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May 24, 2011



At last, our long national nightmare is over?


At least Rush has something he can take to make himself feel better.


"This could be cyclical or it could be the oft-predicted end of furious right-wing broadcast blabber"

Well is it cyclical or not? Isn't there like a graph or a chart somewhere?

South Tacoma

I listened to Limbaugh a couple of times last week. Don't know why his numbers would be down. He still puts out a good show. Must be the way all of talk radio is going.
Must really feel awful to drop from number one in all of talk radio to number one. At least Schultz, Rhodes and Miller won't have to experience the pain of falling in the ratings. Isn't a big fall from the basement to the pit.


I have a button for KTTH in my car and now and then I'll punch over to see what the fanciful blowhard has to say. And he never fails to disappoint: within minutes, Limbaugh has taken a story, eliminated a few facts, mixed in his own wishes and opinion and pronounces it "the way it is."

I would think even the most committed serious conservative would finally become annoyed with someone who consistently JUST MAKES THINGS UP. Limbaugh's over-the-top distaste (and this goes for his water-boy Hannity too) for any issue that leans toward the center or comes with a Democratic flavor is just twisted into the Next Plot To End The United States As We Know It.

Seriously, Hannity... isn't the continued reference to "The Annointed One" becoming a bit stale even for YOUR one-trick pony?

No wonder ratings are falling: with the constant references to the long-gone Ronald Reagan (who left office 23 years ago) it's no wonder that the average age of the right-wing listener is over 60; half the audience wasn't even voting when Ronnie was in office... people barely remember who he IS.

Despite this less-than-perfect nation, there's nobody who believes the Republican line-up of has-beens and never-will-be's can upset the sitting President so to listen for the next year-and-a-half as Limbaugh and Hannity chase windmills will be mildly entertaining radio. Too bad fewer and fewer listeners will tune in to enjoy the frustration.


Benseattle has a good point. The decline in ratings was eventually going to happen for Wingnut Radio and FOX News. There audience is starting to die off.

Arty Ziff

Let's hope that Dori Monson follows this trend as well. What a vile, bile filled person.

Arty Ziff

JDB: There, They're, Their. You figure it out.


Medicare, Medicare, Medicare.

NY-26 has been called and Kathy Hochul (D) has been elected to Congress. 48% of the vote!

Puget Sound Blathers

see, the key to democratic victory.
low turnout...
whoooo-hooooo, a true mandate.


Hey PSB: That must be why Republicans work so hard to suppress turnout, right?


Uh yeah right Ps..that's why Republican legislatures around the country are passing laws making it harder to vote..because they want Democrats to win. Makes sense to me.


Meanwhile, on your side- yesterday Eric Cantor said Congress will only approve emergency funding for the tornado victims if the emergency aide is offset by spending cuts elsewhere.
Now, there is something to be proud of.

saint rudy

That stupid,wasteful,illegal stimulis plan for the auto industry saved hundreds of thousands of decent paying jobs. Now the dammed car companys have paid back the loans early with interest. Another G.O.P. talking point shot in the ASS.


Since when is 48% indicative of a low voter turnout? Since when does the percentage of votes a candidate gets indidcate voter turn out at all?

Stick with counting beans, puget sound.


The key to the Dem victory was a successful use of a strawman - She will vote against cutting medicare benefits like the GOP does (just as OBamacare does - in different way) and giving more benefits to oil companies" - laced with half truths. The GOP's failure to respond effectviely and call the Dem campaign on their bullcrap was why they lost - in addition to the fake tea party candidate - who was really a Democratic siphoned enough votes away from the GOP.

So what was the turnout ?? (my guess is that it was low)


Looks like the baggers are on the war path. They are after a teen who criticized Bachmann, think death threats.


Paul Ryan has cost another election


BREAKING: Now Joel Connelly is petitioning to have KUOW bring back Cliff. The guy wasn't even PAID and this getting all of KUOW in a twist!



That's a lot of harumpfing for one day.

Puget Sound Blathers

resident loud mouth, big ed shultz, taken off the air for calling laura ingraham a horrible name.
stay classy, big ed, stay classy.

Puget Sound Blathers on Rolling Stone Article

interesting article from rolling stone on roger ailes, the man who brought you richard nixon.

Puget Sound Blathers

sad news, Mark Haines, the morning host of financial news programs on CNBC, including “Squawk on the Street,” died Tuesday at his home in Marlboro, N.J.
Caught him on Morning Joe on regular basis. Good guy.


At least Ed apologized. Let's see..how many times has Rush gone on national TV and apologized for the things he has said or the times he has mocked people with disabilities. The Weiner? Boortz? Hmm? Anyone?

Meanwhile, Laura Ingraham took a pass on being gracious enough to say she accepted his apology. Instead, she whined on Twitter that "now Ed's ratings will go up." There is your "classy" behavior Putz.

Puget Sound Blathers

blaming the victim, eh sparky?
nice try at deflection.
glad to see big ed appologized. maybe they'll let him have his show back next week. with no apology, he would be bounced for good.
but if he says it's a sincere apology, so be it.


Why is it that only democrats seem capable of issuing an apology? Ed said "I'm sorry, truly sorry."
That is what an apology is. It is not "I misspoke" or any variation of that.
An apology is saying you're sorry. Period!
Thank you Ed for having the guts and decency to apologize.


No, not blaming Laura for anything but being incapable of graciousness. Ed shouldn't have said it. He apologized. I thought you would be able to appreciate that. My bad.

Puget Sound Blathers

this is what ingraham said on facebook:
'Ingraham responded to Schultz on her Facebook page: "Re. the rude comments made about me by Ed Schultz on his radio program: First, I was surprised to learn that Ed Schultz actually hosted a radio show. Is it only available online? Second, I have to get back to recording the audio edition of my new book "Of Thee I Zing." Now I'm tempted to insert one additional zing--about men who preach civility but practice misogyny."

you know, if this was the first time big ed had acted like a boor i would be inclined to let it go with the apology. unfortunately, this isn't the first time he went beyond the pale. how many times will the powers that employ him allow this to continue?
i'm just asking...

Puget Sound Blathers

No, not blaming Laura for anything but being incapable of graciousness. Ed shouldn't have said it. He apologized. I thought you would be able to appreciate that. My bad.

Posted by: sparky | May 25, 2011 at 07:37 PM

so you are blaming the victim and labeled her a 'whiner.' too funny.
hmmm, would have thought at your stage of life that maturity would have a greater impact.
sigh...maybe that reincarnation thingie will work out for ya.

woody held

Limbaugh down to maybe 15 million listeners. Mike Malloy in 13 markets across the nation on a podcast, subscription only basis.

woo hoo.

jovita knows who won American Idol!

Oh boy oh boy I was so excited I posted this on the wrong thread so consider this one of the "best of Jovita"!!!

Hey Sparky, I watched Ed apologize over and over and over and I thought maybe he had run over someone with his car like Laura Bush did. And it turned out to be nothing as exciting as that!

And SoundMan, you show as much class as that Ingraham woman. Thats what ya get hanging out with the Fox types.


Pugie, I don’t get it. Ed apologizes for his comments, you and Laura don’t accept his apology. I get it; you say he’s done this before. But if someone believes Ed is contrite and honest of heart, why would you attack them? It’s not like you have never gone back of your word, for example;

"Folks President Obama yesterday was magnificent... was very Presidential."

Watching this blog the past few days and what some of the regular posters have been saying -much of it without any evidence- has been illuminating and painfully educational..."

"Later folks. And for the record, if anyone sees a post under this handle be it known that it will not be from me."

Posted by: Puget Sound | January 13, 2011 at 05:07 AM

You’ve gone back on your word, what should we think about you?


PS had a moment of temporary insanity there - sayin BO was very presidential - too funny. Zim, et.al. are magnets for insanity.


And what do you think of Pugie’s two-facedness? Do you think Pugie can say something then retract it and Ed cannot?


"Pugie" doesn't retract . . . he just disappears. Notice the lack of response regarding the 48% low-voter turnout claim?

But he's really good at playground bullying.


BTW, jovita, now I know what Ed apologized for. He had a big run-in with Sirota also and he owes Sirota an apology for that one. He's getting a little too energized these days. He needs to pull it back a bit. But he's an activist and motivates the middle left in ways others do not. I give him credit for it. He's got heart.

Ingram and the rest of them on the right are in it for the money. They're not dumb.

Puget Sound Blathers

how many times will ed cross the line and then be allowed to say it's an aberration? i'm just saying.

and for the record, i was asked to reconsider. i took time and did.

approximately 48 percent of the eligible voters taking the time to vote -in a day and age of mail in ballots- doesn't strike as a mandate or change election.

if you have evidence to the contrary, that 48 percent or so of the voters voting is a real mandate then tell us. i am prepared to be educated. even by you.

note: the 48 percent was the number first reported at the time of the election. it may have gone up.


The ad that clinched the NY-26 election was one by the DNC showing a Paul Ryan - look alike pushing a grandma in a wheelchair out of a plane - with the analogy of what Ryan's plan would do to seniors.

Something to be proud of Democratics for- right,
Sparky ?

The truth is that Ryan's plan would repeal Obama care - which will lead to more health care rationing like the UK has. A more truthful depiction of Obamacare commercial would show Obama or Kathleen Sebellius -the HHS czarina pushing an old white guy or white grandmother in a wheel chair over a cliff. Hey, maybe the GOP should try that one - if they want to win an election - if only they had some hutzpah...

Bob Nelson

Let me know when Rush gets down to a couple dozen stations and microscopic ratings like prog talk gets nationwide.

Some conservative talkers, admittedly, have crossed the line as Ed S. did; in Boston, Jay Severin is now unemployed and John DePetro (described former Big Dig chief Matt Amorello, a Republican, as "F-- Matt. Wife wears the pants") is back in Providence.

"If a conservative doesn't like a liberal talk host, he changes the station. If a liberal doesn't like a conservative talk host, he demands they be pulled off the air."

Every One

Bring Back the best show on radio= Stephani Miller.......... Clear channel is losing its bay area audience putting on right nuts who rant the entire show. We want and need entertaining, informative shows. Please bring back Steph Miller NOW...

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