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April 04, 2011



Bonneville Maintains Streak
From AP
(Salt Lake City) - Bonneville Broadcasting has extended its decades-long streak of hiring only straight, white males for key management roles.

With the hiring of Larry Gifford for the program manager position in Seattle, Bonneville has maintained its almost blemish-free record of all white male management.

When Bonneville reacquired the Seattle stations in 2008 they inherited a minority female manager in Ursula Reutin, who had worked in Seattle radio news for 20 years. But within months, the Salt Lake company removed her from management and replaced her with a white male.

Darryl Dingley, of the industry group "Minorities and Women in Radio" is not happy. "Program directors at KIRO last, on average 2 years and 3 months, so with all that turnover they could find at least one broad, or maybe a fag, to take the job!"


Thanks Itchy. That and Hatch's view on old people tells us all we need to know about Salt Lake City Bonnevile.

And Happy Birthday, Blathermeister. Thanks Sparky for the reminder.


What's with Bonneville hiring sports guys (Hatch was one, too) to oversee their Seattle news/talk stations? Says a lot, I suspect, about how they view the content of their talk shows: meaningless entertaining chatter, and it doesn't really matter what it's about so long as you stay through the 15-minute commercial breaks.


Bla'M, is it true that it's your birthday. You must be, like, really old now. Mike Webb said you were older than dirt, and that was years ago.


Re: Bonneville's hiring of older white guys for all their management positions: bet they're all heterosexual, too. Or at least have a convincing cover story.

Art the listener

Does anybody know which queers, colored or bitches had applied for the possition and were rejected for another old cracker man?
This white man shit has gotten old.


Pete, you have obviously not watched
"Big Love" on HBO....!


Is it just me or does the new format thing with Dori carrying all three hours of his show now , without any callers, seem a bit much? even Rush takes some calls...... poor fellow is clearly in over his head with the new format......Curley still takes calls o i get the impression this is an option he's taken, based on his huge ego, not a mandate from the suits......

casual observer

All his talk about "coaching" big name sports talents likely means he spelled out correct pronunciations for his network talent on ESPN/LA. Also, sports talk is not the same as news talk. But good luck to him.

james chan

Between dori and his poodle jake, the show is bloated with unchecked monson hyperbole. No callers to challenge his hannity lite rants about the leftists agenda, though most of his calls were ditto heads.
I think Dave and Luke suffer as well, it had morphed from talk radio to eavesdrop radio


Does anybody know when Jake's voice is going to finally change?

NPR Sucks

That's a guy? Looks like a lesbian.


So some weird looking guy from an old photo is going to KIRO... OK.
What strikes me as crazy now is that I hear more of the Ross/Burbank show than my all time local favorite, Dori.
The whispering Jessica every half hour has pushed my Noon - 3pm listening to Medved and a bit of Schram.
Hell, I even turn the radio off at times when the news breaks hit these days.
She doesn't piss me off like Ron and Don do when their horrid voices blast though a radio that goes untouched and they come along, but I'm very sad to say that my Dori loyalty has finally run it's course.
These radio PDs seem like the old record label A&R "talent"...
Wait for it...
"Is that really the best they can do?"

Mike D

Why don't you guys just save yourselves the hair-pulling and angst and just listen to 1090? Geeze.


Good advice, Mike.


Doesn't make any difference. KIRO chased me away when they forced Puke Burbank on Dave Ross. I no longer listen to KIRO.


Glenn Beck announced this morning that he will be "transitioning off" Fox.....heh. Quitting before being shown the door. Good move Glenn.


Steal my thunder Sparks. Anyway, there's my dagger comment to Chucks, Puts, et al. What will they do with all the extra time? Swindle grandma into buying a new RV? Collect more unemployment while blaming the evil Dems for sending a check?

Stay tuned...
*stab stab stab*

Bye bye!

Lem Tillem is a dork

theres a clown on KGO named Lem Tillem that gets a big charge out of going "i'm a lawyah" on the air, in an exaggerated faux Brooklyn accent. he does a legal advice thow weekdays afternoons on kgo. this is just excrement, dead air programming, bringing dreck that should be confined to weekends at best into the weekday schedule. at least they hired back Karel to replace a similar jackass who they hired to replace Karel with .

Art the listener

Come on merci, it has not been near as much fun since you left. After you and Freemont quit regular participation, it became quite dull.
Joanie is a bitch and all of the other identities she has taken have become quite sleep inducing. Sparky is, never mind, she and I see eye to eye on very little but I could never find a reason not to respect (sorry Putz & KS) her and her opinions.
But the shat that you flung was frequently hysterical and left me smiling.
(And sorry granny spent the inheritance on the 38' motor home, but she is very happy enjoying her life)
Come out and play with us.


Tommy, maybe you should call KGO and tell them you will head up a show about how to be a day trader. Im sure they would be interested. You could use any accent you like.

The Anti-Dori

I've notice Chuck misspelling Fremont's name in the past. Another identity, Chuck. How many does that make now? Must be hard keeping track. Why so man names, Chuck?

Close vote in Wisconsin. I read the right spent millions pro-Prosser and in the last week alone. Almost did it.


Yeah, I know I know. Ripping off granny is EXACTLY WWJD. Shit, in by Bible, Camels have trouble with the needle's eye, but RV swindlers slide right through. Go YOU!

PS Art/Chucks, do you regularly rub-one-out while trashing Joanie? Thought so. I envy your awesome life. Just sayin'

*stab stab stab*

Moral Voice

Another real chipmunk face. He can swap nuts will Dori Munson.


hahahahaa Again , the gratuitous, pintless mention of my profession, by your type... what is it with you Seattle anal libs like you and Joanus and your jealousy of people that don't suck off of a guvmint or corporate paycheck and actually make googobs of money by their wits snd wiles (auto/RV sales commissions, stocks, real estate straight commission sales, etc) ....i told you before, im a stock trader, not "day trader", which you and your ilk always use, of course, because it is a perjorative term that brings to mind some insolvent goof in moms basement, who holds stocks for no more than three or four hours, intraday, each trading day. i very seldom do that. happy jealousy, lib fools!


"he can swap nuts with Dori monson"........hahahahahahaa ... Monson engaged in some selfserving, rationalizing crapola today as the little fellow glowed green with envy describing Ryan Seacrests incredible success (55 big ones a year). Seacrest is im sure paid a generous seven figures just for his syndicated radio show alone . However Monson informed us that Seactrest has nothing, absolutly nothing going for him in radio, except that he's a nice guy who works hard. Absolutley NOTHING, zero, zip, nada going for him, in radio , Dori assured us. Really.


Absolutely nothing going for him, that is. not absolutly. "Absolutly" is a term describing someone really drunk form Vodka consumption.


Ah, merci, you've been gone too long. The more trash talk I get, the closer I've come to hitting my target. They are sooooo easy.

And Tommy is the easiest: "commissions make the world go around, the world go around, the world go around . . . " He keeps proving his idiocy every day. I'm sure it gives everyone, esp. the easily amused chucko, a smile. And you know Tommy's in for the long haul on finding that first million. And he's not getting any younger. Can't you just picture that long gray beard growing over his aging computer while he's whispering sweet nothings to every IPO that's his sure winner - this time? Oh, baby, you're the one.


"oh baby, you're the one" hahahaah heeheeeheeeeheeeheheee hohohohohohohhohoo more hollow, desperate laughter from the scared lib robot, as she flings her feces again and again, at the clear glass obsevation wall. We simply stand behind the glass, and grin.


"hahahaah heeheeeheeeeheeeheheee hohohohohohohhohoo"

See what I mean?


BTW, when the boys resort the the toilet talk, you know you've got 'em. I love it.


A"whispering sweet nothings at each IPO'...typical ignorant ass, who doesn't know how most of the money is made in aomeone else's field....most peole don't make millions by hitching rides on rocket IPO's....you usually make googobs of money by doubling each quarter or bein even less than half that good....you can double each quarter by doing say 10 trades at 10% profit each, instead of deperately searching for rocket IPO's. But just liek Chucks trying to explain to her how to close an RV sale, trying to tell a Joanus type these things is simmly throwing pearls before swine.


Closing RV sales . . . that's sure an important life skill. I'll have to add it to my first-grade curriculum.
"pearls before swine . . . " Can you come up something original occasionally? You're a writer or so you say.

South King County

Joanus - LMAO. Paul Ryan has caused more apoplexy amongst the left than anyone so far this century.

Keep demagoging the budget - anything less would be a disappointment from the progressivists.

There are two choices - either cut spending and entitlements in the future or maintain status quo and become a welfare state. These are tough choices but the politicians of both stripes have had a lot to do with getting us in this mess and voters have elected the government they deserve. Now the Democratics would rather push us in to a welfare state by their actions - as shown by their resistance to cutting spending enough to matter.

This hypocritical neo-con president, who repeatedly excoriated Bush is now doing what Bush would do and keeps pouring money into Libya and Afghanistan when we should leave both places. BO is pushing hard for a welfare state no matter what he says - his actions speak loud and clear.


BTW, Gollum, you may have the last trite word. I'm going to bed.


ok ok so you seldom work out of your Mom's basement. I will take your word on that.


One wonders who long an ignorant ass like Joanus would survive if teaching was a straight meritocracy, like stock trading or commission auto/-rv/new homes sales ,not Seattle public schhol teaching, where her pampered lib ass is protected from hitting the street by an overbearing, all-powerful union. In stocks, you either perform or go broke....on a car/rv lot or a real estate office, you make your numbers, or you hit the bricks, whether employed or self-employed.


"Closing RV sales....that's sure an important life skill...I'll have to add it to my first-grade curriculum".......the beauty part about out Joanus is that you really don't have to bash her...just bring up a few salient points and she does the job herself....cackling away with that smug superiority, exposing her class snobbery as she mocks and derides the RV salesmen of our world , although even the average ones surely make a bigger dollar than our Joanus (accent on the anus).


Joanus vs Tammy KKK dueling it out on the Blatherwatch Battlefield like two wannabe loser Paladins...

It's like watching Iraq and Iran duke it out. Not sure who you want to get the upperhand. But whoever does, you want it to go the otherway.

The Anti-Dori

I'm a Joanie fan. I've noticed she responds but rarely initiates. Small observation but accurate. Also, sparse with words. I find Tommy tedious. So, there's my vote I guess.


"I've noticed she responds but rarely initiates"hahaahaah what a laffriot.. and a complete crock of shit....please....she's constantly responding to a post of mine, where i mention nothing about stocks, with some gratuitous, mocking cheap shot at my stock trading, and whether ive made 100k yet, etc. Funny, I never mention anything about her teaching job in these posts, but she responds with this crap. Finally, last night, i responded in kind, with a shot at her teaching job . Now you'll notice ,several posts above, her little twin Sparky did the same thing, bringing up the stock tradingas in a response to my post about a completely different subject. Actually its embarrassing to have to mention how well im doing... so how about these asses and the other usual subjects never bring up the subject agian, and then ill never have to brag about it, or even mention it again. But they can't stay away from it. They are simply jealous, envious little libtards and toads.


if you ever want to see how envious and small and mean people actually are , try driving around in a car that MSRP's for 6 figures or above, or a mint condition classic or exotic that sold brand new for an MSRP price equivalent to 6 figures in today's devalued dollars, 2011. Better not park it on the street.


Yeah,,,homeless people might sleep on top of it.


I haven't seen a 6 figure car, much less any Skoda's lately. I did see a few Class A motorhomes running around on what's left of "Happy Motoring".

Jet Ski

Anus? She's got you nailed, Tommy. Pull it up a few notches.


They're only homeless because they made poor life choices.


My old Rolls has been keyed twice in the last 16 years. You are right about that Tommy.
As for Coiler's comment, over half of the RV contracts I've written in the past few months are the big dsl pusher Class A's.
Ninty-nine per cent of the people buying them are the folks joANUS hates. Sixty something white people buying $150,000.00 to $300,000.00 motor homes to retire in.
Anybody catch that Wisconsin Republicans have learned to play the democrat game. A conservative county held back 11,000 votes until the D's threw all of their cards on the table then pulled out the box of ballots.
We are learning the ways of the libs. We will no longer be a stationary target for your games.


Dont get too excited....the auditor who made the announcement was investigated in 2oo5 for election fraud.


That's right, chucko. Sixty something white people who made their money in the WAMU stock lottery and now don't want anybody else to have any. You're right. I hate people like you. But I've never gone into the sewer for my name calling and don't plan to start how. It doesn't surprise me much that you and Tommy like it down there.


I'm still reading a Madison newspaper story that briefly covers that. Looks like 4 dem and 4 rep agencys were having staffers work on campaigns on the gumment dime.
WTH, Dean Logan got away with crap, so will she. Besides, a democrat mucky muck was involved in the situation and says there was no corruption.
We will see, but you are right Sparky. God knows what the dems will do to "tweek" the results.

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