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June 24, 2011



I agree with everything you say. Yes, fifteen-year-old girls give and take a year or two were pretty common spouses at one time. I don't listen to Dori so was not inured to the tastelessness of his tirades and thus found yours difficult. The content of your column still strikes me as tasteless but piggy-backing on two day's worth of such content and giving it back makes it a worthwhile endeavor. In the end, it gets back to hypocrisy: and the extreme amount of it on the right.


It would have been funnier if it had been about Brian Baloney..


Why back-track on your original post? Did you get a C & D?


Furious you were, but does that give you the right to call someone a child molester and quote people saying those things about a public person who is also a father and very involved with in his children's lives?


What would your reaction be if a conservative blogger posted a story that you molested April as a baby and had "quotes" to back it up? Not so funny, huh?


And I also feel you are trying to use the old 'aw, shucks, I didn't mean any harm' by constantly explaining why you wrote something that accused a public figure of being a child molester. A. child. molester. Is there anything worse than that? There's nothing funny or satirical about it. Nothing. You called Monson a child molester. One to molests the most defenseless people on earth. The ones that the name "God" is the same as "Mother" and "Father" and who give us their unconditional love and trust us to protect them from harm. And you called him a child molester. Child molesters are murdered in prison by other criminals. They are the lowest of the low. And you called someone -- Dori Monson--accused him, with no facts and allegedly 'made-up' quotes (or were they made up? I can't tell. I don't know these people) associated to the parents of children on his daughter's basketball team of being a molester of children.

Do you realize what you did?

Jovita has a sense of humor unlike you

Hey Jim, I bet you think the chicken really DID cross the road to get to the other side!

You must notta read the above article. Everything that Mr. Hood wrote is exactly what Monson said about other people! Why aren't you outraged about what Monson said, and says everyday on his show?

On second thought, maybe you're Dori????? LMAO


No, I'm not Dori. Yes, I listen to what he says. But he's paid to be an intertainer. And he knows where the legal line by being on the air. You just don't like him because he's conservative and successful, but to accuse someone of being a child molester....well,you fill in the blank.

Jovita has a sense of humor unlike you

Mr. Hood didn't do anything illegal. Public figures are legal targets for satire. You just don't like Mr. Hood because he is liberal and you don't agree with his views. Your attempts at making a mountain out of the smallest of molehills is entertaining.


Breaking on NW Onion News.

"In an exclusive interview with NWON anchor Bolf Witzler, Seattle Radio Faux News Wannabe, Dory Monsen, claimed that his twitter account has been hacked and that his pictures of basketballs had likely been altered. Monsen gave the interview to allay recent charges that he is creepy.

"Monsen refused to confirm or deny that he takes pictures of basketballs in suggestive positions and tweets the photos to members of girl's basketball teams in North America.

"Known for his hypocritical "bone with a dog" tenacity and "slight of height" stature, Monsen broke off the interview with Witzler when asked if Dory was a girl's name."


@Jovita. Can you site in any of my posts that I "don't like Mr. Hood" because he is "liberal?" Like I posted before, the attempt at satire is razor thin and it's tainted with a very nasty accusation that I have illustrated earlier. But I'm glad you're entertained!


I'm just curious, does Dori make Weiner jokes in front of his girl's basketball team? Does this 45 year old man tell his 15 year old female basketball players that old men who wilfully choose to closely associate with other men's teenaged daughters are "creepy child molesters"? Assuming he as the good sense not to express these beliefs directly infront of them, why does he then do it on public airwaves?

The FCC prohibits broadcasters from using a number of swear words, but apparently they have no legal mechanism for preventing some things that are far more sinister and damaging: vilifying innocent people and trashing people who don't have microphones of their own.

I'm deeply disturbed by Dori and he must be stopped. It's hard to predict when Bonneville will put principles before dollars - and when they won't.

Guyard's Agent

Pissant Productions Buys Option for Monsen Movie

Ballard Guyard, renowned French film director, is said to be working out a deal for the life story of Seattle's own petulant radio host, Dory Monsen.

"I have observed Monsieur Monsen's career, especially noting its most recent "joie de vie" turn with "les jeunes filles" basketball players. I believe there is a story that could appeal.

"We French have had BB, Lolita, Deneuve and soon peut-être, La Dory. Telling madmoiselle, err, monsieur Dory's story should reveal, comment dites-vous, "his hads".

Guyard, who speaks little English, said a working title right now for the film is "Pisser Dans Le Vent: The Tail of Dory".

Said Guyard in closing, "Mais oui, n'est pas Dori un prénom de fille?"


Hey JimF you appear to be a proud member of the tea party. I'm happy for you! I might suggest spell check and a dictionary for your future posts. They are your friends!


Dori makes unsubstantiated accusations all the time. He'll mumble under his weasel breath "probably" or some other qualifier to protect his ass but the intentional damage is done.


Any guy that coaches a teen girl sports team is a fuckin creep.

I don't think your original post went far enough.


Just how much interaction would this "talk radio blog" get if it could go ONE WEEK without ANY mention of Dori Monson?

Hear that? It's the sound of crickets.

Hood should thank his lucky stars that Monson is still on the air.

Mike Barer

I think that Conservative radio works in Seattle because we are a Liberal city. People that don't share our agenda have a place that they can turn to.

Phil Dirt

That's right, John. Michael's thanking lucky stars for all the money he's making off Monson.
But seriously, he has to talk about Monson- there's nothing left of local talk radio. I remember when this blog started there were 3 talk stations with local shows, and some real personalities. After all this corporate mishandling and consolidation, there's only KIRO. and it's talk lite. Dori is the only one left who expresses a strong opinion and he's doing crime stories from faraway places and celebrity misbehavior. The real crickets are from Seattle radio.


im not making any accusations aganst Monson, on a capricious basis, simply because he coackes a girls team, as in some of these posts. Did you ever think he has gravitated to coaching girls sports because the boys would laugh him off the court and disrespecr him? Probably all of the 16 and 17 year old young men on any decent high school would be taller and stronger, and dare i say more "manly" than Dori.


sorry- sgould have re4ad "on any decent high school basketball team"

Bill Deposit

wouldn't mind or care if my granddaughter listed to Dori on the radio. Wouldn't want him to coach her on basketball or anything.


He's got daughters. He coaches girls. He encouraged his daughter to lie in school. I like that he's involved in their lives and works to keep them active in sports. I don't like that he encourages lying. I'm not into bashing him for things I don't know about. He's a jerk - a total jerk - on the radio. I would wish no young person would listen to him and that adults do tells me a lot about them and their values.

Bill Deposit

Joanie...I have values. And I value entertainment. That's all Dori is. Get over yourself.


Ohhhhhh.....so you can make douchebag "joke" comments about Dori being a child molester, but asking about your subscription as a member of NAMBLA gets the comment removed? Why so sensitive, Michael? Hit too close to home? you are pa-the-tic. This makes so much more sense, now. you don't hate Dori, you've got a raging boner for him, hence your obsession with the guy.

South King County

That shoe does seem to fit, doesn't it ? DDS (Dori derangement syndrome) is raging.

Time to sober up here and move on to posts that make a difference in everyday life - that may be more tedious, but less laziness is always welcomed.


Mr. Deposit, your values stink.


And SKC, practice what you preach. So far, I don't disagree with much of what you've said. So I don't get the dirt directed at me. But, hey, if it feels good, do it.

Bill Deposit

Oh Joanie. If you can judge my values by a single sentence, I'd have to question yours. Value them, not.


I have had a radio relationship with Dori for about 10 years (seems like much, much longer) and I have listened to him develop from a perky young thing into being the largest boob in the room. This relationship has deteriorated to the point where I now don a pink ribbon in his honor whenever I occasionally listen to his, sigh, 'show'. Actually I consider his 'show' more of a wardrobe malfunction than anything else as it exposes how much he has metastasized as a radio personality as it grew from simply being a big 'D' into the big double 'D'.

Thankfully I ended all this by leaving town via my broadband internet connection, streaming radio and podcasts. What started out as furtive flings in the middle of the night has now developed into a number long term relationships. I guess you could say I am now a bit of a radio whore that is having far too much fun once again to care. In fact this whole situation has gone so far that I love having my ears felt up daily in my car via my smart phone. My car was the last place I used to sneak out to listen to the big triple 'D'. Next up will be to toss out that stripper pole and sequined bra he left in the trunk the last and final time he joined me for a ride.


I love your post! Podcasts and streaming - me,too.

Yep, Bill. I read people well. :)


Curley read his hate emails on the eir on friday..... i didn't hear that part, so looked up the podcast, hoping he read the email i sent him where i called him a jackass. looks liek the email reading segment has been edited out of the podcast......... hey Curley, you're a jackass...


Listen here MISTER Blather...I am incensed and upset and I INSIST on reporting you to your....uhhh...management...




Monsignors Mass for Monsen

Open Letter From Monsignor P.E. de Fille and Colleagues

Leave Dory alone!!!!

My colleagues and I know from our own experience coaching youth sports teams, that being in close proximity to young, nubile, lucious, sweaty, athletic girls and boys does not automatically result in untoward behavior.

We like to think that sometimes two bright, orange basketballs are just two orange basketballs. Like a cigar sometimes can just be a cigar.

As we say at the rectory, got any witnesses?

BTW, we are advertising for new members to the girls' high school tramp-o-lean team coached by Monsignor Grabbaum.

medved's longtime companion

Monson is a professional Christian, Librarian, hypocrite hate-talker who deserves everything he gets. I wonder what other skeletons are in his closet?


I have enjoyed reading your blog in the past. I have to say goodbye (and I realize you or your fans don't care but I had to say something) I love Seattle radio history and really liked checking in w/ your posts. Your Dori post truly crossed the line and wasn't funny. The post was creepy. Much of the comments were creepy, too. I just don't get the urge to use something like that for 'comedy'.

the cross pictures jesus

I guess you could say I am now a bit of a radio whore that is having far too much fun once again to care.

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