort that out. I am of the opinion that the guy should be deported. I was just willing to compromise a bit and throw the old people to the wolves.

The Anti-Dori

Just taking you at your word, Chucks. You sounded pretty definite above. Perhaps they weren't illegal? If you don't know . . . Also, what if this fellow were married to your daughter? You'd still deport him? Somehow, I think you would.

I'll ignore your comment, PBJ, in that I don't think you were with the program.

Radio Queen

A-D presented you with a false argument, Chucks. First, you'd only be aiding/abetting if you actually did something illegal to help an illegal stay in the country. Second, you are not required, by law, to turn in a suspected illegal.

That being said, I view this young man's situation very differently from the countless others who knowingly subvert the law to get here. Vargas is an innocent victim of illegal activities by his mother & grandparents and deserves a path to legal status.


So, now we are back to my compromise. Find a way that he can stay here legally, perhaps by joining the military, if possible Then proceed to prosecute the grand parents. I agree that he was here without malice, however he is here due to his mother's and grand parent's malice aforethought. They conspired to subvert our laws. They go to prison and mom is banned from ever entering our country.
I do not believe that anybody should benefit from committing a crime.


Sorry, RQ. If a citizen knowingly ignores another citizen breaking the law, they can be prosecuted. And no one said he was required to turn in a "suspected" illegal nor did he say he "suspected" them to be illegals. You are incorrect. Nor is it an example of a false argument. Neither is that the point of the debate. You tend to be combatitive where there is no need.

And Chucks, I remain curious about the answer to my question: if your daughter were married to a man in such a situation, what would you do? My guess is that you would take the road of practicality and tell him to keep his mouth shut.


Also, Chucks, did this all happen when you were a police officer? All these illegals?


Well joanie, aka The Anti-Dori, as a police officer, my departments policy was to arrest all who committed arrestable offenses, without concern for alien status. At that point in time, the jail personnel made the call as to bringing in Border Patrol.
My daughter, being from a large Mexican American family had enough sense to marry a man as smart and legal as she. Not an issue. Those are simlar to questions I had to answer to pass the oral exam to be a cop Anti-joanie/Dori.
No joanie, they were dock workers for trucking company's, detail people for dealerships, etc. That I had dealt with after being a cop.


Hahaha. I am not the Anti-D. How could I be. He's much too civil to be me. Besides, I cannot ever post during the school day and he does. I can never wait to get home to post!

But, I am trying to be civil on this one and his question is my question.

You didn't really answer the question, did you? What if she had? What would you do?


So, because the CEO did not use a gun to embezzle those millions, he got a fair sentence. You live in a very strange world; one set of ethics for rich people, another for poor people.


Sparky, Did I not say more than once that I thought the robber was over sentenced? Why yes I did. I do not have any sympathy for any asshat that threatens a bank teller though. Has nothing to do with wealth. By nature, most robbers are broke and desperate.
It is not the taking of property that requires the extra prison time. It is the threat to innocent human life that ups the ante.


Meanwhile, are we hearing anything about this? This is from Thom Hartmann:

The impending nuclear disaster in Nebraska just got worse. Over the weekend – a floodwall protecting the nuclear plant from the overflowing Missouri River gave way – inundating the facility in floodwater. The plant is less than 20 miles away from Omaha – Nebraska’s largest city – and is now cooling its reactors and spent fuel pools with back-up diesel powered generators. Officials say water has not breached any of the buildings yet which are designed to withstand flooding of 1,014 feet – but currently floodwaters stand at 1,006 feet – and they’re expected to rise. It was a tsunami that triggered the world’s worst nuclear meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima plant a few months ago – and if floodwaters continue to rise and upstream dams can’t hold them in Nebraska – then the same thing will happen here – and we might lose Omaha. The rest of the world is ditching nuclear power – we’re doing nothing except praying the flooding doesn’t get worse.

and this from the Omaha paper:

Two outside lines of defense against flooding failed Sunday at Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station, shifting the plant to backup electricity for 12 hours.

On Monday, the Omaha Public Power District was studying whether it could patch and refill the temporary water dam that burst. When the dam ruptured, it allowed floodwater to fill in around the plant to a depth of more than two feet, said OPPD spokesman Jeff Hanson.

Sunday's development offers more evidence that the relentlessly rising Missouri River is testing the flood-worthiness of an American nuclear power plant like never before. The now-idle plant, 19 miles north of Omaha, has become an island. And unlike other plants previously affected by high water, Fort Calhoun faces months of flooding.

Also on Monday, the head of the nation's nuclear regulatory agency, his lieutenants and congressional representatives toured the plant.

“It's pretty jarring to see a boat tied up to the nuclear power plant. ... It's an intense operation going on there, particularly with water surrounding all the buildings,” said U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry. “There's no water inside; they have multiple, redundant systems in place.”

The plant disconnected from the electrical grid Sunday morning and ran on electricity supplied by its main, on-site backup source: two diesel-fueled generators. Federal regulators require nuclear plants to have generators to keep a plant running in case its main power source is interrupted.

Hanson said a piece of heavy equipment moving sand on the dry side of the water-filled dam, “brushed up” against it, causing it to rupture. The utility disconnected from the grid because the river water leaked through a cement barrier installed to protect the plant's main transformer.

“It did not work; it did not keep the water out,” he said.

Floodwater rose a couple of feet inside that barrier, Hanson said. Crews switched off the electricity feeding it to assure that it wouldn't be damaged, and it was not, he said. They pumped out the water, sealed the leaks in the cement barrier and restarted the transformer.

Disconnecting from the grid “gave us time to ascertain that all was fine,” he said.

The 2,000-foot-long water-filled dam that ringed the plant collapsed about 1:25 a.m. Sunday.

The dam itself was not part of OPPD's federally required flood defenses, both federal and utility officials say. Instead, it was an extra line of defense OPPD installed to protect equipment outside the reactor building from damage and to make it easier to get around the plant's immediate exterior.

“It was nice to have. It was a new, first line of defense against the river,” Hanson said, explaining why the utility hopes to refill it.

Victor Dricks, spokesman for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, agreed that nothing else had changed at the plant as of Monday morning.

Because of the collapsed water-filled dam, river water surrounds the main reactor building, mechanical building, spent fuel pool building and other structures.

Barriers at entrances to the buildings are keeping that water from entering, Hanson said. A “minor” amount of water did seep into the plant's turbine building, he said, and was pumped out.

The buildings themselves and associated pumps and electrical equipment are designed to handle flooding up to 1,014 feet above sea level. The river is a little over 1,006 feet now and is forecast to reach a crest of 1,008 feet, barring extraordinary rains.

Federal nuclear regulators are monitoring the plant, which has been shut down since early April for refueling. Flooding will remain high at Fort Calhoun through at least August, as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continues releasing unprecedented amounts of water from upstream dams.

Regulators say their inspectors were at the plant when the water-filled dam failed and have confirmed that the flooding has had no impact on the cooling of the idled reactor or the spent fuel pool.

The NRC said there is a separate earthen berm to protect the electrical switchyard, which is in a different area of the plant site.

Last week, federal regulators augmented their inspection staff at Fort Calhoun. In addition to the two resident inspectors, three more inspectors and a branch chief were added to provide around-the-clock coverage.

Both the plant's operator, OPPD, and federal regulators say the plant remains safe.
But what happens if the river keeps rising?

Im just glad that Trojan was dismantled.


Yes, I realize I just pulled a "Putz"..I will shoot some coinage your way, Bla'm. But I find this horrifying.


Sparky, Goldman was good tonight. He was explaining recent Court decisions. One which says that states cannot match campaign funds because it affects the free speech of their rich opponents.

The issue is crucial to the case.

In essence, challengers are saying that matching funds violates the First Amendment right of free speech. That is because they will refrain from spending the money they need to get elected -- or to get their candidates elected -- for fear that it will result in instant cash for their opponents.

...And Scalia said there also was evidence that some privately financed contenders waited until the last possible moment to spend extra money so that their opponents would have little time to use their matching funds to respond.

Matching funds are meant to even out a campaign - to allow everyone to buy "free speech."

Crazy, isn't it? Scalia wrote the opinion.


Corporations usurping people's land to drill and frack without permission or even a permit. And the nuclear plant in Nebraska that no one seems to know about. Where is the media on all this? I'm catching up on Sirota from this morning and he's talking about it. He can't believe how buried this story is. If anybody is interesting in the story, here it is: media player for Sirota's program

He said the story is on the AP wire although it is largely ignored by the rest of the media. More at more details at Omaha World Herald

It may be okay. But the Japan nuclear mess was a lot worse than they first told us. So, take it all with a grain of salt.

Sirota is so up on things. Can you say the same about Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, et al. at Fox News?

There is just so much to know that we don't hear about unless we go looking. Incredible.

(He's talking now about states going bankrupt over the cost of the death penalty. CA spends $184 million every year. Wow!)


yeah the Arizona decision. I heard that elsewhere. I can't stand Norman.


lol ... look at the hag....still assigning homework, and talking down, . just liek she does at school.......except she's dealing with grown adults here....not little kids.....and shes been clocked off the job for hours....., prissy, condescending, tight-sphinctered little radical lib ideologue... as narrow-minded as Ann Coulter ...just on the other side...carrying the water for her commie friend, big Daddy Warbucks Soros....

South Tacoma

FNC covered the Omaha situation very thouroly this morning with people on the ground plus helicopter shots of the plant. in Nebraska.
Though all of the goverment agency's were proclaiming no risk, the anchors and reporters kept expressing concerns based on the lies in Japan.
I would like to believe there isn't a risk of leaks but the way goverment has been lying these last couple years leaves me nervous.

Totally Stupid Conservative

I hear ya south tacoma, my nephew got blown up in irag over a lie


Once again Hood, you are too insouciant for the room! Am I missing something.....? How does this make him a 1st Amendment hero? Confessing a crime is taking a stand for the 1st Amendment?

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