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March 27, 2011



It's a weekday evening show...
Curley can miss a few here and there and nobody will die.


this guy is such a narcissist.


I agree that this criticism is biased. Potential positives are being described as negatives simply because people don't like an outsider taking over a radio slot.

Can't stay on a topic long enough to make a point? Then why is Dori's "fast fast fastest fifteen" a thing? Why is the third hour of Ross Burbank a repeat of the first hour? Why do Ron and Don exist? Short attention spans are a good thing until you decide they're not.

Missing work for charity auctions, well hey, if he makes more money at that why the fock wouldn't he pass on a night of radio? You don't think Monson's contract doesn't stipulate tons of leisure time?

If anything its the talk about show identity that has been proven to be without value. TBTL and Shiers had more than enough identity, and I think people are seeing routines of old as stale concept, not something to behold.

Let us know when he actually does something wrong. Wrong wrong, the objective kind of wrong.


What potential positives? These people are not clones of each other. Personality does have a certain relevance. And Curley's is bad. That's wrong wrong enough for me. And apparently a lot of other people.


speaking of jerks. old Ted Koppel resurfaced this morning wiht an interview. Gawd, what a pompous pertentious ass. I can't believe we used to put up with a voice like his- he reminds me of that Foghorn Leghorn character in the old cartoons. What a full-of-himself old butthead.


I have an acquaintance who loves, I mean full-bore, hard-on, fucking-A LOVES the John Curley show. Whenever I see her, all she talks about is how much she listens and how clever she thinks he is. She even quotes things he has said.

I don't argue with her since I wouldn't want to offend her. I just nod my head and say, "Sounds interesting, Mrs. Curley, I'll have to listen."

 Radio Queen

Curley hasn't been there long enough to build a loyal audience who will tolerate his absences. Perhaps he thinks his TV name, alone, will be enough. He'd better think again.


Let us know when he actually does something wrong. Wrong wrong, the objective kind of wrong.
Posted by: Andrew

Andrew made some good points there.
I actually think Curley is good for an evening show like that.
Doesn't mean I'll ever hear it much, but people know who he is and may get to accept him as a radio host over time...
Most don't know he has a show at all.
That 3rd hour repeat thing is annoying for the long haul listener, but I see why they do it.
Most people don't hear all 3 hours.

Alex Silverman

Funny how everything your "source" says could easily be gleaned by... Listening to the radio.

Dick from Lake City

Alex: Then you agree with, Mike- Curley's idiocy is obvious to any listener.


to any listener.

Wouldn't you think, Lake City Dick. Read Bastard above. Judging someone he doesn't listen to. C'mon Bastard, you can do better than that. Curley is good for an evening show like that because . . . because . . . umm, still thinking. Well, just because.

Phil Dirt

Yeah, Silverman. Curley's like you-- a punk using a radio job in Seattle as a step to something better. You've used us. Go away and shut up.

Alex Silverman

No, Dick, I don't agree. At all. Just pointing out that there is zero proprietary information here, so take it for what it's worth.

And Phil, keep it coming. I hope it's satisfying for you to call me a punk in an anonymous blog comment. I'd like to think I've contributed something worthwhile in my year here.



blathering michael

Alex: Thanks for your wisdom and direction. We've been blessed for the short time you've granted us. Can Seattle news can survive your departure? I don't think so.


Yes Michael, when I see Alex Silverman in Seattle, I think of how Jesus walked the earth for only 31 years, then left to be with the Heavenly Father. As with the Savior, Seattle's been blessed with the Alex's short reign at KIRO. Thank you.


Curley can stay away as long/often as he wants as far as I care. Mike West does a better show.


Seattle is stepping town. That's just how it is. Aaron Brown left for ABC, Lou Dobbs left for CNN. And those are just two that I know of. No doubt tons of talent have left for bigger markets. They weren't turning anyone down on our account. Ron Reagan was blatantly using KIRO as a proving grounds for a syndicated show, and why not? And it was comical to see Dori Monson's show get shoved to 1 o'clock so this silver spooned interloper could play with the microphone. Unless a talent has some deep familial roots here, they up and leave at the first opportunity.

dave (not dave ross)

the less curley the better for his ratings, his helter skelter, introverted in the extreme, unable to let someone else talk without interrupting constantly, right wing delivery is unlistenable. he interrupts so much that whoever is on the air with him stops talking, and then he complains that they are not contributing. another vote for Mike West, he has a great voice, is calm and entertaining. with curley gone every tuesday and more for private work why not at least have west as a permanent fill in. please stop the 'best of' shows


Alex sounds like a nice respectable young man on the radio. It's Curley who sounds like a punk.


Read Bastard above. Judging someone he doesn't listen to. C'mon Bastard, you can do better than that. Curley is good for an evening show like that because . . . because . . . umm, still thinking. Well, just because.

Posted by: joanie

I think he's good enough from the times I've heard a bit of his show...
I'd listen if it's a topic I'm interested in as opposed to Frank Shiers or R&D where I just can't hear their voices at all.
Curley has done millions of stories as a presenter and can talk basics about most anything.
I guess I'm not offended by his "conservativeness" as many here are.
My issue is that his time slot is prime listening for me with the John Gibson show on KTTH.

Mike Barer

"Seattle is stepping town. That's just how it is. Aaron Brown left for ABC, Lou Dobbs left for CNN. And those are just two that I know of. No doubt tons of talent have left for bigger markets. They weren't turning anyone down on our account. Ron Reagan was blatantly using KIRO as a proving grounds for a syndicated show, and why not?"
I disagree, look at Dave Ross, Mike Gastineau,Dennis Bounds, Jean Enerson,and Mitch Levy. Many of them can work in bigger markets, but prefer to stay in this one.

Mike Barer

Not too mention the Late Dave Niehaus and Kevin Callabro.


I prefer Curley's random, frenetic enthusiasm to Frank Shiers, whom I'm channeling from the grave..

"what I'm about to... say.. will be profound. It won't win me any friends. It's not an opinion you're going to here from many people, our young, crackly voiced producer didn't agree with me on this one, and that is... when you look at what is going on... with the lack of public statements coming from the White House, and again, not going to win any friends, Obama ordered the airstrike on Libya to settle a score his Kenyan ancestry had with Moe Mar Gaddafi. His entire presidency... is predicated on settling an old tribal dispute in Africa."


Frank, don't you think it might have something to do with oil and world/U.S. economic stability? by the way i consider thast a fully legitimate reason to get rid of Q. Then again Frank you told me that "disrespected' is not a word.


As a city councilman, perhaps Curley worked out a deal with Bonneville that allows him to duck out of the show on the nights when the council meets.

As for Silverman, he's a fine broadcast journalist, even-handed and creative, a skillful editor and first-rate writer. His on-air style is at the same time authoritative and confident, credible and listenable. He emerged, in a very short period time, as KIRO's reporting ace.


Well, okay Bastard. If in fact you have listened, I concede you have a right to judge. But, honestly, a pettier more chauvinistic host I've never heard. You are not a jerk but he is.


From the Sammamish city website:

Regular council meetings are held on the first Tuesday and third Monday at 6:30 p.m., with a study session on the second Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. If necessary, additional study sessions or special meetings may be scheduled at 5:30 p.m., before a regular meeting. Please check the event calendar for updates.

That's at least 3 night meetings a month. I don't know many generous employers who would say you don't have to show up at work an additional three days a week.

Mike Barer

Mr. Curley was hired in full knowledge of his duties. My belief is that his contract was set up with that understanding. The station has lined up substitutes and it seems to have worked out for both parties.
My arguments with Curley are more philosopical.


Yes, Hatch and Co. became star struck by Curley (for some reason) and gave him whatever he wanted. But you cannot build a listening audience by being AWOL so often.


Curley was the most entertaining part of kiro I will miss him.

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