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May 20, 2011



Speaking of Friday guests, can we dump Joni Balter next? It's not like her brand of suburban ignorance masquerading as conventional wisdom isn't well-(over)represented in other local media.

Coiler - Coburn is the next to go

He dragged Rick Steves into it as well. Science and engineering nerds like Mass have no social skills. He also forgot it's not his station nor does his standing at the UW protect his 5 mins of fame every Friday.


I'm sure if Mass would have criticized private education and/or homeschoolers, not a word would have been said! Intolerance at KUOW/NPR -- who'd have thunk it!


Like him or not, Cliff was the weather authority on Seattle broadcasting, radio or television, bar none. Now we are once again stuck with the usual humdrum weather on broadcast outlets. Do most of these weather guessers parrot the National Weather Service, or is it my imagination?

dave (not dave ross)

Cliff Mass is a great weatherman who is honest, tries to make sense of the weather in the northwest in way that teaches people about the science of weather, not just a talking head who spouts off the temperature and wind conditions. As a professor he has made controversial comments about the UW, and since hes not PC and speaks his mind he upset some people. I urge people to go to http//cliffmass.blogspot.com/ and make up thier own minds. Scroll back to any topic that might interest you and it will be informative. When a major storm is brewing it will be the only place you need to go to get the real forcast. The one sided portrayal of Mass by Hood for this topic does not give him credit for the scholar and mentor he is, RIP my ass Hood

blathering michael

YEAH! Maybe Cliff can get his own show on KTTH...


I wonder what Cliff thinks about gay abortions???


tds, if you actually knew what Cliff says about education, you would probably agree with him. I think it was a matter of him wanting a platform rather than going along with what the station had in mind for him to do. He has made a lot of enemies over the math textbook flap, not because of what he is saying, but his in-your-face attitude. He also sees things through the lens of a college professor who is used to teaching to an audience of kids not geared into the mentality of doing what they need to to get an A, rather than actually learning something. This is what NCLB has brought us. He has a new audience, and it is frustrating him.

His tone changes on his blog when he speaks passionately about weather.


TDS: The problem wasn't that Maas said un-PC things at KUOW; Weekday has plenty of such guests. It's that he was talking about non-weather topics at all despite repeated requests to not do so.

Though if he'd strayed into gardening tips, Weekday would probably have had him on daily...

BlaM: He won't get a show on KTTH. That might cost Bonneville money, god forbid.

The Anti-Dori

Mass is a good weatherman. His beliefs about global warming now called climate change were suspect and not of his job description nor are any of his other opinions. It's pretty simple. Any employer has the right to determine content of said product. Why the disgruntlement and angst?


It's really a shame how many in journalism and the media simply don't understand the responsibility scientists have to educate the public on these issues.

The issue of terrible math education is one that will affect the community at large for years to come if it's not addressed. He was promised such an opportunity and it never came.

But it's pretty obvious to me that the author of this blog simply doesn't understand why math might actually be important here in the greater Seattle area.

The Anti-Dori

He was promised. . . ? And how do you come to know that? I doubt it. Most climatologist, atmospheric scientists, meteorologists - you choose the name - are rarely qualified to expound on other topics and even more rarely to be given an open mike on someone else's program.

Logic conflicts with your comment.


What is obvious about it 512?


Funny, Funny! Mass belongs to a group called "Where's the Math" and they think they know everything there is to know about teaching math. Although . . . I don't recall Mass being in the forefront of scientists educating the public on climate change. As I recall, he was on the wrong side of that one. Correct me please if I err.

An, Anti-D: you are a logical articulate liberal. I can tell. Appreciate your posts on this blog.


Mass does not deny that climate change is and will happen. But he often points out that it will come to the PNW later rather than earlier due to our proximity to the ocean.

Mass thinks math should be taught by rote. That is fine to an extent but the legislature wants kids to apply math in odd scenarios in their myriad of tests the kids are required to take. We just finished up week #3 of testing at my school. One week to go. Next year, we will be giving the 3 week long district online test 3 times a year. That is 9 weeks where we could actually be teaching something. 9 weeks is a whole trimester at my school. Add to that the three weeks it takes to do the MSP (formerly the WASL) and you can see how ridiculous all this testing is--especially when it takes away so much instruction time.


Cliff Mass may have picked the wrong forum to opine but God bless him for doing so. Who better to question education than an educator who sees the product of that education? I support him 100% and look forward to hearing where he lands, be it his own podcast (yes, please) or some other radio station where they respect him not only for his expertise but for his experience.


It's all a government media conspiracy - more intolerance shown on NPR, now that Joanie's uncle - George Soros is a minority shareholder of NPR.

I support Dr. Mass's position of teaching math and science - unlike the elite, he cares about the fact that America is being dumbed down. Time to go watch and become more comfortable with the movie; "Dumb and Dumber" - this movie will look smart in the future.


Mass still has his weather blog - very informative. If you want to be intellectually challenged, its a great resource.

BTW - contrary to Blam's expose, he is pro-global warming, but not for c(r)ap and trade and carbon trading - the biggest ponzi scheme ever attempted. When it comes to weather, he tells it like it is. But, I suppose that anyone who does that is too threatening to the liberal progressive echo chamber.

dave (not dave ross)

Anti Dori, he was promised because it was a condition Mass made to KUOW at his hiring that he be allowed to talk about more than the weather, to educate about science and pick topics he thought were important to listeners. So its logical he would talk about more than just the weather.


Why do I have this feeling that Mass will be a guest on Dori's show in the near future, allowing Dori to bash Public Broadcasting and teachers all in one neat little package....?

Coiler - Coburn is the next to go

If he does, he has poisoned any chance of being back on a public radio venue. Well he has already.


Coburn will be around a lot longer than you want to believe. I give him credit to resigning from the gang of 6, which turned out to be sham. He should stay a Senator.

Puget Sound Blathers why Coils is scared of Sen Coburn

Sen Coburn hits a little too close to home for Coils.


Yep, the fully disclosed truth is kryptonite to Coils, Joanus and the usual suspects.


The problem is that Scher is just plain bad at his job - tone deaf to his guests, incapable of leading a conversation without derailing it completely, humorless except in a very narrow band, and full, of, weird pauses and, stutters. Mass is interesting because he is not a "weatherbabe", and he shouldn't be expected to dance like one.


"stuttering" is considered desirable on NPR. As well as sounding like an amateur. How many Brook Gladstone fans are out there? I imagine quite a few but she sounds like a high school novice to me.

Could it be that Mass was expected to teach science and math and not philosophy or politics?

As for his take on climate change, i think it has evolved over time. There's a difference between educating and evangelizing. Reason vs. emotion . . . Facts vs. beliefs... But as is regulatly demonstrated on this blog, few rightwingers can tell the difference.


Joanie = boring, boring..


Christ, it's like no one here has ever taken an advanced math or science course. Are they really that scary?

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