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June 03, 2011



The baggers are going to lose their minds…if they’re knowledgeable. I, for one, am glad he didn’t stop halfway through his ride.


I think the Republicans and Tea Party candidates have finally decided to be honest with the American public and admit that the world of politics is just one big joke.


What makes it extra funny is the truth is that Paul Revere never finished that ride that was named after him. Paul Revere was stopped by a British patrol on his way to Concord. Dr. Samuel Prescott who was riding with him, reached Concord, where he delivered the warning. Blame Longfellow for romanticizing it..but his information was wrong. Its like when people believe the junk about the first Thanksgiving they were taught in elementary school. Somewhere around here I have a book about the myths of American History. When I find it I will post a link.


The left will be disappointed to see that she will not be the nominee for POTUS - big surprise...

Stay tuned. Keep calling her a media whore - that will keep the fire in her belly - hahahaha


Maybe next she will remind us that Washington cut down a cherry tree and had wooden teeth.


Can't wait for the Sarah Palin Facebook explanation of how the media ambushed her and took her out of context.

Palin. Trump. Gingrich.

Where's Dr. Kervorkian when you really need him?

Mike D

So Paul Revere was a fierce defender of the 2nd Amendment, and the founders ended slavery. I've been learning so much from the Republican candidates for president!

Puget Sound Blathers

The baggers are going to lose their minds…if they’re knowledgeable. I, for one, am glad he didn’t stop halfway through his ride.

Posted by: BlackRhino | June 03, 2011 at 10:44 PM

BR, your take on Paul Revere is as sketchy as Palins...LMAO


Where's Dr. Kervorkian when you really need him?

Posted by: Itchy | June 03, 2011 at 11:47 PM

Death has exacted revenge on Dr. K. He was undoubtedly a member of the Democratic Party.


I'm surprised the Progressives are not falling at her feet after this blunder. Thinking back when Obama said there were 57 states we Progressives were out there adding stars to the flag and telling our children that Obama was correct. This falls way short of that blunder. Bet Mr. Hood didnt give that blunder headlines here.


And good to see youmade it back BlackRhino. Sarah tried her best to hold ALpha Joanie's water but kept spilling it. Give her few tips for the next time you go away.

Puget Sound Blathers

Black Rhino doesn't stay long before screwing up and having to scamper away.
One of those more hat than cattle types. LMAO....


PS - Hat tip for your quote; "All hat and no cattle" - ROFLMAO ! That sums up the usual suspects.

Joanie is trying to emulate Jeanine Garofalo. If you haven't heard her - check out this piece of work on YouTube. She has the master baiter of race and the alpha thing going on. If you corner her for a debate, she and Joanie sound quite a bit alike. I just happened to come across this last night.


After his ride didn't he start a company called RevereWare that sold plastic kitchen cookware?


Here's the difference, of which I'm sure you are fully aware.

If or when Obama said something about 57 states we all know that it was a misstatement. We all know that he is an intelligent man who knows there are 50 states. (After all, he was born and raised in the 50th state.)

But when Palin was talking about Paul Revere, she starts spouting nonsense and you can clearly tell that she doesn't have a fucking clue what she's talking about.

The sad thing is she seems to believe that she is smarter than the people asking her questions, whether it's Katie Couric or a local TV reporter in Boston or just some regular citizen at a bakery.

But every time she opens her mouth she proves beyond all doubt that she is the dumbest person in the room, regardless of the room.

She needs to either never speak off the cuff and hide her stupidity. Or just realize she's a ditz, which could be kind of endearing.

But she wants to ramble like a moron and then try to act like she's intelligent.

Does. Not. Work.

Puget Sound Blathers

Itchy is right, she needs to travel with a teleprompter. Seems to work well for our current President.

Ray good catch.

KS, you are correct. In terms of celebrity twins separated at birth that Joanie and Jeanine are sympatico.

Except Jeanine does have talent.


You and the filthy liberals who read your blog pretend that they are somehow "fighting the power", that they are "standing up" for whatever it is that liberals support. The reality is that the left has complete control over American socierty. The entire media is pro-left and Hollywood is a hive of marxist radicals and anti-american militants. Our colleges are entirely staffed by the most far-left atheist hatemongers imaginable. Most federal departments are breeding grounds for communism and anti-american activity, especially State department and the Education deparmntent. State dept is infiltrated by islamists and is under foreign influence, with most employees being ideologically close to Weather Underground.

Also, the FBI and other law enforcment organizations are used not to catch criminals but to harass and threaten conservatives. Emails sent by conservatives are hacked, the accounts of conservative organizations are "randomly" audited and false charges are made and later droppes, all this done by stalinist thugs in the employ of the liberal leadership. Violence and vandalism against conservatves are common and on the increase (I had 17 McCain lawn signs stolen from my yard in 2008 and eggs were thrown at my house on three separate occasions; the police of course "couldn't do anything", mostly because our chief of police is a democrat). Deplorable actions by deranged individuals, like the murder of the abortionist Tiller, are linked to all conservatives and then used to dehumanize conservatives.

You use your media allies to attack and defame every potential conservative presidential candidate years before they even consider running. And most incredibly, you seem to think that the "moneyed interests" are somehow in the conservative camp. The fact is that most banks give money to democrats and are run by democrat loyalists. Most corporations like GE, GM and Chrysler are run by socialist toadies hand-picked by the liberal elites. Leftist profiteers like Soros and Buffet operate above the law and then divide their criminally-obtained billions to trusted socialist lackeys like you. Current estimates are that Obama will raise one billion dollars for his reelection camoaign. A billion dollars for God's sake! And most of this money comes from the big corporations and taxpayers (recycled through public sector unions). What little money the GOP nominee can raise will have to come from real people who work hard for that money, not faceless and godless institutions or union thugs. Running against the democrat machine is like trying to outbid Bill Gates in an auction.

Not only do you have these advantages, but thanks to your ingenoius election-fraud strategies the result of the election has probably already been decided. the key here is the legendary absentee ballot. These are always found, after the election, in sufficient quantities to push the losing democrat over the 50% mark. this is why you get so angry when some attempts to ban the use of absentee ballots are made; you fear losing your ability to manufacture votes. The photo-ID requirement is also poison to the most important democrat voter group, illegal aliens. These always vote, and democrats try to block all attempts to prevent this massive fraud.

In short, you are an agent of a illegitimate domination machine, not someone "fighting the power". You are the power. Please just admit that you are the KGB to Obama's Stalin. That would be refreshingly honest. Unfortunately for you dictatorships are beginning to fall, one after the other (see: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya). And when the american public rises up, you, like these other dictators will live the rest of your life in exile in Saudi-Arabia (I hope you like warm weather). I personally promise you that I will work my ass off to support the American/GOP nominee for president in 2012, and afterwards to make sure all democrats and their co-conspirators (this includes you) are tried for their crimes. Purging all leftists from positions of power will be impossible, but you can be sure that prominent democrats like you WILL be held accountable.