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March 25, 2011



Gotta agree with Trump on the hand-shaking thing. I've been dealing with a nasty cold for weeks, and right now I'm not inclined to ever shake hands with anyone ever again.

Cultures where people bow to each other instead of shaking hands have it right, and probably suffer fewer colds than we do.


ok I laughed for 10 minutes at this picture....The shoulder accoutrement'
(the french pronunciation, please) was inspired.


Please Donald convince Ms PALIN to be your running-mate and turn this political structure of our's into the ultimate 'reality show'. May be you could even get that top tea-baggin lady Michelle Bachmann to get on the ticket at some point also. That way you can pay your 600-Mil for the pleasure of having the American public tell you all -YOU'RE FIRED!!! Don't go away angry, now. Hahaha


Has anyone asked for Trumps birth certificate?


The ultimate reality show? Uh-oh. Sounds like a sure-fired success to me.

Besides, didn't I read that one of our esteemed governors already has the right to fire elected officials in the case of a crisis? bet they didn't define "crisis" very clearly. Just another day in the American Way.


Trump would be far far better than what we have now.


Only someone who can't remember his own blathername would say that.

 Radio Queen

The topic? Ridiculous. The writing? Funny. The pictures? Priceless.


Trump is no clown (really good grades at Wharton) extremely popular and is calling out Obama on his birth certificate, along with MSNBC's Chris Mathews. Time for Obama to produce the document. Texas is enacting a law, along with other states, that will prevent Obama from gettong on the ballot in 2012 unless he can legally prove his citizenship. hahahahaahahaa... Produce the document , you arrogant little fellow. I'm with Trump in feeling that he "probably" is a citizen.


And yes, Trump would be far better tha our current "President", and his group of black racists, like Holder. Holder obviously thinks his current job is about "payback is a motherfucker" , not about justice for all.


Actually may be Mr Trump would be less influenced by big oil than recent and current leadership? Reports are revealing that apparently al Qaeda is on the side of the rebels in fighting in Libya. Hmmm guess that means that we are supporting our sworn enemy in this latest quest. How stupid is that. Guess when it comes to OIL anything goes.
Humanitarian my ass.


Haley Barbour at the Conservative Principles Conference today: We need moooore oooiiil; we neeeed mooore gaaas... and we need Ameeeericaaan ooooiil.

And his audience of white mostly old people applaud.

And a last tribute to Ronald Reagan, god-given talents, hard work, and market-based system that made us more powerful. Talk about living in the past.

Yes, let's dig up the continent and destroy all the oceans, rivers, streams and mountains. Less pure water; less pure air. That's what we need alright. Keep it coming, conservatives.



And now they're presented the much used, so abused, womanizer-cum-humbled "I worked too hard" Newt. how can sebelius define the characteristics of oral care?

Three large topics to center America according to Newt: values; jobs - Where are they Boner? - and security. Of course, he just said that's because we are an exceptional country. We're just so much better than everybody else. Horse puckey. The more you believe that, the faster down the drain we're sliding.

And now he's butchering the Constitution for propagandist purposes. Truths to be self evident - Throw it out there, Newt. Let all those old white people think you said something profound. you have to start with values Where are yours, Newt? Unbelievable.

And his recipe for Libya to this head-nodding whistling group of idiots: use the rest of the world as advisers and get in and get out.

Oh, and he couldn't find "Arab League" anywhere in the Constitution. (even louder applause)

And you wonder why we don't give you guys the reasonable time of day anymore.

His speech is one piece of tawdry hate propaganda after another. Per Goldman, visit the mental gym you people. These people are Sirota's own idiocracy.

executive orders: abolish ever czar in the white house; end every dollar going to any country allowing abortion . . .

Yep. That's our next President . . . or is tea-party Bachman . . . or Reality-Show Trump . . . or Koch-brothers loving Walker . . . perhaps they'll pick up Macho-man Charlie Sheen. Why not His values fit in with Newt's fairly well.

Oh my gosh! Michele is coming later . . . that's a can't miss!

I think these Iowans spend too much time in their cornfields. Sure do see a lot of grey hair . . . there any young people in that state? Must all be marching in Professor Hill's band.


To Tommy008:
Say What? Mathews has said the whole birther issue is a bunch of bull.


joanie, MUCH more important to defund NPR and Planned Parenthood and demand permanent tax cuts for the rich, than to create jobs. C'mon, you know the drill. This morning in the New York Times in Opinion, Bob Herbert writes, "The U.S. has not just misplaced its priorities. When the most powerful country ever to inhabit the earth finds it so easy to plunge into the horror of warfare but almost impossible to find adequate work for its people or to properly educate its young, it has lost its way entirely."

Exxon, Bank of A, CitiBank paid NO taxes for 2010, and in a couple of cases, received billions in refunds.
I wish I could afford their tax attorneys. They have finally found out how to actually pay MORE money TO these companies, rather than them paying into the government. Nice work if you can get it.


Well, there's a sucker born every minute and the corporations sure know where to find them.


"Holder obviously thinks his current job is about "payback is a motherfucker"

That was certainly a racist anology.

South King County

The birther issue is dangled out there. BO will never show his birth certificate - mainly because he perceives it take a weapon away from this incompetent ideologue;

Trump brought it up - he may be right by saying that Barry should show it instead of letting people question it, however he won't show the birth certificate as he believes it will make the "birthers" look crazy and radical so that the independents will be driven away and won't vote for the GOP POTUS nominee in 2012. The birthers need to shut up about the birth certificate and not take the bait rather deal with his unacceptable policies and there's plenty of them !

Trump will end up not running for POTUS.


For the umpteenth time, there is a procedure in place for monitoring who is running for President of the U.S. Candidate Obama obviously satisfied the requirements of that screening procedure therefore let's not hear any more about this ridiculous conjecture. We should be focusing on the reasons our economy is still tanked and why we're involving ourselves in these OIL wars.


Speaking of which, catching up on Sirota and he said we are spending $300 million a week on this engagement with Libya.

And they can't pay teachers a living wage?

I was listening to Ring of Fire this morning and had an epiphany: I will not vote for Obama. I cannot vote for a man who as President condones and uses torture against his own citizens. People say what about the Court? Can't give the country to the Republicans. . . yes, I can. Any President of the United States that can torture an American citizen on American soil is not someone that will ever get my vote again. I have decided. This was a big and absolute decision for me. I would have no integrity if I voted for him. No matter what.


“It could be the YouTube moment of this century.”

This quote is golden, if not prescient…


Chris Mathews may have said the birhter stuff is crap, a long time ago, but his latest possitio is that he wants Obama to finally show the birth certificate and get rid of this once and for all. He was tellign the Hawaii Governor to get id done oand come up with the document. His position is simlar to Trump's except he may belive more strongly that Obama is a citizen. Trump simply says he believes Obama is "probabaly" a citizen.


I would go Trump onr bette by saying that i believe Oabam a is almost certainly a U.S. born citizen, not just the "probably" that Trump gave him. The fact that Obama refuses to definitively cleart this birth thing up, either out of a foolishly prideful attitude, or a cynical, strategic political decision, or both, has now become a failure of leadership issue. A real leader would just clear this up once and for all. He's too petty and small, and thinskinnedI to just clear this up.


maybe it was stupid and unfair, possibly racist, that the birther thing has become so big, but it is what it is. A leader deals with what is, not what ahould be in some idealized world. Obama needs to deal with it. But i dont believe he ever will unless he hits a roadblock when one of these birther laws designed for the 2012 state ballots passes in Texas and elsewhere.

Obama's OK

A leader focuses on the business of the nation and not satisfying tea party people who want to drive their own agenda. It is only big because the media gives it play. Obama is smart to keep them talking birther. Most people think it is a non-issue and makes their candidates look like fools or racists. What could be better for 2012.


haha the tea party crap just won't work anymore. Trump and Chris Mathews are not tea party morons living in double wides and going to gun shows. This issue is not helping Obama at this point. It makes him look weak. If polls showed that 4 percent of the people think he's not a citizen, I'd agree, it's just a few tea party wingnuts, and he need not even address it. Ufortunately for hi, about 25 % or more (probably more liek 40% by now) of the people don't beleive he was born here.


GOOGLED IT.... 8/4/2010 "CNN Poll- Quarter doubt Obama was born in U.S."

Obama's OK

That leaves 75% who do. 40%? Can't make up numbers. Sorry. A new poll might show a lower number.


no. the longer Obama fails to deal with it, the number will only get bigger , not smaller......you're simply dreaming, if you think otherwise


I'll say this one more time (see my previous post). There is a system in place for the monitoring of those seeking to run for US President. This system has procedures for determining if a candidate is qualified. Candidate Obama passed this test of qualification just as others before him, so are you saying that 25% of the country now doubts that this qualification system is legitimate? Let us please dispense with the conspiracy theories and focus on real substance, like getting into wars because of oil, corporate greed and it's outright manipulation of people who are simply trying to be good citizens. I now hope this matter is closed.

South King County

Enough of the birther distraction. Let's focus on Obama's statist policies that are meant to collapse small business with Obamacare, because the end game is crippling the opposition party, no matter how it affects the American people.

The perceived war against the public sector unions by conservatives has helped esacerbate this effort. As a result, they have basically blown off the Simpson-Bowles debt reduction recommendations for the common good of the Democratic party with the ignorant attitude that there's no need to worry about the crippling deficits and burdensome debt. Never mind that this policy is immoral for future generations.


I thought that was you, KS. Barry . . . you're the one except for chux. Can't either of you talk like adults?

Statist! What a propagandized parrot you are. You must run a snowplow in Renton.


BTW, make up your mind on your name, please. Why post under so many names? You're so easy.

Demented Deamon

It is difficult to understand why you people doubt Obama. He says that he is a born here American and facts can never change that. So, just quit trying.
He is going to be our presedent for six moore years. Get used to it.


It keeps the Republicans from having to explain why there aren't any jobs to show for their "efforts." As long as the media is busy with rightwing conspiracy theory shiny objects, the right wing base is mesmerized enough to ignore real issues.


Potential presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has a brilliant idea: tax single mothers at higher rates than married mothers.

woody held

If so, that's dumb.

But not quite as dumb as the policies of the last quarter-century of so of creating a hundred different positive incentives for single motherhood. Not to mention the media turning the label "single mom" into a badge of sainthood.

As people like Juan Williams and Walter Williams have argued, this has done more to bring down the black community in particular than the KKK ever could have dreamed of doing.

South King County

Classic blatherdom ! My response to heir Joanie is summed up below;

Thanks to you Joanie, most ARE going away and leaving you and your ilk to wallow in your element. Soon it will likely be Joanie, sparky and Andy listening to their own blather so you don't have to.

Posted by: TitanicTom | March 15, 2011 at 09:00 AM

Joanie, crying will get you no where in the blogosphere. So buck up cowgirl and listen to Fat Ed this afternoon for some revitalization.

Posted by: ProgBlogJunky | March 15, 2011 at 09:39 AM

"Hey, if we have a question about Matlock or Depends Diapers then you should weigh in. Outside of that, stay quiet and try not to get in the way."

My vote for the best line of the year.

Posted by: ProgBlogJunky | March 15, 2011 at 09:43 AM


You sure spend a lot of time thinking about joanie.


yes, they do


"ilk" - another KS word. I wonder why he doesn't use his own name? Can anybody guess?

Far as I can see, TT hasn't gone anywhere and probably won't. I wonder who he really is? Coiler, Sparky, got a hell of a lot new people with old grievances. Just sayin'... Funny, isn't it?

Next time I pass a snow plow driver (excuse me: engineer) in Renton, I'll wave KS.


This is rich.

Donald Trump released his birth certificate earlier today to show how easy it was to produce.

Except, unlike the one the State of Hawaii released for Obama, Trump's is not an official New York birth certificate.

So what is he hiding?
The document is not an official New York City birth certificate, but rather a document generated by Jamaica Hospital, where Trump’s mother Mary reportedly gave birth in June 1946. Official birth certificates are issued (and maintained) by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Office of Vital Records.
Trump's mother... was born in Scotland, which is not part of the United States. His plane is registered in the Bahamas, also a foreign country. This fact pattern -- along with the wave of new questions surrounding what he claims is a birth certificate -- raises serious questions about his eligibility to serve as President of the United States.

I'm sure the teabaggers are going to harass the hell out of him now, right?



Well, unless this "Jamaican" certificate is a forgery. How can one tell? Still more questions...


You sure spend a lot of time thinking about joanie.

Posted by: sparky | March 28, 2011 at 08:42 PM

Not thinking - talking. only because I am responding to her incessant talk about me. Are you Joanie's parrot ?


And we all know that KS talks without thinking . . .


Once again, the pot calls the kettle black.

Keep extolling the virtues of idiocracy, Joanie - you're doing a fine job.

Happiness is looking at Blather in the rear view mirror...


We'll see.


Just an observation, KS. Your obsession with her has caused you to post under other names just so you can get in a little more bashing?

I hope your job is safe KS..all those cuts in construction and transportation..must make for a slow day at work. And I'm being sincere when I say I hope your job is safe. All this unemployment is depressing.

Puget Sound

What proof do you have that KS posts under other names? We have your allegation, do you have something to back it up? ISP numbers for example?
I gave you a taste of that medicine and you apparently haven't learned.
Finally, why the sly reference to someone's work day? Are you trying to get someone in trouble?
Just asking.

Puget Sound

As always, Jon Stewart brilliance shines through using wit, logic, and common sense. Parody at its best.

The Obama War Speech

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