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May 12, 2011



What's with the Jake bashing here?
He's doing the same schtick that he did with Boze except its... With Dori.
Jessica is awful.
Not sure where the "sexy" part comes in unless that's what selective whispering is.
I'd love to hear a lot less of her on Dori's show, but if most listeners like her there... tough ear shit for me.


Who's the snake next to Gottesman?

And what's that Boa doing on the guy's neck?


>>Welcome Jessica. Put some ant poison in his Snapple, or something... won't you?<<

Why would you want her to do that, Michael? Once Dori's gone this blog will cease to exist.


Dori is a girl's name, you know.

blathering michael

Dear John: so true. My work on this earth would finally be done. Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing...


Jesus. Where do you get these pictures, Mike? Dori looks like somebody is goosing him, Jessica looks like she has a turd in her mouth, and Jake seems to be 17 years old.


Gottesman is truly unqualified. She is a 'newsreader'. If it's not typed out for Gottesman forget about it. Furthermore, she incessantly talks with ridiculous inflections. Does every freakin story have to begin with some dramatic deleivery ending in a question mark?!?

She has a very surface understanding of the issues. Frequently she is 'caught off guard' in our conversations and babbles her way out. Pay attention to what this woman literally says and you'll be astonished.

I think this partnership is doomed.


Truth is an idiot.

I know Jessica and she is no mere "newsreader". She has a law degree from Fordham University, divides her time with a family with hosting a country satellite radio show and writes and researches all her news on KIRO. She also worked on the Bloomberg TV network while getting her law degree. What IS insulting is the way this blog always goes for the sexual angle whenever discussing women on the radio.


Pleather...there are lots of dumb lawyers out there. Her 2nd husband is a rich doctor that gives her all the Eastside luxuries she has come to expect.

You need to listen to this woman speak. When she 'comments' on a story it is all 'surface' and is merely the regurgitation of the conventional talking points of the day. Her show prep equals surfing the web. She adds nothing.

I'm tired of former stoners (Burbank), washed up Shock Jocks (R&D) and wannabe newsreader commentators (Radke, Gottesman). Let's get some qualified personnel at KIRO.

Gottesman could not


If there's one real bright spot with the "addition" of the already-there Jessica, it's that the inspid Jake-what's-his-name will find his airtime even more limited. From his thin, scratchy voice, to his thin "whatever you say, Dori" comment-echos, this kid belongs on the air like Dori deserves to take over for Dan Lewis. It's true in every occupation: sometimes you're simply not qualified. Better the untalented just keep turnin' those dials and punchin' those buttons. THERE'S a career for you.

The fact that Monson fought the addition of Gottesman only proves that the mindless fanaticism of the Shortest Man In Show Business simply desires no balance, no reason and no tempering of whatever right-wing Issue of the Day he's lifted from Hannity or Limbaugh. Dori Monson: Graduate Number One of the "Glenn Beck School of Desperate Right-Wing Radio Wannabe's."


Truth....""former" stoner?......i'd say it's still on and popping nightly......


Yeah, Pete, Dori is a Japanese girl's name as in TakeShit-Dori. Sounds like a good idea!

Mike Barer

I had just read Jessica's wikipedia entry, it's very impressive. It looks like she is a mentor to the staff.


You are all missing the point: this marks the end of the "one-man radio show" on KIRO FM. Now it's all two-person shows (the live ones, that is). Is there some credible data that backs up this trend in talk radio nationally or is it only in this market? The same thing is happening at KJR and KIRO AM as well.


I want to know how they are paying them? Double big salaries or have Dori and Dave taken much smaller salaries to accommodate their partners not to mention the benefits which I imagine include medical and maybe pensions of some sort?


It all began with Howard Stern's sidekick...Robin. The theory is that is elimnates 'dead air space' and adds 'texture' to the broadcast.

John and Ken in LA have also successfully implemented this format. In fact R&D regularly steal topics and techniques from John and Ken.


Well, don't expect Rush or Hannity to have a co-host on with them. Frankly, I just HATE the interaction with the "producer" or "newsperson."

  tru blu

hey Seattle has a program with two girls as hosts we are making progress


Jessica sounds fake to me. Linda sounds real. Real is sexier than fake any day.

Dan in Auburn

"Dear John: so true. My work on this earth would finally be done. Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing..."
Posted by: blathering michael

Not until R&D are off the air...


I think they could save on producers with this new KIRO FM format. Don't have to book guests or do research.
Just write in program log: "10:16-10:29 Two hosts chat about fluffy inane subject"
10:29-10:35 News and commercials
10:35-10:44 Two hosts talk about another inane topic.

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour

Thanks NoBS (you liar) I want MY news to sound sexy. What a dumb-ass comment to make.

And "Truth," did the nurse come by and take the computer out of your hands? You didn't finish your last (sure-to-be-ill-informed, but no less opinionated) sentence. Was it "pill-time?"


ive gotten immune to Gotttesman' s affectations, but her loud laugh seems hollow and fake.Gottesman at least has some critical thinking skills , and she has a heart , two things that Monson doesn't have. Since there aer no more callers, practically speakng, Gottesman is the only calllenge to his asinine pontifications. There seemed to be a subtle change with her today, perhaps because of the formal announcemen of her new rols in the show., she seemed less deferential and more assertive in her opinions and counters to the world's smallest man.Two things occurred of note today- Gottesman was delivering the news about Tiger Wodds havign to drop out of a big golf tournament today because of his knee and heel. Monson whooped it up, indulging in schadenfreude over the golfer's misfortune."Good,'!he shouted, over and over . "That womanizer!" ....."Do you want him hurt?" Gottesman asked pointedly, cutting through his crap. Monson didn't answer and they drifted off the subject. The next thing was when they were talkign about a program to help disadvantaged kids who keep a C average and avoid any felonies get into college. "So their kids aRE on the discounted and free lunch program at school, so you know they just screwed off in life," he said describing the parents of the kids eligible for the program." Then Monson went on a rant indulging once again in his resentment and chip on the shoulder over having grown up poor, working his way through school. Jessica countered him with a voice of compassion, in support of the program, but Monson just continued his rant. "You grew up in poverty too, Jessica!, Monson exclaimed, frustrated that the Gottesman could share a similar background but not his meanspirited resentment and outrage that some kids might be getting some breaks he never got. I think as Gotteman feels her oats in her new formal role on the show you'll see her shutting down this little pissant with more frequency and forcefulness.


We didn't get Monson off the air this contract cycle, but we can credit ourselves with a victory. We got him saddled with Gottesman, in a formal role as basically equal partner, always there to counter , diss and expose him as the buffoon he is.


Jessica has been trying too hard with her gushy, overplayed enthusiasm.
"Oh Dori, you're so funny... Haw haw haw".
It's very annoying.
Phoney and annoying.
Can't blame her for sucking up since it's her job it seems.
I like Jake.
He's on a bit more than he needs to be, but he's a producer/sidekick.
But yeah...
Jessica's fake, forced laugh is just too much.


Dori+Jake+Jessica= Annoying

Curley+Jake+Jessica= Okay Radio

Can you spot the difference?

Joe Blough

People still listen to Dori? I've switched to Ken on KOMO. Stopped listening to Dori ever since they stopped taking calls from us listeners. Screw you KIRO.


Ron & Don mentioned at the beginning of yesterday's show that Jessica had left the company. Anyone know where's gone to? While i found her voice sort of annoying at first, I got used to hearing her on KIRO.


No one's talking. She was there for her shift on Tuesday, but by that afternoon, the all-staff email simply stated that she'd left the company, effective that very day, with a pretty weak "thank her for her service" ending.

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