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June 12, 2011


Puget Sound Blathers

Peter Beinhart has a great article on Anthony Weiner and why he should not quit.

One comment he makes is that he wonders how many pundits could withstand the same scrutiny that Congressman Weiner is undergoing.

Lord, if you exist, I pray you not to reveal to me what Big Ed Schultz or Charles Krauthammer do in their offhours...


"Treatment for what" is exactly what I posted on Huffpo when I read the story Beinert and Baldwin? Krauthammer and Schultz? - who cares? We've had our peek and our giggle, now let's move on to more important issues. Well put, Michael.


What I think we need is a treatment for apparent irresponsibility. Newt Gingrich goes on vacation during the heat of his campaign. Donald Trump self-destructs over the birther non-issue. Sarah Palin thinks Paul Revere invented Tupperware. The Republican party is not exactly building trust in the hearts and minds of the voters.


The Decline of America continues...


If he had resigned, it would be over. But us Progressives are hardon hypocrits. The Progressive leadership is right, he should resign. He lied to save his butt. How can he ever again stand up in the House and take a stand for something he really believes in without someone somewhere saying to himself.

'Is he talking from the heart or is he just lying to save his seat.'

How any Progressive can stick up for this guy texting a 17 year old is beyond me. Even after the flip flopping position of Peelosi and Wasserman. 6 years ago he would be gone already. Goes to show there are no morals left in the Progressive Party. As long as he stays around, he deserves to be hounded. Just like we did to Palin and her son after the election, The repugs have every right to pound Weiner and question his wife with this til he quits. It goes with the job.


"What I think we need is a treatment for apparent irresponsibility. Newt Gingrich goes on vacation during the heat of his campaign. Donald Trump self-destructs over the birther non-issue. Sarah Palin thinks Paul Revere invented Tupperware. The Republican party is not exactly building trust in the hearts and minds of the voters."

Posted by: Ray | June 13, 2011 at 08:55 AM

A true Progressive. Attack a guy for going on vacation. Attack a guy who just wanted to set the record straight. And then come up a absurb so called "FACT" that only Alpha Joanie will be proud of.

"TRUST" Ray. Maybe you weren't around in 2010 when the Repugs took back the House. As the implosion of the Progressive Party continues. look for this trend to continue in 2012.

And ALpha Joanie,

"Lets move on to more important issues."

Obama already has. Maybe you missed it but he went golfing again. 72 timesnow in his Presidency. Looks like he really cares about those "more important issues" you and Mr. Hood speak of.


72 times Obama has gone golfing! In less than three years! That's an average of, gosh, at least once every two weeks!

Meantime, isn't 72 about the number of vacation days Dubya took every year?

I'm not particularly an Obama fan. I didn't vote for him. But the double standard of some of the people who really despise him gets old fast.


So pete, why did you happen to leave out that Obama has taken just as many vacation days also. Double standard indeed.


Under the subject "treatment for what", this is priceless. Dori Monson is actually taking credit for our Governor deciding not to run again. I am not kidding, tune in. This before he reverts back to knocking Weiner. Weiner needs less treatment than this talk show host who is so full of himself it's pathetic. This guy has a severe case of superiority complex even though he is of diminutive stature. May be that is what causes it, the so called little man syndrome, who knows. I'm sure Dori will find similar fault with our next Governor, Jay Inslee. Pretty sad stuff there Mr Monson.


Monson just did a story about several local Marie Callendar Restaurants closing the other day after receiving orders from corporate to close their doors immediately , due to bankruptcy. They were told by thee corporate geniuses to not even let people finish their meals, or in one case , a birthday party in progress in a banquet room. Monson missed the real story here as he blathered on about the idiocy of corporate in giving such ridiculous instructions. That isn't the story at all. "Corporate" as a general rule, with all sorts of companies tends to be always full of jackasses and morons who issue such inhuman, asinine orders. The story here was what kind of little scared weasel restauarant manager would actually enforce such an order. Most normal citizens would liek to believe that they have enough decency and backbone to simply close and lock the doors, but allow everyone to finish their meals and birhtday parties in peace.


Monson may have just ignored the signs of a mini-stroke, over the weekend. A PSA about this runs i believe on his own radio station. Last night he came home from his basketball game with one side of his face drooping. He didnt go to emergency room and apparently it went away, just liek the PSA says it goes away after a short time. The PSA says you have to go to the hospital immediatelyy and get treatment to avoid being at high risk later for a real stroke. He's on the air now laughing it off and scoffing at Jessica, who is concerned and vowing to call her husband about it.


Thank you so much for your concern about my Master, Tom008, I appreciate that since I count on him for all my meals. May be sometime you could drop by and take me for a ride in your Mercedes, or may be my Master could drop me by the library.


i was hoping for a nurse or a doctor to chime in on this, not the clown who posted above .


after laughing off and trivializing his serious medical smptoms over the weekend, Monson went on today to predict with great detsil just what inning of a Mets game this week that Weiner will choose to jump to his death from the stands . He thought this was enormously funny and he was just cracked up by himself over it. A real laff riot.


Weiner is seeking treatment for sex addiction. More specifically:

Hypersexual Disorder [14]

A. Over a period of at least six months, recurrent and intense sexual fantasies, sexual urges, and sexual behavior in association with four or more of the following five criteria:

(1) Excessive time is consumed by sexual fantasies and urges, and by planning for and engaging in sexual behavior. [15]

(2) Repetitively engaging in these sexual fantasies, urges, and behavior in response to dysphoric mood states (e.g., anxiety, depression, boredom, irritability). [16]

(3) Repetitively engaging in sexual fantasies, urges, and behavior in response to stressful life events. [17]

(4) Repetitive but unsuccessful efforts to control or significantly reduce these sexual fantasies, urges, and behavior. [18]

(5) Repetitively engaging in sexual behavior while disregarding the risk for physical or emotional harm to self or others. [19]

B. There is clinically significant personal distress or impairment in social, occupational or other important areas of functioning associated with the frequency and intensity of these sexual fantasies, urges, and behavior. [20]

C. These sexual fantasies, urges, and behavior are not due to direct physiological effects of exogenous substances (e.g., drugs of abuse or medications) or to Manic Episodes. [21]

D. The person is at least 18 years of age.

Specify if: [22]



Sexual Behavior With Consenting Adults


Telephone Sex

Strip Clubs


remember- this guy Monson, yukking it up bigtime today onair over his fantasy about the imminent suicide of a Democratic Congressman at a baseball stadium, is the same hypocritical bastard who condemend many of us here at Blatherwatch aa horrible, lowlife people, posting about Mike Webb's legal and personal problems purely "for sport".


Tommy, if he really had a stroke and the symptoms went away quickly, it could have been a TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack..which is often a precursor to a more serious stroke. Or, it could have been a mild case of Bell's Palsy which imitates the facial symptoms of a stroke. But you're right..he should have been checked out to rule out something more serious.


Speaking of bad actors, PBJ your attempts to sell yourself as a former "progressive" are getting sillier.


thanks, Sparky. Ironically Monson said he called a freind who has Bel's Palsy and then preceeded tp ignore his advice, which was to go have it checked out that evernig. why ask for advice if you're not goign to follow it. Perhaps if he goes tonight it will still be early enough. I'll extend to him some human decency, somehting that Monson chose not to do with Weiner and urge him to go the emergency or doctor


Maybe Jessica's doctor husband will make a house call to Monson's gated community tonight


PBJ: Bullshit. Link, please. A credible one, from an objective source.

On Monson, how much of that 17 mins, 31 seconds was commercials or "news" content he couldn't Weinerize, and how much was actually his show? Just sayin'.


Meanwhile...I'm sick to death of all things Weiner, but really, "sex addiction"??? That diagnosis basically didn't even exist until somebody decided there was a market for charging a lot of money to very rich and famous people to pathologize their bad behavior. How much is it worth to Weiner, or any of these other clowns, to be able to claim "the disease made me do it"? Whatever happened to taking personal responsibility for stupid actions?

Bah. And the kids need to get off my lawn, too.


Sorry Sparky is you dont believe it. But its true just as Obama has went golfing 72 times and you are silent about it as the econmy is going to the way of Weiner. How many times have you chastized the Shrub for going on vacation. Huh? Why not as Pete says a little consistency on your part before that progressive rock you are trying to emulate covered all the way in crow shit.


PBJ does not sell himself as a progressive - my impression is that he just likes progressive blogs (and maybe not only this one).

I like reading them also, because of all the unhinged, lack of logic and plain silly comments by progressives and overall lack of self-awareness - which leads to displaying double standards..


Not buying it, PBJ. There are too many other issues that are at the heart of being a progressive. You diddle at the edges.

And, as far as sharing my opinions regarding your and Ps's demands, it's more entertaining to watch you guys complain that I don't. Please---keep going!

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour

"has went" golfing..."

Progressive in your grammar, as well.


Weiner didn't expose himself as much as the so-called candidates did tonight at the New Hampshire Repug debate on CNN. A complete farce that could only have worsened by the presence of Ms Palin. They have nothing except blame for everything on our President, no answers no solutions, typical Conservative bull-shit. At least with PALIN there would likely have been some ya betcha humor, instead of the dry typical droning of the good ol boys (& girl, Michele Bachmann, who apparently has now declared).
Get out the popcorn this is going to be some kind of entertainment as we head towards election time. If I had to pick the less of the losers (there was no winner) I guess it would be Romney and we all know the Nation would never go for a Mormon. So, definitely no worries here.


Sorry, Pete It's my guess that sex addiction - the disease - started when technology began outing celebrities for doing what a lot of people do privately. Now we have a name for it. Of course, technology makes it easier to be riskier. I'm laughing. Remember Risky Business? Didn't that involve kids and a prostitute? Or is my memory failing me.

Tut tut on Anthony. But, you know what? It doesn't matter. His constituents will take care of business so we don't have to. Move on or don't.

Sarah, which station carried the debate? Is it over? I see Newt speechifying on CSpan - Republican Jewish Coalition. And Breitbart! Maybe they'll repeat the debate. I'd like to watch it. No Bachman


Breitbart, after telling several Weiner jokes, said "I don't photograph genitals and send them to teenagers." That is so typical of the lying side of politics. He just called himself a journalist. No, he's no journalist. A reckless tabloid blogger who plants lies - yes. But no journalist. He doesn't know the meaning of the word, journalist. He just used a bunch of smutty words and threw in "Janet Napolitano" and then said "no crotch shots from you..."

You guys like this guy? He's more disgusting than anything Weiner could send through the media. Way more. Talk about classy. Ew.

South Tacoma

Sarah says...."we all know the nation would never go for a Mormon."
We all know the nation would never go for a Catholic.
We all know the nation would never go for a nigger.
Well, you bigot, I'm proud to say we did get a Catholic and we now have a brother. Guess what. One day we will have a woman, an Asian and a gay. The rest of the country is not the full of bologna pregidous phonies that we have here in the Seattle area.
Silly girl.
And I didn't like any of them. I hope somebody rises to the top, or the Democrats come up with a new candidate to replace Obama.


Republicans like Bratbart, when they don't have any platform to run on and hope to distract the faithful with dirty tricks. 9/11 happened on their watch, previous surplus spent into a deficit, so on and so on. Republicans like failure.


We all don't know that nor do we live in "S Tacoma"

South Tacoma

I know Coiler. I am just a little insignificant fellow down here in the hinter lands. Would never fit in in your big city and your ways. Problem is, I don't hate Republicans or Democrats, but I strongly dislike bigots and racists. Though I had waited my entire life for a black President, Obama has proven himself not good enough to get the job done properly. I am so dissaponted in him. He has done a lot, but has not done anything well.
Fifty years from now, when the children learn of Obama, they will fall to sleep reading what he did.
So now I am underemployed after 20 years in a paper mill, I now cook hamburgers and french fries while trying to learn a new job. My home and family is gone and I'm renting a room from a man that has gone through his own hell the past couple of years.


Romney- a persidential candidate in 2012 who belongs to a goofball church with strage notions and a history of racial bigotry.....Obhama- a presidential candidate in 2012 who for 20 years belonged to a goofball church in Chicago, with strange notions and a history of racial bigotry.........looks like they are dead even to me , on that issue..... Huntsman or Romney, mihgt do as last minute choices to rescue the economy, but Rick Perry has them beat in creating real job growth (Texas is responsible for 40% of the new jobs in the past 2 years, aand a far as i know he's not a Moromon).... im not going to dismiss him because he has an R next to his name, like the ususal suspects here will do.. if he runs i will learn more about him and then decide....


Sorry Joanie I was on-call last evening and got called in so I could not get back to you regarding your question. The so-called debate (as I said in my post) was broadcast by CNN.
Answer to other: Yes, we've had a Catholic president, and now an African-American president, and I'm sure we're close to having a woman president, I just happen to think that the Country will not favor a Mormon for president any time soon. That does not make me a bigot.


Thanks, Sarah. I don't get CNN. Perhaps it will be broadcast on CSpan at a later date.

I think anyone is electable regardless of religion, race, gender, etc,etc,etc. It just takes the right person. I bet people would have denied a black man could win a year before Obama's miracle began. Now Herman Cain . . . I think the barriers are down universally. I think people will be surprised with Bachmann's appeal once this gets started on the right. Not with me but she can talk. She sure can talk.

Winners can always talk. Wish they walk the talk.


Interesting. I asked PBJ for a link and he provides crickets.

As I said, I'm not an Obama fan - but I remember Bush's month-long August vacations, mixed in with other vacations throughout the year, and I haven't seen anything remotely similar from Obama. But I could be wrong. I'm waiting.


I agree, they can talk but sans substance. That's likely a main reason why Ms Palin will not enter the race, as she's simply a cheer-leader at best and couldn't begin to keep up with the conversation on that New Hampshire stage last night. Even though they have no solutions, they do at least know the issues. Ms Palin has not yet read enough publications (even one's she can remember) to get a grasp on the meat of the issues. Surely her handlers can see this and will talk her out of embarrassing herself any further.
Yes, it's certainly possible that we've reached a point in this country where practically any one can have a shot at the presidency but in my opinion Mr Romney will not be a Country favorite, even by his own party.


Sparky, there are many Progressive issues i hold dear. But the Progressive Party promised so much with Obama. And it failed. Even with both Houses of Congress it failed. Maybe that was a good thing.

2008 was exciting. To exciting. In the excitement we lost who we were. We had visions of a better America. But 2 years in when i got off the bandwagon, it was clear where the Progreswsive Party under Obama was heading.

Now maybe you think of your rock that was moving along smoothly but is now stuck is one of those
Obama promised. its not, its America waking up.



And hey, didn't the "Progressive Party" die out after Teddy Roosevelt's 1912 presidential campaign?


chirp, chirp, chirp... LOL.

Radio Queen

With 7 candidates on the stage last night, it was nearly impossible for much more than sound bites. I'll say one thing though: seeing the diversity (gender, age, religion, race) of the candidates makes me think that the republicans have stepped up their game. I don't know enough about each of them yet, but unlike Sarah, who's already scoffing at them all, I'm going to reserve judgment until I learn more.

Jovita is a proud Democrat

Which proves that being a Bozo knows no limits of age, race, gender or sexual identity. Oh wait, Guiliani wasn't there. LMAO!!


I'd say that Perry has all of the GOP candidates beat if he decides to get in the race. BTW - the Bushes endorsed Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the GOP Governor primary in Texas last year. That is to Perry's credit, because I'd be leery about him if Bush-43 had supported him for Gov.

Radio Queen

A proud democrat would actually do well to educate himself about the opposition before making wholesale generalizations.


proud democrat is an oxymoron...

Jovita is a proud Democrat

And a true queen would learn to have a sense of humor, or at least a sense of irony.

So you like Perry KS? Is this the same Rick Perry who blamed God for the recession?

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Must be the same Rick Perry - one other thing, he blamed God, tongue in check, but guess that must have gone over your head, Jovita.


I don't think of Obama as God, however I wish he had the competence to get this economy under control. He will blame his failures on Bush, of course.
Another business with hundreds of employees in this state just filed BK and closed the doors.
When will it stop?

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