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April 20, 2011



It's the John Birch society v.2

Junius T.

How many Tea Partyers are under 55? Can you take seriously a movement that has no youth? If these assholes were taking over college campuses, I'd be worried about them. They seem to be just a bunch of geezers who have their Medicare but don't want anyone else to. Not much of a base. In 5 years, most of the people interviewed in this video will be dead. Not exactly a "movement."


Seems like a genuine bowel movement to me. Absolute crap!


Now you see why education is put on the back burner by Republicans. So they can breed more of these people. Plain as hell!

South Tacoma

Everyone of those people were educated by union teachers.
But they are right (the ones that expressed opinions) about Social Security and Obamacare being socialist programs.
I doubt that you could go to a democrat party program in S.C. and find the libs much different, if at all. They are probably dumber based on them being democrats in the first place.
So much for the lie that Republicans are the party of the rich.

David M

"Party of the rich"? No they're the party of the selfish (many, but not all, of whom happen to be wealthy e.g. Koch Brothers) -- and the gullible. Some are both. But no, not merely rich.


ah, Cackylacky...


Donald Trump is truly the Wig Party

Puget Sound

that's actually pretty good, coiler.


God bless the diversity that is the USA! I am so thankful that I was born here and not in South Carolina.


kind of scary to the Obama types that Trump is so popular right now, before he's even announced and dim bulbs like Monson are still trivialing his appearances as a publicity stunt. there are plenty of tea party people in their forties and thirties. Once he announces next month, he will skyrocket in popularity and move along smartly through the summer months gaining strength.......Go Don Go....none of the other repugs can beat BO ......the Donald can....


George, that was great. Keep it up.

Andanyone catch this song for the President in S.F.

Dear Mr. President we honor you today sir

Each of us brought you $5,000

It takes a lot of Benjamins to run a campaign

I paid my dues, where's our change?

We'll vote for you in 2012, yes that's true

Look at the Republicans - what else can we do

Even though we don't know if we'll retain our liberties

In what you seem content to call a free society

Yes it's true that Terry Jones is legally free

To burn a people's holy book in shameful effigy

But at another location in this country

Alone in a 6x12 cell sits Bradley

23 hours a day is night

The 5th and 8th Amendments say
this kind of thing ain't right

We paid our dues, where's our change?

Puget Sound

Looks like the 'progressives' on this blog are content to let you head to Gitmo to collect the 'change.'

Funny how the 'progressives' here have no problem with the Bush Policies as long as it is a Dem running 'em.

USAPATRIOT, GITMO, 3 Wars, Bush Tax Cuts, etc etc etc.

Where's the outrage?

Or was it all politics?


Yes Puget Sound. No outrage, just hypocrisy. Take "Alpha" Joanie, she was so brave to come out the other week about her new MAC Computer. What will she do now when she reads that Apple is the most UNGREEN company in the world. Its hilarious yet sad all at once.


OMG - I am MAC user also and soon to get a IPad.

Yes, being a leftist means you never have to say your'e sorry (in their own minds), in spite of reeking hypocrisy and the truth often getting in their way.

Part of me says I hope that Trump runs - the GOP sorely needs a leader and if nothing else, he will make the other candidates look better in the campaign (Pawlenty, Daniel (?), Herman Cain and anyone else (I purposely left out Romney)). He has cajones and can be a good communicator, two qualities that the Repuglicans have been void of for too long - however he is a semi-loose cannon... Trump would attract a good number of independents and Hispanics will probably gravitate to him - especially if he picks the right guy for VP. It won't be easy to beat the sitting POTUS even if he is an incompetent ideologue.

On caveat, remember Ross Perot and Rudy Guilliani - better have an alternate candidate in mind - for those who want to dethrone BO.


im waiting for tonigh't encore presentation of The Dead Pool on AMC, coming on at 10 p.m. the first showing is on right now. This will be my chance to finally see Dr. Bill Wattenburg make his cameo appearance. He dies very early in the film, possibly the first victim on the dead pool list. he' sin at least one other Dirty Harry movie, i believe and maybe more Eastwood movies.


Yeah I saw Dr Strangelove rocking out to Guns N' Roses as the dead mannequin in the bed.


How did they get him to rotate his head like that??


just saw it. old Dr. Bill comes out in his tennis togs, gets into his Mercedes sedan, and blows up into eternity when the little r/c race car with the plastic explosives scoots under his car. Joanie would love it.

Puget Sound

here--ban water!

so let's get this straight. this dem strategist recorded hours and hours of interviews and got 6 minutes of ignorance. reminds me of classic penn and teller going to one of those enviro protest get togethers and showing how a lot of these folks (on the right or left) are basically ignorant joiners.


the belief that Obama was foreign born and a Muslim may qualify as ignorance , but their support of Trump is not. Looks like the guy looked for the oldest , least educated geezers he could fnd out of the group, so people like Joanie could watch the video and feel superior.

Jovita is Tommys friend

Tommy my man! The New York Times lays it all out for ya!

"Let me be clear: Trump’s little game doesn’t reflect American ideology as much as it exposes the flaws within it.

It further exacerbates a corrosive culture on the right that now celebrates the Cult of Idiocy — from Glenn Beck to Michele Bachmann — where riling liberals is more valuable than reason and logic, and where intellectualism and even basic learnedness are viewed with suspicion and contempt.

It further advances the campaign of the rich and powerful in America to exploit the fears of those who feel most fragile in an effort to increase or insulate their fortunes.

It further enshrines the destructive pop culture dogma that fame and fortune grant moral wiggle room to flout the rules and obscure the truth.

And, yes, it further plays to the heavy racial undertones that have marked this presidency. (This was underscored in the ugliest of ways last week when Marilyn Davenport, a Tea Party activist, sent an e-mail containing an Obama “family portrait,” portraying them as apes under the phrase, “Now you know why no birth certificate.”)

In a way, Trump is simply doing what Trump does: recognizing a branding opportunity and playing the part to seize it while simultaneously basking in the glow of his own narcissistic neurosis. He’s a little man with little to lose. But the right is making itself smaller by applauding him, and, in so doing, forfeiting what little moral and intellectual standing that they have left."

So come on Big Guy! Don't be sucked in! The Donald can't afford to run for President. He is barely hanging on to his TV show and he has had 4 or 5 bankruptcies. You're smarter than that!

No Tea for Me, Thanks

He's praised Obama and said he's pro-choice. Now he's a pro-life birther who pretends to go to church. What a hoax.


get a load of this newcomer Jovita guy....girl?... ...fancies himself/herself some sort of ironic comedian...comedienne?......Trump is doing nothing different than Obama does when he's running against people......if Trump had some sort of birth cert. issue Obama would make as much political crap off of it as he could even if he knew it was bogus... i like the way these Jovita types demonize Trump as if their man Obama is some sort of little angel...Obama is the guY who cynically planted the suggestion in the minds of black voters in South Carolina that Bill Clinton was a racist , in 2008, when he knew that was a load of garbage. Trump cannot outdo Obama in the field of cynical and despicable campaign tactics. In Chicago he specialized in getting people removed from ballots so he wouldnt even have to run against them by circulating smear campaigns against them. At least with the birhter thing, there is some legitimate reason for suspicon of possible fraud. Spare us your Mr./Miss superior smartpants act, Jovita. Weak and lame.

Jovita is Tommys BFF

Now is that any way to talk to your buddy, Tommy?

You're a smart guy. I hate to see you act like a goober, pretending that Trump is sincere. Don't embarrass yourself dude.

I had a short conversation with Puget Sound about my wife teaching at PLU, if that helps!


Gee, Jovita. I thought Tommy said he wasn't a name caller. Oh well.

I heard the tape on Randi Rhodes. She laughed and laughed over these people I don't think it is a laughing matter. I think it is serious and more than a little scary. I never underestimate the power of propaganda.

But the music was great. My favorite Patsy Cline and maybe my favorite Willie song.

Regarding branding, Chris Hedges was awesome on Ring of Fire this week and called the Obama phenomenon of 2008 as "branding." In 2008, Obama won Marketer of the Year

I guess that's okay. He ran a good campaign. But now I wonder . . . a brand or the real thing?

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