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March 07, 2011


The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour

Well, yeah. Just like all those commercials of endorsement...by paid actors...why wouldn't they gin up their shows with (Union, btw) talent?

It's all smoke and mirrors.

dave (not dave ross)

You mean kiro actually paid Kay from montlake terrace to call in once an hour!!!


No surprise here. Bob Larson has been doing this for decades!


Whoever plays Dick from Lake City deserves a bonus.


speaking of actors i just checked Celebrity Networth. Charlie Sheen- 80 million net worth ...Chuck Lorre, the co-creator and producer of the show who Sheen has been insulting on a daily basis now for a few weeks- 600 million net worth. Warner Brothers' firing of Sheen from 2 and 1/2 men a few hours ago just proves the old adage that money talks....bullshit walks.

Dark & Stormy

I miss Dick from Lake City and the other half of talk radio. KIRO is now monologue radio.


Whose idea was it to stop taking calls on the kirofm shows? The thug, Hatch? very stupid idea. People like Burbank and Monson cannot carry whole hours , or in Burbank's case even his half of the whole hour.

Star Monson

My boy Tommy 008, I went over to your hooch and took a very deep drink of water out of your hose.
All I can say is that when you sat in that beat up jag that warm feeling was not satisfaction on the bottom of your pants.


Dick from Lake City cleaned my chimney! He has - had- a chimney cleaning business and when he showed up, we got to talking about politics and talk radio and he asked if I'd him on the radio. At that time, I hadn't. But since then, frequently up until recently. Sounds just the same. Compulsive political guy. He's for real.

I did hear him in the last year and I think it was KUOW.

Isn't the corruption on the right simply astounding? At least Ensign has the good sense to decline to run again.


Anybody else think it's past time to put Star out of her misery? In human years, that mutt must be really, really old.


Suspicions Confirmed Dept. You have to pay someone stupid enough to be a foil for Beck, Windbag,Hannity , O,really et all. Now we know how you can suppliment your income whenyou cant sell motor homes.


All I want to know is, how much do these fake callers get paid? Per call? Per performance? Hell, sign me up! I can do this job!!!

Star Monson--for Joanie

Anybody else think it's past time to put Star out of her misery? In human years, that mutt must be really, really old.

Posted by: joanie | March 07, 2011 at 07:38 PM


(Lucky for you I got my DisTemper Shot last week)

Hey, where the hell is TAmmy 008?
I gotta take a leak!


( Star Monson-a very likely suspect for the assclown who posts here under "T008 Is A Fraud") anyway, hey Star- I just made a nice total 75% profit on two oil stocks over the course of twelve days...... what's your best stock trade to date?,Star......yeah.....didn't think so.......

Mike Response

What a loser, even Joanie gets it: Tommy 008 is just a disgruntled racist who spews out lies of supposed 'monster gains' in the market.
You wanna impress us there 'Professor'? Put your prediction out ahead of time and we'll see how it goes for you.
Until then, Joanie's label sticks.

Mike Response--kicking Coiler's Tail

Interesting that you suddenly see Reagan as the gold standard.

You do realize that Paul Craig Roberts was not a 'cabinet level' secretary and has gone so far off the rails since then that he believes that 911 was an inside job.

In other words, Roberts is a bit of a whack job. But from your past postings that sounds like the kind of crap that you believe in, Dillrod.
Coiler, do you believe that 911 was an inside job? If so, please explain. We'll wait for you to expose yourself. But don't be pulling any of that Bernie Ward action. You still defending him?


assclown Mikey- i don't make stock predictions/tips here. This is not a stock message board. why in the world would i give someone of your nature stock tips. I don't even speak to people of your nature out on the streets of Seattle. I do get a big kick after i post my best trades on here from time to time , almost always only sfter an assclown like you has atacked me personally(calling me stupid or a fraud/loser, etc). knowing that i'm telling the absolute truth as to my entry/exit points, duration of the trades, and total profit%, only to have some moron like you jump on here within minutes saying it never happened. Sorry, no free stock tips for you , Johnson . Do your own homework.

T008 is a Fraud

I've been trying to get the fraud T008 to give one simple stock pick for years to validate his competency. He is a fraud and a pussy.

Here's another try:

Cramer dowes it...Hell...tweat us for God's sake!

Give me a stock ticker pick...post details at the moment you make the BUY and the moment you make the SELL...let's see if you can make 5 bucks you ass!


T8IAM- sorry. you don't dictate to me to do anything, fool. if you weren't such an offensive , insulting aas i possible might have obliged you on a one time only basis. now there's no chance in Hell. you dont tell me to do anything,sucker. ill just sit back and laugh the next time i post an absolutely true, huge % gainer trade and you come out from under your rock, like clockwork, to say it didn't happen. i'll laugh my ass off. i have a hot pharma play i just got into at close of trading tonight . super hot. but you wil never be able to profit from it since you will never know what it is. bwahhahahaahahahahahahaahah

Todd in Parkland

Today is International Women's Day! The year 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of this special holiday. It's a day to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of women everywhere. Who are the leading ladies in your life? How will you be honoring them today?

Mike Response

Good point, Todd.
In honor of International Women's Day I will christen Tommy 008 as Tammy 008.
I am so tired of this blowhard.


"Mike Response"- sounds like the name of some super nerd living in a skid road hotel room in a big American city that's a wannabe cop/first responder. Mike rides around in his beat up 1973 Volvo station wagon listening to his old police radio. He gets out at fire scenes , police calls, drunken sidewalk fistfights, etc, wearing an orange jumpsuit and hardhat, walkie talkie, handcuffs, mace, pepper spray bullet machine gun (like the one Dog's crew has) and generaly makes a jackass out of himself until he is fnally told by the real responders to leave.


Wasn't this the whole Phil Hendrie schtik?


hahahaha..... you're thinking of Jay Santos, of the Citizens' Auxillary Police.....one of Hendrie's funniest bits...... good call....

Jason Andersen

Talk radio is entertainment/theater for the mind!


The actor shills are older than that shock morning zoo radio craze and the stunting that went along with it. The addendum to the story is the Robo-bloggers; complete with full computer generated FB, twitter, e-mail and blog space backgrounds. I don't think I see them here, but there are a number of websites (comics.com is an example)where it's all quiet and you sometimes think you are the only one who goes there, until you mention the word "Koch". Suddenly rabid nut-jobs start falling from the trees and out of the sewers.


Are the ones falling out of the trees for the Kochs or against?

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