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May 31, 2011



Weiner maintains a good sense of humor about this and this is the best approach, but I DO HOPE the authorities are following up and that the culprit will be exposed.
Wiener is likely to be a power on the political scene for some time because of his astute mind and telegenic appeal, so many shots will probably be taken at him by the right, as they are obviously fearful of his appeal.


Weiner is a WEENIE! That's FUNNY! HAHAHA!


The tweet was seen by basically no one even though Weiner has 43k followers. The tweet and the link to the picture were put out and then deleted so quickly that, again, basically no one saw it. The first anyone heard about any of this was on Breitbart's webpage. Someone he knows was one of the "lucky" ones who had been carefully monitoring Weiners Twitter and had been able to take a screen shot before the tweet and the pic were deleted. So lucky!
Brietbart has some sort of personality disorder that allows him to keep doing this kind of scam stuff and thinking people believe him.


Why wouldn't Breitbart think he's a journalist? His standards are not much worse than those of the countless corporate media hacks who, even after the exposure of his serial misrepresentations, still treat his "scandals" as legitimate at worst, he said/he said at best.


Did dave Ross talk about the weiner today? I tuned out when he started blathering about the sasquatch festival.

I remember when he used to consistently tackle meatier topics, like
how nothing has been fixed

BTW whatever happened to Melissa Line? I used to like getting her 'inside the beltway' perspectives when Dave interviewed her.


Weiner is a good target and loves to shoot off his piehole. Breitbart is an able whistler blower. Pete speaks the truth.

"Brietbart has some sort of personality disorder that allows him to keep doing this kind of scam stuff and thinking people believe him."

Posted by: sparky | May 31, 2011 at 04:49 PM

Double standards ? I don't see a scam here except possibly from Weiner, just stuff you don't want to hear because it makes the liberal progressives look unprofessional. The Daily KOS has a vendetta against Breitbart because he has attacked the leftwing establishment with his whistle blowing. I would apply your hypothesis to them and Media Matters -re:personality disorder. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.


Breitbart is an able whistler blower.

KS actually posted this.




Breitbart makes shit up.

Not much different from KIRO radio's "colorful spheres" bullshit, a made up phoney piece of lies for which no one in authority at KIRO or Bonneville has ever apologized for.


From Powerline - here's what went down..

"Was the photo in question of Weiner himself?

So, unless someone "hacked" his way into Weiner's bathroom--there to be greeted warmly by the Congressman, apparently--there is only one plausible conclusion. Weiner inadvertently made a private tweet of himself in his undershorts public".

Seems plausible to me, but all it seems like is that Weiner was trying to save face from an embarrassing photo by himself that accidentally went on Twitter.

OK -last 3 commentors - as you were saying ?

I'll say it again Joanie - Breitbart is an able whistle blower. He's an activist ( if he were a liberal progressive - you'd love his hutzpah) - his media sense has been good enough to be disturbing to the leftist bloggers, Joanie, Sparky and the numbnuts media.


Breitbart is the national Eyman, crazy in love with his stupid and his stupid followers in love with his crazy. Most see through this idiocy.


Hmm . . .

In the Palin case, the hacker was convicted on two federal charges, including gaining unauthorized access to a computer, and sentenced to a year and a day in prison.

And if true, Weiner certainly would not be the first high-profile person to have his Twitter hacked — celebrities from conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly to pop star Britney Spears have had rogue messages posted to their accounts.

Oh yes, there's only one way it could have happened and Breitbart has such a sterling reputation for getting his facts straight.


You know, Zim, I don't think Eyman is as evil as Breitbart. Really, I don't.

I think it was either Ed or Thom today talking about CNN having Breitbart on as a credible guest. Unbelievable. Takes all credibility away from CNN.


Reinforcing my argument that Repugs hate the shit out of Jews (in Medved/Lapins case, himself) but pretend they love them by defending Israel.

Proof? See whom they flock to when their true messiah - Gibson - emits his antisemetic bile


PS, 2nd greatest Jewish exodus? When McCain announced Fundy Spice as running mate



I agree, but the support from the followers of both speaks volumes.


Sure a good analysis of our devolution into our economic troubles by Robert Reich The Truth About the American Economy

I think he is perhaps the smartest on public policy of any of them.


Isn't Breitbart alreay getting sued by one of the previous people he smeared?


Shirley Sherrod is suing him


Zim: Eyman and Breitbart are apples and oranges.

Both are bomb-throwers with a tendency for self-aggrandizement and misrepresentation. But Eyman, love him or hate him, represents the perspectives of a lot of people - a fact progressives prefer to ignore. Breitbart speaks for nobody but himself. Eyman gets laws and policies changed; Breitbart throws mud.

A better comparison, though with vastly different politics, is Michael Moore from a decade and more ago, using edited video of his pranks to make his political points.

The difference is that Moore always carefully picked on people with a lot more power (and lawyers) than he had. Breitbart doesn't seem to care who he hurts along the way, from Shirley Sherrod to this hapless woman in Seattle who doesn't seem to have ever received this tweet from a politician she's never met.


By Shirley Sherrod ? she's a loser and that case has stalled - she threatened suing him last summer.

The double standards rule - if Breitbart were a leftist, you'd love him like you love Chavez or the fatso - Michael Moore. I'm curious, just how did Breitbart smear Weiner's weenie ? (in your own words)

Robert Reich is off the mark - he's another died in the wool Keynesian and a former labor secretary. I'll take Robert Samuelson's analysis of our economic troubles for a second opinion.


The case is still active. I hope he ends up penniless like those racists in N Idaho.

Mike D

"I'm curious, just how did Breitbart smear Weiner's weenie ? (in your own words)"

Get off your ignorant, fat duff and research it yourself KS.


Anthony Weiner is the classic, obnoxious Liberal.
Sure, he's easy to make fun of with his "Rat faced" caricatured look and over the top Commie speach...
But this type of story would be best ignored by the Right since it only looks like piling on.
Maybe Weiner sent the photo, and more likely he didn't.
Either way...
He should be evaluated for who he is, not by this freak show episode going on.


Hey Bastard, get you head out of your ass. We’re evaluating Breitbart…


Double Standards on parade...
Just what I thought - MIke D - you can't answer because it didn't happen - get your head out of your tuckus - you too, Zim and stop your obnoxious whining....

For a clear discussion on this, which Major Garrett has it pegged, see the following link;


This one has been sliced, diced and pureed - Rep. Weiner made an unfortunate foo-pah - he can either keep bloviating or not address it and move on.

The Anti-Dori

"In the Palin case, the hacker was convicted on two federal charges, including gaining unauthorized access to a computer, and sentenced to a year and a day in prison.

And if true, Weiner certainly would not be the first high-profile person to have his Twitter hacked — celebrities from conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly to pop star Britney Spears have had rogue messages posted to their accounts."

Try reading it again, KS. Joanie gave you the scoop. Why beat a dead horse? It does not reflect well on you.

Radio Queen

Interesting answers from Weiner to Maddow's direct line of questioning...



Yes, we're ahead of you. Already seen it. Isn't he wonderful? Of course, if you looked at her blog - which I'm sure you did - you'll see a complicated explanation about uploading and downloading etc. It's all there.


BTW, Queen, either Sparky or I would be happy to teach you to hot link.


Try reading it again, KS. Joanie gave you the scoop. Why beat a dead horse? It does not reflect well on you.

Posted by: The Anti-Dori | June 01, 2011 at 12:54 PM

Give it up, AD - you are assuming wrongly. Weiner covered up to avoid embarrassment. Until I see documentation that the FBI investigated hacking in his case, I am sticking to that version.

I was out in front of this big f'in story and knew that yesterday, but tried to break it to you gently. Weiner tried to give a convincing argument in his defense, but even the leftwing media said that he seemed overly defensive and now he'd like it to just go away.


Hey Bastard, get you head out of your ass. We’re evaluating Breitbart…
Posted by: Zim

Actually... Weiner IS the story and has been becoming more of the story as it has unfolded.
I still maintain that he could have had his account hacked and a photo that is his published without permission.

Breitbart reports, you decide.

Radio Queen

Well, Joanie, nice to know you'd already seen it, but I don't post for you. And thanks for the offer, butt I don't like hot links on this blog--I'd rather know where I'm headed before I press a link.


I don’t care about Weiner’s shlong. I’m concerned that he was hacked.

South King County

Let the police or even the FBI make that determination. Time will tell.

If Weiner does not press for an investigation, we will know its a coverup or a faux story, which would be a crime - if he asks the police to investigate something for which no one hacked him. Breitbart reports - you decide...

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