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June 14, 2011


Puget Sound Blathers

"Jeremy Grater, former KVI and KIRO producer who produced Bryan Suits and Mike Webb (and many other hats at Fisher Plaza). His podcast, The Sibling Rivalry,..."

Had to chuckle, seeing Suits and Webb in the same paragraph as 'sibling rivalry.'
The 'crosstalk' between those two back in the day on KIRO was some of the best tension filled radio around.
I recall having some shrimp on the bbq one night and damn near falling off my deck listening to Suits-Webb go at it.
BTW, anychance we can get Dan Savage to have his own show? Maybe something local like Adam Korolla --Dr Drew did 'Love Line' back in the day. I've heard Savage on Carlson's show and he is good.

Not sure who you would team him up with, but with the right co host it could be damn funny and local. Try it on a Friday night.


One basic question: Does it make money?


Does anyone at Fisher have a brain cell?

They have/had a remarkable AM signal on 570 with KVI. It's one of about 20 really good AM or FM signals in the Seattle metropolitan area.

If this concept, NoizeGas, or whatever, is so promising, why not try it on KVI? What's to lose? It couldn't really do much worse than their current music format from 45 years ago on that frequency.

So, instead of being 1 of 20, they decide to do a website where they will be 1 of 49,578,200. Good luck cutting through that clutter.


PSB, Savage has his own podcast that has a wide listenership. He also did radio for several years with a weekly late-night sex-talk show on KEXP (think it was still KCMU in those days, over a decade ago now). But the short version on Savage is that he's too big now -- too much national teevee -- to be messing with local radio.


Itchy, you're making the basic mistake of thinking that Fisher cares whether the current AM 570 format has any listeners. They'd rather have no listeners with the current format (which they've achieved!) than a few with Noiz.

If you've listened, the new KVI still has a pretty full spot load. Here's the scam: advertisers, often not in Seattle and working through regional or national ad agencies, can buy KOMO, or for only ten percent more (or whatever) can buy KOMO and KVI spots. In fact, with some packages advertisers don't even have a choice of whether they want their spots spread out over the two stations.

It creates double the inventory of available spots, using a second station that's essentially a jukebox run by personnel whose day jobs are all with other Fisher stations. KVI makes money for Fisher without having a single listener. All buyers need to know is that it's an "oldies" format - safe, and compatible with the news-talk demographics of KOMO. (For more fun, both KOMO and KVI can also be throw-ins for their FM.)

Put Noiz on 570, and it's not a compatible demographic. It's also an odd format, meaning more prospective advertisers might balk. And the extra ads you'd get by having 150 listeners instead of five are negligible.

Best hope for the 570 is if Fisher needs cash and decides to sell it. But even then, somebody would need to decide a good AM signal can make enough money to be worth the purchase price. Outside the sports-talk stations and some zero-overhead religious stations, name a Seattle AM that's made money in the last ten years without (ala KOMO or KPTK) being subsidized by its cluster.


Depressing thought of the day: there really are 49-year-old guys who think fat, dick, and fart jokes are the height of funny.


@ Pete: think Anthony Weiner in a couple of years ....

Puget Sound Blathers

thanks, Pete.


AMJ: :-)


Seems to me that Noizbeam is another Fisher concept that won't get them a Miss Originality award. There are plenty of competitive pods out there and I didn't hear anothing to make Noizbeam stand out from the pack.


Itchy, it is "uncensored and off-beat" is reason enough that it won't get on the air as formated. If you can say fuck, shit and call some old broad a cunt, it won't be on the radio.
We can not allow joanie to be recognised and offended on air.


Chucks, you are the only one . . . why hide? Nice analysis, Pete.


Thanks, PBJ & A-D.

New Kid, many years ago, when pterodactyls roamed the sky and I made my first embarrassing efforts at Radio, the FCC cared very much about content. Those days are long gone. The only content-related issue likely to get you in trouble with the FCC is use of one of Carlin's famous seven dirty words (you picked three).

There's no money in a format that hurls childish insults at Joanie all day; not enough people, even from this blog, would listen to it. But if there were, and if their invective were more creative than yours, the FCC could not care less.

OK, I'd better go to work now...


Sorry, I meant PSB above. I was eating lunch, so I musta had PBJ on my mind...


Everything is prepackaged these days...no thanks.


A lot of phallic references these days - tsk, tsk. Would be refreshing to raise the bar just a bit...

Would rather listen to Bob Rivers on KJR-FM at this stage - seems like the best in local radio, unless Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew (Loveline) come back - at night. That was good radio back then and would be good now.

Puget Sound Blathers

spot on KS
in other news, nice to hear that Congresswoman Giffords is at home.


That is pretty much how I feel about the woman. No denying it. She most likely has a equally foul term for me.
Good to hear about Giffords. She certainly has a long way left to travel.

Ted Weirach

Gabby Giffords for US Senate! (in Kyl's seat)

Republican 4 life

Speaking of violent hate speech, did you hear about Neal Boortz’s hate filled screed?

Puget, chucks et al?

Lib Idiocy

Woman aren't funny and queers usually make everything about liking cock.


Speaking of violent hate speech, did you hear about Neal Boortz’s hate filled screed?

Puget, chucks et al?
Posted by: Republican 4 life | June 15, 2011 at 09:24 PM

Bring it !


Well, it didn't take long for a good thread to deteriorate into smut from the right.

Gifford looks gorgeous! The Canucks lost! They thought they had it. Disappoint, heartache . . . wow! I'm sorry for them. Just turned on CBC - they're rioting. OMG!

I don't think you all read Huffington Post but it's been disappoint politically and economically cover-to-cover as well. God, when will it end?


Shoot! I meant to say "disappointment..." both times. Sorry.


I recall having some shrimp on the bbq one night and damn near falling off my deck listening to Suits-Webb go at it.
Posted by: Puget Sound Blathers

Not much interested in this story, but I sure do remember some great exchanges during the Suits/Webb debates.
Yes... Great radio!

Puget Sound Blathers

Speaking of violent hate speech, did you hear about Neal Boortz’s hate filled screed?

Puget, chucks et al?
Posted by: Republican 4 life | June 15, 2011 at 09:24 PM

Bring it !

Posted by: KS | June 15, 2011 at 09:44 PM

not much for the hate talk, that's why i can only sample the Rhodes, big Ed and Malloy rants. of course, some folks like that kind of stuff that reenforces their biases. kind of 'easy listening' for the wing nuts who regularly tout 'em.
(and you all know who you are)

Puget Sound Blathers

how polarized are the wing nuts of both parties? on the right, you got an outfit called 'Freedom Works' that was successful in getting 3 term conservative senator Repub Robert Bennett of Utah unseated in a Primary last year. This same org. is now going after (only god knows how many terms) Repub Sen Orin Hatch.

Folks, if you are in a state in which Benett and Hatch are now too liberal for ya, it's game over.

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