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June 21, 2011



Mass keeps threatening to publish an expose on what is wrong with KUOW. His day is indeed done.


I'm glad I didn't get into a line of work that requires me to move to another city. I can't imagine living in Seattle for at least 23 years, and then having to move immediately, or risk going without a decent paycheck.


offtopic but i must comment on Ryan Dunn. His best friend Bam Margera, who grew up with Dunn in Philly, is undrstandably all broken up over the death of his friend, with a clip of his distraught voice going on for some time being played over the media. I must say to Margera that this is really the logical, tragic outcome of the whole Jackass lifstyle that he has promoted with his idiotic movies and tv shows. Get drunk on oyur ass and run your Porsche up to 30mph- you're a Jackass dude! it'S the jackass thing to do. Margera started out as a pro skateboarder and evolved this background into the whole Jackass thing. Skateboarders represent a moronic subculture and pro skateboardes the highest level of the moronic in life. You only have to watch these pro hotshots oompete without helmets , whicH they do, all the time, to see that im right. Pro Football players play on grass and dirt and wear helmets. These guys skate on concrete and steel, and brick and don't wear lemets because hey, it's just not cool, dude. Ryan Dunn- he died an extreme, horrible death after being imnmersed for years in an extreme, idiotic culture with negative, nihilistic values.


sorry- should have read- "run your Porsche up to 130 mph, not 30mph. Dunn probably would have survived the crash at 30mph, if he hed been wearing a seatbelt, but i would say it's doubtful he was wearing one. its just not cool, dude..


Please refrain using words like dude you sound like Luke Burbank.


with all due respect, the ruminations of some dude who left in 2007 might be fine for your drinking (urp guffaw) crowd, but for Blatherwatch? maybe save it for you Saturday croaked oldies format....


StarTheWonderDog...OR you could evolve from the stick in the mud crowd...dude has been around for a bit, of course so have talkies..


Star dog whatever etc etc....your objection to dude is as stale as this Blatherwatch article...

"The term "dude" was first used in print in 1870, in Putnam's Magazine.[5]

One of the earliest books to use the word was The Home and Farm Manual, written by Jonathan Periam in 1883. In that work, Periam used the term "dude" several times to denote an ill-bred and ignorant, but ostentatious, man from the city. The term was also used as a job description such as "bush hook dude" [6] as a position on a railroad in the 1880s.

"Dude ranches", to which wealthy Easterners came to experience the "cowboy life," began to appear in the American West in the early 20th century.

The oldest usage was typically applied to a well-dressed male, or one who is unfamiliar with life outside a large city.[citation needed] These definitions later gave rise to a more technical definition: "an Easterner in the West" (United States).[7] Thus "dude" was used to describe the prude wealthy men of the rustic western expansion of the United States during the 19th century by German settlers of the American Old East.[citation needed]

The word became prominent in surfer culture in the early 1960s, but it wasn't until the mid-'70s that it started creeping into the mainstream. Some usages in mainly American pop culture have contributed to the spread of this word."



YAWN...yer screech is boring

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