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May 15, 2011



I am glad that he is out also, but for different reasons.


I think he knows that it would be a waste of time this year. I'm a Feingold supporter but no one is going to beat Obama after the bin Laden victory. No one. A waste of money trying. Especially a democrat.

As for the name If someone named "Barack Obama" could win, so could a man named "Huckabee." Hahaha.


The taking out of UBL is overrated especially among the liberal progressive shills. That will do nothing toward improving the economy and minimally,if at all affect gas prices. BO's rating has slipped a good deal with the Hispanic voting block since 2008, which will make or break it for POTUS race.

In other words, it's still wide open with a year and a half to go, with the caveat if Al -Zawahiri is killed between now and then - his chances of reelection will improve.


KS buddy it is just KILLIN ya that Obama is the one that got him huh? Man up mister! Move on! Ease your pain! There is plenty left to bitch about! LMAO


Why are you playing that game Jovita ? It's going to KILL you in the end also - its just that you aren't bright enough to see the handwriting on the wall, when he destroys the economy and the country you love unless you want a one-world government and a welfare state. The choice is yours.


minor change - (keeping in mind that the probability that the congressional branch will be controlled by the GOP - the lesser of two evils)

with the real threat of destruction of the economy and the country you love unless you want a one-world government and a welfare state. The choice is yours.

Puget Sound Blathers

In 2012 with the Repubs in firm control of the House and Senate, they'll force Pres Obama play like Bill Clinton.
Let him continue to compromise on the economics as he has done with the foreign policy. For those that doubt it, how you liking those Bush Tax Cuts...LMAO

The real progressives will likely primary Pres Obama with Russ Feingold (I wish Joanie would stop taking my advice as it is giving me pause when she is agreement) if this third war continues in Libya.

Look for Seal Team 6 to drop into Libya and take out Khaddafy....ooops, that would be illegal now wouldn't it. ('thank you' Frank Church and Jimmy Carter)


The Ron and Don of Blatherwatch.

Puget Sound Blathers

as are you the humorless hater aka mike malloy of blatherwatch...


Malloy again? You can do better than that, surely.

Puget Sound Blathers

okay, let's go with the ever reliable randi rhodes...

forgot to ask, how's your old 'fav' lion of the left, bernie ward doing?

he scheduled to get out yet? maybe he could do some call in shows from the prison...


I've never heard Bernie Ward in my life. What's the matter with you? Do you only come on this blog to be stupid and talk trash?


A post from Huffington I thought interesting:

Here is what caused the budget debt and deficit and why the tea bagger Repubs are being such hypocrites about raising the debt ceiling:

96% of current Deficit Spending Comes from BUSH PROGRAMS:

National Debt Increased by 75% under Bush:

2001 - $5.871 trillion
2008 - $10.640 trillion

National Debt Increased 25% Under

Jan 31st 2009 = $10.569-Tr­­illion
Jan 31st 2011 = $14.131-Tr­­illion

But of the $3.56-tril­­lion increase, 98% was carry over from Bush programs:

Bush: $910-billi­­on = Interest on Debt 2009/2011
Bush: $360-billi­­on = Iraq War Spending 2009/2011
Bush: $319-billi­­on = TARP/Bailo­­ut Balance from 2008 (as of May 2010)
Bush: $419-billi­­on = Bush Recession Caused Drop in taxes
Bush: $190-billi­­on = Bush Medicare Drug Program 2009/2011
Bush: $211-billi­­on = Bush Meicare Part-D 2009/2011
Bush: $771-billi­­on = Bush Tax Cuts 2009/2011

Bush's contributi­­ons:

2001 to 2008: $4.769-tri­­llion
2009 to 2010: $3.181-tri­­llion

Total: $7.950-tri­­llion

Increase Since 2001 = $14.131 - $5.871 = $8.26-Tril­­lion

Bush's contributi­­on: $7.950-tri­­llion / $8.26-Tril­­lion = 96%

Obama only contributi­­on: $580-billi­­on = Stimulus Spending (as of Dec 2010).

Increase caused By Bush's Programs: 96%
Increase caused by Obama's Programs: 4%


PS- I think Bernie ward has almost turned the corner at thr top and started the downhill leg on his 6 year sentence. He's got to be feeling somwewhat better now, since hes no longer in east armpit texas federal prison. Seems liek the Bush DOj really slammed him as payback for his radio shows. Dude needed ot serve sonme time, aS IN YEARS, not months dont get me wrong. Do you know that hose 50 year old guys on To Catch a PerdatorDateline NBC , who were actually intending to commit statutory rape with what they thought was a 13 year old girl , often get sentenced to two or three months, with the rest as probation?

Totally Stupid Conservative

why is tommy and pewget fascinated with bisexuality, anus, and other bodily functions?


I've never heard Bernie Ward in my life. What's the matter with you? Do you only come on this blog to be stupid and talk trash?

Posted by: joanie | May 15, 2011 at 04:47 PM

Stick it where the sun don't shine... Hahaha never heard of Bernie Ward who was the 1-2 leftist punch on KGO with Ray Taliafarro for many years- you expect us to believe that ? You lie, la hag de Blatherwatch.

We are here Joanie, because you are a fountain of misinformation and trash talk toward opinions that differ from yours- once again; pot meet kettle. When are you going to stop insulting our intelligence ? (a rhetorical question) I know its hard to teach an old dog new tricks and so be it.


Increase Since 2001 = $14.131 - $5.871 = $8.26-Tril lion

Bush's contributi on: $7.950-tri llion / $8.26-Tril lion = 96%

Obama only contributi on: $580-billi on = Stimulus Spending (as of Dec 2010).

Increase caused By Bush's Programs: 96%
Increase caused by Obama's Programs: 4%

Posted by: joanie | May 15, 2011 at 05:01 PM

The above post is a good example of lieing with statistics by cherry picking and ambiguous numbers - furthermore you can't link it.

For starters, the stimulus was $787 billion of spending, as of before Dec. 2010 and $580 billion may have been spent, but the rest of it is not available for use, so it is really $787 billion. The increase of 96% by Bush and 4% by Obama is ridiculous - another number pulled out of someone's a$$.

Puget Sound Blathers

good points, ks.

it wouldn't be so bad if she could come up with plausible information. but she probably hears it on Randi and thinks it must be good.

The Anti-Dori

Been a while. I see nothing has changed. Where's Sparky and Coiler? They been driven away? Huckabee is a non-starter. Bachmann has taken his constituency. FYI, Joanie didn't say "never heard OF" but "never heard" - there's a difference KS. As for Puget Sound, she linked it. You don't have to guess where she heard it. She told you and gave you the link.

What do you all think of the questions popping up around the world regarding the assassination of ObL?

Puget Sound Blathers

facts and reason came to into play, coiler and sparky slunk away.
nice to see your 'return' anti-dori.

as for OBL, glad he is dead. you're not one of those 'gotta see the pics or it ain't legit' types are you?


I still don't necessarily buy that she hasn't heard Bernie Ward and she still gave an evasive answer because she was trying to distance herself from the pervert- she certainly knows what he was about and that was enough to understand PS's - one of most well know liberal progressive talkers for over a 15 year period until he was put in the slammer for his pervert crime. Sorry, AD - no link. The statistics are suspect, but I don't expect a hyperpartisan like you to see that.

Bachmann - who knows if she even is running - she won't go anywhere.

Totally Stupid Conservative

is waering a diaper a pervert crime? I can't belieeve that the senator from louisanna is not in jail for acting like a baby and having sex with a hooker but maybe he could of been walking the hillbilly trail in peru with a hooker too.

The Anti-Dori

You're right, KS. The link isn't hot. Hmm. I hadn't tried it. But it is referenced - Huffington - so took it on face value. Guess I'll give it a try.

I think the better part of valor is to not guess about someones listening habits. She's pretty honest about her listening preferences. In fact, she blogs quite often about who she listens to. Sure you're not confusing her with Sparky who appears to listen to KGO often and blogs so? I don't listen to KGO so I never listened to Bernie. I find progressive talk more informational.


In rebuttal to Joanie's cut and paste from the Huff Post, the fact is that Obama has spent as much in 3 years as Bush did in 8 years. Bush was accused of spending like a drunken sailor, and Obama has spent the same amount in 37.5% of the time.

A verdict on the Stimulus bill (from Powerline)

Economists Timothy Conley and Bill Dupor have studied the effects of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the purported stimulus bill) with great rigor. Earlier this week, they reported their findings in a paper titled "The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Public Sector Jobs Saved, Private Sector Jobs Forestalled." The paper is dense and rather lengthy, and requires considerable study. Here, however, is the bottom line:

Our benchmark results suggest that the ARRA created/saved approximately 450 thousand state and local government jobs and destroyed/forestalled roughly one million private sector jobs. State and local government jobs were saved because ARRA funds were largely used to offset state revenue shortfalls and Medicaid increases rather than boost private sector employment. The majority of destroyed/forestalled jobs were in growth industries including health, education, professional and business services.

So the American people borrowed and spent close to a trillion dollars to destroy a net of more than one-half million jobs. Does President Obama understand this? I very much doubt it. When he expressed puzzlement at the idea that the stimulus money may not have been well-spent, and said that "spending equals stimulus," he betrayed a shocking level of economic ignorance."

That is the rest of the story...

Coiler - Coburn is the next to go

That was a cut and paste from "Powerline"

 Radio Queen

Jeez, Joanie, you really ought to be more discerning about the stats you post. The statisticians worked overtime on spinning this little tale. Most importantly, who the president is doesn't much matter--it's who controlled Congress, since that's where the budgets actually come from. But if we play the game the way it's been presented here, KS points to an obvious flaw: the deficit has risen, in 2+ years, almost as much as it did in 8. And if you're going to credit Bush for carryover into Obama's term, the you must do the same from Clinton to Bush. And, finally, if you extrapolate how much Health Care Reform (most of which hasn't even kicked in yet) will add to the deficit...well, the whole argument falls like a house of cards. Too bad you can't push the "unpost" button, huh?


A-Dori, you are correct, I am the one who listens to KGO, not joanie.


To access reliable statistics on our economy and government spending, check out; http://www.shadowstats.com/


So the American people borrowed and spent close to a trillion dollars to destroy a net of more than one-half million jobs.

Interesting claim but where's the evidence?

Ah, Queen. You are just another Puget Sound and KS who come here to spew sour grapes. A put down on the Ross/Burbank thread and a put down of me above. Have you anything but put downs to offer? As for your rebuttal to my post: it isn't one. Just a lot of unsupported claims. Just like KS'. At least the Huffington poster who proposed that gave us some actual figures and analysis. But we all know substance and analysis is anathema to rightwingers. So, guess we just have to chalk it up to emotion and general rants 'cuz it's what you do. As for "unpost"? - why?

KS, always grasping for straws. Again, I've never listened to Ward. All I know about him is what has been written on this blog. God, you put up some really weak straw men. Really weak.

Sorry the link wasn't hot. I'll try again tomorrow if I feel like it. Easy to find it. Just put part of the quote into google and search. That's how I find your plagiarized sources all the time.

Now to bed. Blatherwatchers: I'm sure this comment at this hour has earned me another "wine" 'drinking" "alcohol" label of some sort. Well, if you all think that, you must be rather surprised that I can still defeat the idiots to whom I just responded.


NBC's Nora O'Donnell on Meet the Press said that the OBl raid, according to the pollsters, should have given Obama a 10 % BUMP....INSTEAD HE ONLY GOT A 3-5% bump.....hes slippinng back down in gallup polling todau...bwaaahahahahahahahahaa

Radio Queen

Oh, Joanie...I see you've already forgotten that first stats lesson I had to give you on Planned Parenthood. And now you're dissing my second? I'm beginning to think you're unteachable. It only took a quick second with a calculator to see that those actual figures and so-called analysis were purely spun from democratic delusions. The absurdity of the information was so glaring that I was honestly surprised you posted it. By now, you've surely figured out that the data is indefensible, which is why you didn't even bother trying.

Yes, Joanie, you've defeated the idiots once again...in your dreams.


Monson is onair rightno trashing Ann Currie, ridiculing her as she announces her succession to Viera as cohost og Today. Another mega-successful American female, who Dori has problems with, in a long list of them. Lets see,Dori, I'm guessing Curry will be banking at least 13 million a year now,dOI, with hER promotion, probABLY MORE, while you'er still kvelling over g your feat of breaking the 6 figure mark.hahah Dori ..haha Dori..Ann Curry is great and she deserves it...much better than the two hags katie and meredith...


Anny Curry has no talent and should be doing weather in Klammath Falls!

Does anybody even watch these morning shows?


I see you've already forgotten that first stats lesson...

You mean that massive assumption without facts, numbers nor analysis?

Hahahahahaha. Ah, Queen. You do sell youself well. An empty crown unfortunately.

The empty crown, the klueless comic and the bean counter: the three blatherers who can't. Well, you're good for a laugh anyway.


hey Burbank- the Supreme Court just ruled that the cops don't need a warrant if they smell pot smoke coming out of the house.....be advised in futre....just sayin'......


"To the American people borrowed and spent close to a trillion dollars to destroy a net of more than one-half million jobs.

Interesting claim but where's the evidence?"

Posted by: joanie | May 16, 2011

Right here...

If you don't bother to see for yourself, I don't care. It just speaks more for what you are about.

Queen was only calling you on your crap - you seem to have a difficult time handling any type of criticism - so sad.


Criticism? Yes. I'd rather have facts. Thank you.


"This paper uses variation across states to estimate . . . " - and you kept reading?


Well, there's always another point of view isn't there? Flawed Methodology

Me, I'm going back to my King Salmon dinner.


Criticism ? Of your faulty facts to keep the debate honest...

Did you read why that paper used variation across states to estimate ? This paper served as a reasonable approximation of the number of jobs created and lost by the stimulus (ARRA) that throws cold water on the Obama Admin's unfounded claims.

Flawed Methodology seems like a questionable attempt to refute the other paper, which smacks of political partisanship - like he consulted with the likes of a Krugman beforehand. He doesn't really make his point very well, but he clearly states he took issue with the reliability of the findings then offers an analogy to GT that seems like apples and oranges in some areas.

The comments were mixed as one comment below demonstrates.

I"f that methodology does not satisfy you, then run a controlled experiment, in which you randomly assign some very bright students into GT classes and others into non-GT classes."

This idea suggested above is plainly unethical.


questionable attempt . . . smacks of political partisanship

Now where have I heard that before? Oh, I remember. That's your response to everything factual.


No substance - don't go away angry, just go away...

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