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June 27, 2011



Hadn't listened to him much lately but he is still the best.


Cynicism cuts both ways. Sounds like Blatherwatch is still upset about the success of Limbaugh even after all this time. Could it be that the writer of this blog also continues to fall for the same old formula?


I always felt that Limbaugh understands exactly what he is doing. After 20+ years its no surprise to me that he is still on top. More than ever I want to hear someone who can provide opinion that contrasts with the 95% of media people who vote Democrat. Let's hear it for REAL DIVERSITY, I.E. DIVERSITY OF OPINION!


The longer this clip goes the more the audio gets out of sync with the video. The lips just don't match up. So how do we really know he is really saying what we are hearing?

ben hammer

Hahahahahahahahahah 4 examples of the suckers he was talking about!!!!


Nope - just one example of the sucker (that's you, BTW).

But rest assured the rest of the liberal-with-their-panties-in-a-wad-over-Rush-Beck-Dori-et. al will be along in short order.


I respect Rush (though I often don't agree with him) a lot more than I do Dori.

For one thing, he's a far more talented entertainer. Limbaugh, on his good days, is very creative. Dori, not so much; it's the same formula almost all the time. And Rush is honest about who he is: a partisan making his case, and trying to get you to agree. There's not an authentic (or honest) bone in Monson's body, from the claims that he's "independent" to his family values schtick while harping on salacious nonsense to his blindsiding guests. The issue for a lot of us isn't Dori's politics; it's his complete lack of ethical behavior. How often do you hear people on this blog ripping John Carlson?

Besides, "Rush" may be a strange name, but at least it's not, you know, a girl's name.


Succinctly put, Pete. I've listened to Rush a few times. But I don't listen to be entertained. I do listen to be informed. I wonder if that is the difference between the left and right? A little bit?

The few times I've listened to Rush - and not for long - I've heard so much incredibly incorrect information, it's simply not fun to stick around.

Radio Queen

Good gawd, Hood. You're laying out Rush bait from 20 years ago??? Must be a S-L-O-W day in radioland.

Jovita is in Vegas, baby!!

"Respect" Pete? Really? Guess I have a different definition of what respect is.

Damn hot down here! Supposed to get to 105 this afternoon. Hot wind makes it worse. Thats why God invented AC. Glad I get to stay inside! Too hot to even be out by the pool. Maybe tonight when it cools off to 85!


staying up at the Riviera in one of the smoking rooms, spitwad? The Riviers is for the, uh, older set who still play their Sinatra records, and don't like to be jostled around by crowds of Jackass the movie types in baggie, over the knee sports shorts and tank tops. A little bird told me you booked rooms up there on that oldtimey Las Vegas "museum" strip, a good mile or so from the real strip and may i say, the real action.


sorry Jovita - couldnt resist giving you a taste of your own little niggling petty, spitwad throwing bullshit.....bwahahahaahahahahahaahahah

Jovita is in Vegas, baby!!

Well Tom you sound like you have first hand knowledge of that place. But we are staying at my wife's sister's house.They have a nice pool but no shade. Family reunion and scrapbook convention stuff here. I wouldn't be caught dead at that overpriced hell hole of a Strip.

If you don't like my spitwads, then why do you stand there with your mouth open?


Jovita - what exactly did I say about Rush that was disrespectful? As I said, I often don't agree with him. (FWIW, the same is true of, say, Randi Rhodes.) But I've hosted talk shows on radio. It's an art, and a lot harder to do well than it sounds. He's very, very good at what he does, and he doesn't misrepresent himself. I respect that.

Monson is good at what he does, too. But I can respect partisan advocacy for a greater cause a lot more easily than the sort of garbage Monson traffics in. His only greater cause is himself.

Jovita is freakin' melting.

No I didn't say you were disrespectful. You weren't. I was surprised that you said you "respected" Rush. I can't respect anyone, regardless of how "talented" he or she is, if they lie as much as Rush does. Style isn't something I respect. Look-me-in-the-eye-honesty is. That he laughs at his audience, as does Glen Beck, is most certainly misrepresenting one's self.
I think they, and Monson, are all thrasonical idiots. (ITS OK Tom we will pause while you look up that word).

Hell its 107 outside. Gonna be 110 on Saturday. Damn relatives shoulda moved to the Yukon.


a sort-of funny Colbert: Norquist picks taxes over grandmas

Heard it on Randi tonight. Sort of funny . . . hard to joke about not raising taxes no matter what. Esp. when they're paying for corporate jets and oil subsidies. Just what do you people on the right want anyway? It is obviously not a decent America.


The Truth about the Economy


I love it! Watching The National: Bell Canada has been finded $10 million for misleading customers about its prices. Would such consumer protection ever happen in the US? NO.




Where were you when that blurb from the early 90's was filmed ? On the other hand, what difference does it make ? My sentiments here...


i regularly use words in my posts that no more than 20% of the populace know the meaning of. Anyone who actually reads my posts, knows that. Jovita just used an arcane, obsolete word for "boastful", that .000000001 , in other words, no one, knows the meaning of, and tred to score brownie points over it. A rather pointless exercise , it seems to me, but whatever floats his boat. I see he's following behind his mistress, the hag, almost toady-esque in his slavish parroting, down her "smarter than thou", poseur's path, on this blog. Really weak.




Gollem, I hope you keep nitroglycerin nearby. Something tells me you're going to need it.

Jovita is freakin' melting.

Glad to know you own a dictionary, son.


KS, what a witty, droll comment, just now, from the hag! shes wishing and hoping that i die from a heart attack soon. Sweet.


KS, how is it you date it to the nineties? check here


Dearie, if I were wishing you to die, I wouldn't suggest the nitro. Get it? I know it is complicated, but try real hard.


i was deliberately twisitng the meaning of her words to get a rise out of her, KS. It worked. every last moron kows what she meant. She caem charging out of her cage thinking shes 2 steps ahead of me, and shes actually three steps behind. bwahahahahahahahaha

Jovita is freakin' melting.

Tommy why are you talking to KS? I think he went to bed hours ago. lolol


Every last moron except you. You're always explaining yourself. The give-away? Your bwahahaha. So tiresome and obvious,.


"Bwahahahaha" Round about the caldron go, Gollem.


when i wrote the "every last moron" phrase , KS, i thought to myself "ohoh, she's goign to call me a moron next post..Damn, im good. But then, shes so predictable.


But not tiresome, Gollem? Guess I'm one up on you. Bwahahahahaha. Round about the caldron go, Gollem.


Gollem must be deep into his Bwahahahaha ritual. Round about the caldron go, Gollem. I'm going to bed.


KS i hope the hag enjoys the coming summer quarter on Blatherwatch, starting friday. i wont be on here, practically speaking. The level of doubling in my stocks has gotten ridiculous now, and there is so much money to be made this summer, i absolutely have no time for a jumped up little pissant who camps out on the blog, pretending to be the would be queen, talking down to the posters and assigning homework, as if shes in her grade school classroom..


Jovita - I expect from Rush, as with every professional advocate for either the right or left, the same behavior I expect from a courtroom attorney - that is, that they will use (or omit) every possible fact as necessary in order to present their case in the best possible light. Far more so than elected officals (who supposedly represent all of us, not just their party faithful), I expect someone like Rush to only say or acknowledge what he finds useful for his cause. Is that "lying"? Eye of the beholder. Does he get facts wrong? Yeah, but if you're listening to talk radio for factual reporting, without checking it against any other sources, the joke's on you. And frankly, I challenge anyone to broadcast 750 or so hours a year of their own voice chattering nonstop on political matters without factual inaccuracies. Even if you try not to (and talk radio hosts aren't), you're still going to provide ammo for critics.

Bottom line: do you think Rush "lies" any more than other right wing talk hosts? Or is he just more influential? That's the germane issue, because a certain level of misrepresentation comes with the territory. And as I said, Rush makes no bones that he's a propagandist. The standard to measure him against is other propagandists. Otherwise, you can't "respect" any partisan talk host.

Stay cool today!


Does Rush lie? Is the Pope Catholic? Are all radio hosts "propagandists?" Pete, you're another black and white thinker. All radio hosts are the same. Well, I guess your post makes you fair and balanced. See what this guys has to say: http://www.scoobievslimbaugh.blogspot.com/




I'd like to see these Rush-o-crats prove the lies they think all the other radio hosts tell in the name of "propaganda."


Oh boy, Tom008 is apparently making so much in the market that he will have to take a hiatus from this blog to handle all these transactions. May be a brand new Mercedes is on his horizon, or at least a new backpack and sandals to go to the library with. Does any one really believe this crap. And he has the gall to slam our own Joanie who is the one who has really earned the summer off. Let's watch and see if he can really abstain from this venue. Look for atrocious spelling under other possible names. To quote the Tommeister Bhwahahahaha


Good gawd Sarah, I do hope you wear a condom over that head of yours while you have it burried so far up joanie's ass.


Teddy, I didn't say all radio hosts are propagandists - just the ones who consider it part of their mission (along with drawing listeners) to make the best possible case for their preferred ideology and/or party. I wouldn't put people like Ross or Scher in that camp.

It is to me utterly immaterial - and, to us, unknowable - whether, when he misstates facts, someone like Rush is "lying" in the sense of intentionally trying to mislead, or whether he genuinely believes his own shit don't stink. It's the nature of what he, and many other, talk hosts do. They're all trying to both entertain and advocate, and that leads to exaggeration, misstatements, and lies of comission and omission every time, regardless of what "side" they're pumping for.

Are some worse than others? Sure. But just because the left has accused Limbaugh of lying for 20 years (whole books have been written on the topic) doesn't prove he's better or worse than his colleagues on that score. It just means he's been hugely more influential than any other host, or nobody would care. People don't write (or read) whole books deconstructing Michael Savage's inanities.

I said I respected Limbaugh as a broadcaster; I said nothing about respecting his commitment to facts. One can respect rattlesnakes, too. I repeat: I wouldn't trust anything out of a talk show propagandist's mouth that hasn't been independently verified. People that do are suckers. Talk show propagandists have absolutely no incentive to represent the world honestly, and every incentive not to. It's the nature of the business.


Sarah, do you really believe i will be checking in on what the hag has to say as i hit the hotel room after driving the mountain highways above Monaco in July, or erlaxing on the beaches of San Diego in August"? Will i be harrassing the hag online as i househunt in the Hollywood Hills in September? i don't think so. Color me gone, Sarah. Taking the summer off and much deservedly so. see you next Fall.....maybe......bwahahahahahahahah


College finals are over so Tom heads home to Milton to his job as boxboy at Piggly Wiggly. rofl See ya in the Fall.


i absolutely have no time for a jumped up little pissant who camps out on the blog, pretending to be the would be queen, talking down to the posters and assigning homework, as if shes in her grade school classroom..

Posted by: Tommy008 | June 29, 2011 at 01:25 AM

Well described. Couldn't agree more. Like Rush and Dori, the thing Joanie Alinsky fears the most is being ignored. (Hat tip_Duffman)


Glad to see that a few people in the heartland are coming to their senses. Like the people of Ohio who today submitted over a million signatures to the state to bring the anti-worker legislation to a vote when they only needed around 200 thousand. People are waking up.


Pete is full of BS. Rattlesnakes are animals and they do what have to do to survive. They don't go around pretending to be garden snakes. I can't believe I'm writing this.

Get to the point, Pete, and tell us all about all the other talk show hosts on the left about whom books have been written because they lie. Oh, they're just not as good at it. I see.

Well, maybe they don't lie. Ever think of that, Pete? Maybe most talk show hosts on the left do not lie. Now that's a novel idea, isn't it?

And Gollem, for someone who hasn't got time for this little pissant, you sure do spend a lot of time talking about me. Round about the caldron go, Gollem.


Like the people of Ohio who today submitted over a million signatures to the state to bring the anti-worker legislation to a vote when they only needed around 200 thousand. People are waking up.

Posted by: Ion | June 29, 2011 at 11:15 PM

Try anti-union legislation - just another progressive propagandist. The public sector unions have overstepped their bounds as they are causing states to go bankrupt with their pensions that stiff all of the private sector and it's time to turn off the spigot leading to the feeding trough. Cut off their collective bargaining power.

excessive moderate

KS, do you work for a governmental agency? If so will you work for minimum wage? Or will your duplicity allow you comment?

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