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May 30, 2011



Folks like Sarah Palin and Rick Perry would like the civil war to happen again.


The Union Army may again be needed to take care of the psycho tea bag movement. Sarah PALIN is the consummate joke, I hope if she decides to run that she be interviewed again by Katie Couric.
Warm thoughts on this day for those who gave it all for this wonderful Nation and Peace to their loved ones.


Whatever happened to the Commandant of Camp Douglas. And lest we forget, the Civil War until 1863 was about stopping the seccession of the southern states. Not slavery.


PBJ: And the southern states seceded because? Answer: because they were worried the incoming Lincoln administration would outlaw slavery.

I grew up in the south. I was taught all about the War of Yankee Aggression. And I've spent all my life listening to Confederate apologists trying to claim the Civil War wasn't about slavery.

Bullshit. The South seceded and it fired first, and it did so because they didn't want their way of life threatened - a way of life that relied upon human chattel.

Doesn't make Rebel soldiers any less brave, or their deaths and maiming any less tragic. But we don't celebrate the valor or sacrifice of Nazi soldiers, and for pretty much the same reason the beatification of the antebellum South is morally repugnant.


PBJ, and what was the central ISSUE behind "state's rights"? Marijuana? Taxes? Immigration?

SLAVERY - the state's right to slavery without federal interference.

Assholes like PBJ make me wish Sherman had kept marching. Burn baby burn!


And..it wasn't that the north thought that slavery was an evil way to treat people, but that it gave cropgrowers in the South an economic advantage.

My great great Grandfather Anton Rose died in Andersonville Prison from starvation. After some digging around on Google a few years back, I found out there were TWO soldiers there with that name, but only one of them had been from Kansas. I would like to visit back there some day to see if his name is on some plaque or list of some kind.

Thank you to all those who gave their lives in battle.


Need to keep that Dixie flag around.

How else will one cracker family let another cracker family know that they don't like darkies?

Sure, there's the Nobama bumper sticker and a Sarah Palin bumper sticker, and even a KTTH bumper sticker...but nothing says 'we dislike the coloreds' quite like the Stars & Bars!!!

Puget Sound Blathers

Folks like Sarah Palin and Rick Perry would like the civil war to happen again.

Posted by: Coiler | May 30, 2011 at 08:01 AM

easily one of the most idiotic statements made on this important holiday.
stay classy, coils.

lets honor the fallen and remember why they fought and not try to score some political points.

if any of you get the chance to go back east, you should tour the battlefields, Arlington Cemetery, and other points of historic interest. DC and the surrounding areas is a great spot if you care anything about history.
working my way through a great audible book on the relationship between john wilkes and edwin booth. doris kearns goodwin is one of the writers.

Jovita Honors the Fallen

Aw Puget, did you come inside from the family Bar-bee-kew just to piss on people? Go have another beer and pull yer shorts outta your crack and save your what-fors for another day.
We have the flag up, the weenies on the grill, and watching Stars and Stripes forever on Fox Movie Channel


The last known World War I combat veteran, British-born Claude Choules, died this month at the age of 110 in a nursing home in Australia. After a 41-year military career, Choules became a staunch pacifist and refused to take part in commemoration parades.


The poster formally known as "Puget Sound" hasn't paid much attention today since the Rick Perry link was embedded in the this post. It's all about his attempts at fake outrage

Puget Sound Blathers

ah coils, you seriously think that palin or perry want to commit us to a war redux in which hundreds of thousands would die? really? really?

well, i gotta take the slaw out to the neighbors for the bbq.


A little known fact...African Americans founded Decoration Day, now referred to as Memorial Day, at the mass grave of 257 Union soldiers and labeled the gravesite "Martyrs of the Race Course" on May 1, 1865. Black Charleston South Carolinians created this holiday. Interestingly, I watched a quick clip by the History channel and they completely missed this information.


Hey Sparky - I visited Andersonville a few years ago - it's near Americus, and just up the road from Jimmy Carter's home town of Plains. No lists that I saw. There's a cemetary there, mostly for rebel soldiers, and a National Historic Site. They kind of soft-pedal the horrific conditions prisoners of war suffered, but nonetheless it's a pretty somber place.


Shut up, Sound-bite. Still waiting for the cut-and-paste of yourself. Can't find it? Been looking a long,long time.

I'm sick of all these memorials to our fallen soldiers. If we really cared, we'd quit sending them to die. I wish the South had seceded. We'd be better off for it today instead of being held hostage by a bunch of ignorant haters. Maybe, just maybe, the educated North would have become a socialized democracy. We seem to lust after war and dead soldiers.

And in case anyone hasn't noticed, we're still fighting segregation. I watched a Canadian segment on the Freedom buses and they visited the south and found apartheid alive and well. Thank you very much.

Americans sure do like to celebrate. Must be the beer.


I'd like to know if that union soldier lived. I guess he must have if he made it that far but - oh, my gosh!


Catching up on Rachel from Friday and she's showing rodeo queens on hobby horses which is unbelievable in and of itself but, also, has a run-down of democratic wins in otherwise republican strongholds around the country. And also the low-down numbers of several governors - ie 29% Rick Perry.

I wish we had a really progressive President. I just know that Obama is going to give away the opportunity. So Cornell West called him an Uncle Tom? Time will tell. Is he in love with rich white men? Does anybody know for sure?

Alablama state legislator flipped parties. Sign of the times - medicare wise?

Sure doesn't mind sending the Justice Dept. after his own: Edwards.




Just dont Google his name...


I spent a large part of the afternoon at Tahoma National Cemetery with one of my grand daughters.
Come back and read joanie's 7:21 post. Very classy.
Canada is calling. Pull the pin and go.

Puget Sound Blathers

I wrote that we should reinstate a means tested Estate Tax; negotiate when the time comes a new tribal gaming revenue agreement that is not so one sided (we are the only state of all the states that does not have one); adopt the Danny Westneat plan to sell off this weird liquor monopoly (most states do not have a hand in selling liqour) which would eliminate a whole lot of costs on the G&A side and allow us to collect yearly revenue from the sale of it.

Puget Sound Blathers

Of course, those are proposals. It would take a strong Gov and a Legislature willing to take on the vested interests to get it done.
For example, why is it that all the other states with Tribal Gaming get a portion of the revenue but us? The Tribes offered us one that would give us between $40 to $140 million per year yet our Gov elected to go in a different direction.
We keep selling hard liquor as a State Run deal. Of course, if you go on the reservation run markets you can get all the liquor you want without having to make a special trip to the WA STate Liquor store.
Who benefits off of that?
Obviously, we could put in a rationale estate tax.

But here is the big thing we don't have, Joanie. That is Leadership.
Our Dem Gov's going back to Mike Lowry have failed us on funding education as called for in our State Constitution. The Dem run Legislature have failed us over the past decade on same.

Yet, all you can do is give 'em a pass cause they are Dems.

Why doesn't Gov Gregoire use her bully pulpit to go to the people when some of those Tim Eyeman initiatives start to get traction?

Using Tim Eyeman as a boogieman to blame your own failures is silly. All he does is put them on the ballot. The people vote em in. The Gov could be the difference maker on some of the ones you find so noxious.


Didn't citizens vote down privatization of liquor stores? Not sure.

Tribal money? Taking from the poor instead of the rich. Your answer, not mine.

Estate tax? Yes. Means tested - by whose standard? Be more specific.

Why not an easier answer. Go back to Clinton-era taxes on the ultra rich and help out the states the way it used to be. Too easy?

Yes. I agree about Eyman and have said it myself as you well know several times. However, he has become the label for one of our problems in this state. Do you think Eyman would allow a means-tested(?) estate tax? He is bank-rolled by the rich. You choose to blame Gregoire because she doesn't agree with your ideas. Neither do I. That doesn't make her weak. She's not a dictator.


Regarding using the bully pulpit: I think Obama has been lax in that area much more than Gregoire. She is doing the best she can do given the rancid politics in our state and her weak victory over Rossi. She was given no mandate and the Republicans in this state are no friend to government. You're a little like Fox News: you try to sound fair and balanced but in the end, you're all Republican. Give examples of how I'm wrong.


The Union commander in the photograph with this piece is, I am pretty sure, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, a great hero and leader. Look him up.

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