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March 17, 2011



If you listen to Dr. Bill (KGO) you will quickly learn that we are exposed to enormous amounts of radiation from such simple activites as flying in an aircraft, sleeping next to your wife or living in Denver.

The media truly hypes the negative affects of radiation.


This fear mongering as usual is the reason why we need publicly funded news. CNN or the 11 o'clock news will say

"the radiactive cloud from Japan will reach American shores on Friday, prompting many to buy anything and everything believed to prevent the risk radiation poisoning... but are those fears founded?"

then only after four minutes of commercial breaks,

"Experts say there is little reason to worry... but that hasn't stopped many skeptical Americans from taking extra precautions, buying up supplies of potassium iodide from local pharmacies, preparing for he worst"

Commercial outlets have fear mongered for decades in order to boost news ratings, and it's usually just been an annoyance, but in circumstances like this it's a burden on society. Given the tiny amount of radiation heading this way, taking a potassium iodide pill is actually a greater health risk than not taking one at all.

The House will fail to take public funding away from NPR, but this is why NPR should never wilfully give up public funding, it should never pander to any particular group of supporters. If only liberals pledge, the programming is going to become even more liberal, and they're going to slant their output in such a way as to emotionally provoke more pledge dollars. People like Luke Burbank who say "go ahead and give up public funds" don't see the forest for the trees.


The problem is not necessarily what Ann Coulter thinks or says.

The problem is the fact that we have a disaster of epic proportions...earthquake, tsunami, nuclear explosions...and Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly are on television talking about it as if they are somehow experts on any of this.

Then, sadly, many American people watch this horseshit and assume, because they're on TV, Coulter and O'Reilly must have some level of expertise.

You can see it, even in the comments on this blogs, where nitwits are regurgitating the talking points brought up by these two assholes.

Fox News and the great bulk of corporate controlled media will continue to confuse and misdirect the public so that their corporate masters can have their way.

Sadly, many fall for it.

tom thomas

"The problem is the fact that we have a disaster of epic proportions... earthquake, tsunami, nuclear explosions..."

Sorry, I must have missed the news. What "nuclear explosion?" Nagasaki? Did you notice you're getting your time-frames confused?


There have been fires and explosions at four of the reactor facilities.

If you want to parse words and suggest that is somehow not a real nuclear explosion, then be my guest.

Simply get in line and join the other faux experts who somehow think they have all the answers.

Dr Bill

Now just wait a...now just hold on Truth or whatever the hell your name is. I'll be the one speaking for Dr Bill here, mkay? Okay. This, now hold on, I'm gonna tell you something about, yes, that's right, if you stop yammering on I will explain to you about how airplanes have more radia--no, you shouldn't stop flying in airplanes now, I didn't say that, did I? And I didn't say sleeping next to your wife in Denver has more radiation unless your wife's name is Rocky Flats, now hehe hehh.

Speaking of jokes, did I ever mention the joke, hold on, let me finish, did I tell you about the hippy and the nuclear physicist? There was this hippy you see, and no wait, that's not how it goes, lets see, the hippy needed , o boy, see what happens when you're having fun on the live-line to the west coast, this is Kay-gee-O Eight one zer0 kilocycles on your AM dial, San Francisco, San, Oakland, shit, Oakland San Jose...


Again that's why I suggest you listen to Dr. Bill (kgo.com). He has a PhD in nuclear science.

Radiation is everywhere. This is no big deal for the US. We need to be more concerned by the pollutants spit out by our lethal coal burning plants than miniscule radioactive particles that have dissipated over 5000 miles.

Unfortunately this event will successsfully derail the nuclear renaissance underway and we will continue to use far more deadly means to meet our energy needs.


The nuclear industry and the right wing has never gotten over the movie China Syndrome and it's prediction 12 days later, then we had WPPoPs which was the largest bond default in history at the time, and then Chernobyl, and now Japan. Tell us Truth who is going to pay for new construction and who will allow them to be built?
You haven't even discussed the waste issue and how states are suing each other over disposal.


Coiler can you can remain naive and allow China and Europe to roll over us with their advanced nuclear energy policies. I am a forward thinking business man that realizes $10 gallon gas and ongoing 'brown-outs' will be a severe detriment to our future economic growth resulting in chronic 10+ % unemployment and a rapid reduction in our standard of living.

I'm looking out for us all.



KIRO is actually taking phone calls in the 3rd our of the Dave Ross Show! Developing.


'forward thinking' businessmen have already taken advantage of high gas prices and high unemployment. We are throwing your kind out in Wisconsin.


Coiler you obviously mix up the successful small business owner that regularly works 80+ hour weeks with CEO of GM. Sorry...your sarcasm doesn;t work.


Monson made a fool of himself again when he tried to clown the Rebecca Black song, as a joke and the worst song/video ever. The thirteen year old has her song on Itunes for sale for .99 a pop, and when you play the sample the popularity scale tilts all units dark, meaning it's off the charts poopular. ON contrast Stevie Ray Vaughan's Little Sister only fills out one unit dark, out of the ten or more units. so the song is a huge success...and actually it's not a bad song...it has a nice hook to it in the tune and the inaneness of the lyrics only makes it more enjoyable. She will probably make several hundred thousand dollars off this song/video if not much more..., probably more than Monsons income this year....not bad for a thirteen your oldgirl...once again Monson bets wrong, and ends up the ass, while trying to ridicule another human at their expense.


Rolling Stone online said the song was number 69 and rising fast on Itunes Top 100, putting her in the company of Rihanna and The Black-eyed Peas...that was as of Wednesday, probably higher now... the writer for RS went on to say he wouldn't be surprised to see Black signed to a major label soon...... the last laugh is on you, Dori,,,,,again..


The Monson routine reminds me a lot of a old Rewind segment in which the panelists (all 50-something men) parsed and ridiculed the lyrics of then-popular songs by Nirvana, Eminem, etc. They thought they were being witty and clever, but all they really were doing is confirming that they were clueless about pop culture. Same with Monson.

Suffice it to say that 50-year-old guys aren't the main target audience for your average pop song.


Au contraire Mr Tommy, as always the true ass is revealed to be thou.


i got onto Mynorthwest.com to diss Dori in the comment section of his blog about the girl singer, and i couldn't believe all the crap he makes you go through to register, in order to post a freaking comment. Everything up to your latest rectal exam. Obviously an attempt to dissuade and discourage negative postes from trying to get on his show page. What a joke. I've never seen these kind of onerous registration info requirements before for a frigging comment section. Weak, Monson. Real weak.


I still don't get it...KIRO not taking calls.

Burbank took a few at 11:15 this morning. What's up? Is this a permanent policy? Insiders do tell..


R&D don't even let you post comments.


Gotteman just said the song by the teenie girl is number 37 in Itunes Top 100. That means big sales and big bucks. Much more than what Monson made in 2010. hahahahahha Dori. Who's the butt of the joke now, you ittle chump?


Monson obviously hadn't done any research on the song "Friday" when he went on the air the other day to trash the little teenage girl. First of all , the girl didn't even write the song- it was writtten and produced by Ark Music, a SoCal teen hit factory production outfit. He though he wqs laughign at the idiocy of a 13 year old with her vapid, silly song lyrics, when they were actually written by adults. So all she really did was sing and perform in the video. It's hard to tell how much autotune is in her voice but her voice sounds appealing and always on pitch. She has a distinctive sound to her. Her acting in the video can't really be criticized since she pulls off what every other video girl star is expected to pull off- move around, dance and smile enticingly and look pretty/beautiful. If he wants to criticize her in that respect he has no grounds at all. Do you homework next time, Dork.


What's with the terrible KIRO commercials about the dude listening to Van Halen and missing his exit...or the girl in an office meeting looking forward to the top five at five...

What marketing firm is KIRO working with? are these spoofs? are they going after a different demographic?

KIRO is listened to by the 55+ crowd that's obsessed with terrestial radio and listening to similar dorks like themselves


Maybe Ann should do a live remote from the edge of the evacuation zone if he thinks it's so wonderful.

I don't suppose Bill and Ann asked why nobody except governments will underwrite the liability of nuclear plants.


Monson is now saying on the show that he's on Rebeccah's side and that he is starting to liek the song, a craven, fake move on his part. this is most likely a product of A. he realizes the song is huge on Itunes , and once the sales numbers come out, the song can;t be called a "bad" song, as far as teenpop music criteria goes. "Bad" songs don't sell 500,000 and more downloads at a dollar a pop. He wants to be on the winning side. 2. It has most likely come to even his attention by now that the girl didn't have anything to do with writing the song, and he is feeling some guilt for unfairly trashing her, in a manspirited nasty fashion, over the song, while under the misconception that she wrote it. Of course he's not a big enough man to apologize for that, that's why you haven't heard a word of apology from him on that. if by some wild chance he apologized yesterday for that , please inform me. He offered no such apology today, snd i don't think there has been any. he's simply not capable.


This is why i despise Dori Monson. Simple.



Dori is never wrong. Just ask him and he'll tell you.

I Monitor Radio

Dori has 'bachelor night' alone tonight-Tommy maybe you should head over to Mountlake Terrace tonight and hang with him on the couch...


Maybe Dori can sing "Misty" to him...

Hillary Fan

Sure looks like Obama has had a few 3AM calls and has failed to answer the phone....you go Hillary 2012!


Dr Bill said the other night that people who live in radioactive sand in the Middle East are healthier than the average person...the Famous Middle Eastern Radioactive Sand Dwellers.

South King County

Do you think Dr. Bill is full of it or are you just trying to mock him ? That is the only way you leftists can challenge and think you made it stick. There's also the factor of cherry picking his quote and leaving out a major portion of the context.


Mike D

The reason Dori grew to like the girl singing "Friday" is because she's a ditzy but attractive "good Christian girl" spewing nonsensical pablum (like Palin, Bachmann, etc.)

North King County--The winning side

Nuke energy is on its way out--for good. Time to put do do's like Dr Bill out to pasture.


ok, so i guess we add into the mix besides my points 1 and 2, that Dori found out she's a "good Christian girl" ......therefore his normal bigotry agianst "non- believers" which is what i'm sure he thought the girl was, suddenly goes out of play. He still owes the girl a true apology.... he was portraying her as a moronic SoCal valley girl, who could only manage to come up with childish, inane lyrics. In reality, if you listen to her tv/radio interviews she is well-spoken, and articulate , in fact better spoken AND MORE ARTICULATE than Dori and Burbank. She doesn't even sAy "like", at least not that I noticed. Men apologize. PATHETIC Weasels like Dori gloss over their mistreatment of a teen girl and move on without dealing with it. If Monson's thirteen year old girl was an aspiring singer, and was mocked mercilessly by Howard Stern for singing the lyrics simply handed to her by a "teen hit factory" production company writer, in her public media singing debut with Stern operating under the false understanding that the Monson girl had written the song lyrics, i dont have to tell you what a rant of outrage Dori would go on for weeks.


Friday by Rebecca Black, Monson's object of ridicule and "worst song ever " until he found out that the singer was a "good Christian girl", has been moving up the Itunes 100 chart all day and now sits at number 21, two places behind Britney Spears.

South King County

North King County - you are worse than Hitler...

send gifts to Pakistan

Excellent post and wonderful blog, I really like this type of interesting articles


Monson had a guy on from a gun shop today exposing a fishy- sounding letter from the State Patrol they sent to all gun stores in the state "requesting" the records pf all owners (buyers/sellers) of AR 15 rifles . Outrageous. The cheeseball from the State Patrol who came on with Monson only made me more suspicious. He claimed that their detectives were investigating the disappearance of an AR 15 from the State Patrol's control. Why not just give the serial number of the missing rifle to the gun shop owners so they could trace it to someone wh had recently sold it to a gun shop. this is a bunch of crapola, and we're not getting the real story from these dorks.


That is why you get your guns from private party's at gun shows.


Yes, most Falling Down types buy their guns this way.

John Williams

If you think radiation is so great why do you not get on a plane and head for the blown up plants
I think you all ought to go and bask in the warmth of radiation.
really...I really think you fools should practice what you preach and go over there and suck that air into your lungs and proclaim your insane belief by your actions...I can not believe how absolutely brain dead americans can be..they have no sense at all..just a bunch of fools..a sorry lot..damn fools


South King County..to answer your questions..1. Yes I think he is full of it. 2. Yes I am mocking him.
3. His words were not taken out of context. He said that both on Saturday and Sunday nights. He repeats everything on each show. He was showing disdain for people who are worried that radiation from Japan could pose a danger. His reply was the comment about the people living in radioactive sand.
If you don't believe me, tune in to his show on Saturday. Im sure he will say it again. He talks about the same 2-3 things over and over and over, on every show.

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