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April 01, 2011



What is the date today?




In other breaking news, Gregg Hersholt is heading to Portland's KXL:


Puget Sound

Very good move by KUOW.
Carlson should do extremely well and will probably get a broader cross section then he pulled at KOMO or KVI.
Both the station and Carlson will be the better for it.

I'd like to hear Shram and Suits do an afternoon three hour drive show.

Death to National Pinko Radio

The leftist filth at NPR would never hire someone like Carlson who would run circles around them.


I just hope that this is better than Carlson/Schram.
Looking forward to it.


Do you dolts know what day it is? I heard Bryan Suits is doing a hunting/ fishing show on KPLU!


Uh huh 4-1


I think it would be cool if it were true. It would be interesting to see if Scher could keep up with Carlson. I like the idea. Too bad it's apparently not on the table?


April Fools ! LMAO...


You nailed me there Bla'M.
I be laughing to.

Puget Sound

reel me in, i went for that lure and now i am gonna end up in your boat...


I thought chuck, KS, and puget sound were leaving this blog? Found out the grass is not as green as you thought elsewhere huh or found that no one would listen to your trash and at least here you are recognized for what you are.
Couldn't stay away HaHaHa. More power to Joanie and sparky.


TT: Maybe they just came back for 4-1. It's an annual tradition in these parts.

Puget Sound

Hey 'TT' and 'Pete'
How's that neo-con President working out?
Can you name some differences between George Bush Jr and Barrack Obama in terms of foreign policy?

From the New American
"It’s official: When it comes to foreign policy, Barack Obama’s first term is really George W. Bush’s third.

Bill Kristol, son of the late neoconservative godfather Irving Kristol and editor of the Weekly Standard, declared that Obama is “a born-again neocon” during a March 30 appearance on the Fox News Channel’s Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld. Kristol’s remark came in the context of a discussion of Obama’s consultation with Kristol and other influential columnists prior to his March 28 address to the nation about his military intervention in Libya. Gutfeld quizzed Kristol about the President’s asking him for “help” with his speech. Kristol denied that Obama had sought his help. Instead, Kristol said,

He came to me to make sure I was supporting his sound policies. Of course, since his sound policies are now more like the policies people like me have been advocating for quite a while, I’m happy to support them, you know. He’s a born-again neocon.

In case anyone missed the significance of Kristol’s comment, Gutfeld made it clear: “We’ve got the drones. We’ve got military tribunals. We’ve got Gitmo. We’re bombing Libya. People who voted for Obama got four more years of Bush.”

Kristol agreed, adding: “What’s the joke — they told me if I voted for McCain, we’d be going to war in a third Muslim country…. I voted for McCain and we’re doing it.”

Of course, to Kristol, calling someone a neocon is a compliment. Indeed, Kristol praised Obama’s speech on the Weekly Standard blog, saying the President “had rejoined — or joined — the historical American foreign policy mainstream.” The speech was “reassuring,” Kristol explained, saying, “The president was unapologetic, freedom-agenda-embracing, and didn’t shrink from defending the use of force or from appealing to American values and interests.” In other words, it was a neocon speech, cloaking the use of violence in the language of liberty and treating the U.S. military as the President’s personal mercenaries to reshape the globe rather than as defenders of the territorial United States.

This is not the first time Kristol and other neocons have lauded Obama’s foreign policy. After Obama made a speech in 2009 announcing he was sending more troops to Afghanistan — that is, he was replicating Bush’s Iraq “surge” in another location — Michael Goldfarb, a Weekly Standard writer, asked Kristol for his reaction to the speech. “He said he would have framed a few things differently,” Goldfarb related, “but his basic response was: ‘All hail Obama!’”

Similarly, when the President last August claimed that “the American combat mission in Iraq has ended” while asserting that “our commitment to Iraq’s future is not” ending, New York Post resident neocon John Podhoretz applauded Obama for his “rather neoconservative speech, in the sense that neoconservatism has argued for aggressive American involvement in the world both for the world’s sake and for the sake of extending American freedoms in order to enhance and preserve American security.”

Puget Sound

With the exception of Joanie, who's been consistent ala the Kucinich crowd, the other self proclaimed progressives refuse to take a stand.

Watching the various contortions or plain avoidance by these progressives on the conduct of continuing the work of Bush doctrine in war, gitmo, libya, etc has been fascinating.

How you all live with yourselves must make for interesting mental gymnastics. No wonder the fascination with the teaparty...

At least it's fascinating for the rest of us who thought it was less about principle and more about politics ie if it is a Dem okay, if it is a Rep then it's wrong.


Progressives are unable to take a stand about a President of their own party showing neo-con tendencies. They are too busy rooting for him to win the war against smaller more responsible goverment with those hard-hearted conservatives and the extremist tea party (who is calling who extremist ?), implode the economy, keep government large and implement the nanny state by preserving all robust entitlement programs that keep sucking Federal Guvmint finances dry.

Not to mention, keep driving businesses overseas by refusing to lower the corporate income tax.


So Puget Sound is saying that even when Obama acts like George W. Bush the Republicans complain and whine.
Good point!


Meanwhile, George Soros cheers because promoting instability in the middle east as the US/NATO mission in Libya helps his portfolio.

If you can't figure out how that could be, maybe you should watch a certain TV host available on YouTube who likes to diagram this semblance of events on blackboards - lol.


OMG just ignore them and may be they will go away again and for good this time. Doubtful though they are like the proverbial bad penny.


What's the matter TT ? the truth hurt ? Just like a progressive..


Did if ever occur to you, KS, that you're asking us to do what you don't do? Keep an open mind and refuse to be blinded by party loyalty? You are one of the worst at it. Anybody who still refers to the blackboard-using clown as someone who should be used as a reference point is an extremist.


Isn't it odd, TT, that with the re-emergence of temporarily absent posters, we're seeing less and less of PB&J. . . south king county . . . the tacoma guy . . . jim and his teeny twins and others? It's all math, you guys.


You got it Joanie, it doesn't take rocket science to figure out these guys. And they accuse you of being lonely. These poor souls apparently have no substance in their lives or far too much idle time on their hands. Again I say hahaha.


Good Fools Day job, Bla'M! This post separates the Reactors from the Readers, the Thinkers from the Spewers (in case we didn't know)!


Does it feel good for an extremist like you to call someone else of a different viewpoint an extremist ?

"Did if ever occur to you, KS, that you're asking us to do what you don't do? Keep an open mind and refuse to be blinded by party loyalty? "

You are joking right - you the poster person for closed minds. I can't recall you ever saying anything good about conservatives, whereas I affirmed Kucinich's stand on the war in Libya. Another senior moment- eh Joanie ? I have also repeatedly dissed Bush-43. Again, I'm getting tired of your dishonest debate - some things will never change.

You should know about idle time and not having a life TT. I can take it or leave it - April 1st has become a tradition of some sort here, but it is now April 2nd.


FCS! Why is your every answer a rendition of "you do it too?" It gets old. Think of something original for a change and answer the question straight on.


What KS was trying to say is, "no, it didn't occur to me!" He gets sidetracked.

Puget Sound

So Puget Sound is saying that even when Obama acts like George W. Bush the Republicans complain and whine.
Good point!

Posted by: Peter | April 02, 2011 at 10:58 AM

not complaining, just look for some progressive 'splaining. LMAO

the fact that the self styled progressives -with the exception of joanie- can't say it like it is: pres obama is george bush jr, lite. but a neo con is a neo con is a neo con.

glad to see you all join the club. william crystal says the meetings are on monday, 8pm sharp. don't be late... lmao

it's this kind of hypocrisy that carlson is so good at lampooning.

kind of like how you all like jon stewart unless he turns his witty remarks towards a democrat.

can't take the heat, eh?

Puget Sound--pointing out the skeddalers

from Washington Times Editorial lauding the neo com Pres Obama:

"...Of course, back then, Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama was solidly against the impending “dumb war” in Iraq. He told an anti-war rally that, “Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, or to his neighbors, that the Iraqi economy is in shambles, that the Iraqi military is a fraction of its former strength, and that in concert with the international community he can be contained until, in the way of all petty dictators, he falls away into the dustbin of history.” Again, replace “Saddam” with “Gadhafi” and “Iraq” with “Libya” and you could have a ready-made anti-kinetics speech, 2011-style.

The problem is that as a novice neocon, Mr. Obama has made some rookie mistakes. His “coalition of the willing” is smaller than the ones assembled by President George W. Bush; in fact, he has the weakest international support for any combined kinetic operation since the end of World War II. His United Nations mandate is much weaker than that enjoyed by his predecessor and of questionable legality. Mr. Obama’s leadership style - imploring other countries to get involved so he can hastily bow out - leaves much to be desired. Agreeing to arm and train the rebels before anyone outside of Libya knows exactly who they are is sloppy. Not seeking congressional buy-in was politically unwise. On top of all this, the odds of Mr. Obama having a “Phase IV” post-conflict reconstruction plan for Libya ready to go are exactly zero.

Mr. Obama is also hobbled by the fact that he refuses publicly to embrace his inner neocon and act more decisively. Half measures only serve to lengthen the conflict and increase the costs and casualties. Operation Odyssey Dawn would already be over if the coalition had intervened with force when the rebels were advancing on Tripoli a month ago. If Mr. Obama had the diplomatic dexterity to convince the international community that Mr. Gadhafi is a legitimate target for the kind of missile strikes currently raining down on terrorist targets in the hinterlands of Pakistan, regime change could come with a bloodbath of one."


You know, you keep bringing up Obama and the war. It is not the topic. You've tried to get a conversation going. No one is picking up on it. Let it go.

This has been primarily radio-oriented lately. Yes, I miss the political and squeeze it in occasionally but I don't bore people to death with it. At least, I hope I don't.

And KS is back with the Soros obsession.

Let it go.

Puget Sound

okay,i'll phrase it in the form of a radio question:

I how will stephanie miller explain the neo con aspect of president obama?

Puget Sound

hmmm, that number 1 came out an I.


If you listened to her, you would know that she doesn't "explain" Obama. Like most liberals, she has an open mind and let's her listeners do the commenting. She listens to all opinions and generally doesn't argue. Her show is more fun than angry. And she, like her co-hosts and the rest of us, call Obama's moves the way we see them. We are not lockstep.

Anything else?

Puget Sound

since you're willing to call pres obama's foreign policy for what it is, i have little to discuss with you.
i appreciate your honesty.

just looking for some more of it on this blog.


Oh no, when putrid sound starts sucking up to Joanie you know he's in trouble. After being so critical of her he is obviously recognizing her dominance of this blog and like he and his compatriots have learned (the hard way) they simply can't quit her. Hahaha.


FCS! Why is your every answer a rendition of "you do it too?" It gets old. Think of something original for a change and answer the question straight on.

Posted by: joanie | April 02, 2011 at 02:25 PM

Wrong, your getting defensive - Focus like a laser beam. Where did I bring up you do it too - that's you trying to conflate the argument. Whether you or anyone else does it or not has nothing to do with my views. I don't expect you to be able to be anything but partisan based on past performance - it is what it is. I don't find much occasion to not be critical of the left, but am not 100% on the right - if you think that, you are having another senior moment.

You somehow ignored the fact that we have a similar view about our involvement in Libya. I believe that is called common ground. I'll leave it at that.


If you listened to her, you would know that she doesn't "explain" Obama. Like most liberals, she has an open mind and let's her listeners do the commenting. She listens to all opinions and generally doesn't argue. Her show is more fun than angry. And she, like her co-hosts and the rest of us, call Obama's moves the way we see them. We are not lockstep.

Posted by: joanie | April 02, 2011 at 05:18 PM

Point of clarification - Stephanie Miller does not have an open mind when it comes to the conservative agenda - she's on the band wagon when it comes to bashing the tea party and the House Republicans. Sure, she keeps an open mind about the President she voted for and will vote for again- it's expected.

Conversely, there are talk hosts with a conservative point of view who listen to callers views no matter what their political leanings are, like John Gibson - he disagrees with a number of them and let's it be known, but gets a lot of callers on the left and they seem to like to call him. He engages them in a dialogue and is reasonably tolerant with them unless they are way off the reservation. Not sure I would compare him with Stephanie Miller, except that both are entertaining and easier to listen to than other talk hosts on the left and right who are more angry and shrill.


well Joanie KS is now doin the ass-kissin and practically begging you to come out & play. These guys are so obviously lonely and need you to throw them a bone that they can't even quit ya. Hahaha this is so funny.
Hey Tommy008 can you write a book on this lonely kiss-ass tribe.


Well, now we know where PBJ went.

For those of you who like something intelligent, watch this from 2009. It is beautiful, informative and awesome:TED: Sylvia Earle

Got my new Mac with the 27" screen and I'm loving it!


And where would that be Joanie?

Hey, its great you were able to get the Black Rhino to come back. An Alpha needs its loyal sidekick. And TT is doing a heck of job. Hear that TT. You are doing a heck of job. I hope Joanie rewards well.

As for your Link Joanie. Her Deepness is a hero of mine. We need more of her kind if we are to save the "Blue Heart of Earth". The lifeline of humanity.


John Gibson is very popular with black Dem callers. They seem to genuinely like him. His show is funny and enjoyable. On the contrary, with Miller, i don't recall her ever having any such rapport with a Repug or conservative caller. I seem to remember her taking a caller from a consevative once but one of her little male flunkies that she has to have with her on the show for supposrt, jumped in to confront the caller , as if the little lady couldn't handle him herself. I hate talkhosts who have to have little sycophantic monkeys like this around them on their show, who agree with everything that they say and even run iterference with callers. Very weak. The whole Stephanie Miller Show thing seems to boil down to just a selfserving superiority trip, very much like our Joanus (emphais on the anus), where Miller twitters and chortles with her male flunkies over the suppposed silliness of Repugs and tea partiers and how oh-so- much brighter she obviously believes she is than them.


should read- "where Miller titters and chortles"...although im sure she may be twittering at the same time too.


Joanie agreed with something Puget Sound said and now he is done with her. Puget Sound only talks to people he can argue with. Hahahaha


Titanic Tom - what are you besides a protege for Joanie ?- you need to grow a pair before being able to be taken seriously.

Puget Sound

Joanie agreed with something Puget Sound said and now he is done with her. Puget Sound only talks to people he can argue with. Hahahaha

Posted by: Peter | April 02, 2011 at 10:35 PM

Just being honest, Peter.

Wish others could follow suit. Instead they bob and weave (this is just a radio blog...)


Just because joanie may be a miserable old hag does not mean she is not right occasionally Peter. Putz has always been generous in acknowledging her occasional moment of clarity.


The (I wish I could quit ya) gang seems to be weakening. You can tell by when they revert to name calling. Lonely souls who say one thing (they are leaving this blog) only to come crawling back for attention.


Since you boys need something to do, try reading this: The Koch Brothers Manifesto:

American Legislative Exchange Council Putting Laws on the Books on Behalf of Corporate America
The dishonest and corrupt underpinnings of the executive branch and congressional pillars like Tom Delay has now become common knowledge. While many progressive activists look more favorably to the state and regional level to effect change, recognizing the grassroots genesis of most significant reform, even that road is often fraught with potholes filled with the smelly muck of corruption and a corporate agenda. Replicate the Abramoff method of influence peddling and shoot in under the public radar screen directly into all 50 state legislatures, and you have the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
ALEC is a conservative public policy lobbying group funded by over 300 corporations in the business of writing and promoting hundreds of pieces of legislation (providing models for over 3,100 pieces of legislation introduced, and more than 450 laws enacted) serving the corporate agenda.
ALEC-written laws propose, for example:
• To lower diesel emission standards and loosen testing requirements • Prohibit state regulation of greenhouse gas emission prior to ratification of the Kyoto protocol • Require the federal government to get state consent before designating national monuments • Exempt large insurance providers from rate regulations • Require economic impact analysis on par with environmental assessment • Make it more difficult for states to mandate health coverage
ALEC has also written “takings” legislation in the form of the Private Property Protection Act that could lead to the dismantling of protections provided by the Clean Water and Air Acts and other public trust protections by disallowing government attempts to reduce value or restrict uses of private property “unless to abate a public nuisance.”
More recently, ALEC has authored new laws that put protest actions that damage corporate property into the realm of domestic terrorism, drawing much more severe penalties and aggressive prosecution.

South Tacoma Sunshine

I read somewhere the other day that the Koch Bros are amongst the biggest employers in Wisconson and that most every one of their businesses are union. Also stated was that the company's have great relationships with the unions.
Additionally, many of the products that they produce could be created much cheaper in China, Mexico or even the southern USA yet the Koch family continues to employ thousands of Americans and export their products.
I wonder how far the unions will push insulting the hand that feeds them.
Joanie's article is true, however slanted it may be. We all know that there are comparable legislative actions and agenda's presented by unions, both private and government thoughout the nation at state and federal levels.
Some of those "protections" under various EPA regulations do need to be fixed. The regulations that turn farmland back to desert in California to protect snail darter fish is one example. The government confiscating land all over the nation to block at coal, oil and natural gas production is another.
We need regulations to protect the public, but we need congress to make those regulations, not agencys loaded with liberal, lunatic radicals intent on their own agenda's to the detriment of the American people.

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