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May 09, 2011



I dont listen to KPTK much..only in the car, and only when KPOJ won't come in clearly. The rest of the time I stream the lineup from another station. It was bad enough when programs were interrupted for Cougar sports, now this?

Puget Sound Blathers  storm support

it's a good game. the ladies play a wonderful team sport and it's a great opportunity for younger girls to see women excelling as professional athletes.
don't forget, when the sonics left some local women came together and purchase the storm to keep them from leaving seattle.
tickets don't cost much and it is a nice part of seattle sports.


Yes, its a winning pro team here. Left wing stations here carry Cougar games - go figure.

The former Sonics (now the Thunder) have become an up and coming team in Oklahoma City - it pains you to hear that - understood, but not as much here as I am a Blazer fan. It was nice to see Dallas sweep the Lakers after the Blazers lost a tough series to Dallas 4 games to 2.


KS, right now, the best college football team in the state is not carried much on any radio station in Western Washington, since it is Eastern Washington University. We won the National Championship in our division last year, Division 1 Football Championship Subdivision(used to be called Division 1-AA), beating Deleware in the last game of a hard fought playoff tournament. I forget if WSU even had a winning season, and we have the QB back this year, and his kid brother coming. A bonus, Deleware had the 2nd Chearleader on their side and we beat them(VP Joe Biden).

Say, how did Bonneville not get the Storm for 710ESPN, seems they wanted every team they could, or are they worried about suddenly enforcing the Sherman Act?

Michael, I heard Bill Press was upset that WDTW dropped him in Detroit, so I checked the station's website, and who did they replace him with in his time slot? They decided to go with a local host who had quit in 2006 to run for Congress, and lost. TOny Trupiano. Probably need a local show on the air in Detroit right now.


I think it's hard to move people from stations that provide local hosts - even if they are diminishing. Scott Conner on weekends is a whole lot more listenable than Cisco. Still, KPTK is pretty solidly progressive and some of the talkers are not easy to listen. You gotta love progressive talk to listen. Hartmann, Schultz and Malloy work for me.

Last night I heard mark Levine filling in for Lezzzzzzleeeeee and it sure was a nice change. He didn't shout at me. Malloy is like an evangelist. He gets inside your soul. Not hate as much as decrying the foul odor on the right these days.

Nice to finally get a post about KPTK.


joanie, sometimes the fill-ins can get people hooked. Off and on I listen to a podcast of Local Edge Radio, a local progressive talk show host out of Asheville, NC. First learned about them, when the duo was asked to fill in for Norman Goldman once.(I like to have a good sampling of the regions).

I was working at the KeyArena/Seattle Center Coliseum the night the Storm won their first title. They now have more titles than the Supersonics ever had. 2 to 1. They brought Seattle their first title since the Sonics of '79, and the Sonics brought Seattle it's first title since the 1917 Metropolitans won the Stanley Cup.

Puget Sound Blathers

He didn't shout at me. Malloy is like an evangelist. He gets inside your soul. Not hate as much as decrying the foul odor on the right these days.

Nice to finally get a post about KPTK.

Posted by: joanie | May 09, 2011 at 10:31 PM
yeah, the other day when Malloy was exhorting 'seal team six' to drop in on Bush was real classy. no hate there.

jeez joanie, do you even listen to the content?


Which right-wing blog did you get that from? Don't tell me what he says when all you do is bleat to the blogs you read.

Real deep, aren't you?

baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa
The mantra of the right.

Mike Barer

Everything about the Seattle Storm is good except for it's ties to the NBA and David Stern. Clay Bennett would have folded the Storm had he not sold it.


JHC, just who in hell wants to watch women's basketball..let alone listen to it?


Oklahoma already has a WNBA team now. I believe the Detroit Shock moved to Tulsa. I was looking forward to seeing Spokane's Arena Football League(defending champions by the way) team beating OKC in a little revenge for the loss of the Supersonics to OKC, but seems with the bassketball team moving in, the OKC AFL team, the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz, folded. Oh, well.

Puget Sound Blathers  for joanie wash-rinse-repeat as needed.

Which right-wing blog did you get that from? Don't tell me what he says when all you do is bleat to the blogs you read.

Real deep, aren't you?

baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa
The mantra of the right.

Posted by: joanie | May 10, 2011 at 07:34 AM

this will be like always. joanie will deny malloy made those hateful remarks. i'll provide transcript. she'll claim it wasn't true. i'll then provide the sound clip.
at which time we cue in the crickets chirping as she is not intellectually honest.
that's the way it will run, eh joanie? wash rinse repeat as needed.
what a tool...


Now there you go again puget. Maybe you should just give up on schoolin the people who don't agree with ya? Why dont ya tell me what ya think of Newt running for prez??


i heard Malloy make the remarks with my own ears, Joanus. Sorry. Actually it was another tv or radio talkhost, can't recall but im thinking OReilly, obviously not an insane lib like Malooy, who was playing a clip of Malloy's show where he made the outrageous remark about Seal Team Six, just the way PS phrased it.. He went on to say that Bush had killed many more innocent people than OBL. if you won't believe either of us, I'm sure you can google it and find lots of proof online. haha Joanie haha Joanie ....


Maybe if we ignore Jaonie's attention getting lame=ass comments - she will go away. Just sayin'. Well, for a while at least.


Malloy was objecting to what seemed to him as the executin rather than capture of OBL...I think his turn of phrase shouldnt fairly be called "exhorting".... HE recited the reasons Obamas government had for doing the shoot to kill raid on OBl and then sAid something liek ," by that criteria maybe Seal Team Six should drop in ....." and the rest is like PS phrased it..... he went on ..." after all George W. Bush has killed a lot more innocent people htan OBL......"

Puget Sound Blathers

Now there you go again puget. Maybe you should just give up on schoolin the people who don't agree with ya? Why dont ya tell me what ya think of Newt running for prez??

Posted by: Jovita | May 10, 2011 at 06:53 PM

well, to borrow a phrase from another poster, 'schooling the school teacher' has been easy.
not a big fan of newt and doubt he'll do more than line his pockets with dough from his campaign coffers. so definitely not a fan. hope this helps, jovita


That's the point, Tommy. And I will call you Tommy when I respect your comment. You heard it. So did I. I have no interest in providing context for a stupid blogger who repeats the sound bites he gets on his flaming blogs.

Context matters. In the context of Malloy's quote, he's making a point. Something the idiot who seems to regard himself now as BW's blatherer can't figure out.

Why should I care about responding to an insipid post?

And he's back to making every thread twice as long because he can't figure out how to respond to a post without effing repeating it. How much more proof do you need that he operating on a single triple A battery that's about to run out?

Lib Idiocy

There are as many people who listen to lib talk as there are people who watch womens basketball. Match made in lack of ratings hell.

Con Constipation

I haven't counted either, have you?

DJ Allyn

I have finally had enough of KPTK.

I am tired of having Randi Rhodes moved to a time slot that nobody listens to, while having Norman Goldman (with his four affiliates) take up the valuable drive time slot. THEN, to add insult to injury, preempt both Randi and Malloy's shows whenever they have either the Cougars or the Storm games.

Seriously? Aren't there enough sports stations who would give their left testicle to have an actual live broadcast of a game in this town? We have to give up our already weak-signalled progressive station to air a game that maybe 300 people are listening to?

I have said it before -- put Randi Rhodes on at 3PM - 6PM, followed by Mike Malloy at 6PM - 9PM, and if you want to put Norman Goldman somewhere -- then put him in the 9PM - Midnight slot.

And leave the freaking sports broadcasts to the stations that actually cater to sports!

Until then, XM Radio is where I will be.


I agree. KPTK needs to reconsider some of its line up. I try to listen to Goldman because he is smart but I've been turning him off lately. I'm not interested in second-rate Reagan impressions or his life story. Put it on your website, Goldman. And the screeching is getting old. I'm trying to listen but you are chasing me away, Norm.

Also, they need to hire another voice. Lee does an admirable job but I'm tired of everything Lee. When I hear her voice come over the air, I turn it off.

It's the only station in town for a liberal and it is blowing the opportunity to move up in the ratings with poor choices.

Ditto on the sports thing.

DJ Allyn
"I try to listen to Goldman because he is smart but I've been turning him off lately."

Lately? I've been turning him off since they took Ron Reagan off the air.

At least with Ron Reagan, he talked about some local issues.

I am not too keen on Ed Shultz either, but I can tolerate him on the radio. I would much rather he stick with his MSNBC show and leave the radio to other voices.

Give us Randi Rhodes live at noon, and a local show at three. Put Ed on from 9PM to midnight and drop Norman Goldman altogether.

The thing is, as it stands now, we get Bill Press live at 3AM, Stephanie live at 6AM, and Thom Hartmann live at 9AM. Then we get Norman Goldman live at 3PM. Everything else is old news by the time we get it, with Randi Rhodes talking about things that happened earlier in the morning.


Ok. I'm with you regarding Goldman but I think he could be good if he would grow up and talk like an adult.

I love Ed. I guess you either love him or hate him. Either way, he deserves his show because he is the activist in the group. You want to listen to Randi pontificate, I get it. Sometimes I learn from her. Other times, her ego is beyond belief. Keep Malloy, I don't care when but keep him. When Randi isn't apologizing for Obama or reminding us that she was the first to . . . whatever, she's good if not always accurate. Other times, I turn her off as often as Goldman.

I guess that's what makes liberals liberal. We never can agree.

What do you think about Alan Colmes?


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