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May 21, 2011



I guess it didn't end. I still had to show up at work this morning. We did have donuts and that's a lot like heaven.


U people are stupid nobody know the day or hour when the world will end. There is no calculations whats so ever. Harold made up this equation himself.. There IS NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL HAROLD. When the world don't end at 6pm today i hope his followers don't following him again. Be a leader think and ride the bible for yourself.. He is wrong once before, I better this are the same people that followed him in 1994. Guess those people didn't learn from his prediction back then.. Talk to everybody on SUNDAY MAY 22


I will celebrate the non-rapture by going for a Bible ride.


Sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping for it, but on the other hand if it happens PS and Chucks may never show up here again. LOL

dave (not dave ross)

Latoya do you ride the bible cowgirl or reverse cowgirl?


Well, if the world does end today, and so far New Zealand is intact, perhaps I will have the chance to meet most of you in Hell. Just think of all the interesting people in Hell that Dori could interview. Its for sure Ron & Don will be there. We could all throw gobs of doggie turds at them.


I think my car keys got raptured...


BREAKING: Harold Camping rushed to E.R. w/ severe abdominal pains. Docs say possible "rupture" to blame. #HaroldCampingRaptureExcuses


Camping has "miscalculated" again for the 2nd time. He first miscalculated in 1994. yawn...

Puget Sound Blathers

damn, no rapture.
as a non believer I most assuredly would have been damned to hell, but it sure would have been interesting who got put on the invite list to the big dance.
and the look on the face of the usual suspects when they found out they were stuck on this mortal coil with a heathen like me would have been priceless.


I don't think he failed, he makes millions off this stuff.


I just PTL that I got a good ride today!


Ok, well… welcome to hell everyone. Those who have disappeared are more conservative than you. Therefore anyone left behind are now liberals. Live with it.

Puget Sound Blathers

Therefore anyone left behind are now liberals. Live with it.

Posted by: Zim | May 21, 2011 at 10:14 PM

all right, where are the talking points...

Puget Sound Blathers

okay, this is going to be pretty easy this new liberal thingie. Just move your position depending upon if it is a Dem in office. Am I lying? LMAO, even though Candidate Obama ran against it as Pres Obama he suddenly has had his own conversion.

Let's see, Obama is for Bush Tax Cuts--Check; Obama is for the USAPatriot Act --Check; Obama is keeping Gitmo open--Check; Obama is adopting the Bush Doctrine for the War on Terror visa vi rendition and use of information resulting from 'enhanced interrogation'--Check; and has pretty much become a full blown neo-con with a third war (anyone think it was a war of necessity?) that Pres Obama somehow defines as a 'non war' to avoid having to comply with the War Powers Act--Check.

Puget Sound Blathers an alternative bizzarro world of the Left

"The controversial and expensive recount in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election is complete. As expected, the results of the race remain the same, with incumbent Supreme Court Justice David Prosser defeating his liberal challenger.

By more than 7,000 votes.

Assistant Attorney General Joanne Kloppenburg requested the recount even though the margin in the race exceeded the margins in all the statewide recounts in all the states in the last thirty years….combined."

Okay, as a liberal I must say there is fraud. A Selection not an Election!
Wisconsin could not have willingly voted for a conservative Supreme Court Justice!

Jeez, this is easy although I gotta admit watching MSNBC 24/7 all crime shows on the weekend is going to be mighty tiresome...

Jovita blogging from  Raptured  Island

Oh that sounds like a fun game to play Puget! I will be the Republican now!
1. First, I will take a real problem.

2. Next I will mix in information, disinformation, and confusion.

3. Then I will ignore those who have experience in the area.

4. I mustn't forget to complain that the critics of the proposal don't have a solution (even though the critics are saying that the solution is worse than the current problem).

5. Finally, I will double down when the new law fails to work!

Cool beans, that was refreshing!


Jovita - Substitute Democrat in for Republican and you have exposed your admission, instead of your attempted cover up.

That would be refreshing - but I won't hold my breath for your confession.

The Republican ploy would read more like;
2. Focus on the problem and propose an alternative solution, but not communicate it effectively.
3. Wait for those with experience to speak up without asking.
4. It's true that the Democratics do not have a viable solution that will work for the people, just a political one that they believe will work for their party.
5. Being a minority party, it is only instructive to point out where the new law fails to work (i.e the Stimulus and Obamacare). However, it is a struggle to keep communicating that effectively and often not showing enough tenacity to double down. However, the Tea Party has shown signs of changing that.

I feel free...


an addendum - The GOP is too easily intimidated by the Mainstream media who are 85% in the tank for the current corrupt administration - how dare the Tea Party or anyone else go against Obama, et. al., lest they be called racist - just ask Meet the Press.

It's like the 12th man at a Seahawks game, where the Democratics are the Seahawks.

Jovita blogging from  Raptured  Island

you're a riot KS even when you think you're being serious.


Too bad you can't mount any sort of an argument to support your talking points - boring, boring....

 Radio Queen

The Star Spangled Banner is about seeing the American flag still flying over Fort McHenry in Baltimore after a night of intense siege and bombardment by the British during the War of 1812.

How curious that anyone would twist its meaning into a celebration of war, rather than a celebration of survival.

 Radio Queen

Sorry, the above post was meant for Yesterday's Rapture non-story.

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