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June 18, 2011



Dave's talents and intelligence are wasted on commercial radio. I would like to see Dave team up with Thom Hartmann.


Medved is smarter and more thoghtful than Ross, IMO, but he loses big points here for daring to be conservative.



Radio Queen

Dave Ross is a consummate radio professional. You're right on this one, Sparky. Dave's talents are being wasted on the "new" KIRO-FM format. He deserves a much better showcase for his wit & wisdom.

Peter Winch

Dave's intelligence and talents got him a lucrative position in the radio business and permanence in a community he loved where he could rear his children. He commanded a high salary and was able to pursue other interests (singing, plays, opera, etc) and work on a National level. He loves the outdoors and hiking and biking and the Pacific Northwest. Bottom line is that his talents and intelligence were hardly wasted. Any one who would say such a thing surely does not know Dave Ross.

Puget Sound Blathers

Ross has done pretty darn well on commercial radio. Not wasted by any means.


If Dave Ross would acquiesce and bring back Cliff Mass on Fridays, I am all for him replacing Scher at KUOW soon...


KGO has hosts that work remotely. The KGO format allows for more in-depth discussion and the shows get reasonable telephone calls from listeners. They talk about topics for an entire hour, just like Dave used to do. Taking drive by jabs at topics must appeal to the target demo, but doesn't allow for real discussion, IMO.


Peter, do you think man of Dave's talents should be on a radio station where his comments are interrupted every 4 minutes by a commercial and/or Luke Burbank's inane additions? Radio Q figured it out.

What you say about him is true on a personal basis. Even more reason to get him on a program on a different station, able to have entire with a complete train of thought.


oops..able to have an entire discussion with a complete train of thought.

The KIRO format is a mess--has been for years.

Peter Winch

Dave is in the final phase of his career. Above everything else he's has in way of attributes is loyalty (rare in the radio world). He's thankful to KIRO and willing to give back to them in form of mentoring and training of Luke, who he realizes is smart, intelligent and the future. So, he's willing to grasp this as new challenge and give it his best shot. KIRO is thankful as they see significant potential in Luke.
Dave's talents and intelligence is exceeded only by his fine character. So, please don't speculate on what you have no or very limited knowledge on.

Puget Sound Blathers

Great points, Peter.

I do wish that KIRO or the other stations here would adopt what they do on KGO's Ronn Owens show in terms of breaks and pacing. It has a few long breaks which allows more thoughtful/less frenetic discussions being jammed in.


Well now!
...I bet you shook your finger at the screen before you typed that, Peter. You fit in here quite well. Now pS has a buddy again. Sweet!


I was thinking the same thing, April. They manage to have whole discussions on KGO, and don't need to rely on gimmicks in an attempt to draw in an audience. Their listening audience has higher expectations for what makes good radio, I guess.

Mike D

"Medved is smarter and more thoghtful than Ross, IMO, but he loses big points here for daring to be conservative."

It's because I'm black!...I mean, conseravtive


One thing that is consistent with the GOP and Tea Party is how an award, like a Nobel or an Edward R. Murrow Award, will lead to the dismissing of the recipient. Job well done Mr. Ross and justly deserved.


Mike D weighs in with his pointless mockery.

Concur with PS and April/May/June, KGO has the highest quality of newstalk out there with their format. A successful model format, that behooves KIRO-FM or any other local newstalk station to adopt.


The Nobel is different from the Edward R. Murrow. The best way to judge the relevancy of these awards is to look at the past recipients and then you decide yourself.

Yassar Arafat won a Nobel Peace Price. That sir, leads me to dismiss it.


MikeD take note! KS mockery HAS a point. I guess. LMAO


What was I mocking ?

dave (not dave ross)

Well said april may and sparky i used to learn something in an hour of dave ross when he was allowed one topic, not true since the dumbed down version with the format change.

Lib Idiocy

Dave wearing some sweet flood pants. Davie is always screaming about racism and how he's looking our for "urban youths", I'm sure those "urban youths" would love to see Dave's honky ass late at night. Oh, that's right, Dave lives on Mercer Island, doesn't have to worry about those "urban youths".

Dave gets owned by Dori every time they debate, Dave sounds thoughtful but he has no substance. Like most liberals, Dave is a spineless, effete sally.


I, too, wish Dave would move over to KUOW. But, he wouldn't be paid nearly as well. I don't think it is loyalty as much as comfort to stay with the familiar. And Dave is flexible. That's what makes him so good. Comes from a very Republican household and is no easy liberal. But a just man and a great communicator.

All these people with their KGO crushes. So you're all glued to your computer podcasts at night or fixed on the radio when the signal manages to come in clearly . . . I don't see hear anything great on KGO anymore and yes, I listen when I can get it up in BB. I'm not crazy about Burns. Don't care for Lazarus if he's still there. I liked Craft - she's gone as far as I can tell. The only familiar name I know is Chris Bretcher who used to be on KING talk radio years ago. We've got good people in Seattle if management would quit effing around with them.


I heart KGO. I just turn on my CCrane radio and voila!


Can you get it all the time, AMJ? Maybe I'll have to buy a CCrane radio. I would like to have the choice to listen to it . . .


Only after the sun goes down.

David Tatelman

Dave gets owned by Dori every time they debate?

To quote Jon Stewart, "you're insane."

Radio Queen

CCrane radio? After the sun goes down? What century are you living in? If you want to listen to KGO (or any other out-of-area station), why not just stream it live to your computer and/or iPhone?


Gee, April, I hope you went right out and bought yourself an iPhone and put a computer in every room just so you can get KGO. Otherwise - I mean - how backward can you get.

Another massive assumption Queen?

Radio Queen

No assumption...just a suggestion. But hey, if you think it's smarter to buy a CCrane radio for every room (even though you seem to spend a lot of time on your computer), then go for it.


room (even though you seem to spend a lot of time on your computer),

Another snide comment from the Perfect Queen?

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