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March 15, 2011




Fuck that! Nuclear Physicist Medved and his Doctor Wife should both go into the reactor control rooms and save the day.

They could broadcast live from inside the nuclear facility.

Think of the ratings coup, not to mention how the two of them could show that the reactors are safe and they could get them back on line and stuff.

For an educated, intelligent man, Michael Medved is one pompous fucking dumbass.


Have to agree with itchy here. Whats happening in Japan, and what happened in the Gulf, are good reasons we need to continue on with Obama's energy policy of renewable energy.


Thats if we can get Obama away from the golf course or making his picks for the upcoming tourney


Madison school teachers get


I heard that yesterday and then the 1:00 pm Fox news came on. I wish I could be listing today. Michael is bombastic and a master builder of straw men. This however is a RNC talking point.

Star Monson

Notice how my boy TAmmy OO-Hate ain't been around since I bit his ass with facts.
No doubt he's busy making another 'million' in the stock market and will no doubt regale us with his 'after the fact' results.

Sheeeet, I can do the same thing with horserace results, yesterday's closing DOW, or the winner of the Superbowl (don't bet on Pittsburgh is my 'tip') and then come on the website and tell you how well I did.

How weak. But hey, that's Tammy-00Hate for you. A weakling.

dave (not dave ross)

stars owner was also on air this afternoon mentioning that in the current ratings his show was number one in listeners, did not hear him say what demographic that was...


Thirty-five years ago, Dale G. Bridenbaugh and two of his colleagues at General Electric resigned from their jobs after becoming increasingly convinced that the nuclear reactor design they were reviewing -- the Mark 1 -- was so flawed it could lead to a devastating accident.

The situation at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant is so fluid that it may be days or even weeks before anyone knows how the Mark 1 containment system performed in the face of an unthinkable combination of natural disasters.

Questions persisted for decades about the ability of the Mark 1 to handle the immense pressures that would result if the reactor lost cooling power, and today that design is being put to the ultimate test in Japan. Five of the six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, which has been wracked since Friday's earthquake with explosions and radiation leaks, are Mark 1s.

"The problems we identified in 1975 were that, in doing the design of the containment, they did not take into account the dynamic loads that could be experienced with a loss of coolant," Bridenbaugh told ABC News in an interview. "The impact loads the containment would receive by this very rapid release of energy could tear the containment apart and create an uncontrolled release."


Glad that Medved assured us all that everything was under control and that there would be no huge nuclear accident. Otherwise, this breaking news from AP would have caused me to worry.

"The troubles cascaded Tuesday at the Dai-ichi plant, where there have already been explosions at two reactor buildings since Friday's disasters. An explosion at a third reactor blasted a 26-foot (8-meter) hole in the building and, experts said, damaged a vessel below the reactor, although not the reactor core. Three hours later, a fire broke out at a fourth reactor, which had been offline for maintenance."

Oh wait, Michael said no explosions didn't he.

If he had a hair on his ass he'd get over there, broadcast his show live. But then again, what do you expect from a lying coward?


"It'll be a great week for our ally across the Pacific", huh? That's as delusional as his claim about the statement from the IAEA regarding the Daiichi plant. It would be interesting to know what this turd thought about the IAEA's research that showed Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.

How could anyone listen to this windbag? The right wing's hero blabbermouths should be made to broadcast in proximity to wind turbines. Then something positive could come from them. It'd be equivalent to recycling the waste from sewer plants.


It's bad enough that he says this crap. But what is really scarey is that the "Ditto Heads", "Becksters", "Palinistas", "Birthers" "Man children Named Dori" and "Global Warming Deniers" out there (the ones outside their padded cells listening to the radio rather than the voices in their heads), believe his nonsense to be true.


On sunday night, Dr. Bill Strangelove said there were people who have lived in radioactive sand in the Middle East for years and they are healthier than the rest of us. He said that radioactivity "can" build up in the thyroid gland, but then it "goes away."


yes. the thyroid goes away.

Rachel's Goiter

yes. the thyroid goes away.

Posted by: Coiler | March 15, 2011 at 05:13 PM

Not like that herpes your momma gave me, Coiler-Que!!

Ron Sergent

Little GG is back to amuse the righties.


They are obsessed into bodily functions. No wonder the most strident and pious of the right gets caught looking stupid later on


Besides being a national syndicated host, is Medved also a station employee, or do they just let him use a studio? If so, why not have the station have him do his show from Richland, or even Hanford? Not talking about the remnants of the Cold War-era reactors that produced plutonium for nuclear weapons, but WNP-2, the Columbia Generating Station, the only one of the 5 WPPSS plants to go online. Although Energy Northwest is saying it is safe, it is a GE Boiling Water Reactor. They say they have extra back-ups. Also, with the US Nuclear Power Industry, they have a hard time finding insurance, so the US Government helps subsidize that, through the Price-Anderson Act.




Nuclear? More oil? I don't see our President really acting on this. What's done is done. I know Obama has funded lots of little renewable energy companies which don't get a lot airpolay - thank god - or they'd be on the chopping block along with everything else that is trying to get this country into the twenty-first century. But he sure could be using this from his bully pulpit. Where is he?

I heard that, too, Coiler. Corporations have been lying to us for years about the state of the industry and the work they do. I'm sorry it is Japan that is suffering through the consequences. By rights, it should be American families of the corporate chiefs who cut corners and protected profit over safety.

BP anyone?

Michael Medved? Who cares. Just another rightwing fraud. If anybody has any doubt what the right has in store for this country, you're deaf, dumb and blind. We represent obstacles preventing corporations from exploiting natural resources and it doesn't matter who lives where because the rich can hop from country to country to their hearts delight.

Everything in private hands until they've sucked us dry of every penny.

Right Leaning and Right

I just hope that Isaiah Thomas is ready Friday night to take on Georgia. We need our star point guard to be on top of his game. After beating Georgia, we will most likely go on to meet number two seed North Carolina.
That will be a big hill for the Dawgs.
This is the most exciting time of year for college hoops fans.
Of course, the Cougs will be able to watch the game on the big screen TVs in one of the many fine Pullman drinking establishments.

Atlanta Roofing

Three Mile Island was never as bad as some in the media tried to make it (not even close to Japan's situation). Should know as my home town and family are approximately 19 miles from the plant.


Well, that's a real endorsement of nuclear power. Fur sure, dude.


Tom Tangney is on kirofm defending that ass Gilbert Godfrey, for his tasteless Japan Tsunami jokes. Unbelievable. This guy is really an annoying chucklehead- (literally- he's constantly chuckling over his inane comments). Apparently his "real job" is some sort of honcho in the kiro news. Stick to your day job- time to just get off the air. I can't listen to his movie reviews - not that great , and there's always the danger he will blurt out key scenes or plot lines to the new movie youre dying to see- happened more than once with this ass.

Long-time Companion

Is it just me or has Medved always seemed a little 'effeminate'?

Hiding your God-given sexuality can make you say/do idiotic things.


This is off topic, but it may interest some folks to know that when Frank Shiers was replaced with Jon Curley, Shiers had a 6.0 share for his show going in the month of April. He was told by Hatch and Co. that they couldn't tolerate less than a "5.0 share."

So if ratings were the reason, they lied to Shiers. Obviously. But for some reason Hatch and Co. were star-struck by Curley and gave him whatever he wanted.

I listened on Monday night. Just horrible. He goes through a dozen topics an hour and his female co-host for the night proclaimed that she "loves wieners."

Doesn't he understand it's a "call-in" radio program? Or just "all talk?"

  tru blu

dorie has that effeminate thing going too with his little fists clinched and his little girl voice screaming about Chris G.I bet he used to enjoy getting the makeup put on when he was on TV

Long-time Companion

Dorrie IS a TV.


Dori is not a pregame host


a grateful nation tunes into channel 49 truTV now that the NCAA crapola is over for tonight. Yes, the whole nation tunes into Operation Repo and watches a 300 pound hispanic woman fight a skinny black woman in her front yard as they repo her car. Highlights from the episode as i type--the black woman tells the hipanic woman "I've got some toilets in the house that need cleaning. Why don't you clean my toilets?" Hispanic woman to black woman "Why don't you wipe my ass first?"........


Hey Medved, prove us wrong. Go take a few of those helicopter rides. You know the one where they drop the water on the building where everything is OK, it's under control. Maybe you should arrange a group trip, that way your travel would be free.


Obama putting the West Coast in danger.

"Hellweg is part of a team developing the California Integrated Seismic Network. It has planted 400 high-tech sensors called seismometers 4 to 6 feet under the ground along the state’s most active earthquake fault lines. The federal government has funded the effort the past four years through grants totaling $5 million. But the program is now on shaky ground. President Obama’s 2012 budget provides no money for the quake warning system."

The Anti-Dori

I was a regular listener to Medved at one time. I considered him a reasonable conservative. The pettiness became increasingly annoying.


See what happens when we don't "Beware the ides of March"?


Many months have Ides.


PBJ's fat little fingers getting tired of changing his login every post? Why not just default to PBJ, PB&J? Your fingers won't have to work so hard.

Michael Medved. Yawn.

Another good Stewart video: Radical Muslim Hearings


Howard Stern went on JIMMY Fallon show last week to announce that he's no longer doing late night talk shows. Apparently he hasn't gotten the memo that he's basically become irrelevant now that he's traded his huge radio audience of people that can't afford perks lie satellite radio(it would mean dropping the bong) for- his satellite radio show audience (tiny). Speaking of Tiny , why does guy still keep up the Tiny Tim look, circa 1968. This guy is scared to drop the fright wig, hair in the eyes look, because he its his entrenched shtick. Most male boomers his age finally went to the barber and got their hair styled more than thirty years ago, at leat twenty. He's like those guys who need a gimmick hairdo like a ponytail or those samurai jobs with the bun on top because they don't think they look tough enough without them. Do you know this guy Stern makes fun of retarded people on his shows? Nothing lower thsn that. nothing. i can't realy legally express my true wishes for Stern on this blog, so I'll just ask what most people want to know- when is this fool going to retire and just go away, with his millions?

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