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April 15, 2011


dave (not dave ross)

I will say this for John Curley, the show seems to be improving and he's been taking unscreened phone calls. They are regular callers at times but real live calls just the same, imagine that on KIRO!

Bill Wippel

My opinion of KIRO 97.3 has been headed downward for years. I seldom listen anymore because of the "tinkering" done with Ross's show; Bill Radke in the morning still doesn't know how to pronounce Dave Marriott's name (It's mary-et, not mary-ought); Ron and Don are just not suitable for a major market, they belong in Dusty, WA; the 2 year turn-around of PD's belies Bonneville's mis-directed management. I still say the change to FM has ruined the value of the station.

KPTK plays no commercials, only PSA's.

I enjoy obliterating the leftist filth in their comment section very day, bunch of Maddow fans, what is it that the left sees in that man?

KPTK plays no commercials, only PSA's.

Just checked KPTKs website and they allow you to post comments but none of the stories have any, not one, just like they dont have any commercials during morning or afternoon drive.

Oh well, Miller should start blowing Maddow, but she already did when she moved to NYC and left after catching a VD from Madcow.

Napoleon complex Norm needs to do a better job of tongue polishing Big Eddies rectum so he'll toss him some leftovers, oh wait, the big red head has no commercials either. FAIL!


Like Anti-Dori said, Tommy.....


I called the Dave Ross Show the other day to try and give as first hand story of how a TSA agent patted down my 5 year old at SeaTac but the screener Andrew said Dave is not taking calls anymore. I asked "why not ?". He tried to make me sound like an idiot and said Dave hasn't taken on-air calls in months. I again asked "why not?" and I was rudely hung up on.

I then heard this stupid 'filler' about 'the important stories we tell on KIRO'. What!?! Is this story time at the local library. Is talking about Charlie Sheen or American Idol waht listeners want to hear about? Is talking about the debt crisis for 5 minutes acceptable?

I honestly think the station is finished.


the Curley show proves that the hosts at least have the option o ftaking calls, even if they have ben discouraged to do so by the suits. Ross and Monson actualy believe people want to hear them jackign their jaws for four hours straight. i believe dave has had screeners that make peope feel liek idiots for years, not just now. Dave had an ass working fo rhim in the late nineties who treated me the same way. this no-callers thing will destroy the station, i agree.

Puget Sound

A good call screener makes all the difference in the world in terms of content, pacing, and bringing in a point of view counter to the Host.
How the Host handles callers when on air is also telling.
Listen to a Ronn Owens of KGO and how he handles callers. The best in the business. PRobably why he gets good calls. Not necessarily those that agree with him but those that can bring salient points to the discussion.
But even a Ronn Owens needs a good call screener.


We can all credit the Ron & Don Show for KIRO's current state of affairs. Dispite all the rumors heard on this blog about their near demise they are still going strong. Obviously the topics and ratings must have been kicking enough butt to cause the suits to take their FM programing and turn it upside down. Fluff talk with a side-kick must be proving to be a ratings bonanza.
I think what I hate as much as anything is how KIRO's daytime hosts (9-3) change topics after every commercial break. Its like they feel their listeners have no ability or desire to hear anything in depth. And God help them if they have to defend their comments to callers.

Then there is the endless sound bites played over and over. Almost as bad is how they then repeat the topic in the third hour. Even I, and even Joanie, or most anyone, could handle a talk show these days.

Just to show how intolerant shows have become I remember something on Dori's show yesterday. (For the life of me I can't remember the thought). But Dori's side-kick made a comment that slammed Dori. Anyone could tell that Dori got pissed. He didn't respond at all. Sounded like the "delay button" was hit.

What is happening on KIRO is what I have seen coming for some time. Give people fluff radio. Keep the masses entertained. Avoid too much reality. It just upsets too many. Its sad. Disagree with one another as much as we all do on this site, at least most of are interested in issues that affect our lives. Its a pity that we are losing, or have lost, one of the great sources for airing opinions.

KIRO will continue on this path. Dave Ross will work until his retirement or his contract expires. Dori, I predict, will work until his contract expires, then move on to another radio station where he can promote is issues with fervor. Ron & Don will continue their schtick. Don't know about evenings. No one listens to radio after 6 pm.

Now don't get me going about what has happened to the 5 AM to 9 Am news block. Its just disgusting.

I just remembered what got Dori's side kick shut down. They were carryng on about what they might name their babies. Jake said he might name his daughter, DORI. HEEEE!!!!!!

Puget Sound

good stuff, ryder.
the thought of joanie having a talk show: 'CARP Talk'


Right on Jake! I wonder if he will be back on Monday ....


Jake seems a competent producer, shows up on time, screens calls, a nice-enough guy, but his on-air contributions are, well, amateurish and in a word, unhelpful.

And how come there are practically no guests on the show? I can't listen every day, but what happened to the hold-their-feet-to-the fire interviews with city and county officials and legislators? Same with Ross/Burbank. It's talk but without the news.


There is life after six, ryder. It is mixed up between Randi - until her ego gets in the way - KUOW, and Malloy.

I sure do miss the old Dave. I really do.

Thank you, PS, for again telling us what we should think. Schultz doesn't screen. I love Schultz. He's the best in the business. Oh, I guess that means Ron Owens isn't?

Radio Queen

KIRO has definitely moved away from news and information. With a 30-something program director trying to make his mark in the media world, they shifted their focus to a much younger audience--one they think doesn't really care about the state of world affairs. Unbelievably, their ratings have increased, so maybe they're right. Now that's scary...


Catching up on Sirota's Friday podcast. He's at "Starfest" in Denver and talking about science fiction. Right now he's comparing Stars Wars to the Republican party. That's what makes his show so good. He comes at it from a different point of view. He can integrate a youthful perspective with an experienced and studied political expertise. Sirota's take: Star Trek is more liberal and Star Wars is conservative. He sees Star Wars as a metaphor for what's going on in the Republican Party. You'll have to listen to get more.

760 Progressive Talk online. Voted best radio show in Colorado for a reason.

james chan

Anyone remember Linda Thomas' maiden name?


Who is Dave Marriett?


I don't like the new website so much. There's a lot of white space, which is good. But it's too busy, and it seems sort of sterile, somehow. Maybe it's the typeface they're using? Not sure.

Blatherwatch is a good example of a reader-friendly website. Another example is nypost.com which I read occasionally. I like KOMO's website, too.

At any rate, it doesn't matter to me that KIRO has a shiny new website. I rarely listen to the station anymore, and have no reason to go to the site. I'll continue getting info from KOMO and a couple other complementary sites.

james chan

"I just remembered what got Dori's side kick shut down. They were carrying on about what they might name their babies. Jake said he might name his daughter, DORI. HEEEE!!!!!!"

what hour of the show on 4/15?

I want to check out the podcast...


Hour one but it went on for all three hours. Interviewed the 7 footer - chuwacki or something like that.


Very interesting picture, indeed, just look at the license plate. The Ford Expedition is identified by Ford as a passenger SUV, so how did KIRO get a passenger vehicle licensed as a truck? On my I-5 drive I watched for Expedition plates and all I saw had passenger vehicle plates.


As I recall, and remember that I am senile, it was right after the bottom of the hour. Or maybe just before. I know it wasn't the first hour. Or so I think. I beet he removes it from the podcast.

dave (not dave ross)

you can license any passenger vehicle as a truck in washington, my hybrid suv is done that way because i use it for work and it's easier to use loading zones. for a while some people licensed trucks as cars for a lower tax rate, not sure if that can still be done.


What's the deal with Radke? He came back to Seattle with the reputation of being some big NPR guy and a stand up comedian. He's definitely an NPR guy (a whiny liberal who proclaims he's not a liberal). He's definitely not funny. Sarcastic, mean spirited, undercutting yes, but funny. I don't think so, do you?


I would love it if they brought back the old "Dave Ross show"!!! I felt like I learned some thing each and everyday. Now not so much, Dave deserves better. I miss his old style where he can take the time to interview a guest, and not have to speed through the time spots. And have to dumb him self down for Luke and always having to be sarcastic.

Radio Queen

Something I missed when I first looked at the new website: In the blog section, the following "disclaimer" appears when you post a comment.

MyNorthwest.com -
Purpose of Comments statement
Bonneville Media encourages site users to express their opinions by posting comments. Our goal is to maintain a civil dialogue in which readers feel comfortable. At times, the comments can descend to personal attacks. Please do not engage in such behavior. We encourage your thoughtful comments which: have a positive and constructive tone, are on topic, are respectful toward others and their opinions. Bonneville reserves the right to remove comments which do not conform to these criteria.

Hmmm... Good advice? Censoring?

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