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February 22, 2011


Sam Sonite

Michelle has been steadily gaining weight. It's probably because she eats fatty pork and desserts made by their fancy WH chef. We will never know because of the secrecy that shrouds the Obama WH, and those dresses she wears that are tucked high under her bosoms and billowing out over her belly... ye gods, I just thought of it, MAYBE SHE'S PREGNANT! that would helo him in 2012...

The Limbaugh Donkey Dong Dildo Chair Company

Sam Sonite is as dumb as a suitcase. I love the pocket-philosophers who have it all figured out then write: "..that would 'helo' him..." HELLO! "Relax, I'm just here to hello you." Somebody give that doof to the gorilla to see how it holds up.

The Anti-Dori

Thought we got rid of the ranters who have nothing to say. Or is this PB&J or RLR again? Some of these posts sound similar and always lower class. Tea baggers anyone?

woody held

Obama approval ratings started out at around 65 percent as all of America looked forward to a 'post-racial' era. They tanked to under 50% by Dec 2009 and have fluctuated around 45-50 ever since.

Hardly comports with the interpretation of the OP.

I think a big turning point came with the Skip Gates incident in July 2009. People saw the usual false accusations of racism, and realized that they had been scammed again.

South King County

Obama, the community organizer in chief has seen his best approval ratings for a while- back in January. They have gone back down and will go farther down again because they see he is a foreign policy disaster with demonstrations against the government in the MidEast and the real threat of Islamists taking power in at least some of those countries. He failed to take a firm stand on the riots anyplace. He has also exposed himself to be on the union's and fleabagger's side in the union vs. Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio.

Your president is some kind of libtard and is trying like hell to take down the country along with its evil corporations, while trying to prop up the unions with their corrupt practices and the prime funding source for the Democrats - now the corruptocrats. I never want another Bush as POTUS and sure as hell don't want Barry Soetoro-Obama back after 2012.

Jason Andersen

The President is, *politically*, kicking amateur Tea-Party checker player ass.

I thought WTF are GOP leaders doing giving Obama Don't Ask Don't Tell (strictly a boutique victory for his hard core base), and then START--making him look statesman-like back in December 2010, after they'd just shellacked him in November 2010. Being the party of NO! and capricious filibusters won them over 60 House seats (if you include all the states, etc., the GOP picked up about 700 offices).

And the dumbf*ck GOP wanted the effin' budget?????? In these times, it does not make common sense to let the Obama/Pelosi Budget now become Boehner's mess.

And well over 50% of voters like things in the health care provision that have become law. So, let the state GOP attorney generals in these tight times pursue the biggest frivolous lawsuit in history--imagine the effects of re-writing the Commerce Clause?? I doubt that Supremes are that bought and sold--save maybe Thomas.

Oh yeah, and part of the GOP budget is gonna be to gut things in "Obama Care" like (1) putting cash-money in granny's pocket via tightening the prescription donut hole; (2) protecting kids with cancer or other pre-existing conditions from getting discriminated against by private insurers, so that their parents have the widest available choices in providers and medical centers to offer life saving treatments; and (3) I don't even think most in the freshman crop of GOP are stupid enough to discontinue allowing children up to age 26 to be covered on their parent's insurance.

The fact that unemployment is hovering around 9.0% and Obama is >50%--beating Christie by 20% in NJ, etc. is encouraging.

But progressives *must* be vigilant AND ORGANIZE NOW!, as Ohio and Florida are must wins and they went very GOP in 2010. We just gotta get people to vote.



I hope Jason is right. I'm not happy with Obama (he should have let the tax cuts expire - dreadful mistake). But, another GOP win will be the final straw in breaking the back of whatever democracy we have left.

I don't know. Just talked to another older woman today who said she's been an active democrat her whole life and she's not sure she is anymore. She's so disgusted with both sides.

While I guess I want the Dems back in power, they are just as beholding to the big money machines. But they wouldn't try to break unions. Having said that, they don't really need to break unions as long as unions continue to compromise down. We'll all reach poverty whether we can collectively bargain or not. What good is a union if you have no leverage.

Those tax cuts have got to go for the good of all of us. So what in the world is holding Obama back? Did everyone in the fortune 500 threaten to move lock, stock, barrel and corporation out of America? That's all I can think of. And if they did, so what? We have the man-woman power to remake ourselves. So why doesn't he just tell them to go?

That would show loyalty to America, courage, and believing in your citizenry.

Read this for some answers:

The Rise of the New Global Elite

F. Scott Fitzgerald was right when he declared the rich different from you and me. But today’s super-rich are also different from yesterday’s: more hardworking and meritocratic, but less connected to the nations that granted them opportunity—and the countrymen they are leaving ever further behind.

I always respect Jason's posts but this one is telling us what we already know and what some of us (the already concretely threatened) are doing. The changes we need may no longer be possible with a court who believes corporations or people and doesn't value the average working man or woman.Or with a President who is intimidated by toughness and money. What's the answer - the real answer?


What's the answer - the real answer?

Posted by: joanie | February 28, 2011 at 10:21 PM

Oh Miss Joanie!!
First off, lets agree that Pres Obama was correct: Elections have consequences. The people of WI wanted change and fiscal sanity.
Second, lets also agree with what even a liberal icon like FDR could see. We stop collective for public employees. That will stop the money train from the unions to the pols who then send them more money that they resend back to the pols.
Third, lets hope those runaway Democrats will return back to work.
We saw this in Texas. When the times get tough, Democrats run away or vote 'present'. Weak!
But you can't deal with the truth and instead want to treat us to more of your toilet talk and namecalling.

'Schooling' the SchoolTeachers since 2006.

Progressive Blog Junkie

"I don't know. Just talked to another older woman today who said she's been an active democrat her whole life and she's not sure she is anymore. She's so disgusted with both sides."

Posted by: joanie | February 28, 2011 at 10:21 PM

You didnt by chance ruin the conversation by asking her if she was an RV salesperson did you?

Radio Queen

"I guess I want the dems back in power... they wouldn't try to break unions." ~ excerpt from joanie - February 28, 2011 at 10:21 PM

Obama is currently the CEO of the largest group of workers who don't have bargaining rights on wages and benefits--federal employees. Guess who passed the Civil Service Reform Act to prevent bargaining? That would be Jimmah Cartah and his democratic congress back in 1978. And guess who's had control of congress for the past two years and has done nothing to change it? Guess it would be the height of hypocrisy for Obama to show up on the Wisconsin picket lines in his comfy shoes.

Rachels Goiter

Quit Skeddaling Democrats--Git your asses back to work!!!

Looks like they'll be coming home soon with their tails tween the legs. One of the Dems is a pay check to pay check type and can't afford his hotel and another is pregnant.

"Madison -- The leader of the state Senate met Monday with some Senate Democrats who left Wisconsin Feb. 17 to prevent passage of a budget-repair bill that takes away collective bargaining rights from most public workers.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) met in Kenosha with some Democrats for an hour or two, said Fitzgerald spokesman Andrew Welhouse. He declined to say how many he met with or who they were, other than to say Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller (D-Monona) was not among them.

Fitzgerald was clear with Democrats he would NOT negotiate with them on the bill and would not allow the bill to be amended now that it has passed the GOP-controlled Assembly, Welhouse said.

Fitzgerald and Gov. Scott Walker have said passage of the bill is essential to his plan to balance the state's books.

The Associated Press first reported on the meeting between Fitzgerald and Democrats."

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