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May 16, 2011


Radio Queen

While the Blatherman headed to the real Washington, the Donald got a refund on his ticket. With him finally out of the spotlight, it's time to focus on some serious republican candidates. Will Romney be able to spin his way out of his own health care reform debacle? Will Newt dazzle us with his new morality? Will Pawlenty find a personality in time for the primaries? And who is this Herman Cain--the decided winner of the recent second tier GOP debate-- held in South Carolina, no less? I thought they were all racists down there...


Herman Cain - not a bad talker and comes across as a common sense candidate. Anybody who comes across as normal on the right sounds good. Hardly a victory.


Randi's having a field day with the candidates on the right. Anybody hear that the Donald has been sued for giving his name to a development which he pretended was a Trump development but wasn't? People are a tad upset. Now who was it on this blog that the Donald was credible? Who was that now?


Sorry - "that thought that the Donald was credible?"he right, almost anybody


Trump made the only reasonable move he could make and withdrew from consideration - anything else would have been beyond foolish. Gingrich should follow him out of the race because he's two-faced and has blown any credibility he had. He has ideas but he can't be trusted.

Meet the Press with Gregory who seems like another Soros puppet is a political hack and will never measure up to Tim Russert got what they wanted out of him yesterday - to tell the viewers how wrongheaded the rest of the GOP was except for him. - Ryan remarked afterward; "With allies like that, who needs the left ?" I'd like to see Ryan and him in a 1 on 1 debate - Newt would look more foolish after that.

George Will was also disgusted with Newt and blew him off as a serious candidate and claimed that Pawlenty, Daniel and BO are the only ones in the running for POTUS. Time will tell.


It wasn't just Trump that was shown up as a buffoon. When he spiked in the polls virtually everyone else in the Republican field scrambled to imitate his pronouncements, showing just how vapid and ready to pander most of them are.

Red State is reporting that Mitch Daniels is saying he's going to run. Given the dearth of Republicans already running that you could imagine actually governing the country, he could be a formidable candidate.


Funny that almost all of them have more executive experience than the incumbent caricature currently serving in the White House, such as the former Governors.


Gregory who seems like another Soros puppet...

When without a reasonable response, show the Soros card.

I posted that Daniels would run two weeks ago and you disagreed. My, my. As I said then, I know more about politics on the right than you do.

My, my.


Are you related to George Soros ?

I posted that Daniels would run two weeks ago and you disagreed. My, my. As I said then, I know more about politics on the right than you do.

Prove that, lest you be a liar. I do not recall having written that.


Well, I do. I don't need to prove anything. My memory must be better than yours.


Because you can't prove it - you lied. Your memory is more obfuscated and delusional. Just grasping at straws again...

You ASS-umed I said that and never said he would not run, I hadn't mentioned his name. I knew about the speech he gave at CPAC and it impressed a lot of people and know of some of his accomplishments in Indiana. He has not officially declared his candidacy yet, but rumors are that he will later this week.

I knew that either Mike Pence or him would run for POTUS and since Pence decided he would not, but consider running for Gov. of Indiana, that left the door open for Daniel to run -which looks probable now.


No, I posted a comment after seeing Daniels (not daniel) on a Sunday talk show. My recollection is that you didn't think he'd run. But I can't find it either. So think what you will.

I also posted that I think Bachmann will run and be a contender. You disagreed with that one, too. Do you still?


That's because I never said that he would not run. I never said one way or the other about Daniels on this blog. I was hoping Chris Christie would run and stated that several time, but he won't be running.

I did say that i didn't think Bachmann would run (if she does, she will not be a contender so that isn't significant). I also did not believe Palin would run and thought she'd be wasting her time if she did.

If you knew as much about the right as you claimed, you would comprehend their agenda and pay more attention to the tea party, which you clearly do not. You are more politically aligned with George Soros and Noam Chomsky.


All you fucking liberal losers were PUNK'D!


Bachman won't be a contender and yet you think we should pay more attention to the tea party? Bachmann is the tea party. Make up your mind.


Trump wanted to run, he didn't pull out because of his love for the tv show. he made the following mistakes.1. attacking obama on the birther thing.2, atacking obama on his grades,calling him a wimp,and any other personal attacks. it wasn't necessary to go personal. 4. attending the correspondents dinner, so Obams and the flunkie fROM SNL could mock him in person as he sat there scowling lik a stuffed turkey. 5. having the misfortune of the perfect storm arriving that weekend- (birth cert. reveal, jokers dinner, OBL raid).....the pollin several days later showed him cratering...he saw the polls and dropped out... Obama is one of the luckiest politicians on earth..Trump is not...

dave (not dave ross)

Tommy, Obama didnt need luck when it came to Trump, if he did stay in the race and take his circus act into the national arena it could only help the democrats.

Mike Barer

It's like the Gary Busey firing on his own show, you wanted it to happen, but it sure makes whats left, kind of boring.


The right-wing in America is a fucking reality show. Fire up the clown car boys 'n girls....let's ride.


So, Ron Paul wants to eviscerate Medicare, which has kept my Mom alive in her fight with Lymphoma, while stating we should have not killed Bin Ladin. Hmmmm....


He calls medicare and social security "slavery." Unbelievable.


Was that Ron or Rahn?

Coiler - Coburn is the next to go

Paul' son is even weirder. I thought the next generation improved with age.


What is Ron Paul's stand on the war in Afghanistan ?
Say what you will, but he is one of the few politicians that interprets the constitution literally and not as a living breathing and stinking document as the progressives advocate.

So explain how Ron Paul wants to eviscerate Medicare - the liberal progressive echo chamber keeps churning out fecal matter and being master baiters of race. I'd like to hear the specifics of what Ron Paul would plan to do. He has no chance - no need to waste your time ruminating about him.

Rand Paul has a few quirks, but he is relatively sane. Just by Coiler's comment, you can tell he is anti-leftist. Rand Paul is Tea Party. Bachmann is also, but few of you here get it - the Tea Party has no head honcho - it is a grass roots organization and amorphous and is growing- it stands for getting our financial house in order and living within our means and taking the constitution seriously, which runs counter and has become the counter culture.


Amorphous...hah...that's a good description, actually. But not in a way you meant.

Coiler - Coburn is the next to go

The tea party is not growing, just sitting there like shit in the outhouse over the spring, waitin' for grandpa GOP to do something.

Coiler - Coburn is the next to go

Dorothy Parvaz has been freed from Iran

The family of Dorothy Parvaz, a former Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter who was detained in Syria and then Iran in recent weeks, confirmed she was freed from detainment Tuesday.

Parvaz flew to Syria on April 29 to cover the political protests there for the Al Jazeera news network. But the network lost contact with her.

The Syrian government acknowledged that she was in custody, then on May 11 said Parvaz had been deported to Tehran following her detention in Damascus.

"I just got off the phone with Dorothy," her fiance, Todd Barker, said in a statement Tuesday. "She is safe in Doha and will be coming to Vancouver, B.C., soon. We can't wait to see her. She said that she was treated well in Iran. She sounded positive and grateful for the support -- but a little embarrassed. We are very thankful to Iranian authorities for her release and good treatment."

Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Former-P-I-reporter-freed-from-Iran-1384252.php#ixzz1MgAEpV9Y

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