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March 23, 2011


Radio Queen

Must be another SLOW day in blog-land. More Beck bait from blahhhh-therwatch. Yawn.


I love this bit from the linked NYT piece:

Mr. Beck, a conservative who often comes under criticism for his attacks on progressives and apocalyptic predictions,...

No. Beck comes under criticism because people believe he makes up fantastical shit based on no evidence whatsoever, and gets millions of people to believe it.

And the fact that legacy (whoops, "liberal") media can't even bring itself to characterize the criticism of Beck accurately - along with the popularity of Beck's conspiracist minstrel show itself - are two pretty good indicators of how broken our media system is.

Here's a question. Why is Alex Jones widely considered a nut, and Glenn Beck isn't? They both trade in exactly the same sort of hidden-powers-are-running-the-world, six-degrees-of-separation nonsense. They both sell a lot of gold. The only differences I can think of are that Beck is a more polished showman, and more politically useful.

Suck It

The secret underwear must be stuck in his ass crack.


on ronanddon's showpage on mynorthwest.com they have a list of stuff you can donate to the childrens orphange children in Japan that soem American military personnel have adopted . They want only NEW stuff. don't send junk. Dori, don't try to send your used underwear and write it off on your tax returns, then crow about it on your show. new stuff only, Dori.


I don't know Tommy. The only man that I have ever heard of actually donating his used underwear to charity as Bill Clinton.
Don't know of any others.


Joanie only seems to post late at night now- she said on Blatherwatch that she doesnt get home until late, the other week. Someone told me she was spotted by friends working swing shift bartender/bouncer at the Lake City Deja Vu. This i refuse to believe.


Here's a question Pete, why do you care what Glenn Beck is doing while Obama is sending our troops to die in a far away land? Are you a "fleabagger" on the Libyan War. Quit waiting for Joanie and speak up dude and show some gonads for a change.


Sounds like you miss me,Tommy. Why not come on down for a swingin time. Better than making love to your computer night after night minute by minute.

Oh wait...who'd write a diary on Dori and his every waking hour.


PBJ: I commented on Beck because that's what the post was about. Duh.

Meanwhile, sorry, but I've criticized Obama plenty of times.
I have thought all along that a Libyan intervention was ill-advised - unlike many Republican politicians (e.g., McCain), who three weeks ago were reaming Obama for not moving forcefully, and whose primary philosophy usually seems to be to oppose whatever Obama does, regardless.

I think Obama has done some things well, other things poorly. In that, I suspect a lot of Americans agree.

I defy you to find a post where I've ever responded to or followed the lead of Joanie. She follows her own path. Actually, with the name-calling, you sound a lot like her. Give it a rest.

The Anti-Dori

You would do better responding to Joanie than PBJ. Perhaps you, too, prefer strong men to strong women? PBJ seems to antagonize for the sake of antagonizing. I respect Sparky and Joanie for refraining from engaging with him. Too bad you can't do the same.

The Anti-Dori

It amuses me the number of sexists on this blog.



What Pete, ya think people can read minds. If you think it, post it. Dont sit around and see which way the wheel will turn. I dont. You shouldnt either.

Now what name calling are you talking about. "Dude". SO i thought you were a guy. Whats wrong with that. "Fleabagger" You ran faster from the topic than the Progressive legislators did in Wisconsin. What was i supposed to say. Nice comeback. C'mon Pete. i suspect you have used worse so can the "you called me a name" bit.


Anti-Dori, the only reason Joanie and Sparky dont engage me is because i am not a RV salesman. Im sure you have seen it. They were all over me when they thought i was Coiler or Chux. But afterwards, after they figured out i wasnt either one of them, well you see it now first hand. They both have distanced themselves from me like Obama did his Grandma.

The Anti-Dori

I haven't seen many engage our RV salesman lately. Have you? I would engage you more often if you said something that demonstrated a desire to converse rather than the teases you continue to post. This blog used to get into some interesting issues. It has become a forum for Tommy to rant and innocuous blather from the rest of you. But, then, I could go elsewhere.

 Radio Queen

Refraining from engagement by Joanie and Sparky usually means one of two things: the debate has gotten the best of them, or they're using silence is avoid the debate all together. Either way, no respect there.

The Anti-Dori

Thinking about it, Joanie brought a lot of thoughtful topics to the table. I miss that. Your response above, RQ, is typical of what we get now. Sexism. That's what I attribute it to. Debate? You haven't put anything out there to debate, have you? And the king of name calling - for Pete's consideration - is Chuck. That is why I attribute your posts to sexism. You ought to think about it.


Thoughtful topics. The only topic she has brought up in the last few weeks was a Glenn Beck chalkboard style "connect the dots" that "The Rich are taking over the World". Then when i called her on that the top 70% were Progressives she fleabagged it faster than a Wisconsin Legislator could make the Illinois border. And Sparky, what did you think of her sense of humor towards the troops under the Shrub being sent to Iraq getting maimed and killed by IEDs. Did you find that funny Anti-Dori or were you to pre-opccupied by the real Dori and his inane blog.


I love being the topic of discussion. You all miss me sooooo much!

As for any comment about IEDs and soldiers? Nonsense. Which is why I don't answer you. Nonsense is why I don't talk to most of you much anymore. You all spew nonsense. From the Dori-obsessed Tommy to the Joanie-obsessed PBJ.

And yes, I admit to posting thoughtful topics frequently. Because I am a prolific reader and can post thoughtful topics. But you always brought it back to stoopid.

And now we have chux posting under god-knows how many names; a run-on story on Dori's every move and mention; and Bush brought back from the dead - or is it Paraguay which is probably where he will retire after the corporations, the republicans and the rest of his base get done turning us into Africa.

Radiation is good for us. Good Lord. How stoopid is stoopid? On another thread John?? told you guys the truth: if you're so taken with "healthy" radiation, go help out in Japan. The idiocy on this blog has reached epic proportions.

My least favorite talker - Goldman - put it right today: you people need to visit a mental gymnasium. And Pete - IDIOTS is my name-calling-name of choice. So deal with it. You seem to be quite at home with the name calling from your guy friends which exceeds mine rather prolifically.

PBJ, I ignore you because you lie. I ignore you because you have nothing to say. And I ignore you because you are not posting under your real name. And we both know that. Keep baiting, you are easy to ignore.

And none of you can admit that I can defeat you all with facts. (Just as sparky can.) Name calling? Idiots, one and all. Prove me wrong.


Curley was on tonight, sounded liek a reapeat, but i noticed he took at least one call on his healthcare topic. And he stated that he's always open to taking calls from time to time if someone wants to jump in with something. so apparently there is no hard and fast rule laid down by KIROFM about no longer taking calls. It appears the talkhosts have been given the choice of taking calls or not. Monson apparently has chosen not to take any calls at all- haven't heard a caller in ages on his show. A guy like Dori believes he doesn't need callers, that people would much rather listen to him bloviate on and on fo rthe full hour ,punctuated by timid, obsequious comments from his producer. these local clowns like Monson are simply not capable of filling an hour with high quality talk. The designers of the talkradio medium realized that schlubs like Monson had to fill their hours with at least some calls to be entertaining. Even Limbaugh, who , despite what you think of him, has a radio skill set in a whole different league than Monson, takes some calls each hour. i think people have been tuning out Monson now that they know he never takes calls. We shall see.


See Anti-Dori, i rest my case. The only time she responds to me is when she thinks i'm the RV salesman. So funny. Have you ever seen her engage anyone else who is not an RV salesman AD? Just curious.


Nonsense Joanie, tell that to my brother. Oh wait, you cant because he died from an IED. Yeah thats right. Thats why i take WAR serious. Not loosey goosey like either you or Sparky does. Nonsense? Maybe if you were affected in some way you would feel different. Maybe a loved one, maybe a father of one of your students. A son or daugheter of a co-worker. Bullpuckey.

Maybe you need to check out this from Bill Moyers Journal in 2008. Its a little long but its about a documentary by Phil Donahue thats about a soldier who is very affected by the Shrubs War in Iraq. Watch it if you can. Maybe you will learn WAR is not just something your students do with plastic toy soldiers in the sand box.

Body of War


Sparky, you should watch that also. WAR is not something to take lightly no matter who sends our troops into danger. Everyone should watch this.

South King County

And none of you can admit that I can defeat you all with facts. (Just as sparky can.) Name calling? Idiots, one and all. Prove me wrong.

Posted by: joanie | March 24, 2011 at 10:19 PM

ROFLMAO - No need to - you typically end up contradicting yourself and twisting facts that are known to be bullcrap all by your self. Your MO is well-known to many as are your so-called facts which are faux facts from progressivist blogs, talk radio or MSNBC - varied leftwingnut sources - their chosen propaganda of record. BTW, Have you had your liver checked out recently ?

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