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February 23, 2011


Progressive Blog Junkie

It was beginning to be hard out there, but after Obama ruled that a law was unconstitutional instead of the courts it just got easier. A lot easier. DOMA was on its way out. Court after court ruled against it. Eventually the Supreme Court would have ruled in against it. All Obama did today is make it easier for the repugs to point out what they have been saying all along. That he intends to throw away the Constiutution and declare himself King or sopmething. A sad day for Progressives who now have to go out and defend this President. So sad.


I guess it was better to take us into an illegal war based on lies. You people are so easy.

Curveballs anyone?


Just watched. So that's where KS gets his constant "we're a republic" rant. Like it matters? Only to Beck. And KS.

Outrage may be find for suspense drama and comedy. But it's not the way to run a country. Well, unless you grew up in the fifties and watched TV twenty-four seven.

Is that a pretzel above Rush's head?


"may be fine" - slow down joanie.


I just watched that a third time. I could swear RLR, PBJ, our own RV-man and Rush are the same person. Christie and Limbaugh obviously eat their share of ribs but Michelle is supposed to look like the adobe-ized cover of Sports Illustrated?

Now that is the right in a nutshell. Nuts in a nutshell.

Dan in Maple Valley

The economuy sucks. We're all losing our houses. The world is falling into chaos. The President doesn't have a clue...we're fucked!


better hide under your bed, dan, with your guns..


....and your gold, survival seeds and yummy bunker food.

The Anti-Dori

People certainly are empathetic these days. Sorry for the callous comments, Dan.


"Mr. Koch on line 2, Governor Walker..."

Glen's show was dropped yesterday from the Madison, WI station it was on.


Good, looks like the fix is in for the reich wing.

Progressive Blog Junkie

A "GUESS" Joanie? You mean you dont know that sending 4,000 Americans to thier deaths over lies is wrong. What about the half million Iraqi's who lost thier lives. Is that what you would tell thier relatives that it was just a "GUESS" that Saddam had WMDs and we are sorry about your loss. There is no "GUESSING" Joanie that starting a war over lies is wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG. And we Progressives rammed that truth down the Repugs throats every chance we had. Thousands marched across America. And the Repugs paid dearly in the polls in 06' and 08'. This decision by Obama is bad. And dont be surprised if the Progressives lose more seats because of it in 2012.

One more thing, quit trying to allude that me and Coiler are the same. That must be who you are refering to because thats the only one i have seen post anything about RVs. Let me be clear, I am not Coiler.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Thats a good one Sparky. Reminds me of the photo of Bushler looking under his desk for the Iraqi WMDs.


Chux, what the hell are you babbling about now? Just be your hypocritical, 99er self Geezus!


yup, its all Fox News's and the Koch Brothers and the TEA party's fault that the unions are being threatened by the states, who merely want to stop the Unions from taking money from taxpayers to fund the Democratic Party.

Outrage may be find for suspense drama and comedy. But it's not the way to run a country. Well, unless you grew up in the fifties and watched TV twenty-four seven.

Is that a pretzel above Rush's head?

Posted by: joanie | February 23, 2011 at 12:13 PM

Yes, limpy - that's the way your community organizer in chief chooses to run the country - the drama of Obama. The union leeches are getting shaken off of their "hosts" - namely the taxpayers. I haven't been part of a union for a long time.

Gov.. Walker stands his ground and it's time for Pelosi and her leftwing cronies to eat shit, like they forced the rest of us to do from 2008 to 2010. It will get ugly before this thing gets resolved.


Walker is making this ugly. Check out his phone call today


Walker would reduce KS' paycheck and then take away his benefits and then he'd finally fire him for stupidity. KS is expendable. Unless, of course, KS agreed to use the baseball bat on protesters. Would you do that, KS?


Keep trying PBJ. Youll always be a wannabe. You don't have eith either the right stuff or the left stuff.

You should be grateful I even acknowledge you.


It's still insane to be a right winger these days.


The now fired deputy AG of Indiana advocated killing protesters in Wisc. It's still a bad time to be a republican these days.


Gov. Koch Whore is in for a surprize when he fails at this sell-out of his state,the big bucks will throw him under the bus in a heartbeat.


I think he may have accelerated that dumping under-the-bus of himself thing.

Reading at Huffpo that a shut down of government is becoming even more ominous. I think the right wants a shut down because I think they think this is the time to rid themselves of every safety net and regulation and obstacle in their way: before people can vote them out of office and before anything can be done to stop them.

They are moving in on everything and it is starting to look a little scary. Hit and run - that's their tactic and maybe they think this is the time.

We are running out of time to change anything. They have control. Obama does not know what to do. Walker is still in charge. Do you see anything changing? Except for Daniels who is pulling back.



Progressive Blog Junkie

Wannabe? not even close. Grateful? you bet i am. Being acknowledged by you, the "ALPHA" of Blatherwatch is evey bloggers dream. The only thing it can be compared to is that tingle one gets up thier leg when Obama speaks. You know the feeling. 2008. The speeches. The debates. The crowds. The chants. The goosebumps. Oh what a feeling. Great then, even better now.


Wannabe? not even close.

We all know better.

Get a job, chux. I wonder what chux will do if Christine lays off Mrs. Barff.


Walker is basically a VP for Koch Industries, but his salary & benefits come out of the pockets of Wisconsin taxpayers.

I guess that's the FREE market at work.


Walker would reduce KS' paycheck and then take away his benefits..

Unless, of course, KS agreed to use the baseball bat on protesters. Would you do that, KS?

Posted by: joanie | February 23, 2011 at 10:27 PM

Explain how that would happen - I don't live in WI and stupid - you forgot I am not in a union and you are smoking crack. I see that you are making up stuff again as you do when are on the losing side, You are even a poor liar.


settle down KS, save your strength for the weekend


Why is this picture so fucked up?


Here actually


Progressive Blog Junkie

That felt good. I needed that today now im all warm and tingly all over. Thank you Joanie.

Now who or what is this Chux? Anyone? I seen Coiler use that name earlier in the thread refering to Joanie's earlier post about watching TV in the 50's. Now Joanie uses it in what looks like her refering to Coiler needing to find a job and something or another about Mrs Barff getting fired. Is this some sort of inside joke among these two?


You and putz. Always begging me to talk to you. You need to catch up, PB&J. Read the archives.


Cool set of charts at Mother Jones which might give help explain why America is going down the drain: How Rich are the Super Rich and where do you fall in this chart, KS?

Progressive Blig Junkie

Putz? Again with the golf jokes Joanie. What was it you said in the new thread about one repeating themselves... You sure do alot of it. As for reading the archives, i'll leave that to Rhino.

One more thing Joanie, i notice in that link above that 7 out of the 10 richest Congressman are Progressives. With Mother Goose not producing any other relative facts about the distribution of this wealth, can we say this is a good representation of America? That Progressive control 7/10ths of the wealth in America.


I see no progressives in that list. Perhaps you should brush up on your political vocabulary. BTW, Kerry's money belongs to Theresa and Heinz was not even a democrat. There goes the right again, needing to have everything explained. You are at home with the right, PB&J. But don't look to me to provide a detailed analysis of everything. You have to do your homework. Or don't.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Another one who cant stand the scrutiny of thier posts. And fYI, they are all Progressives.


So you say. But who are you? A ridiculous alpha-wannabe.

And those numbers, they just keep on coming: According to the Census Bureau, Mississipp­i has the Highest percentage of poverty in the country. Of the 13 States with the highest poverty levels 12 are Red States. Of the 12 states with the lowest
poverty levels 2 are Red States and 10 are blue Read More... states:


And Gallop's site supports the view that red states are full of sheep who follow their masters to the slaughter. Check it out.


I wonder how many of these states are right-to-work states? Facts can be such nuisances.


Those all look like union busting states.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Been there done that Joanie. Now again, and let me be crystal clear here, i am no threat to your high ranking status here on Blatherwatch. You are the "ALPHA" here. It is clear that everyone follows your lead and i dont want to break that chemistry you all have here. Is that clear now.

With that being said, why are linking a "Mississippi is the most Conservative State" Gallup Poll to back up your numbers on poverty. That makes no sense. What, you dont think people know how to use a mouse button. And, whats your point anyway?

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