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June 24, 2011



Let's get w/it Ed Murray... no more dithering. It's time.

Junius T.

Great news. They got 4 extra votes, too. Guess it wasn't as tight as the media has been making it seem. Yes, Washington is a little behind the other progressive states. Let's do it and beat California!


New York: My kind of town! please, no chicago rants :)

Peeroy Jabbar

God made Adam and Eve.....He didn't make Adam and Steve.......don't make me go Tracy Morgan on you.....

Puget Sound Blathers

hey Peeroy, take a hike back to bigot-ville.


This post and the previous one is only an attempt to push the Dori child molester thread out of sight.

South Tacoma

No sense in gay people missing out on the joy of divorce.
Dumb shits. You had it so good.
Now you (NY gay community) get to be as miserable as the rest of us.

jovita is watching you!

I thought you lived in a rented room all alone ST?

South Tacoma

WTF do you think got me here?

jovita is watching you!

Your drug habit?


People can also marry farm animals in NY, with about as much chance to procreate - right ?

Idaho Radio Buff

1. YAY
2. Lots of new weekend shows on @973KIRO. Linda Thomas blogs them out here: http://mynorthwest.com/?nid=646&sid=504127&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter


KS: My wife and I are past the age where we can procreate. So by your logic we shouldn't be allowed to be married?


Peeroy: more accurately, that would be Adam and Stephan.

Puget Sound Blathers

Good luck making contact with Peeroy, he's probably oft marching in some protest with the God Hate Gays church members...cause that's how he rolls on the weekend.


We're going backwards on the whole gay marriage thing...
People are still two individuals regardless of some shallow commitment to stay together in their lives.
We should ban legal marriage all together and leave it to religions to put a symbolic stamp on relationships.
Anyone can write up a contract whether it's to sell a car or to share and/or divide personal assets.
Marriage is a scam.


So by your logic we shouldn't be allowed to be married?

Posted by: Pete | June 25, 2011 at 07:08 AM

Didn't say that, Pete - you made an incorrect assumption. I was just pointing out a relevant fact as I intend to be married in the not too distant future to a woman who is too old to procreate, as well.


Nothing wrong with civil unions, except they don't always receive the tax benefits that "traditionally married couples" have.

An underlying main reason for gay marriage is to be entitled to tax benefits just like "traditionally married" people.


What was the point of your first comment then?

Puget Sound Blathers

if you would read slowly instead of that 'reflexive skim' his posts would become much clearer.

there is a heck of a world going on out there, it's not too late to enjoy.


I asked you? I didn't know you were really KS. But I have noticed he has a problem talking to for himself. Poor baby.

BTW, you don't know what he meant either. LOL. That's why you just make a stab at being cute with me instead of answering the question.


This is an open thread so I really wanted to post (before I read the bean counter's little slam) that Inslee is in for governor. Inslee vs McKenna is going to be a heck of a race!


Hey KS - Then I'm not sure I understand your point. The whole "farm animals" argument seems ridiculous to me - along with contract law (presumably the point of the comparison), gay marriage involves human beings and mutual consent, two legal requirements obviously absent in bestiality. And if gay couples shouldn't be allowed to marry because they can't procreate, why wouldn't that apply to you and I as well? (Congratulations, by the way!)

I'm pretty libertarian on such issues. If two people want to spend their lives together, and want the legal protections and obligations that come with marriage, it's none of my business. Similarly, as long as both parties consent and noone's being hurt (unless they like that sort of thing...), I really don't care what sick and perverted things they do behind closed doors. Ditto with drugs and reproductive health. So long as I'm not harming anyone, the state's business ends where my body begins.


Hey: I got drunk and fucked a Holstein heifer once when I was a kid. She didn't seem to notice. Was that wrong?


Another newsworthy item:
Van Jones orders Fox News to ‘cease and desist’ distorted coverage of him

I presume they would go on to sue FN even though Jones is a public figure. Isn't there a limit to the amount of lying and character assassination allowed with public figures? Remember the Carol Burnett win over The National Enquirer. And Fox News is the National Enquirer of TV and radio.


And finally - my last for this morning - this from TPM: CHART OF THE DAY: If Congress Does Nothing, The Deficit Will Disappear

Obama should never have granted that tax cut extension.

TPM is the best of the blogs IMO. I'm gone. Again congratulations to all New Yorkers.


Another newsworthy item:
Van Jones orders Fox News to ‘cease and desist’ distorted coverage of him.

Posted by: joanie | June 25, 2011 at 10:21 AM

With all due respect, Van jones is strident totalitarian aka a marxist scum and would also call him a traitor, who should have a lie detector strapped to him every time he opens his mouth - watch his collection of you tube videos or read his writings. He is a 9-11 truther (nutter by some) and a revolutionary - he aspires to Trotsky and Lenin's ideology - which is at the core of green jobs.

He has no credibility and if you pay attention to his talking points, your head is where the sun don't shine (to put it politely), but that's no surprise.


"And finally - my last for this morning - this from TPM: CHART OF THE DAY: If Congress Does Nothing, The Deficit Will Disappear."

That is a new perspective and while the charts are pretty, I don't find any numbers or points to explain their conclusion except references to the CBO.

For another perspective, look at http://www.pgpf.org - The Peter G. Peterson Foundation - that is a reliable non-partisan website. David Walker does not share that view. The entitlements continue to grow - the only way the deficit will disappear - (read carefully before you spout off) is if entitlements that now amount to almost $100 Trillion in unfunded mandates - are not included.

Even if the Medicare increase is very small like the TPM article claims, we have a financial calamity. The small Medicare increase in itself would likely result from big consequences, notably HC rationing - assuming Obamacare goes forward - ugh ! The big picture is inadequately presented in the TPM article.


Hey KS - I do pay attention to the talking points of people I disagree with. Believing them, of course, is a different matter.

Also, people can be right about some things and wrong about others. I have no time for either Marxism or Truthers, but just because Jones supports green jobs doesn't mean they're a bad idea. We could use jobs of any sort right now, and neither party seems too interested in trying to generate them.


Thanks, New York for leading the way. Now, if only California would get its mojo back.

Pete Peterson is a conservative who has been trying to diminish government and screw regular people forever. No bias there - LOL. Can you say the same of the CBO? The CBO may not always be right - don't know. But they don't have an agenda. Can you say the same about Peterson? Be careful what you believe. The future of this country depends on it.


Van Jones - is he a truther? Where did you read that? I've seen no evidence to that. I'd be interested - shoot me to the link. I've always admired Jones for his green. Yes, I've looked and can't find anything. Shoot the link.


Never mind. I found an ABC report that indicates he may have signed it. Says he's no truther and never was. So who knows. Stupid to sign a petition if you don't agree with it.


Van Jones - is he a truther? Where did you read that? I've seen no evidence to that. I'd be interested - shoot me to the link. I've always admired Jones for his green. Yes, I've looked and can't find anything. Shoot the link.

Posted by: jonathan | June 25, 2011 at 12:07 PM

Check it out on You Tube. He got the boot as a czar because of the allegations, which he has tried to avoid addressing as much as possible - to hide his truth beliefs, IMO. You people need to understand what Green jobs is about - not just indiscrimanatly jump on the band wagon - in this case, wannabe totalitarian governments are behind what Van Jones preached about. Green energy is a good thing in some areas and in other areas it doesn't work and never will - case and point - Spain's economy was predicated on green jobs over the last 3 years and it proved to be a loser.

Look, if you are a marxist sympathizer - that's your burden, and Van Jones is clearly one of those.


"Pete Peterson is a conservative who has been trying to diminish government and screw regular people forever. No bias there - LOL."

they are fiscally conservative - so what ! If we are to save this country economically, we had better pay attention to them. So you are saying that more
Federal government is the answer and they and I say federal government is the problem. Where did you get your talking points from ?

If you actually took some time to actually read the information at that website, you would see that they have facts and evidence to support their conclusions from economic experts that put Reich to shame and it is not biased toward liberals or conservatives politically which is different from being fiscal hawks, which they are..

jovita is watching you!

Your participles are dangling, KS!

Radio Queen

Kudos to NY. Where they lead, may others follow.


Ditto, RQ. Excellent leadership, Cuomo!


Iowa Caucus 2012: Romney, Bachmann Lead In Poll

Told you Bachmann would be a player. Told you Romney would be a player. Yeah, yeah - Daniels would be, too, if the wife would have let him. Glad she didn't. Little man who wants to take away a woman's right to control her body. I don't know if Bachmann will last but she'll do well in the midwest and Christian belt.

Also, I don't think Pawlenty will go very far even though some people do. Too much baggage as governor.

Puget Sound Blathers

Geez Joanie

You also said the Gov Gregoire would be President one day. You still standing by that or have you walked that back?


America doesn't want another anti-science Prez ilke W. Bush , going up against a now even stronger China that's building itself on science and technology, sans religion. Bachmann's droll belief that men strolled amidst dinosaurs , 5 thousand years ago, when he first arrived on earth, per the Bible, is alerady being highlighted and ridiculed by the media. Bachmann will develop Palinesque negatives fairly soon, the more she talks in a national spotlight. That leave4s Romney and the wild card, Perry. The usual suspects, well actually youknowwho for the most part (ryhmes with "bag") have tried to stick Perry in Bible box or a W. Bush box, but he will not be so easily dismissed, boxed or cartoon-ized by the left or the media.

Puget Sound Blathers

Yer Right Duff !
Now don't be a stranger. You've been missed.


Bachmann just announced whe would trot out a constitutuonal amendment to overturm same sex marriage , iF elected Prez. Woohoooo..... Again, extreme views, out of touch and out of step with current mainstream America. You can't win with just the Bible Belt states. Keep Talking, dear. Just keep talking.


To admit the Bachmann is smarter than Palin isn't saying much. asa per Hoods ercent blog on Palin's curious accent, it took some journalist (Hood's source) to unearh the strange case of the Alaska transplant project, tarheting Wisconsin and Minnesota farmers, to explain why Palin talks like a cheesehead. If Palin was aware of this background, don't you think we would have heard it from her by now. I'm betting she was never intellectually aware or curious enough to investigate her odd accent , on her own.

Corey Mondello

More U.S. States Allow Cousins To Marry Than Same-Sex Couples (June 01, 2011) http://www.advocate.com/News/Daily_News/2011/06/01/Cousin_Marriage_vs_Gay_Marriage/


Gawd dammit Tommy!!! Slow down your typing so that your fingers can catch your brain. It is too much to have to restructure what ever the hell it is you typed to match what ever the hell you meant.

Puget Sound Blathers

Funny article, but spot on, about Pres Obama and a reluctance to make difficult decisions.



I usually find Maureen Dowd to a crazed liberal columinist, but she is definitely on to something here and is actually spot on with some of her observations.

The reason BO is reluctant to share who he really is and come out of the closet is because internal polling has shown over and over that fewer people would approve of him if he showed his true and more ideological colors.

Welcome back - for the time being, Duff.


What we have is a narcissistic community organizer, masquerading as a President in continuous campaign mode, while our country goes careeening close to falling over the cliff.

On the debt ceiling - He is playing chicken with the GOP and the GOP has now engaged in playing it, which means a collision course until someone blinks or moves out of the way.

Meanwhile, the American public is being held hostage by these actions, all because of the pride of Mr. POTUS, the Democratic leadership and to a lesser extent - the GOP. Nothing more than a power struggle for one-upsmanship, while it would be infinitely better to do what's best for the country (cut spending, raise taxes - after the economy gets better, reform the tax system to produce more tax revenue and start making tough decisions about entitlements)... but that would mean they would have to throw their egos out the window.


Yep. Nothing like a "Decider" to take us back to the previous eight years you all seem to want so bad.

Oh, and PS, we quit linking Dowd columns eons ago She's a smart ass like you but with talent. Anything else? Your contribution to the thread was typically meager today.


"eons ago"- that would be the first time she spotted a sentence in one of Dowd's columns that dared to criticize Barack and Michelle, or a Democrat. Just another tight-sphinctered, narrow-minded ideologue, no different than Ann Coulter, except on the other side. No difference.

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