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June 18, 2011



Is President Obama selling guns to Mexican drug cartels?

Not exactly - the ATF are the ones doing that.

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour

Did you see Maddow's commentary the other night about the double-standard imposed by Repugnicants and accepted by Demorats that if you actually HAVE sex with hookers and staff-wives you can keep your job (if you're repugnicant), but you HAVE to resign if you don't...because it's a "distraction..."

Weiner had to go because he was a strong democrat (and a weak man).

Puget Sound Blathers

Weiner had to go because he was a strong democrat (and a weak man).

Posted by: The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour | June 18, 2011 at 02:26 PM

that, and having to publicly apologize to Andrew Breitbart...a sin that is beyond redemption amongst the usual suspects.


How do you know that, Puget? I haven't seen anyone say that. Breitbart is an interesting character. My guess is that since Wiener DID apologize, it took a little starch out his shorts but only for awhile. He went with the victim angle anyway.
Hahah I said wiener.


"Did you see Maddow's commentary the other night about the double-standard imposed by Repugnicants and accepted by Demorats that if you actually HAVE sex with hookers and staff-wives you can keep your job (if you're repugnicant), but you HAVE to resign if you don't...because it's a "distraction..."

Keep it partisan Rachel Maddow. Cherry picked and the pot calling the kettle black, although the Repuglicans have been guilty of the double standards also - both parties agreed that Anthony W was a big fat distraction and good riddance. Wonder if anyone has told Rachel off-camera that they are a lesbian in a man's body ? LOL.


Weiner resigned, in the end, because he lied. If he came clean in the beginning, he might have survived, creep factor notwithstanding. It's always the cover-up.

BlaM, there are much better examples of Tea Party separation from reality than the Mexican gun story. It's below Obama's pay grade, but the ATF did in fact do exactly that.

@KS: "Wonder if anyone has told Rachel off-camera that they are a lesbian in a man's body?"

I doubt it, because it would be a really, really idiotic thing to say.


KS said earlier " What did I mock??"

You just mocked Rachel.
And a homophobic mock, ta boot!


It would be unprofessional to say that - its an old, old joke anyway, but then again unprofessionalism didn't stop Anthony W. - did it ?

A moral of this story besides the cover up is always much worse than not coming clean after being ratted out would be: "Twitter never sleeps"


R.I.P. Clarence Clemons


Very sad to hear - Clarence Clemons, probably the greatest saxophone player of this era.


Weiner had to resign because nobody that had to work with him liked him. The creepy factor was important to many women on the left and right but reality is, if Peelosi and the rest of those in power liked or respected the guy, he would still be there.

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour

Live up to you usual standards KS: Mock the death of Clarence Clemmons.


i don't think KS was mocking..... speaking of rock musicians Gene Simmons common law wife finally left him...what an egotistical tosd......a 60 somethign year old puke still waddling aaround in a gimmicky Kabuki getup....he will never get in the R and R Hall of Fame , unlike Clemmons, no matter how much money he has from Kiss trinket and schlocko merchandise sales.....enjoying my reduced role on Blatherwatch now...only a Monson putdown now and then and maybe a haha plus something mean for Joanie once in a blue moon....i did and did and did for you kids and that was the thanks i got......(inside joke)

don wade

"...enjoying my reduced role on Blatherwatch now..."

So are we, Tommy008...so are we.


Is Eric Holder going to be held to account for the murder of two Border Patrol agents as a result of Justice Dept allowing the sale of guns to straw purchasers on behalf of Mexican drug cartels?
Who in the Dept of Justice new of this program? How high did it go? When did Holder first learn of the sales?
This is a great deal more important than Weiners weenie waging pictures. If Holder is lying, should he be allowed to stay?

Lib Idiocy

That anorexic horse faced muslim is eating out Hillary Clinton.


Weiner resigned, in the end, because he lied.

I don't agree with that. Lots of lying in Congress and lots of politicians who lied before him. Kind of a good analysis from the Baltimore Sun itemizing all the liars that did not resign

After hearing a lot of discussion this weekend, my opinion is that he was expendable: not a big money drawer and and was never a player with Pelosi. He was the peoples' guy which did not set well with the big-money politicians. So, have your opinion but don't make a sweeping statement that isn't necessarily factual.

Also, Huma is a player in helping get Hilary her much-wanted banking job. Weiner's timing did not help.


Yeah, he only had $5 Million in his campaign war chest for 2012 - that doesn't cut it huh ?.

More importantly, he rubbed the more important people in Dem leadership of Congress the wrong way besides covering up when he was already caught dead to rights- which is what did him in more than anything else.

Puget Sound Blathers

joanie again misses the boat on anthony weiner.
his reputation was as a showhorse, not a workhorse. he didn't develop friends among his peers so when he got in trouble no one came to his defense.
when he got tangled up in this mess he tried to bull his way through it in the media and it didn't work.
how bad was it that andrew brietbart comes to anthony weiner's own presser and takes the microphone. that's when you know you lost control.
and then to apologize to breitbart is just another stab in the heart to the progressives who loyally supported anthony weiner. moreover, this apology and acknowledgment that it was weiner -not breitbart- who lied makes it now extra hard for the next scandal uncovered by brietbart to be dismissed as a smear.
so on many counts this has been a dismal two weeks for progressives.

that, plus the fact that this new war in Libya is looking like a loser with the prestige of NATO on the line. can you imagine, you can't defeat Khadafy? my oh my are the Chinese and Russians not laughing at us right now? don't you think they are not helping and emboldening Iran?

of course, it's still all the fault of Bush...

For some reason, the Progressives on the net keep clinging to big Daddy hoping that this time it will be different. Pres Obama continues to tell 'em that it is raining while pissing on their feet.
Progressives are scared to bring in their real candidate Russ Feingold. All they did was elect a different version of George Bush.

Too funny. Too sad.


Another bunch of junk from the overly verbose bean counter . . . er, blatherer. Have your opinion but stop stating everything that comes out of your unsourced mouth as fact.

KS: he rubbed the more important people

joanie: and was never a player with Pelosi.

Difficult keeping up isn't it, KS?


"We voted for our brother Barack, a beautiful human being with a sweet heart, and now he's an assassin. They turned him into them."

Minister Louis Farrakhan


Leaders of a national Hispanic organization are criticizing President Barack Obama for skipping their annual conference for the third consecutive year after he promised as a candidate in 2008 that he would return as president.

Johnny Sombrerro

Bean counter lol


joanie: and was never a player with Pelosi.

Difficult keeping up isn't it, KS?

Posted by: joanie | June 20, 2011 at 06:44 AM

You are caught up in your own subterfuge. I get the actual story; Jeanine Garofalo wannabe, keeping up with your obfuscation is not worth an effort. Take a deep breath now.

Johnny Sombrerro

who is 'jeanine" Garofalo?


Sure sign of a rightwing propaganda reader.They are so worried about spreading the story they don’t check the most basic of facts.

It’s Janeane Garofalo you wingnut.


Garofalo is not only weird, she spells her name in a strange way.

Tripping - pot meet kettle.

Johnny Sombrerro

ya weird like your northern european name what a xenophobe.


Let me use this open thread forum to praise our Commander-In-Chief for his dynamic speech a few minutes ago. Let all you nay-sayer's step up and join in support of our President's announcing of bringing our troops home from Afghanistan. This gives me renewed confidence that the empty suits (and suit-pants) of the aristocratic party will not stand a chance of relegating our Pres to a one-term presidency. Not a chance!
Thank you Mr President for this fine and difficult decision.


And he's saving $10 million a week . . . anybody know how much for sure?

I wonder if they will stay in the military and get a paycheck or try to find jobs in the private sector? Anybody want to guess?

Yes, they need to come home and better late than never.


Breaking News...New York just passed a bill allowing same sex marriage. Now Washington state needs to get on board.


clemons music will live on!

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