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February 04, 2011



They are jumping up and down over at TeaPartyNation.com about this.

The other site for The Insane is
Hillary Lovers Gone Bad

redneck liberal

Could I be post-feminist and call her a c*nt? Same for the 286+ cretins over at Fox Nation who added comments in agreement?

Seriously, if anyone thinks conservatism and liberalism represent two valid points of view these days, you need a head check. Conservative has become a synonym for angry and stupid.

Dan in Auburn

Must be a slow local news day


Hmmm . . . could she be posting on BW under another name? Sounds familiar to me.

I don't like her but it is always nice to know there are some free thinkers out there even if they are wrong about a lot of it. Why is she so angry? I've heard her on CSpan and I can't listen to her for long.

And what could possibly force someone to move from a position of compassion and reason to anger and emotion?


I'm an Ed Schultz fan as everyone on this blog should know but this is funny:
Ed Schultz-Jon Stewart Feud Breaks Out (VIDEO)

Ed should take in it good humor. He is the ordinary guy's best friend and Stewart is everybody's favorite elitist. You gotta laugh.


She'll never become an A-lister til she dyes her hair blonde.

Right Leaning and Right

I'm more concerned about Obama selling out the Brits and their defenses. What the fuck kind of pussy assed negotiator is he that he would sell out our number one most reliable ally to the Russians.
You people elected a real piece of shit there.
Is the guy so desperate for a win that he would drive the bus over his grandmother. Oh yes, never mind. He's been there and done that. I wonder what else the bitch has given up.


fuck, shit, pussy and bitch. What else does the party that embraces evangelicals have to offer.

redneck liberal

I want to like Ed Schultz but he comes over too much like Thing to Olbermann's Incredible Hulk. The Hulk had depth and nuance as well as anger. I miss Countdown!

Right Leaning and Right

Not an evangelical. Just a fiscal conservative, social moderate hawk that thinks Obama is one of the bigger mistakes the voters have ever made. Pretty language is not important to me or the people I work and play with.
He proves me a little more right every day.
Putting Great Britain neck in Russia's guillotine is more proof the guy can not be trusted.


Social moderates don't generally talk like that. And what is a "social moderate hawk" anyway?

As for proving anyone "right"- I don't get that either. Right about what? So far, name-calling and pats on your own back are all I read.

As for Great Britain, what are you going on about? I think you don't know but are parroting something you heard but don't understand.

Thanks Coiler. I was going to point out that we hadn't heard such low-class words since chux and barf were around.

Liberal, I, too, miss Olbermann so much. It's only been the last few months that I really listened to him regularly. I became a staunch fan. I think you had to listen to Schultz on the radio for a long time to see his evolution from nice guy who would readily talk to conservatives patiently and welcomingly to someone who now admits he can't stand them. No wit or pretty talk from him. He's seeing the damage in his area of the world and doesn't like it and he's fighting back in his own way. Keith was a leader for a lot of us who are more the educated elite. But Bubba is out there for the little guy, the ninety-niners, the real patriots who wonder why their country left them. He's a true American who waves the flag a lot and promotes "made in America" every Friday.

You may not like the style, but he's authentic. And he is not dumb. In fact, he has a talent for putting issues and grievances succintly.

Hulk? I don't think I'd use that with him. He is much more than that. I bet you won't agree, but I put Keith and Jon in a camp while I put Ed in a camp with Howard and Studs and Barbara and John. Figure that one out!


"succinctly" - sorry.


Forgive me for being a teeny off-topic but did you know that oysters are now functionally extinct?

There are five places in N. America where they are still viable I guess. Anybody know how the Chuckanut Drive oyster beds are doing?

Right Leaning and Right

Joanie says "Keith was a leader for a lot of us who are more the educated elite."
She says that just after mentioning barf. Must be an attempt to make us all throw up.
Educated elite? Give me a break. I am certain that most of us have been to college and university's but would never presume to make such an arrogant statement. Particularly since you have posted so very little to back it up.


Funny. That's what you call us. And you remember barf? Interesting. I don't think you've been to university. Sorry.


In fact, I don't think you watched Olbermann. I think you are a whining fraud. How's that for arrogance?

Right Leaning and Right

I barfed after an evening with tequilia at WSU.
If educated elite is another name for over educated, under experianced in the real world snob, I might find it fits you to a tee.
You seem to be another one of those people that believes that what you think is best for the rest of us should be all that matters. Never a thought that you might just be wrong on occasion.
Oh well, it is Saturday night and I'm going to take my wife out for a little drinking and dancing with the rest of the little people that don't know what's best for us.
Carry on without me.


Ah, you obviously read every word I post. BTW, out of that whole post, the only words you could find to which to respond was "educated elite?" Obviously, you were visiting a friend when you drank yourself into oblivion.


Joanie's gloom and doomings last summer abo0ut the Gulf oil spill have come to nothing. A l;ot of big zero's being racked uo by her lately. Dr. Bill is reporting the water samplings are finding nothing in the way of contaminaiton six months later, due to the natural bacteria which multiplied ecponentially after the spill and ate up the oil and the methane. haha Joanie haha Joanie Tee heehee.....I'm giving you a D!


Dr Strangelove is using what data?


Honestly, Tommy. I gave you more credit than that. Guess I'll have to rethink your grade. I think I inflated it a bit.


Apparenntly, The good doctor gets his information from Yahoo news. It is the only place I could find such information and the last sentence tells the real story:
It is still far too early to know how much damage the spill has done — and may still be doing — to the environment. Tar balls continue to wash up on beaches.
I also found this which dates back to December. I try to stay away from BP-produced propaganda. Hard to do.

Dispersants increasing Gulf contamination scientists confirm (again)

I love that Dr. Strangelove reads Yahoo News. I guess he's really just a regular guy after all. But I am surprised that your research skills are so poor. Surely you do better than that when looking for stocks to buy.


More Sea Turtles Died Following Gulf Oil Spill Than Any Similar Period In Past Two Decades

come to nothing - really tommy?


She needs to hire someone to take a crowbar and straighten out her face.


Dr Bill Strangelove thinks that nuclear waste can flow into the Columbia River at Hanford because it "dissipates" within a few feet. He once set up his own gold mine and used heavy equipment to permanently remove mountaintops to access California's gold deposits at the Sunbelt Mining Company-controlled Calgom Mine near one of his residences in Plumas County, California.

"In contrast to the historic practice of panning for gold in California, Wattenburg orchestrated mountaintop removal mining to get at the gold beneath an entire mountain in Plumas County."

Dr. Bill hates any kind of regulation that has to do with the environment. A weakened ozone layer helps his tan. His statements about anything environmental should be taken with a grain of salt.

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