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April 24, 2011



Vote for the one who's gotten more bandwidth on this blog than practically any other radio personalty. DORI RULES and everyone listens to him. End of topic.


Good dog

Star's dog dish

Which proves, Curley, that beauty is skin deep, but your ugliness goes clear to the bone.


So the article here slams Curley for being shallow about how he views the wannabe stars and then goes on to say how homely and ugly radio personel in general are?
I like Curley and have been a fan of Dori for many years...
I did listen to a bit of Curley filling in after reading about it here and thought they made a better all around "team" than with Dori.
As I've posted before... I'd love to see Dori jump ship and go to KOMO and it could only be better if KOMO put Schramm and Carlson back together.
Carlson is good, but Ken was so much better with him than on his own in the PM.


Which proves that listeners to KIRO at that time don't really care who it is as long as they are mean, spiteful and ego-driven emotional talkers.

Bonneville should promo this way: AM for the intellectuals; PM for the emotional amygdalas - grunt, grunt.

Looks like a lot going on at KIRO. Amazing how many of you still listen to it. Old habits die hard. I miss Dave.


the point is both Dori and Curley are mean and spiteful. Curley is just mean ....he doesn't really try to pretend he's a nice guy , like Dori. If we're going to have an asshole from 12-3 we want the guy to just be an asshole and own it . Stop with the pious, maudlin, fake good guy crap of Dori and let's just go to the unpretentious , "out there" jackass. Plus Curley really doesn't have the same kind of ego Monson has and this allows his minions Jake and Jess to run around the miocrophone and have fun interfacing with his asinine comments. There's somethign exhilirating about a guy who seems to know he's an asshole and a jackass mixing it up for three hour straight with J and J , moving along at a fast pace. Dori doesn't even know or believe he's mean, and an asshole- i truly believe that.


Nothing could be more off base. Anyone who thinks Curley is mean doesn't even begin to know the meaning of that word. Michael Savage is mean. Jay Severin is mean. John Curley is guilty honesty, the thing Dori Monson is supposed to be up until the point where he actually becomes mean himself, vilifying elected representatives and bullying any who dare to call in, blaming victims, referring to people as human garbage, scoring interviews with odd news makers only to belittle and humiliate them once he gets them on the air. The schtick didn't endure for Leykis and I don't expect it will for Dori.

Curley is the savior a Seattle area PD dreams of crossing paths with. He hits all the right notes. He's conservative, but lovably so, and not outright selfish or contempt worthy like so many others who've come and gone. I think Curley has done an amazing thing in being one of the few TV talents to switch to radio and adapt to the medium while others like Dennis Miller and Bill O'Reilly have crash and burned. Curley is a multi-talented entertainer, and if you can get him on the cheap, but in.


* buy in. sorry.


I disagree, but no biggie. If I was Bill Gates i would say/write "that's the stupidest thing i ever read!"....If I was Dori Nonson i would demonize you and villify you... and then laugh at you....i thaank the powers that be i am neither of those two gents...........


RB: With BlaM's slams on the looks and hygiene practices of radio people, he's not being prejudiced - just factual. As a former radio guy, I saw it a lot: radio attracts, especially in the teen years, gals and especially guys who are a lot more comfortable when nobody can see them. It's not universal, and some grow out of their social and/or physical awkwardness - and some of the ones that do go on to teevee.

It's not a universal rule, but yeah, a lot of radio people are physically unlovely. I've always liked that with radio you can't judge people by their appearances. Pity neither Monson (who's a little wanting on that score himself) and Curley never got the memo.


OK, sure...
So Dori looks like a hound dog that got into the "ugly sauce"...
(Blatherwatch loves to point that out)
Fine, but Curley pointing out that famous people in general are attractive is only a fact of our society.
Not all, but the vast majority of those in the modeling, acting biz are atrractive people.
Fame can be attained in many other ways such as sports, politics and even jumping over a pool of jello on a tricycle via youtube...
Radio has always been a home for the homely.
The old joke about a "face made for radio"...
Haven't heard enough of Curley to conclude that he's "mean", but the whole famous people are attractive thing?
Yeah, for the most part that is true.
I think Curley is good for the Seattle radio landscape.
Another local conservative up for the bashing from Seattle commies.


People like Joanie seem to choose who they hate based based on political leaning, but all I'm interested in is good talk radio, and the survival of talk radio.

If they're trying out Tom Tangney as a replacement for Burbank, unlikely as that must be, then let me say, Tangney is tough to stomach. He comes across as an insufferable know it all who's infinately delighted by the vastness of his wit. "I don't know" is not in Tangney vocabulary. He'll always think of something to blurt out, be it useless, ill informed or in poor taste.

Tangney has been doing shallow Hollywood punditry for so long that his take on other things seems equally trivial and light. They're talking about a transgender girl getting beaten in a McD's and he's laughing, a lot, which stands in tasteless contrast to Dave's more serious, situation appropriate tone. Guess what Tom: this isn't a fucking movie.

If Tangney were a permanent replacement I wouldn't be able to listen to Ross. I can't handle that much smug so early in the morning.


John Curley will run in the next Republican primary for the state House or Senate from his district. He brags about it. He will drop radio like a hot potato when he's done with it.


I'm sure for the right price he could be persuaded to take radio seriously. Maybe he's counting on that, I wouldn't put it past him.

Mike Barer

Following the lead of Susan Hutchison.
He may also be lining himself up for a seat in Congress, or a challenge to Dow Constantine. Time will tell.


Curley is a talented enterainer, not a talented politician, and I think he understands the distinction between work and play.

dave (not dave ross)

Susan Hutchinson was neither a talented newsperson who could think off the cuff or a talented politician but it didn't stop her from running for congress.


all those who are saying Curley is not a meanspirited guy are full of crap, feankly. Blam agrees with me and for good reason. his nasty, aggressive persona is so obnoxious that now Dori is seeming very meek as i listen to his return from vacation show. i think Curley basically is just a very angry little man, for whatever reasons. Good Christ did you hear him shouting in anger about light rail? Who get's into a shouting rage about light rail, of all things.


People like Joanie seem to choose who they hate based based on political leaning,

God, you're a presumptuous ass, Andrew. Sometimes you write fairly well but you screw it up when your ego becomes inflated. Grow up. Frankly, you are the shallow one.

Curley reminds me of what Goldman calls Walker: Snot Walker. I don't like it really but it fits. Same with Curley.


Obama had to choose an all black church fo rhis Easter Swervices of course. And ge this- there was a Jeremiah Wright preacher at the podium. Not old J. W. himself of course, he threw the poor bastard under the bus in 2008 for his own politcal expediency, at the same time he did the same to his white grandmother . No this guy is a clone of Wright , preaching the same anti-white hate and nonsense. He called Rush the equivalent of a kkk leader. Looks like Obama has found a new Sunday morning home.


Michele and the girls are black, too. Perhaps they just feel more comfortable at that church. And what's wrong with his going to a black church anyway? There a difference?


BTW, you ever been to a church that isn't white? or a church at all?


we're just more comfortable with our own kind"-- that's what every white Southern racist defending segregation said in the fifties and sixties.


she's still carrying water for this phony, guys. incredible.


There's a big difference between a church that is attended mostly or all by black people and a "Black Theology" church.
Reverend Wright and his "kind" are full on racists...
He was and would be Obama's spiritual leader of choice.
Doesn't matter much in politics since most everyone ignored that aspect of Obama's life because it wasn't convenient to the Liberal agenda.
Getting rid of Wright was just damage prevention which as it turns out, wouldn't have been an issue.
People who love Obama don't care if he kicks puppies or spits on babies.


this new Obama pastor sounds just as racist and obsessed as Wright. they have tapes of one of his sermons where he takls about his three weeks old grandson, celebrating his birth and he brings in the "3/5 of a man clause" and white racism into this takl about his grandson. He sounded like some caricatue of a black racist, racially obsessed preacher that you would see Eddie Murphy playing on Saturday Night Live, back in the eighties.

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