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February 24, 2011


putrid puss

Let's see how bonneyville looks in feb. January had Seahawk fever & 2 playoff games on Kiro

Radio Queen

Heard that KIRO/KTTH/ESPN Ops Mgr Ryan Hatch is heading back where he came from--Phoenix. He wasn't even here a year, right? The mgmt shuffle continues...


The PD vacancy at KTAR is open, yes, and Hatch has been complaining about the weather here so there's speculation that he will be leaving. However, despite his managerial style, it can't be denied how he has gotten the ratings up for ALL day parts with 5 shares (24-54) with the exception of nights. It was at 2.9. Now we'll see how Curley and Company can get it higher.

For those who were posting about how much Shiers and Curley were/are making "per show," your figures are way off. In fact, they don't get paid "per show"---it's an hourly rate---and it's nowhere near "$300" or "$500" a show.


I see Kay-Vee-Eye is doing well with a .1 share. Could the morning show be any worse? Can the female sidekick read? Does Tom eat on the air in an attempt to set the world's heaviest DJ record? Rick at night with dead air and talking over jingles. Paul T. filling in during the afternoon and walking all over vocals. The constant stumbling and bumbling of the entire staff is awful. A disgrace! Turn it off and save some electricity.


Or, maybe the sample size of the PPM is so small that all this bouncing around within tenths of percents is much ado about nothing. Average out three month trends and we're likely to get a clearer picture.

dave, not dave ross

I was told that the PPM sample is just 90 households. Is that the case, and if so how can only 90 households be allowed to dictate an entire industry. Can someone explain why the sample is so small ( to save money?)


Ironic...KVI was at .1 share when Brian Jennings and Company took over. It then slipped to .0 as it lost the last of the oldies audience...and then began it's historic climb into ratings and format history.


So JimF, about how much do they make?
Also, I like that there are 3 oldies stations on the air and KVI is trying.


Eric, if I knew how much you made per hour, would you like for me to post it for everyone to see?


Ross and Burbank was coming danferously close to morning zoo this morning; spending 30 seconds covering the news, 15 seconds spent on opinion, and then the remainder of the hour was giggling and yucking it up. It sounded like TBTL. I think... they were trying to figure out, definitively, and for the record, which celebrity Muammar Gaddafi resembles the most. The most amazing thing was that Dave Ross was playing along, and I was sure he would walk out of the studio before losing that much oxygen to his brain.

casual observer

re: KVI ratings ...

How do we know their 0.1 number doesn't come from the wall-to-wall weekend infomercials?


Normally, weekend numbers are not considered to determine the ratings. It's usually Monday - Friday. Abritron DOES provide them--even hour by hour, but most PDs are only interested in Monday - Friday and the demo breakouts (Men, 25-54/Women 25-54).


I think Ross and Burbank have great chemistry. Dave droning on, sometimes for the entire 3 hours, about Obama healthcare was getting tedious... and I LOVE Dave. Luke isn't the dummy you all think he is. He offers a fresh perspective to Dave's (sorry) Mercer Island, old-fashioned mentality. I think adding Luke has been a great change and I'm glad to see they are being rewarded by better ratings. I have always listened to all 3 of Dave's hours, but honestly, I'm listening more carefully now and enjoying it a whole lot more. Luke brings out a more interesting Dave, and that's a good thing.

Don Richmond

Dave and Luke may have great chemistry, but I, for one, am sick of hearing just Dave and Luke chat like old women at a coffee clutch, on and on, for 3 hours.

At least when Dave took calls, there was an exchange of ideas. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but it did get you thinking.

What is on there now is just Dave and Luke playing up to each other. No real examination of the content of the topic at hand, except for what they think. No phone calls, except for when they put out an APB.

What you get with "Ross and Burbank" is 3 hrs of Dave and Luke. And just Dave and Luke. No other input other than Dave and Luke.

There are those who love Dave and Luke. I'd rather have it as it was, when Dave challenged you to think.

This is just so much mindless babble.And it extends all day on KIRO.

I do like talk radio, but I expect to be challenged. I'm off to KGO via internet.

Local talk radio in Seattle is dead.

I sense most of the posters here work in the radio industry. I don't, I'm just your average listener.

But what is offered today on KIRO is pure dribble. If I want intelectual challenges, while listening to others comment, I have to leave the SEA market, as I have done.

And as a final comment, it is so sad to hear KIRO play ads to listen to them as a way to stay informed. KIRO is the absolute last place to stay informet.

It is absolute dribble.

What really scares me is their ratings. If the country is buying this garbage, we are definitely in trouble.

Dan in Auburn

I dont know who either JimF or Erictheeditor are, but I am curious what these evening talk hosts make. Anyone care to toss out an honest estimate? Were all anonymous here, right?

Progressive Blog Junkie

What about 1090? How are they doing?

Kyle Mesherscmitt

Looks like Dori is now the weak link in the chain.I wonder when Kiro is going get rid of him


I chuckle every time some nitwit says get rid of government and let private enterprise take over.

Look at two private enterprises in Seattle radio:

1. Fisher. Had a station getting ratings on the AM band in KVI and they decide to try something that was starting to fail 30 years ago: music on AM. Good going Fisher. Enjoy your 0.1; because next month it will likely be 0.0.

2. Salem. Could have had a real opportunity with talk on KOL now that Fisher is self-destructing. But decided to switch to the never-successful anywhere all-business format. Good going Salem. Enjoy your 0.0; because next month it will still be 0.0.

casual observer

@JimF ... that was a tongue-in-cheek comment. And most PDs and Sales Managers are only interested in 6a-7p Monday-Friday numbers. Evening listening levels at adult demo stations are miniscule at best. Stations focused on 18-34 do better.

KIRO-FM likely benefited last month from the weekend numbers acquired during the Seahawks' brief playoff run. As for KVI, it's just horrible as noted elsewhere on this page. They'd be better served doing infomercials Monday-Sunday. At least they'd make some money.

james chan

There are time when Dave is totally clueless about things one would think he would have at least a sense of.
The newer format that is call free spares us from his unfortunate time consumption with 'linda from capitol hill' who must have dori's political guru.
The newer call free format frees dori to rant totally unchallenged and has tended to galvanize his utter stupidity.
It was good to read about the whole 'muslim pirates' obsession he has now.
He still is a pathetic spinoff of billodrudgehannityandbeck.
Without their talking points he would be mute.

Progressive Blig Junkie

I tried listening to Dave And luke yesterday, but to tell you the truth, i can care less about what Kanye West tweets about Abortion. Now if it was about the SHRUB...

I heard Dave saved the July 4th fireworks last year here in Seattle. Do you think he can do the same in Wisconsin and save the Unions. He and every other Progressive needs to write Obama and tell him to keep his campaign promise of walking the picket lines in this attack by Gov. Walker on the Unions. Mr President, walk the talk. (Where is OLBY) Get on the picket line. Has everyone else forgot this from him in the Campaign.

And these Progressive legislatures who fled the State of Wisconsin. What are the Repugs calling them, Fleabaggers. Not pretty. But really, we Progressive can only blame ourselves for this mess, we started it. We even applauded when Pelosi and Reid cut off debate and passed 2000 pages of legislation after legislation without debate from the Repugs. It was great then wasnt it, but karma has a way to bite you in the ass and that is what is happening in Wisconsin.

Now the truth, the events in Wisconsin will push the Progressive movement back 20 years. 20 years and to add that to the 10 we lost with electing Obama. Progressives have a long way to go. And its all uphill. Maybe it was the right time for me to get off that bandwagon, because i would have a hard time defending any of these actions.

Radio Queen

@Don - most of the posters here do not work in the industry. This blog has become just another outlet for the political extremists on both the left and the right to pontificate about everything but radio. You'll notice that alpha Joanie and KS don't even bother with the local radio posts unless they can twist them into something political. Look at the previous post from Itchy who starts his post with a conservative slam and then tries to make his post seem like it's on topic. And a perfect illustration of my point: Here we were having a civil conversation about local radio, and it suddenly turns into a question about Wisconsin? Sheesh...and the puppet master, Hood, does everything he can to stir the political pot, then stands back and rubs his hands in glee as the mad dogs rip each other apart. It's all so tiresome.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Radio is a powerful tool RQ. If a Progressive like Dave Ross can save the 4th of July fireworks for Seattle from behind a mic, surely he can do something to save the Unions in Wisconsin who are under attack besides making fun at Gov. Walker for some prank phone call. He is syndicated. He is heard in other parts of this great country. And because of that, he can make a good case to hold Obama to a campaign promise. To demand the President to "WALK the TALK" would send a strong message to all Progressives that this is a serious crisis in Wisconsin. But instead, he talks about Kanye Wests abortion tweet. Maybe its just a by-product of having Luke on his show i dont know, but when i listened to him before i left for the east coast 6 years or so ago, he was alot more interesting to listen to.



Progressive Blog Junkie

Some here are probably wondering what i am refering to. So here it is.
Walk the Talk

Radio Queen

@PBJ: You're right about the power of radio...but, well, perhaps folks just want a respite from constant political strife. Maybe that's why KIRO's "fluffy puppies" strategy is getting them numbers?
P.S. I don't think Ross's show is syndicated. Short bursts of commentary might get picked up elsewhere, but no show syndication.

Progressive Blog Junkie

True RQ, Dave's show is not syndicated but he does provide daily commentary on the CBS Network across America.

As for the political respite. I dont buy it. I have a rule, as most probably do. Do not talk (Among other things) politics at work. So already you have an 9 hour respite a day of a non-political nature. Afterwards, you need something to break that spell, sometimes a song might do it, but nothing does it better than politics.


@DR: Good points on the comparison between KGO and KIRO. I have listened to KGO for 40 years (good signal after dark) and wonder why we in Seattle can't have something similar. I remain a big fan of Dave, and hope the pendulum swings back.


something is going on - Curley had the night off this evening and they did more than just bring in a sub.... they brought in Pat Cashman & Lisa Foster.

umm.... is it just me, or is that an epic move?

They will be in on Saturday & Sunday as well....

sounds like someone is doing a series of test shows.


wow...I would stream KIRO to listen to Cashman on weekends. Much preferable to listening to Dr. Strangelove insulting every guest before hanging up on them.


I'd love to hear Cashman and Foster again, it would bring back some nice memories for me. I just hope these non-political personalities don't crash and burn when election season heats up next year. I know Curley is an able conservative with city council cred, but when he talks politics a lot of stupid comes out of his mouth.


Last night Curley said he'd gotten an email from a listener who said he wished Curley had died in Iraq, because he deserved it. And they say I'M mean...

Radio Queen

Pat Cashman has tried radio how many times??? He's never gotten ratings and never will. Well, maybe on weekends where he's got no live competition...

Progressive Blog Junkie

Where's Obama

Radio Queen

Ok, PBJ, you're obviously dying to talk about the Wisconsin debacle, and I'm pretty sure you're not going to get our liberal friends to bite. Obama is nowhere to be found because he's currently the CEO of the largest group of workers who don't have bargaining rights on wages and benefits--federal employees. Guess who passed the Civil Service Reform Act to prevent bargaining? That would be Jimmah Cartah and his democratic congress back in 1978. And guess who's had control of congress for the past two years and has done nothing to change it? Guess it would be the height of hypocrisy for Obama to show up on the picket lines in his comfy shoes.


Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster last night on KIROfm sounded uncomfortably close to an older version of Jerry and Jean Lundegaard talking at the family dinner table, in the movie Fargo.........


i'm watching the mean-faced clipped-haired women in Madison wearing their red sweatshirts and yelling "shame, shame, shame!, their faces pinched with hatred and rage, on Geraldo at Large, on Foxnews. Joanie would fit right in there . These fascist protestors in Madison repeately tried to disrupt the Foxnews reporter's Live shot. Apparently they don't believe in free speech.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Yes RQ, not one Progressive has come to defend the President here on Blatherwatch. What are they racist or something. Is it because Obama is black that they wont come defend him. I debated tooth and nail with Repugs after the Shrub invaded Iraq. After the patriot Act. After katrina. The Repugs never gave up. They defended the undefendable. But these Progressives today, well lets just say that that term Fleabagger will stick for quite awhile.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Sorry about the "racist" remark. Like i have said before, my roots run deep in the Progressive Movement. Must have been the wine.

Radio Queen

Oh, but the silence is deafening when the shoe is on the other foot. Sorry, PBJ, but it looks like we'll have to save the Wisconsin discussion until our liberal friends come out of hiding. Hey, maybe they went to Illinois to provide moral support...Cowards.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Cowards? A little strong there RQ. No its something else. They are waiting. Now whether they are waiting for Obama or Joanie is open to discussion.


...or, maybe we have a life!

8 hours at the district Art fair chaperoning 6th graders yesterday, laundry and house cleaning today.
Go over to HorsesAss or Daily Kos-you can probably find someone to play with over there.

jed blaine

dave ross is probably one of the worst blatherheads on the air. he never asks a tough question of his guests. he has no problem booking sims nickels or gregoire because of his timid spineless interview style. he actually apologized to gregoire once when he asked her a semi-tough question.mr. marshmellow
is a big hit with the liberals. He gives the local pols. a platform to say whatever they please completely unchallanged. Edward R Murrow must be spinning a million miles an hour..........

house training a puppy

Maybe the group that's trying to figure out how to bring right-wing talk in Seattle will buy it...


when a government finally understands it is better for more people to pay less in taxes than for a very few people to pay a lot more...

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