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June 23, 2011



This is going to get good.


Unbelievable. This will be my last visit to this blog. Hood, you are a scumbag.

Moral Voice

I'm sure legal counsel is being consulted over this one.

Trust me, I'm a lawyer

Maybe Hood's got the goods... or maybe it's a satire. Probably the latter. Either way it's not libel. Any which way it's pretty funny considering the self-righteous, outraged prudishness that Dori exudes every day. He does seem obsessed with sex, and sexual content, too. Not even Ron & Don do the sex stuff he does every day.


Monson must be fuming with steam coming out of his ears. will he mention Blatherwtch, the blog he read daily but dares not admit it, on the air?...will he demand a retraction...an apology>..... ...stay tuned......


what's worse?....a clearly satirical piece, that has a point, on Monson, that icludes some over the top lines, or a five minute long chuckle and horselaughing fest regarding Monson's gleefilled fantasy of Anthony Weiner jumping to his death off the top tier of the new Mets Stadium... i would say the latter..


Monson was doing the chuckling and horselughing, over his sick little fantasy...... this is not the first time h'e yukked it up over people jumping to their deaths from high places.....you have to be a sick little bastard to find such a subject humorous....there is somrething wrong there, it can's be disputed... callousness and a lack of empasthy is one 0f the key traits of a sociopath... Monson has demonstrated both, on a regular basis , on his show........


I am not amused by it if it is satire. Tasteless. If true, well...


After Jessica finished a news story yesterday regarding states paying compensation and damages monet to women forced to undergo sterilization back 50 to 100 years ago in the dark ages of law, Monson regaled the news girl over his research and discussions with officals some years back his desire to see sterilization being put back into the law books, but only as an "option" for a female convicted felon wishing to avoid a long prison term. its just an "option", folks. No biggie.


Geez Hood, you need to develop some new fixations. I know its been tough on you not having Ken Vincent to lick your shriveled testes, and Steve Scher is way to pussy whipped himself to be your new girlfriend, but do try to move away from the easy targets in an effort to keep your blog at least vaguely interesting (and maybe edited) once in a while.


speaking of pussies, i cant wair until 12 noon to hear his outrage......or will go the "above it all" approach....be certain hes aware of this by now..


I love it when people exercise free speech.


"Libel is defined as the defamation of a person, business, group, product, government, or nation that is made in written or printed words or pictures. In order to be libel, the claim must be in writing, it must be false and the person making it must state or imply that it is factual. In other words, libel means printing or implying something negative as if it were true, when it is not. The publication where the libel occurs is assumed to be read by persons other than the person defamed."

Wow. I hope Hood has a good lawyer because this article sounds like libel to me. If he had proof he would name it. And if this is supposed to be satire, then he needs to work on those skills because he is really bad it.


I don't know if this what I'd call good satire... more like mean spirited smear, if not defemation.

Having said that, I have trouble grasping why a man would go out of his way to coach girl's basketball rather than allow a female coach to fill the role, and how such a juvenile minded person (with all the Weiner jokes) would entrust themselves to a position that requires the utmost of self-discipline - being an adult male in a position of authority with young females. These two things seem greatly at odds with eachother. That's why I wouldn't be surprised if this satire turned out to be true one day.

Is this scenario even normal? Are there a lot of male coaches of girl basketball teams who make light of and laugh at phallic sounding names (and not just in private, but before an audience of hundreds of listeners)?


SC is my Alma mater. Filled w/ closeted agro male athletes. With a name/attitude like Dori's, he fits right in. Sounds like a regular Steve Suplin - google you that


it's nearly tow hours into Monson's show and as fas as i know he hasnt announce the lawsuit. If it was to happen, this is somethign he would announce on the air, with a sense of high dudgeon and outrage. Do Jennifer and Layla Hoff really exist, and did they complain to Hood in the words he used?...........i'm starting to go hmmmmmm...... the statement from the "principal" is clarly bogus......


Look, I find Monson as revolting as anyone. And lord knows I have a flair for tasteless humor.

But this is, frankly, at Monson's level. This is just as much a fixation on salaciousness as he exhibits. (I suppose we should be thankful Dori doesn't constantly refer to Courtney Stodden's "spring spheres.") I suppose one could argue that Monson deserves a taste of his own medicine, but IMO it's just not very funny, or entertaining, no matter where it comes from or for what purpose.



As much as I dislike Dori I did not enjoy this piece of "satire".


instead of the much anticipated announcement of the libel lawsuit against Hood, with Monson,s attorney present in studio, Monson spent much of his first two hours cluckclucking and kvetching , along with obsequious, craven butt bay Jake, over the lawsuit filed against the S.P.D by the victim in the "Mexican Piss" incident. Monson doesn't believe the guy has any case. Well he didn't say he has no case.....he implied that instead of the 700k being asked for by the plaintiff, a fair settlement would by about $87.69.


Perhaps Monson has decided to demand satisfacion from Hood man-to-man, with a visit to Blatherwatch offics, and a manly "request" that Hood step outside and go toe-to-toe.


Yeah, this is bad.
I know this site loves to bash Dori, but come on...
This just makes Hood or whoever wrote that look like a real A-hole.


I know this piece is satire but I have believed for years he is a pedophile. He has a thing for pretty young things like Paris Hilton, he cruises in his car past midnight, and has talked about being approached by young ladies on Lake City Way. I have no doubt he will make a mistake someday and the truth will come out.

Junius T.

Dori has no problem calling other people child molester and creep. Wonder how HE likes it? The satire is rough, yeah, but the subject matter is rough and Monson is a miserable scum-scraper who demagogues the most salacious topics. I remember when he started in radio. If back the he could see the Dori of today, he wouldn't recognize himself.

Dick from Lake City

I heard Dori Wednesday and I was appalled at him not just disapproving of the guy with the young chick, but calling him a pervert and a child molester. That blonde bombshell was no child and her marriage was legal. What right did he have to make those judgments? The same right as Hood did.

Marsha Toles

Hope he comes after Michael. That would be fun to see that happen in broad daylite. He won't do it for the simple reason that he doesn't want anyone know that it bothers him and legally he would lose.


The best part of the NFL lockout is the prospect of not having the Drokster do the pregame. Perhaps with a year off he might go away. For good!!


Dori Monson will never acknowledge that Hood or his site exists. That would give him too much real exposure.


Thanks, Dick from Lake City. I hadn't posted because I find the column unsettling to say the least. But your insight into Dori's own tendency towards unfounded allegations and judgments have made me think twice. Perhaps not so different after all.


"and the person making it must state or imply that it is factual."
Where did Bla'M imply this was anything but satire?


Monson seems like an anomaly here in Seattle. apparently he's still getting enough ratings to hang on up in our metro region. He seems like he belongS someplace on the air in Florida, maybe San Diego or Fresno. I remember reading Miami has about one half of the number of college grads per capita as Seattle. Wtching the Casey Anthony trial they're replaying the news tapes of all the local morons who showed up in front of the Anthiny house with their placards for months and months after the child went missing, harrassing and accusing Casey's parents and brother. Some of them were apparently camping out in vehicles on these poor souls, block, with the sole purpose of confronting them withteir ignorance and idiocy. This was in Orlando , a major city in the state. I'd liek to believe this wouldn't happen in Bellevue or Tacoma or Spokane, comparable cities in our state. This is definitley Monson country down there in Florida , i listen to the San Diego talk staiotn and at 6 am they have a Monson clone who is outraged about many of the same subjects. Today he was carping about the free summer lunch program for needy school stuidents, they put on in the parks. Monson has been outraged about our locla verion of this for years. The whole level of the show was more Monsonlike than any of the other Seattle shows besides Monson's.


I have been around girls sports for about 30 year as a father and grandfather. Virtually every team for soft ball, baseball, basketball and soccer where coached or assist coached by fathers of girls on the team. It is in no way unusual that Dori would do the same.
I have no comment about the other as, admittedly, I am stunned. Can not tell if this is accusations or satire, or if Michael is just loosing it and wants to try out his new lawyer.


Hell, it’s funny. Stop bitchin!


Well I always wondered about Dori coaching a girls team and his constant reference to breasts as "boobies" on his show in the past. Maybe he finally realized how revealing it was.

And he also has the creepy pervert voice that he uses down pat occasionally. Sounds too real and practiced to be funny.


Just talked to my significant other about this satire and we reminisced when Dori mustered the indignant ire toward Britnary Spears’ mom regarding Britnary’s breast’s augmentation. But Monson’s ire was set-aside when he declared his admiration for them tits. So let me guess, he was grossed out about the actors admiration for this girl and at the same time he made his admiration for her boobs clear?

Any man who would make his thoughts on this subject known to others is adolescent, but any man complaining that someone is making fun of it, is asking for trouble. Just ask chucks.


Any man who would make his thoughts on this subject known to others is adolescent, but any man complaining that someone is making fun of


,is asking for trouble. Just ask chucks.


"I have no comment about the other as, admittedly, I am stunned. Can not tell if this is accusations or satire,"... says Chucks

If you can't tell the difference then it is poorly written. Satire should stand out. This is just bad and kind of thin. The bias is so blatant that it mutes any chance of legit satire.This could have been written so much differently, and well, if Hood had really had a story... or even just a basic satirical piece in mind. Rather, he's ended up with a piece that even his ardent supporters are questioning. Fail.


from Ron and Don today we learned that Boaton "hometowner" talk radio host raised the ire of the city's organized crime boss Whitey Bolger years back, when he complained on the sir obout the drug trafficking the puke Bolger was doing around town. Whitey put out a hit on him. Carr is still alive today and still talking on his WRKO show because the hitman got cold feet on his two attempts to take him out. other family members might have been killed in the first instance and Carr happened to step out the door with his young daughter as the hitma was fixing the rifle sight on him, in the second. A similar hit was put out on Curtis Sliwa in New York after he went on the air on his show and ridiculed John Gotti and his son. Sliwa was shot several times in the stomach and survived in the worst of i believe two attempts on his life. Two great, gutsy "hometowner" radio talk show hosts. We too, in Seattle have our own talk radio "hometowner"- his name is Dori ....uhh.....well,.. forget it.


Howie Carr.... WRKO Boston



So, just a thought... if you could fill in your blanks with verbs and adjectives, I think your world of explaining what's on your mind, in writing, would open up... like hugely! On the other hand, I kind of enjoy filling in the blanks on my own... because then, on most occasions, I finally understand everything you say!


Tommy008: Dori knows how to avoid hitmen. He only picks on people he thinks can't fight back (including politicians, who know it's better for them to ignore him). It's also why he saves his most vicious salvos for guests he's blindsiding until after they're off the air and can't defend themselves or fight back. He's terrified of people who fight back. Even though all BlaM has is this little blog, it's why Monson will never call out Hood by name.

Carr has guts. Silwa (though I don't share his vigilante politics) has guts. Dori has a girl's name.

Though that's unfair to girls and women, really. Dori is also the name of the anxiety-ridden, forgetful blue hippo tang (fish) in "Finding Nemo." Maybe we should start referring to that instead.

Bonus: the Latin name for Dori (the fish) is Paracanthurus Hepatus, which sounds a lot like a venereal disease.

I. Bagg

Cool, Pete! Further fun facts about the Dori Fish include this: : ..." many aquarists are hesitant to stock Paracanthurus, stating low success in keeping them alive, and early loss to "hole in the head disease"...

Puget Sound Blathers

I love good Satire, but this goes over the edge.


What you call satire is going to have to be proven in court. Lawyer up. This is libel.


Propaganda from publications by communist sympathizers or anatomically vulgar features would have been in better taste than this "satire". A new low :(

Radio Queen

Hood (and many other on this blog) suffer from Dori Derangement Syndrome. To condone this trash as "satire" is beyond low.


I wouldn't doubt this at all. Dori always sounds creepy to me

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