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May 13, 2011



Meanwhile, humans are destroying the Earth - or, more accurately, our planet's capacity to support human life - and not only do few of our leaders (all of whom profess allegiance to their imaginary sky friend) seem to care, but our most influential religious leaders are fighting the science that leads to this conclusion tooth and nail.

When human life as we know it will be over, religion will be a big reason why, but not in the sense that these folks think, and not next week.


I'm going out to buy a new boat and a new car and lots of new stuff and charge it to my credit card because I'll never have to pay it off... Ha ha ha ha ha!


It seems, to me, the more obsessed they are in public the ickier they are in private.

And hypocrisy never seems to surprise us.


And Tom Coburn's the worst. He put himself so far above everyone else. He went into politics to clean it up. Hahahaha. I remember reading about the guys that lived in that rooming house. Coburn justified it because they were entitled. They were the "entitled" ones because they considered removed from the riff raff. He's disgusting.


From our good friend Drew:

Rapture Party, May 21, 2011!
..and if any of you "religulous" extremist, sexist, homophobic, Terry Jones/Pat Robertson followers show up, I'll have special seating in front (old, hard pews), where we're serving burgers off my Fire 'n' Brimstone Gas Grill, with my Eternal Damnation BBQ Sauce. You'll also get a free t-shirt proclaiming "Hell was full of tele-evangelsists, lobbyists, and CEOs, so they sent me back upstairs to Drew's house! " I just invited my neighbor, who spun around and stomped back towards his house, and I called out to him, "Hey, since you're leaving on the 21st, can I have all your stuff?"

Dan in Auburn

You mean I have to wait until October for this to be over? I thought May 21st would shut them up.


I was the first program director at lil' ol' KARR went it went on the air with those calls ... 1984? We played Big Band on air (and KZOK in my office). Verily, after one year, a mighty bolt did smiteth the format; I was fired and "car radio" was resurrected with religious programming.

Juz sayin'.


Just heard that Coburn has changed his story numerous times. Ensign's father is refusing to let his son throw him under the bus for those hush payments and making up further stories about money that mom and dad supposedly spent on his employees. And, Rick Santorum is the person who let Ensign know that he was about to see it all hit the fan regarding the affair. What a lovely bunch.


Tom Coburn is clearly the worst person in the world for May 13, 2011. Bathtub boy will yell it from the top of his lungs.

And the maggots in the mainstream stay silent to the reams of corruption propagated by this assholier than thou administration.


KS, do you realize that Keith is no longer doing Countdown and therefore there is no more Worst Person In the World?

Coburn is hardly the worst offender in this fiasco, but it was amazing to me to see the parade of names that are also currently in the news for other things. Another C Street hypocrite.


Maybe he meant Howard K Smith


"KS, do you realize that Keith is no longer doing Countdown and therefore there is no more Worst Person In the World?"

He has been on Al Gore's network now going on 2 months. Have you watched him ? I thought he would keep that schtick even if he's doing a different show - I hear that the hate filled moonbats craved it.


Hey stupid (KS), June 20th is what I hear. Are you peering into the future? If so, what drugs are you on, and does this explain ODS?


KS, I get Current TV. Keith will not be on Current TV until June 20th. He does post to Twitter but it is mostly about baseball.


I saw InfoMania on Current, they usually profile insane people who make shit up. Didn't see any listing for Olbermann.

Totally Stupid Conservative

What is a 'bathtub boy"? Is that like a Dick Army?


Wasn't there a Seattle DJ/Radio host once that responded to a prediction of the end of the world coming by saying "In Case we get a bye, see you tomorrow", or something like that?

Also, I may not agree with P.J. O'Rourke much, but didn't he once say something like "The world may end, but your homework is still due tomorrow?"


Where does the hate spew from, KS? Who feeds your maniacal hatred? I don't think anybody else on this blog sounds like or spews the filthy evil that you do.


Who feeds your maniacal hatred? I don't think anybody else on this blog sounds like or spews the filthy evil that you do.

Posted by: joanie | May 13, 2011 at 11:21 PM

ROFL - spoken by a true hate- filled moonbat who has a big collection of boogey-man and straw men to spew out there whenever she is void of facts, which is much of the time.

PJ O'Rourke is the voice of sanity in this hate filled insane world.

Zim you set a poor example for someone who claims they were in the military - just another political hack out to curry favor with the blog hag - Joanus (hat tip:Tommy).

Have a nice day !


true hate- filled moonbat

big collection of boogey-man and straw men to spew out

void of facts, which is much of the time.

blog hag - Joanus

Yep. That about sums up every post you write, KS. And you wonder why people give you no respect.


unleash the flood

I don't remember deliberately flooding a region before. Have we done it? Pretty i nteresting. They are doing it in Canada as well.


Seriously, check this video out:Guy builds huge moat to protect house from flood.

Everything is underwater except for his house. Amazing.


big collection of boogey-man and straw men to spew out

void of facts, which is much of the time.

blog hag - Joanus

Yep. That about sums up every post you write, KS. And you wonder why people give you no respect.

Posted by: joanie | May 14, 2011 at 11:07 AM

LMAO. Now I know you have flipped out. The truth hurts and I'll keep bringing out the painful truth about who you portend to be as long as you keep posting your hate-filled rants. Your comment about respect is laughable and the pot calling the kettle black one more time - you hypocrite.

Respect begets respect and you deserve all of the fecal blizzards coming back at you,. Keep those boogeymen coming - never a shortage on entertainment.


Shut up, KS.


Stick it, Johnson.


Take the hint, klueless.


Grow up and take your meds, Joanus.


Another interesting poll on the public celebration of bin Laden's killing. Six-in-ten say it is wrong to celebrate death of bin Laden

Relief is a good emotion. Celebrating, no.


What have we learned in 2,056 years?

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and
controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public

- Cicero, 55 B.C.

Evidently nothing.


i figured it out. Our little alpha female and wouldbe boss/bully of the blog was just really threatened and pissed that anyone (in thiis case,me) knew more about the Sudan siuation with OBL than she did. She fancies herslef, or deludes herself, as being the informed intellectual of the geoup with superior info and background to any in our opposing group. So when i posted the post earlier today about OBL's selfserving and cynical exchange deal (roads for a million acres of land) with the Sudan dictators, ibstead of posting in her thanks for sharing more info on the subject, whe posts the insulting, furious little message we saw this morning/afternoon . In said message among a binch of gratuitous nonsense, she bascially says i just made it up ("perhaps what you say is true").........INCREDIBLE...our poor little alpha queen/control freak felt threatened and had to rush in to establish control yet again.... i normally don't reccomend professional; help to any of out posters here, in fact never have before today, but someon like Joanie with such an eaxtremme controlling personality, one of the worst ive ever seen, really needs to see a mental health professiona about this problem...get some help, ass......


joanie, from the CBC and Global reports I have heard, it seems that Manitoba has had some impressive flood protection systems that seem to be getting over-burdened. On the Red River of the North, they actually have a floodway system that diverts water away from Downtown Winnipeg, and they avoid for the most part, what the same river had earlier done in Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota.(Since the Red River of the North flows North, not south, the floods hit North Dakota first).


The opening of the Morganza Spillway is the last ditch attempt to stop the Mississippi from overflowing in Baton Rouge, and then flooding New Orleans. They have done a good job fixing the damage against another storm surge from hurricanes, with a new storm barrier, and closing the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, but we will see if it comes at the expense of flood threats from upriver.

Also, I think they did breach some levees during the 1993 floods. Just before it hit some historic towns(but after the floodwaters had passed the hometown of Samuel Clemmens, Hannibal, MO).


I was aware of the Red River operation. The segment on The National (I think) said that area in Canada was an old huge lake bottom (ice age) so it is vulnerable to flooding when conditions become bad enough. It's fascinating isn't it? No matter what, when nature decides she wants her way, she gets it.

I was born in Mt. Vernon and remember moving from our little house because the Skagit was going to flood. In fact, my mother always believed the Skagit would eventually take out that little rounded part where Lowe's and Dairy Queen now sit. We lived in that area. Our house was untouched although neighbors with basements were flooded.

My parents also had acreage close to the Chehalis but that was years before the big flood. They liked rivers I guess. Unbelievable the damage.

I'm so sorry for those people. And yet, we've treated the land badly. There might be some justice in all these.


thw wikipedia article bo on OBl mentions the OBl Sudan operations as a construction company (roads, bridges, etc), and agricultural enterprises,engaged in the farming traditional crops (wikipedia leaves out the marijuana operations, but there is plenty of evidence of their existence)). Wikipedia clearly identifies these operations as nothing more than totally for profit businesses, front organzations created to put cash in Al=Qaeda coffers.All but the marijuana farms were apparently unprofitable. Apparently Obama, unlike his brilliant father was a dumbass at running legal businesses. The construction/road building business was probably paid off by the government with a conmbination of free farm land and cash- my assumption. wikipedia doesnt go into how he was paid. I don't know what our control freaks problem is , but there never has been any serious debate that Osama's operation in Sudan were cold, for profit business deals. How much land he got versus cash as part of the deal is is moot and irrelevant. Someone could quesiton whether he hda marijuana fams and slaves, but that is also moot and irrelevant. The only point I was making was that the roadbuilding was strictly a business enterprise, nothing charitable about it at all . I wasn't even accusing anyone of saying they weren't of such a nature- i saw an overlong, droning post or three, probably from Joanus or one more, on the subject and skipped through it, so i don't know if anyone even did claim that. Wanted to make suer the record was clear, that's all. I find it amuusing that it was Joanus i believe , who posted the bit about conservatives having a "cognitive dissonance" over a liberal Democrat being able to succeed in a daring huge military raid and intelligence coup, quoting some psychologist and chortling away, felling all superior, when she has the same cognitive dissonance about someone from our group, myself in this instasnce, knowing more and researching more about a particular blog topic than she does.


21 or 22 may 2011 - Severe earthquake in northern Israel - a time of 4 to 5 hours of Beirut - dry lake - killing too - Vine Signs Anti-Christ in Israel

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