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February 07, 2011



All I can say is welcome back ASAP! So how do you get Current TV? If it means paying Comcast more money, forget it. Maybe they'll podcast?

Right Leaning and Right

Michael. You are so magical with words....."Current TV, the public affairs channel....."
That is, by far, the prettiest way of saying progressive/liberal propaganda channel I have ever seen written.
But it did give me an honest belly laugh for which I shall just say thank you.

The Truth

Current TV is an an absolute joke. They're luck nif they get 100 viewers. The stuff is unwatchable.


This will be great for Current TV. You can get it on the web and via some cable providers. I have a Roku box that streams Current TV content.

The Truth

Olbermann has pigeon-holed himself as a radical liberal that nobody agrees with. What doesn't he put his money where his big fucking mouth is...and write a check to the Dept of Treasury for $20M?

David M

It'll be great to have him back and this will be a major boon for Current TV.
Not sure where it is on Comcast but I subscribe to DirecTV. MSNBC is on channel 356. Fox is on 360. Current TV? Squarely in the middle at 358. Even so, I had never watched it but I will once KO starts.


125 in most of western wa


The Truth

Olberman failed at ESPN so he needed a new schtick....'Blame Everything on Bush'

The guy's a fucking idiot!


Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Right Leaning and Right

I wonder if he can get a token interview with Algore?
Oh wait. Does the guy even do interviews?
It sounds like Current TV has done the right thing by hiring Olbermann. Sounds like they will pick up hundreds of viewers.
Up until now, the network has not had enough viewers to show up in the Nielsons.


Current TV kinda has the same ratings as Ron & Don....unmeasurable

The Anti-Dori

I see Blatherwatch's resident geniuses are hard at work. Does anybody expect Current to register ratings yet? Most people have never heard of Current.


That's where Olber-dork belongs - where no one else has heard of. An interview with Al Gore-lione would be precious - it would reel in maybe a few thousand more viewers.

A pathological liar interviewing another pathological liar - that's the swill that the news media serves up today.


'A pathological liar interviewing another pathological liar - that's the swill that the news media serves up today.'

Fox "News"?


Still with the name calling, KS.


KS, here’s a voter fraud case which Fox will not report.

I will be glad to see Keith Olbermann return to the boobtoob.


How do you know Rhino ? You never watch it. As a matter of fact, I bet they would report it on the news, even if it is a Republican operative.

Just calling it like I see it Sparkles. Sorry that it hurts your sensibilities - sometimes the truth hurts a kool aid drinker like yourself. I'd rather watch the Simpsons than Olber-dork - I'd get more facts from Homer, Marge & co. Facts, they can be annoying things.


Yes KS, you have pegged me. I am not a purveyor of Faux propaganda; therefore I do not watch. But knowing you get your news from Homer, Marge & co, leaves me with a sense relief.


Still glad he's back everybody? It's like going back to the playpen.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Rhino, better be careful with that word, some might look it up in the Urban Dictionary (#8) and take it the wrong way. Just saying.

Proud Dad

Bristol Palin is Writing Her Memoirs

That's right. Her memoirs. She has accomplished so much in so little time that she's decided to take a break and put her miraculous life story into words, so that her saga can be not only enjoyed by those living today but be for the ages. In addition to all of her accomplishments to date, she is hoping to be the first person to write a book who's never read a book.

While she hasn't actually finished the book yet, details are emerging about the much-anticipated tome. Tentatively entitled "We Only Did It That One Time, I Swear: The Bristol Palin Story", the memoir is going to serve as a compendium of quality Palin-family advice to young people everywhere. The working version of the Table of Contents promises that the book will be not only a good read but chock full of worldly wisdom and humorous anecdotes.

Chapter 1 - My Abstinence is a Source of Pride
Chapter 2 - Oops!
Chapter 3 - Oh Shit
Chapter 4 - John McCain Picks My Mom, We're Going to be Rich! Whoo-hoo!
Chapter 5 - And Baby Makes 3; Levi + Bristol 4-Ever!
Chapter 6 - Crap
Chapter 7 - I Rejoin the Abstinence Movement
Chapter 8 - I'm on Dancing With the Stars, and I'm One of the Stars!
Chapter 9 - Am I Gaining Weight?
Chapter 10 - I Write A Book

Progressive Blog Junkie

Proud Dad, Rhino might be a little shy so i will ask this question for him. Is there any juicy details about that "first time"?


Good job, Dad. Nice to see some originality so early in the morning.


Proud Dad: That's not the table of contents. It's the manuscript.

After editing, of course, to correct the misspellings.


I wonder if Sister Sara will mention to Katie, she has read Bristol’s book too. Also.


What will you all say when Obama loses in '12 and then proceeds to hit the speeching circuit ($100K/hour) and book tour ($10M advance)?

Wake up folks....they're ALL corrupt!


It’s not corrupt to write a book, but it’s damn funny when a 20 year old decides to pen a memoir. Too.Also.

Not to mention her mother’s enduring quote.

"All of 'em, any of 'em that have been in front of me over all these years." --Sarah Palin, unable to name a single newspaper or magazine she reads, interview with Katie Couric, CBS News, Oct. 1, 2008


Olberman was a washed up ESPN sports reporter looking for a new schtick so he began screaming and yelling about George W Bush.

Katie Couric is a newsreader with no special skills or talents. She tapped into the bleeding hearts with the death of her husband and sister. She got lucky when she 'zapped' Sarah Palin in her recent interview. She was a coward and thought she would be hurt in the crowd of Cairo so she ended the broadcast and caught the next flight out.

These folks are all corrupt. Rarely do they write all the material in their 'books'. Typically there is a ghost writer. Their speeching engagements are all pre-written teleprompter crap.

The Anti-Dori

Just curious, Stealth: are you telling us something new? Why the concentration on the left?

Olbermann: who cares. He's great in his new role of right-wing trapbaiter.

Catie? who cares.

As for rarely writing all the material in their books? You don't know that. Some can and some can't. Why paint with such a broad brush?


To: The A-D
This blog is about a segment of the media. I am simply telling you that it is ALL manufactured so you buy the god damn products that you don't need.

Hannity, Levin, Beck also do not fully write their books.

All these media/political asses are in it for profit and influence. It's all a schtick.

Our politcial, economic and media systems have all assimilated into one calculated corrupt sham.

We need a complete overhaul!


I too stand with Stealth! Over haul the book buyin’ system. Those publishing houses need to be curtailed; just don’t call it regulation too. Also. And while we’re at it, overhaul the libraries’. They are the bastion of the long hairs!

But, to be serious, I do agree that our political system has walked to close to the edge. My reaction to this extreme political activism is positive change to alter that notion. What are you doing?

Progressive Blog Junkie

So this "positive change" you speak of Rhino and you can correct me if i am wrong, is getting yourself a shake-weight so when you see Olby on your boobtube it will help in not only your muscle build but clarify your thoughts of both Sarah and Bristol Palin.


What the hell? Hannity and Beck didn't write their own books!!!!!
Next you will be telling me that George W and Sarah Palin didn't write their own books either!


Ohh PB&J, sooo lewd…


Sooo lewd. . . soooo typical.

Obama wrote his own book. But then, he went to Harvard.

I love Brad! He's i for Malloy. This is still a RADIO blog, right?

Right Leaning and Right

Bush wrote his own book. But then, he went to Harvard and Yale (and is a born in the USA transcript sharing gentleman).
Too bad Michael couldn't wait until today to break the news on Olbermann. He messed up my getting joanie's appetite wet for the announcement.


The Truth...

Is something you say over and over until you start believing it.

The Anti-Dori

Bush wrote his own book? First I've heard of it. Where did you hear that? Fox News?

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