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March 09, 2011



I disagree with the idea that NPR should abandon public funding in favor of private donation, becuase philosophically speaking, it needs to receive from all of society if it's ever going to give back to all of society. Just because they do a better job clearing rent checks by tricking old ladies into giving them money doesn't mean that they should, and it doesn't set the best precedent for the long term survival of NPR.

We can't rely on the private sector to give us objective news, or information that is healthy for the mind. Think Sesame Street versus the Disney Channel, or NOVA versus "Life After People" (which I call tragedy porn).

The private sector gives us cake and ice cream. Public broadcasting gives us our greens and whole grains. Society should fund public radio on principle, even if PBS and NPR have got begging for money down to an exact science.

I don't really like PBS and most of NPR's current programming, but then again I don't think most people do. I don't think they've chosen programs that are supposed to appeal to me, they're likely chosen to appeal to the people who pledge money, and in this respect it's no different from a commercial media company that tailors programming to the audience that most closely pairs with the advertisements. It's not truly public broadcasting, it's narrow casting.

jon perdue

NPR is nothing more than fox news for the left..period....It deserves ZERO public funds.

Radio Queen

NPR won't be "abandoning" public funding--it's likely to be taken away. Public funding of NPR made sense when many geographical areas in the country did not have full access to media. Last I heard, that reason no longer exists. Receiving public money has not made for better programming--and come on, we all know its news decidedly leans to the left. No, it's time for NPR to make it or break it on its own dime.


If you take away public funding, it will just lean further left becuase lefties give money during pledge drives to re-inforce the status quo.

They should only take public funds and have a mandate for programming that's truly in society's best interest, and not allow its programming choices to be swayed by individual donors.

Radio Queen

Yes, that's a best case scenario. Of course, who decides what's best for society? Tricky...


Rebublicans decide what is best for society. That is plain . The wealth should be in the hands of a christian few and a small amount of leftovers for the serfs. The millionairs should have the best Supreme Court and G.O.P politicans money can buy. It is their inheirant right to have more of everything than they can ever use while so many are losing homes and basic needs including food,clothing and medical care.

The Anti-Dori

"has not made for better programming" - "Of course, who decides what's best for society?"

Well, since you can determine which programming is "not better" why don't you know who decides what programming "is best" for society?

Once again you are illogical. Saintrudy, you are both logical and correct. The right does think it should decide for everyone as is made clear by the Queen's royal posts.


Just listening to Rachel on the new voter supression tactics of the G.O.P. If that dosent scare the hell out of you, your blind,deaf and stupid. You righties better read the history of dictatorships before you congratulate yourselves.


I heard a man call in to a radio show today--he works all over the country and in Canada with executives in the food and restaurant business. He said he listens to them talk a lot, and as a group, they say they will first crush the unions, and then they will get rid of minimum wage. Because God knows, working as a waitress for 2.5o and hour plus tips in Wisconsin is wayyyy too extravagant.


It's too bad the Founding Fathers didn't just keep paying taxes to the king. Same difference. Would have saved a lot of lives.

You know, when will the stoopid stop?

SaintRudy, what scares me once they get done selling our assets (natural resources) to the lowest bidder who will make sure that every river, stream, and ocean is thoroughly polluted, mountains are blown to bits, and energy is diverted to the wealthy because they will be the only ones who can afford it, who will want to live here anyway?

Imagine, wanting to turn the north into Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. That's Queen's fantasy.


Radio Queen, believe it or not, it is possible to have objective news reporting. It is possible to produce educational content that is free of ideological and political slant.


Andrew, "facts" have a political slant with these people. Why do you think they are rewriting text books in Texas?


I should have said, "rewriting textbooks with revisionist history..." Idiots.

Right Leaning and Right

The big fear the left has to deal with is watching public radio go the way of Air America. Without government assistance, it will be difficult for NPR to survive.
The big evil corporations that piss away their valuable resources with their sponsorships of various public broadcasting programs will figure out that spending money on NPR so that idiots like some of you on this blog can go on and on about how greedy they are is a waste of their ad and public service funds.
They will just redirect to effective advertising or children's charity's and let NPR go away.
The world will be a better place for it.

Progressive Blog Junkie

What a few months will do for you. I just got done listening to Mike Malloy over on 1090. Before, i would be up in a rage and all over the blogosphere with what he said. Today, well it was a laugh a minute. I cant believe i took anything this guy said as the truth. What a joke he is. Corporations taking over Government??? The guy sounds like Joanie.


"Without government assistance, it will be difficult for NPR to survive"



You just got done listening to Malloy? What did he talk about?

Progressive Blog Junkie

What was Malloy talking about? He was talking about some bill in Michigan giving Corporations control of Government. Then he went on about some civil disobedience riots set up for DC and Quantico this weekend or next. I couldnt take no more as i busting a gut laughing so loud the guy downstairs started hitting his ceiling to quiet me down. Tell me you dont still listen to him Coiler. Malloy is more looney than Charlie Sheen.


Monson woiuld probably be in favor of no minimum wage. al;though i've never heard him say it. Perhaps he doesn't dare. Then if someone called in complaining that he couldn't make on the 4 dollars an hour he was making at his construction job, he'll tell him that he'd made "poor choices" in his life. oH, wait, he doesn't take calls anymore.


Monson probably eats meals prepared by people who made poor choices, has his oil changed by people who made poor choices, has a producer who's currently making a poor choice, probably has his hotel room cleaned, his table waited on and his roof re-shingled by people who chose a poor country to be born in. Monson probably wouldn't be able to get very far from his house everyday without the help of all the hard working poor choicers, who salute the wise economic titan as he rolls by in his little Jaguar.


think we have bad norning news block, a la KIROfm? We do, but the morning news on KFMB Ssn Diego is hosted by a smug rightwing Repug ass that repeats, like a robot, as a lead in to each hour "America is the greatest country in the world and San Diego it's finest city"....when youre repeating something like that like a robot, every hour or more, you sound liek you are trying to convince yourself. Weak.


I wonder if Dori has any sympathy for the poor dummys that made the choice to be born in japan.

Ron Sergent

Richard Nixon was the first to try to shut down public broadcasting, strangling and diverting funding, attacking alleged bias and even placing public broadcasters Sander Vanocur and Robert MacNeil on his legendary enemies list. Nixon didn't succeed, and, ironically, his downfall was brought about in part by public television's nighttime rebroadcasts of the Senate Watergate hearings, exposing his crimes and misdemeanors to a wider, primetime audience.

Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich tried to gut public broadcasting, too, and the George W. Bush White House planted partisan operatives at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in an attempt to challenge journalists who didn't hew to the party line.

Ron Schiller is a fundraiser, not a news director. NPR keeps a high, thick firewall between its successful development office and its superb news division. The "separation of church and state" - the classic division of editorial and finance - has been one of the glories of public radio as it has won a large and respectful audience as the place on the radio spectrum that is free of commercials and commercial values.

So, a fundraiser for NPR is axed for his own personal bias and unprofessionalism, but Ailes gets away scot-free, still running a news division that is constantly pumping arsenic into democracy's drinking water while he slanders public radio as equal to the monsters and murderers of the Third Reich.

Consider an America without public media. Consider a society where the distortions and dissembling would go unchallenged, where fact-based reporting is eliminated, and where the field is abandoned to the likes of James O'Keefe, whose "journalism" relies on lying and deceit.


When all opposing media was suppressed in Germany, the 3rd Reich was able to take over the country. HEIL MURDOCH !!!


NPR was one of the few outlets covering hearings, live, on Iran-Contra and 9/11 commission. No wonder the right is concerned about the content.


I wonder if they would do it today, coiler? Things have changed. Everyone seems to be afraid of taking on corporations, media and the right.

How much coverage did NPR give the lies emanating from the Bush administration on the Iraq war? I really don't know. I don't remember much.

I watched the CBC last night. Harper's government is in deep doo-doo over lies. What is it about the right: sex, lies and politics.


It is the mantra of the right to talk about cutting spending much like someone who agrees to cut back on eating by removing the sprig of parsley on the plate. I think NPR is pretty much watered down these days.


I just finished watching Rachel tonight (podcast). Why is it there are so many angry white men in this country? Always men who follow the propaganda of haters. They hate the government and they're killers.

The only other countries that have anything close to our angry white hate machine are middle eastern countries under dictatorships. How do these people get so ignorant?


Come on now: Let’s take a breath and put this NPR fracas into perspective.

"The details are well-known: how NPR’s development chief Ron Schiller stupidly fell into a sting perpetrated by an organization run by the young conservative hit man James O’Keefe, a product of that grimy underworld of ideologically-based harassment which feeds the Right’s slime machine.
Posing as members of a phony Muslim group, O’Keefe’s agents provocateurs offered NPR a check for $5 million -- an offer that was rejected.

But Ron Schiller couldn’t leave it there.

Unaware that he was speaking into a hidden camera and microphone, and violating everything we’re told from childhood about not talking to strangers, he allowed the two co-conspirators to goad him into a loquacious display of personal opinions, including his belief that Tea Partiers are racist and cult-like.

As the record shows, more than once he said he had taken off his "NPR hat" and was representing himself as no one other than who he is. His convictions, their expression so grossly ill advised in this instance, are his own.

Ron Schiller’s a fundraiser, not a news director. NPR keeps a high, thick firewall between its successful development office and its superb news division."

Ron Sergent

I see we read the same material Coiler.


I wonder how many on-air Fixed-News talking bobble-heads would agree privately about their own audience?


The government is broke. Whu should we hand out money to a radio station?

Seems simple to me.

True American

The government is not broke. Quit eating off of Fox News plate. Everything is simple when you watch simplistic people.


The USA has a DEBT over 14 trillion dollars.

Are you an idiot?


When you buy a car, you have debt. When you guy a house, you have debt.
When you charge your gas on a credit card you have debt. Does this make you also broke? No, it means you have debt that you pay off.

The country isn't broke. There are trillions of dollars of cash. It's just not in your or my hands..the banks and the uber-rich have taken it from us. And they are unwilling to reinvest it in the country, or to give even a little bit of it up.
They would rather get rid of your job and send it overseas to someone whom they can pay pennies. They are raking in the profits and are laughing at those of you who argue on their behalf.

As Rush said "I don't do recessions. My money is mine and mine alone."

We have turned over our Democracy to the monied elite.


And, so far, the Republicans in congress have shown no interest in reducing the deficit. Nor have they shown any interest in creating jobs.
They continue to push issues that have nothing to do with either.


A bedtime story for KS:

Walking out of Michigan
Back in 2011 the Republicans in Michigan pushed through new laws that allowed them begin doing away with local government simply by declaring a crisis and replacing government with corporate managers. After the Democrats were completely swept from the stage in 2012 this dogma became the law of the land. And life was good, if you could pay for it.

For many, paying for the essentials of life rapidly became impossible and scavenging became the new normal. Copper became the new currency of trade until it was gone. Having heat required scavenging wood to burn and this often ended in tragedy but it had become a world of tragedy. Corporations needed fewer and fewer workers except for security which became ever more brutal.

Manufactured goods that supported the rich and the security state were all imported and the entire production of the land was needed to be exported to pay for it. Much like Ireland in 1840. That production became ever less as crops failed and the oil that made corporate agriculture happen became impossible to import. Things like medicine were only for the rich and finding enough food became increasingly difficult. Then the food stopped coming all together.

Find out the rest of the story by going to the link.


Your argument does not hold water because the country is eroding financially and our current (and past 20 years) spending levels are unsustainable.

We have gone beyond the 'tipping' point where our debt actuallly exceeds the size of our economy.

When you factor in future unfunded liabilities in excess of 100 trillion dollars you will suddenly realize that we're fucked.

You probably don't have kids or grandkids but in 20 years young people will likely have sharply reduced government programs and tax rates in excess of 75%. John McCain was absolutley correct when he copined the term 'Generational Theft'



When you say there are trillions of dollars of cash that is false. Printing additional dollars dilutes the currency and threatens the world reserve currency status of the dollar. The day of reckoning will ultimately come when the reserve currency changes to either gold or a basket of Dollar/Euro/Yen/Gold. When that comes you will see a precipitous fall in the value of the dollar, hyper inflation and rapid drop in our standard of living.


Man you're propagandized.

US Federal Debt As Percent Of GDP

Col. 1 Year
Col 2 GDP-US $ billion

Col 3 Gross Public Debt-fed pct GDP

1945 223 116.65 a
1946 222.2 121.96
1947 244.1 105.35

2001 10286.2 56.09 a
2002 10642.3 58.24 a
2003 11142.1 60.67 a
2004 11867.8 61.97 a
2005 12638.4 62.55 a
2006 13398.9 63.07 a
2007 14077.6 63.58 a
2008 14441.4 69.15 a
2009 14258.2 83.29 a
2010 14508.2 93.25

Tipping point, my ass. Creating jobs solved the problem in the forties when debt reached 121% of GDP. It wasn't tax breaks or cutting spending that brought us out of the depression.. KS, you are still klueless. But, give the rich your money. I don't care. Just quit giving them mine.

We have a big economy, KS. Your eyes glaze over with big numbers which shows you haven't a clue what is involved and which makes you vulnerable to simple lies.


BTW, the rich seem to be happy to take those "worthless" dollars. You are living proof that a little information can be dangerous.


Ph(J)oanie....you don't address the unfunded liabilities of over 100 trillion dollars. This did not exist in the 40s. We're doomed.

Apples to Oranges...sorry.


Well, enjoy your scavenging, genius. How's it going cleaning the roads these days?


Oh, BTW, genius, even with unfunded liabilities (thank you, Mr. Bush), we're not up to 121% of GDP. I know, small difference.



Ph(J)oanie...Can you please explain how expect to address Medicare, Social Security, Federal and State pensions, plus all the traditonal costs of the country over the next 20 years?


Tax the rich who benefited from all the war profits that were paid for with my social security money. I didn't give them permission to take it and I want a profit on my investment.

Then, instate single payor healthcare which the CBO says will reduce the debt.

That was easyl


Oh, one more easy one: create jobs which broadens the tax base which raises revenue.

And another: tax corporations so that they will reinvest their money in their companies instead of taking out gigantic profits.


2010 budget

Social Security's actuaries make such a calculation on page 64. It says that Social Security's unfunded liability in perpetuity is $17.5 trillion (treating the trust fund as meaningless).

On page 69 we see that just part A of Medicare which pays for hospital care, has an unfunded liability of $36.4 trillion in perpetuity.

The unfunded portion of Medicare part D, which was rammed into law by George W. Bush and a Republican Congress in 2003, is also covered by general revenues under current law and has a present value of $15.5 trillion or 1.2% of GDP forever (p. 127).

Taxpayers are on the hook for Social Security and Medicare by these amounts: Social Security, 1.3% of GDP; Medicare part A, 2.8% of GDP; Medicare part B, 2.8% of GDP; and Medicare part D, 1.2% of GDP.Federal income taxes for every taxpayer would have to rise by roughly 81% to pay all of the benefits promised by these programs under current law over and above the payroll tax.

To put it another way, the total unfunded indebtedness of Social Security and Medicare comes to $106.4 trillion.


What do you define as rich? How much would you tax?

The calculations show that the unfunded liabilites could not be met even if you had tax rates at 100%...hence unsustainable.


Link it or don't post it. And SS is not unfunded-unless you think your money has been worthless for as long as you've been earning.

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