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April 23, 2011



Very disappointing. I hope he gets counseling in prison. A very very hard situation for his kids.


Well I'll be damned Duffman was right after all. Those who were present then may remember the line of bullshit that Mercifuries was throwing around about this hero. Duff man wherever you may be let it be known that you were right.


First, Scott Ritter was right. There were no WMD.

Second, he broke the law and is now going to pay the price.

One has nothing to do with the other.
Ritter's sexual urges and legal troubles do not make George W. Bush any less of a liar and murderer.


By the same token Ritter's "preversion" and ultimate conviction do not make him the target of some conspiracy to muzzle him. He had his one chance and blew it....or wanked it.


Do the crime, do the time. As I read this post, I thought of an Eastern Washington case involving an attorney...


At the least, I think it raises the question of equal justice before the law.


One has nothing to do with the other.
Ritter's sexual urges and legal troubles do not make George W. Bush any less of a liar and murderer.

Posted by: Itchy | April 23, 2011 at 03:56 PM

Spoken like a true useful idiot who wants Obama to transform this place and turn it into Lower slobovia, You want the opportunity to suck off the teet of the Federal Guvmint - just another sad case.


Lower Slobovia - you got that right. Obama made a speech this week where he said it doesn't matter whether you crossed the Rio Grande to get here, don't let anyone tell you you're any less of an American than any of us legal natural born citizens. It's all good. Everything is everything. Obama's novelty has long since worn off, especially with white men. he has a real problem in that demographic, the largest voting demographic, tied with white women. Go Don, go. they're starting to squall like babies, Don, now that you're using the same tactics Obama uses in his campaigns. Don won't stop. he's a pitbull.

Jovita is Tommys BFF

Obama's novelty has long since worn off, especially with white men.

Tommy yer killin' me! The color of our President's skin should not be a factor in anything. Are ya saying that because Obama is black, it makes him a bad President. Come on dude. Get it together. Yer smarter than this. Don't let The Donald, with that dead muskrat on his head, lead ya into the Land of Gooberville!


the color of his skin makes a difference if the President is a racist.


i mention that demographic also because he can't win without winning it, as he did in 2008, or at least getting close to 50% of it. He's not anywhere near 50% anymore. hes playing the race card, not me, playing the politics of racial division.


Go Don go!! bwagaaahjahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahh


you think Obama and Attorney General Holder are all about justice fro all and a color blind society? You got to be kidding me.? They're all about "payback" and wedge racial politics. He's betting he can get enough minorities to vote for him to offset the millions of whites he's angered, who won't. we will see.


Hannity revealed today that thin-skinned crybaby Obama went to Fox News honchos to complain about the things Hannity was saying about him and tried to pressure them into muzzling him . I take it this happened during 2008 and Hannity didnt even learn about until now. Fox honchos didn't even want him to know about it, lest he would feel pressured. Outrageous. Obama clearly doesn't believe in the first amendment.


"Spoken like a true useful idiot who wants Obama to transform this place and turn it into Lower slobovia, You want the opportunity to suck off the teet of the Federal Guvmint - just another sad case."

Stunning deductive reasoning, KS! Your brilliance is overwhelming! Wow!

Mike D

"Hannity revealed today that thin-skinned crybaby Obama went to Fox News honchos to complain about the things Hannity was saying about him and tried to pressure them into muzzling him"

Today is Saturday, Goofy. Whatever day he actually said it, a link would help those of us who don't listen to Hannity all the time understand what the hell you're talking about.


No idea who Ritter is or what his entertainment habits are...
I do miss Mike Webb though.
A flaming Commie and a great talk show host the times I heard him.
His debates with Bryan Suits on KIRO during the first hour of Bryan's show were classic!


i meant to say the other day. does it make you feel like a big man to call someone Goofy for a simple, meaningless mistake that doesn't effect the overall jist of my post, assclown? how am i goign to have a link to a specific hour of a show i heard earlier in the week. i reported pretty much what he said, condensed version. what's not to understand, tough guy? fuck off.


i don't know what day he said it. Some day this week. KIRO'KTTH doesnt carry his podcasts- i checked. as i said my descriprion of what he said was very clear and easy to understand. The only reason you would have a problem with it is that you don't want to believe it, or admit it. Google it yourself if you don't believe me and find a link if you can. he said it. I reported it.

Puget Sound

No idea who Ritter is or what his entertainment habits are...
I do miss Mike Webb though.
A flaming Commie and a great talk show host the times I heard him.
His debates with Bryan Suits on KIRO during the first hour of Bryan's show were classic!

Posted by: Rat_Bastard | April 24, 2011 at 12:12 AM

Ritter's taste runs along the lines of the great Liberal Lion, Bernie Ward (currently serving time of pedophilia).

Spot on about Webb and Suits. The best radio around.

T008, can you detail a bit your opinion of President Obama's racism? I've not heard that before.


it's more of a total feeling i get about the guy than one or three horrible examples of racism . that's not his style. I can't see that he has any non-Jewish or non-minority close friends at all. in other words no mainstream white close friends. Twenty years at a black racist, black suprmacist church. Both Obama and his wife sat there eating up that offensive, bogus crap with not a word of protest. Hes continually having his black attorney general pursue bogus federal civil rights cases that amount to trying to insure equal results not equal rights. The proper standard for these lawsuits to be valid is the "disparate impact" standard. If a nonpartial panel rules that the low percentage or no percentage of black employess existant at a particular piblic or private agancy or cpmpany. or similarly the low number of black students at a professional school or college, etc. is due to a "disparate impact", which is some set of circumstance which is preventing blacks from getting a fair shot, then, and only then, traditionally with previous Justice Departments, is the lawsuit supposed to proceed. Obama however through his A.G. Holder is pursueing mulriple Federal civil rights lawsuits where it has already been ruled that there is no disparate impact in any of these particular situations. So these cases are not about insuring equal rights, since it has already been ruled by the proper authorities there was no denial or infringement of rights. These casea are simply about insuring equal results, forcing a certain quota of blacks be hired or given slots in schools or universities, training programs, etc. Look at the hateful and harsh way Obama interacted with the middle-aged white male Texas tv reporter who was mildly aggressive with his questions to him , although always basically polite. That is not only his thin-skinned nature on display that is anti-white racism on display.

Phil Dirt

Webb was a sexual prevert as well. He cruised AA meetings and bought drugs for street addicts in exchange for sex. His grubby life caught up with him when one of his street hookers viciously killed him after his rage boiled over while he was in a drugged stupor from the drugs Mike himself had bought for him.

Jovita is Tommys BFF

Dude~ you are seriously worrying me.
As your BFF, I must point out that you are leaning toward sounding kinda racist, ya know? Ya said "black" 7 times just now! And yer the only one who saw that tv bit with a reporter. Are ya sure you aren't smokin' from the wrong baggie? Fact, not Feelings, dude. Ya gotta show me some proof before I believe ya! Come on dude. I know yer a class act with money to burn, so show some of that brain power!

Jovita is Tommys BFF

Speaking of money to burn, Mayor Bloomberg is on Fox News Sunday with Chrissie Wallace. He just SCHOOLED Chrissie on Social Security for Illegal Immigrants "You can buy a SS card on the street for 50$"!
He also just said that accusing unions of buying politicians is bogus because the American People pay more money to politicians than unions do. He also said he has no problem with collective bargaining.
Now he is scolding Chrissie for hounding him about running for President. Methinks the Mayor thinks Chrissie is an idiot. Yeah!

North Tacoma

Tommy here is a candidate you can support, Grady Warren.

"WARREN: Barack, you're in a fight you will not win. Because you have underestimated how many millions of Americans love this country and have lost loved ones for these United States.

You have declared war on the white man in America -- putting the wants and needs of moochers, leeches, looters, and criminals ahead of the producers, and the workers of America. And we don't want 15 to 20 million illiterate Mexicans and Chicanos as our new welfare society, living like rats in our neighborhoods.

They must go, and either the government steps up, or the government will have to clean up. They will not stay and get citizenship for breaking the law.

Barack, you, your advisers, pollsters, pundits, talking heads, have wanted to know: Who are the pissed-off people in this country? Well, the pissed-off people, sir, are the white people. It's the white people, stupid."

North Tacoma

Here is more on Grady

"WARREN: Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm mmm hmm. And Ben Jealous of the NAACP. John Conyers, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, and all the other criminals in the Congressional Black Caucus. And Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and all the n**ra race pimps out there. On behalf of the Tea Party we are sick and tired of being called racist when our mission is to educate legal American voters on the most conservative candidates to consider voting for. That's it. We are good Americans, we are moral Americans. We are religious and non. We are taxpayers, we are civil to our neighbors, and we are law-abiding citizens. We love this country and we are willing to fight for what's right. Not political correctness, not for the Republicans, not for the Democrats, and especially not for the liberals. The Tea Party is tired of Blacks, n**ras, Muslims, and Hispanics, especially the illegals, calling us racist for trying to save the America that we love.

So on this day, I declare a Teahad on political correctness and the groups out to destroy America. Muslims for example have a rich history of infiltrating, procreating and then eliminating. This is a fact of history, therefore we believe in stopping their progress and starting deportations of all Muslims as soon as possible."

Now Blacks, they only make up 13 percent of the population, but somehow they make up 45 percent of the city, state and federal jobs. And we wonder why the government doesn't work. And we wonder why blacks cause more crimes than all other races combined. Ben, is it racist if I say that every other minority group that has come to America, no matter how they got here, have succeeded - most in just one generation? The Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Cambodians, and many others. But not the blacks. After trillions of dollars have been given in reparations to the blacks, and this has not been given to the other races, blacks are still where they were pretty much 50 years ago. Is that being racist when I ask that question?"

Do you agree?


Jovita - are you over 25? because anyone over the age of 25 who still says or writes "Dude" is an idiot. The rest of your crapola isn't even worthy of a response. except i got a good laugh over your accusing me of making up the Dallas tv reporter story. its been all over the internet , TV , radio talkshow (Hannity John Curley, Ross/Burbank, etc all played the audio clips of it) thtanks for the big horselaugh, fella! bwahahahahahahahahahahaahaahah


Stunning deductive reasoning, KS! Your brilliance is overwhelming! Wow!

Posted by: Fremont | April 23, 2011 at 11:32 PM

Your sarcasm is underwhelming. Anyone with IQ over 80 should be able to deduce this truth. However, I wouldn't expect you to sabotage the agenda of your people by that admission.

You are on the side that will ultimately lose - the unknown is if the losing side will be successful at sucking in the rest of us - depends on how successful Joanie's icon - Mr. Soros is.


I will say that I agree, North Tacoma. It's time that the black community realize that they have been duped by the Democratic party and their race pimp profession as mentioned above for a looooonnnnnggggg time. It will continue until there is an awakening and a push back with the truth by those in the black community who are outed as oreos and Uncle Tom's thank's to the race pimps - sorry that there is not more individualist thinking by them. Hispanics outnumber them now and will play a bigger role in future elections.

T008 - I also concur with your commentary on the thin-skinned racism of Mr. Obama- part and parcel of the gangsta government they have brought to us.


"gangsta government"- BO listens to a little Snoop Dogg and a huge amount of Jay Z on his IPod. Jay Z, despite his bullcrap photo-ops with Warren Buffet and Steve Forbes, is anti-white and a racist who acted all ghetto gang rat at his own inaugural party. Instead of taking the high road, he made a hate-filled, classless little speech where he said he wanted to thank two people _"the motherfucker in Baghdad who threw hia shoes at George W. Bush, and the guy who helped him pack his shit up and get him up out of the motherfucking White House".........when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's music awards speech. ruining her big night ,Jay Z, unlike his wife Beyonce, who was annoyed and embarrassed by the incident, supported Kanye West. That's just anti-white hateful racism, right there. Nothing but.


This weather is depressing. I had such hope yesterday.


North Tacoma appears to be insincere, in that his "aw schucks" post is really just an attempt to bait me ibto supporting an obviously racist teabagger. Subtract the offensive, ignorant And racist language and you are left with a set of "facts " which he purports to be true. Some of these facta are clearly true. The Americsn people clearly do NOT want 15- 20 million illegal Hispanics amnestied into legal status in this country. We are not racists for taking this stand. I take the guy at his word that 45% of all governemnt employees (state, local, federal)are blacks. Sounds about right. However to say thats why government doesnt work, or imply it, as he did, is racist. Finally he is correct in saying that whites sre the major group Obama is angering and disgusting. Primarily white males. Obama will be lucky to get 30% of the white male vote- make that 20- 25% if Trump runs and is nominated.


Please God let Donald Trump be nominated.

Puget Sound Blathers

ok, but if you're going to bring God into this then I also want Russ Feingold to primary Pres Obama. Not that he'll beat Pres Obama for the nomination, rather he'll make Pres Obama move further to his left to secure the nomination and make it difficult to run as a middle of the road candidate in the race for the general election.

KS blathers

Please GOP, don't nominate Trump - if he runs.

Keep God out of politics !

KS blathers

One could also say, please push the gas prices to higher levels than now by the fall of 2012 so that a new president will be elected.

Short term (relatively) pain for long term gain !


Now you guys stop all that name calling! That's my turf, right Tommy?

Thanks, Itchy. Regarding Ritter: one has nothing to do with the other. Maybe Ritter was working too hard?

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Tom Wayne

I for one am glad the scumbag got what was coming to him. He was a scumbag sexual pervert who used his house to attract gays he could take advantage of because they had drug problems.Im glad he died at the hands of another stupid drugged up faggot. just rmeber it could have been a slow aids death, but he got it easy, but the same sick perverted disease called faggotry got this faggot dead

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