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June 30, 2011


Totally Stupid Conservative

goodbye sensible moderate, Glen Beck


Beck is a lightning rod...
No matter what he says or does, the Left will always put a negative spin on it.
It will be interesting to see how Beck's new project goes...
Much like Howard Stern I'm guessing since paying for less accessibility when his product was free doesn't sound very good.
All depends on what the product is.
Sounds very ambitious.


It was lucrative to Beck, not to Fox. How many gold-schleppers are out there? Do they ALL buy time at 2pm PST? You live by hyperbole, you die by hyperbole. It's tough to backstroke from where he's ventured. I'm still surprised (as a former Salt Lake City dweller)that NO ONE has detected the thinly veiled LDS dogma in his show! People who convert to any religion during adulthood (or at anytime) peg out my bullshitometer. Replace one addiction for another. Anyhoo, he's got his lottery ticket. He spun top 40 while I went to Desert Storm. He played Adult Contemporary when I went to Bosnia. He thumped his chest on a nationwide show when I lost hearing and gained shrapnel in SadrFuckingCity. Then I get back and find out that HE'S a patriot and I'm restarting my career. Let's all be honest, we all remember these precocious 12 year olds who did "magic shows" for the adults. They become asshats or reinvent themselves as flag-wavers. The one in my neighborhood plays violin and reminds you that he's "gifted." Belittle it if you will, but the socialization that happened while binge-drinking in Pullman from 1982-87 made me someone you can have a beer with. Entertaining adults instead of playing with kids your age makes you a dork or worse: Rusty Humphries.


Oh yeah, the real reason I'm here today is to harangue anyone who ever had a kind word to say about Dennis Kucinich. http://dailycaller.com/2011/06/30/thedc-exclusive-rep-kucinich-praises-syrian-dictator-on-syrian-television-video/

He is, and has always been, a useful idiot for evil men. Bashir Assad is just the latest. Consider yourselves harangue...ed.


Evidence that it was progressives who did Beck in? My guess is a lot of independents out there - the middle - helped to move his demise nicely along.

And the left puts a negative spin on his claims? Poor baby. I thought it was his mouth that did him in. When will the right take responsibility for itself. (That's a rhetorical question.)


Kucinich appears on the video ...

C'mon Scrilla. That's the most edited piece of work I've seen since Breitbart's Sherrod and O'Keefe's pimping videos.

What I heard was a Congressman choosing his words very carefully. Sounds to me like he telling them (the government) to keep going down the path of democracy. And he's talking to Zionists - not Assad. He will avoid vilifying anyone to the zionists. He doesn't play that game.

Show me the whole video and I might change my mind. That Dennis walks his talk has been proven to me over the long haul and not some overly-edited video of him carefully - very carefully - choosing his words. He apparently knows about Memri's ability to mischaracterize. Maybe you should read up on Memri who threatened Juan Cole with a lawsuit for his words. I mean, Juan Cole?


You don't make any points with this kind of unsubstantiated crap. Why would you join Breitbart and O'Keefe? I thought you were better than that,.


I'm sorry for the third post but I just watched that video. No matter what he says or does, the Left will always put a negative spin on it.



His presence in Damascus during this murder season is ENOUGH reason to question his rational abilities. The longer-form video isn't exactly exculpatory. How naive is Kucinich? He's clearly never met an evil man in his life. (the photo at left was one of my many meetings with evil men)

Glory Hole

He made something like 35 million last year. Obama's approval rating is 35. Do you leftists still have your pictures of the first family in your kitchen like good comrades, or have you turned on Bush II?


We really need to find a way to completely counter or even eliminate Media Matters. The sudden demise of George Soros would come as a pleasant bit of news as well.
I just completely hate the way that foreign bastard interferes with our nations politics.
(but I won't miss Beck's show on FNC either. He lost me a little over a year ago)

Castor & Pollux

Obama is a lightning rod...
No matter what he says or does, the Right will always put a negative spin on it.

Biden is a lightning rod...
No matter what he says or does, the Right will always put a negative spin on it.

Pelosi is a lightning rod...
No matter what she says or does, the Right will always put a negative spin on it.

Olbermann is a lightning rod...
No matter what he says or does, the Right will always put a negative spin on it.

Gregoire is a lightning rod...
No matter what she says or does, the Right will always put a negative spin on it.

Beck's dogma is not thinly veiled if you know even one Mormon. For those who dismiss Romney, remember what the LDS church was able to accomplish in California with Measure 8. I predict a Romney-Bachmann ticket for the right, who will be soundly defeated by Obama.


And a vote for Obama will likely be a vote against the Republicans.


"We really need to find a way to completely counter or even eliminate Media Matters."

How will you accomplish this?


Don't know Coiler, don't know. I would not be opposed to a B-52 fly over with a couple of doors opening but that would not likely be deemed an acceptable action by too many folks on the right or left. But it can't hurt to have a dream.
They certainly need to have their tax exempt status pulled, but that won't likely have any effect other than Uncle Sam getting more money to piss away.



“The Five” to Replace Glenn Beck Through Summer

FOX News Channel (FNC) will launch a new weekday program on July 11th at 5 PM/ET, announced Bill Shine, Executive Vice President of Programming for the network. Entitled The Five, the program will serve as a replacement for Glenn Beck during the summer.

The new opinion show will feature a roundtable ensemble of five rotating FOX personalities who will discuss, debate and at times debunk the hot news stories, controversies and issues of the day.

In making the announcement, Shine said, “The Five brings together an eclectic group of FOX talent whose knowledge of key issues and unique insights will undoubtedly make for a dynamic program.”

Some of the revolving FOX personalities to be showcased in the weekly ensemble include: Greg Gutfeld, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Geraldo Rivera, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, Monica Crowley, Bob Beckel and Kimberly Guilfoyle. The program will also feature added guests, including politicians, celebrities, sports figures and key newsmakers.

Prior to the launch of The Five, FNC will run encore presentations of Glenn Beck from Monday, July 4th through Friday, July 8th. On Friday, July 1st, What Makes America Great, hosted by John Stossel will be presented at 5 PM/ET.

FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. A top five cable network, FNC has been the most watched news channel in the country for nearly ten years and according to Public Policy Polling, is the most trusted television news source in the country. Owned by News Corp., FNC is available in more than 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre.


Cool stuff.


WSJ headline today:

"Three wars will leave a 4 trillion hole in the U.S. budget."


I get the headline but your point? They belong to left and right presidents. What do we do?

Been thinking about Obama. In business, we look at people as either relational or task oriented. I realize now that Obama is totally relational. He will not get it done. Hillary is task oriented. She would have gotten it done one way or another. I'm sorry for my vote. Relational people suck you in. We are in trouble.

Please, no neener neener from the rightwing peanut gallery. You guys don't have enough brain cells to figure it out or even to know how hurtin' you and your kids are going to be as well.

The real congress and presidents are meeting as we speak right now in Colorado.


Goldman did a good job breaking down the Constitutionality and protocols of the debt ceiling. Apparently, there isn't really a debt ceiling. It is not supported by the Constitution. Obama can simply direct Geithner to keep paying the bills. If it were to go to the Supreme Court (eventually), that could cause a Constitutional crisis as it would be pitting the Supremes against a sitting President. Wouldn't be prudent. Given the make up of our current Supreme Court, anything is possible.


Beck called Obama a racist back in 2009, but Mark Halperin - a lib political pundit for Time Magazine referred to him as "kind of a dick yesterday" after his demagogic news conference yesterday, for which he deserved kudos for speaking his true feelings.

For that moment of truth, he was suspended from the Gulag Network otherwise known as MSNBC. Actually, Joe Scarborough and Mika should also be suspended by the Gulag Network for lieing to Halperin and telling him the 7 second delay would save him, when they let it go out over the air. What a couple of A-holes !


"Some of the revolving FOX personalities to be showcased in the weekly ensemble include: Greg Gutfeld, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Geraldo Rivera, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, Monica Crowley, Bob Beckel and Kimberly Guilfoyle. The program will also feature added guests, including politicians, celebrities, sports figures and key newsmakers."

I like some of them the ones who are humorous and not kool aid drinkers, like Gutfeld, Juan Williams, Napolitano, Bolling and Beckel is always good for a debate. Maybe a lighter version of Crossfire, like CNN used to have. Even though Beck is off of Fox, he will still be heard to the pain of the leftists.


No neener neener here Anti-Dori. On occasion, you hit it right. This is one of them. I might have voted for Clinton over McCain. Don't know for certain. I still have the Tax Accountants for Hillary license frame on the Rolls.
Clinton would have had a better handle on the wars and economy.
I really believe that the middle east government leaders would have been more respectful of her as a leader. She is not the idiot Obama has proven himself to be.
Next time, I hope it is a choice with Bachmann and/or Hillary.
It is time for a woman with balls (ok, courage and convictions).


I don't think that Clinton would have been afraid to negotiate with Congress like Obama is. She is likely to butt heads with the left and right to advance the country's needs. Bill went along with conservative ideas, presented to him by Newt and other Republicans, got agreements, took credit for the great conservative ideas and moved on.


Well, even a clock is right twice a day, Barf.


Make that a stopped clock. You know . . . nothing working.


How come no one is talking about another impending nuclear threat in New Mexico due to fires? check it out.

Also hereincludes video.

Global warming/climate change anyone?

excessive moderate

As a moderate I think Obama is doing just fine.

As far as Beck is concerned, good riddance to a conspiracy terrorist.

shemar moore

Martin Luther King, Jr., age 29: narrowly misses death after being stabbed in the chest at a book signing.

Glenn Beck, age 30: cuts off his ponytail.


The fire in New Mexico has been covered extensively on FNC the past 3 days that I am aware of.
I don't know why Obama hasn't put the fire out yet.
No gorball warming though. The underbrush goes off big time after years of no fire. Always has, always will.


Why can't you talk like an adult? And you've just admitted watching Fox News for three days which you have denied in the past.

And you would not have voted for Clinton. Not when fellow warmonger McCain was on the ballot.


What's he doing right, excessive moderate? BTW what's your income bracket?

And chucks - a test: no googling - how close did the fire come to the facility yesterday?

Also, tell me what you know about the little house on the prairie? Yes, it's another test.


Par le bien et bon débarras! Ne revenez pas!


If I remember, it was touching on one side and close on the other. But, that doesn't say how close it is to any storage facilities or buildings. That was what I heard this AM.
Don't know what you are talking about on the little house. Must not have been interesting to me.
I watch 2 hours of news in the AM. Split up between FNC, KIRO, KING and KCPQ. The mix is determined by whether local or national, international is most interesting.
May watch additional, adding CNN perhaps if different perspective or reporters are desired or if a major national story, pull up a TeeVee news station close to what ever city is affected. I'd blow up my TeeVee before letting the smut from MSNBC in my house. Not interested in joining the bottom feeders that watch that crap.
Why do you even care Anti-Dori?
BING Albuquerque TV news if you want more fire info.


You can be certain that Beck will be back AMJ. It is just a matter of what incarnation.


Sounds like a lot of headline news to me. Nothing deeper? I just want to know why you don't know so much. That's all.

I am not Anti-Dori but have your fun. He's in Glendale with his grandkids. And yes, he's a friend of mine. That's why he likes me.

Little house in Cheyenne - maybe you can google that one.


BTW took you a while to google it, huh? And you didn't find anything so are guessing. I heard yesterday it was within 50 feet but Reuters said today it was within a few miles. In fact, that was a report from a couple of hours ago.

Touching what on one side? The lab? The grounds? That doesn't even make sense.

Beevis Purvis Jr.

Bryan Suits is starting to becoming a caricature of himself, similar to the John Kerry joke that Rush has been making on his show for years. Whenever he mwntions Kerry he adds, "did you know he served in Vietnam"?


They certainly need to have their tax exempt status pulled...

Sorry Chucks, but thanks to the "Citizens United" SCOTUS decision - which you no doubt supported - this will not happen. Sucks that the pendulum swings both ways, don't it?

But the asshole emits further Santorum:

...but that won't likely have any effect other than Uncle Sam getting more money to piss away.

Piss away $$$ on your unemployment check? I know you didn't mean it that way, but count on us to make it meaningful for you.

You're welcome.

Beevis Purvis Jr.

volunteering to serve in your nation's military and go on tours of duty in one or more of your Comander-in-chief's wars is about serving your country. It's not about doing/achieving things overseas to use later on blogs or on radio shows to throw in the face of selected others, in order to claim superiority and moral virtue over them. Get over yourself, Bryan. You're wearing thin. Really thin.

Beevis Purvis Jr.


Beevis Purvis Jr.

Don't you have a gun shop you can open in Monroe, or South Gooberville Wahington, hopefully a megastore, that takes up all of your time, so we don't have to read your crap on here anymore or look at one of your collection of pictures of dead men, Bryan?


You guys should watch this from Reuters: a tax haven in Cheyenne, Wyoming for sham corporations.

Truly amazing.


I am NOT Tommy008

From Wonkett today:

"Uh, New York hippie gangs win! The giant fire-breathing progressive lynch mob that tried to murder Glenn Beck and his family in Bryant Park made them decide to get the hell out and not wait to be eaten. Like in the zombie movies! So they are moving to Texas to live in a suburban gated community full other fearful rich white idiots, as God intended. Why would someone like Beck want to ever live near a socialist cesspool like New York to begin with?

It’s New York, where the nightmare apocalypse sins of socialism are constantly tempting God to destroy the city every day with its freely roaming gays, its public transportation, its public schools and its Jon Stewart show. Exactly. So Glenn Beck is not only going to escape the Eastern seaboard, he will go to Texas, thereby putting a human shield of several millions people between him and New York. Try to get him now, zombie libturds!

From WOAI.com:

Beck stated, “As we build a new media, I’m not building it in New York.”

New York has not been friendly to Beck. He told the story Tuesday of how a mob of liberals verbally assaulted him and his wife in Bryant Park while watching an outdoor movie. Beck said cinemagoers turned on him during Monday’s screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The 39 Steps.” One person, he said, shouted “We hate conservatives here” and another yelled “We’re in New York and we hate Republicans.”

“You would think there would be some common decency, especially among the culturally superior here in New York,” he said on his show.

At least there is still some proof that collective action works. Good riddance. [WOAI.com/ NY Daily News]

South King County

Anytime Media Matters is a primary source, a red flag ought to be raised from this politically charged source of propaganda that specializes in cherry picking and is detail challenged. When I saw Media Matters as a source of previous headlines, this post automatically lost credibility. Is the author of this blog enlightened enough and not so partisan to look for other sources with different viewpoints ?

Such as the Daily Caller, the Politico or even Breitbart. Typically, the truth lies somewhere in between the bookends.


You're an idiot.

I am NOT Tommy008

Yeah, Hood should go with Breitbart. No propaganda there. bwahahahahaha.
You girls on the right go apeshit when MM runs video right off the news broadcasts that everyone has already seen and can verify.


Are you sure your not him.

South King County

joanie - you are an idiot if you believe everything in MM and lack the curiosity to pursue other sources to check the accuracy of their reporting- just like a former President (GWB) who lacked curiosity and was accused of being an idiot by the left.


Idiot bush was always an idiot. No need for proof.

excessive moderate

What's he doing right, excessive moderate? BTW what's your income bracket?

Posted by: joanie | June 30, 2011 at 10:35 PM

He’s doing what he can during a contentious time. The raucous left wants a fight and the greedy right wants their way. Obama is trying to do what’s best for the country. And your question about my income bracket, why? Does it have to be sufficiently low or high for me to be credible?


You know, SKC, you make a lot of assumptions or else you don't read carefully. I'm the most sourced and probably diverse-reader on this blog. That's why I have so little regard for people like you. You're a one-note johnny just like the other right-wingers here. I've disagreed with everybody - left and right - over my time. Can you say the same?

You're an idiot, too.

What's the point, excessive? Just shows what I posted to SCK to be true. I'm a policy wonk and not a personality talker. I'm obviously not a team player. You can have opinions on both sides and not be wrong. It is called complexity; nuance; addressing different issues with relevant responses. And reposting something isn't answering it. Do you have an answer? To both questions? My answer fits the post. My question to you fits the post. Get it? Then answer it.

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