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February 05, 2011


Progressive Blog junkie

I must have hit a nerve there Joanie because your writing contradicts what you say. And since you posted afterwards on other threads you certainly were not in a hurry. So what nerve was it?

Maybe the nerve that you think everything is rosey in the Progressive Movement. Well i can tell you for fact it is not. There is a "Dark" side to it. It was there then. It is there now. It will be there in the future. And it is not pretty.

Now just because you didnt hear them four or the dozens more leftwing radio and TV personalities say something does not mean they did not say it. They did. Maybe you were not listening. But i was listening then, and still do today. Rush, Beck, Shannity, O'Rally. they dont even come close to those of the left when it comes to hate. Its all in your head if you believe otherwise.


"I must have hit a nerve"
Posted by: Progressive Blog junkie

PBJ... You used the word "Hit"...
Clearly an endoresement of violence, and this blog will not accept your hate filled bigotry.

You're in the crosshairs, pal!


Kimmy Kline RIP 2010-2011
(KIRO Traffic Reporter)

I liked her voice over Shane (yes the bad cop is my brother) Cobaine

The Anti-Dori

He's not black. He's black and white. Didn't you know that, Bastard?

You make me laugh sometiimes. Good naturedly of course. "Usually" information you don't like. Joanie's right, what a crock. I'm sorry. But it is.

She asked if you do homework and you answered sometimes - when you need,too? If you don't listen to a diversity of talkers and writers, how do you know when you need to?


Boring Dave Boze spent an hour wondering alud and asking his callers why the Ron Paul suppporters have been acting like boors and loud shouting, rude jackasses at the ongoing C-Pac convention, from which the Bozester waas broadcasting. No onehad the heart to tel him to get s clue, it's because they are a buinch of fascist morons, as is asshat Ron Paul.


It is laughable to hear these bozos Ron and Don (with barely a New Mexican HS education) try to talk intelligently about the complex Egypt issue!


UUUUUNIONS! Damn those five day work weeks, hourly wages and reasonable hours. Yes, I, too, would really like to go back to low pay, long hours, no benefits and dying in the poor house when my time has come.

You got it, Rat Bastard. You got it. The answer to everything: IT'S ALL THE UNIONS FAULT. And those darn Europeans and Canadians. What silly people. Why should they want to keep teir socialized healthcare, long summer vacations and social safety nets when we obviously have it so much BETTER!

A bunch of stupid people over the and north of us. Won't they ever learn?


"He's not black. He's black and white. Didn't you know that, Bastard?"
Posted by: The Anti-Dori

Obama is "black". I think he would identify himself as such and his 20 years as a member of Reverend Wright's "Black Theology Church" pretty much puts a cherry on top of that one.
Of course he has a black parent and a white parent, but people in that case often pick sides.
We all have many different racial and cultural factors in our ancestral past.
It would be much better if everyone could just be who they are and not the racial ingredients their parents gave them.
Far too many people want racism to further an agenda and the rest of us just have to put up with it.


"You got it, Rat Bastard. You got it. The answer to everything: IT'S ALL THE UNIONS FAULT"
Posted by: joanie

I wouldn't say that EVERYTHING is the fault of unions, but yes...
Lots of problems sure are.
Bully tactics and entitlement mentality... Unrealistic pensions and benefits, job/salary guaranties no matter what the economy or any other factor.
Union workers want to hold everyone else hostage to get what they think they deserve.


Well, that's true. Your fellow wage earner really shouldn't expect contracts to be honored. Or money they paid in out of their salary towards pensions to be held in trust and paid honorably. And all the union people who did lose pensions and take pay cuts - oh, still working (some of them) and living on less.

Of course, CEO's and shareholders shouldn't have to take a pay cut. After all, it is much easier for us average people to learn to live on less because . . . well, jusr because.

And Americans like queens and kings and lords and masters anyway. That's what we've been missing all these years since the Founding Fathers determined they didn't want kings and queens and masters and servants. But we regular people miss the aristocracy, the Court just too much. Let us eat cake.

Thanks for reminding me, Bastard.

Hail to all the rich people. Perhaps they will drive through the streets in their limousines once a year and we can all beg for alms. "Alms, please sir, lady. Alms for the needy."


"Well, that's true. Your fellow wage earner really shouldn't expect contracts to be honored.
Thanks for reminding me, Bastard."
Posted by: joanie

Of course, contracts should be honored. No question.
It's the strong arm tactics to get those unrealistic contracts in the first place that's the problem.
Then when business isn't what it was, times aren't as good and those contracts can't be lived up to...
It's like buying a home and wanting a guarantee that the price will only go up regardless of the market.
The threat of strikes when the reality is that if you can get a better job that pays more elsewhere... get it!
But union members don't want to live by the rules of the rest of us.
Boeing is the perfect example of workers wanting guarantees even if there's no plane orders.
Where is all of that money supposed to come from?
Oh yeah, the evil rich.
It sounds like time to break out your protest puppets and practice counting to 4, and hey hey, ho ho.

The Anti-Dori

Buying a home on a mortgage is a contract that has to be honored whether the home owner has a job or now. Let's keep the facts straight here.

I think - when I read you, RB, that you sound like a business owner who has the time to sit on the computer all day while somebody else works for you. Is that right? I think that because you don't seem to empathize with regular folk but you sure do give a pass to the rich.


I have little sympathy for those who claim "there just isn't any money" when the bonuses of the Big Bank CEOs went UP this year. It is just a matter of one's priorities..pay a living wage or buy that 4th vacation home. If there truly was "no money" then the CEOs would be whining that they can't afford all those mortgages. ( or settle for domestic anything rather than imported!)

The Gov. of Wisconsin is threatening to call out the National Guard on state employees because they are angry he wants to gut the unions. Ironic since Wisconsin is the first state in the Union to get the 8 hour work day..and many gave their lives to do so for their fellow workers.


Some people have to find out the hard way that they are part of the working class, too. I don't think Bastard is in the top one per cent or even the top ten percent. If he isn't, he'll find out that being anywhere in the bottom ninety percent guarantees him absolutely zero over the next twenty years without unions, social compacts and contracts, and social regulations. He's vulnerable but he thinks he's not.

Shopkeepers, my my. You think you're untouchable. When the wealth of the country is in a very few hands, you will have no customers. Keep that in mind, Mr. Bastard.


Which is why the ultra-rich don't care..they don't need customers when they can bet against each other using our money in their banks--no product needed.

joanie, I have posted that article about the billionaires you sent me, to several blogs, and I printed it out at school and shared it...makes me bang my head on the table. We are on the wrong end of the horse suit, that's for sure.


For the record...
Self employed here, no employees.

Not rich by any means, but not poor either.
It's the middle class non union workers who really get angry at all of the union workers with those bennies that don't seem to change with the economy like most worker's pay does.
The evil, ultra rich are in a whole other world, but they also create jobs for the rest of us.
Most liberals I know despise the rich and their money handed down through families, but when these liberals inherit money... Funny how they don't offer it to the wise government to disperse to the needy. They buy cars and boats and homes...
Just like the evil rich!
As far as unions go, the private businesses who allow that crap get what they're asking for...
It's the government unions who really screw everyone.
Except of course the government workers.
Just to stay on topic...
I like Glenn Beck!


RB - you will be ostracized for sure now that you said you like Glenn Beck.

Here's some more food for thought. The liberal progressives and the Islamists have a common cause. Both want a totatlitarian government - of varying kinds and one could also say they want a theocracy. The left has their own religion -liberalism. Both sides dislike opposition and would like to silence or eliminate them. The link below shows a glimpse of what is going on in France with the Islamization of that country - there's nothing that says it can't happen here and it already is on a much smaller scale.



Self employed here, no employees.

Not rich by any means, but not poor either.

Wow. AD had you pegged. Are you that good?

It's the middle class non union workers who really get angry at all of the union workers with those bennies that don't seem to change with the economy like most worker's pay does.

Then why not get mad at the outsourcing this country promotes so that private sector workers can stay even with those in Europe and Canada which have policies in place to protect their own? What's the point of dragging everyone down instead of insuring everyone a good job?

Also, government employs a lot of professional people who do NOT make as much as professionals in the private sector. I agree - because I was one once - that clerks and non-professionals do make a darn good salary in the public sector. I've always believed tht experienced it. That is partly because the private sector started getting greedy and corporate mergers and people like Carl Icahn and T. Boone Pickens put people out of work to make shareholders rich. I guess you believe shareholders deserve more money than the working public deserves jobs. Not all countries buy into that and they are doing much better.

The evil, ultra rich are in a whole other world, but they also create jobs for the rest of us.

No, they don't. The more money they can take of business and put into private accounts, the fewer jobs we have. Giving huge tax breaks makes it more profitable to store money in Swiss accounts than to put it back into your busines and grow it. I've posted several links that support that.

You have the same problem many of your ilk do: lots of opinion with little information. And when things get hard, you're all for keeping the ultra happy with their Swiss bank accounts - creating a new royalty in this country - and turning on your fellow average citizen. This country did best when royalty paid its fair share: 90%. We had jobs and benefits and infrastructure. But you listen to idiots on the radio and TV who are making money hand over fist selling you people on small potatoes because they want to keep it all.

And how many cars and boats do the rich have to buy to keep people employed? Do some math. Show a little intelligence before you make such extremely uninformed statements. It is a middle class that keeps a society moving and the bigger the middle class, the more boats and cars get purchased. h

Like I said, Bastard, you're long on opinion and short on facts just like Glenn Beck. Except you're his stooge. He's making money off you. So I guess you're getting screwed too. You just don't know it yet. Thanks god you are becoming an even smaller minority.

If you need any proof of the sort of mentality you are part of, read KS' response to you and start to think about what it is you are part of.

I know I write too much about this but it is important. And you people are such paper cut-outs. You believe what feels good in the moment always nice to have someone you can easily blame without working on it. And it's always the guy next door. First it was union workers in the corporate sector; now it's union workers in the private sector. Well, you know what, your time will come. Big corporations have already put mom and pop operations out of business all over the country: how many local gas stations with private ownership can you name? how many movie theatres still in local private hands can you name? how many mom and pop drugstores and retail shops can you name? How many mom and pop hamburger stands can you name? It is an ever-increasing system of monopolizing everything that we operate under in this country. Other first-world countries have regulations that are enforced to make society work for all people. But people like you - greedy, easily propagandized people like you - are turning out country back into a pre-Constitutional place when it was every man for himself, women didn't have a say, Indians were killed routinely, and justice was carried out by the local gun hired by the rich man. Thank you Bastard, for taking my civilized and educated country away from me.

The Egyptians with the help of the internet and information are taking back their country. It isn't happening overnight. They have a long struggle to gain what we are giving away. Think about it. Or don't. Let Glenn Beck do your thinking. I'm almost beyond caring.


You don't care about the constitution as it is written. Your ilk is becoming a virus to the world -bring out the DDT !


First of all, you have no idea what liberals do with their money.

Second, the wealthy corporations have NOT been creating jobs--they continue to move their business centers overseas where they can pay pennies to the workers. For 8 years, these guys had few if any taxes to pay (Exxon paid $0.00) and the overseas gigs were another way to keep even more of the money. We lost millions of jobs. They continue to get their tax cuts, and they STILL are not creating jobs. Lately, when this has been pointed out, the business community claims they are just too "nervous" and are afraid to invest in people right now. It's bullshit. They always have an excuse not to invest in this country. They sure as hell take advantage of all the opportunities they get, but most don't want to give anything back. It's called greed.

Unions fought, and continue to fight for the middle class worker to work an 8 hour a day, 5 days a week with time off, a mostly livable wage and a few benefits. Their success is untenable to the right, who are doing everything they can to rid the country of unions. Put the working guy back in his "place."

I don't dislike rich people for being rich, particularly if they worked hard to get there. What I dislike is the greed and selfishness of some of them, who have total disregard for how the rest of the population struggles-- the workers whose efforts got them where they are, unless they just inherited their wealth and feel entitled to continue their lifestyle with no effort on their part. Those are the people I dislike.

The pathetic piece of this is how so many of you on the right, who have the same chance as a fart in a whirlwind of ever being rich themselves, ADMIRE these people just because they have money. This shortsightedness is what keeps this economy week--you support issues that will NEVER benefit you, and the middle class worker remains unable to find work and to have a salary that would be spent locally and make the community economically viable once again, which WOULD benefit you.

KS, your comments are just too way out there for me to even begin to respond.

joanie esp. for Bastard

The truth about our economy today is that there is absolutely no correlation between tax breaks for the rich and economic growth.

...In truth, we are now a consumer society. If you want the economy to return, then you have to put money into the hands of consumers who will then purchase goods at the local Best Buy, Home Depot, Target and Walmart stores. As for the rich, if there's money to be made, they'll soon show up - tax breaks or not.


And let's be clear, the Bush tax cuts didn't just produce fewer jobs than advertised. They didn't produce any private sector jobs at all. The whole experiment in handing over money to the wealthiest people in America so they could use it to benefit the rest of us was a colossal -- empirically verifiable -- failure.


This is because, as CBO explained, “higher-income households … would probably save [rather than spend] a larger fraction of their increase in after-tax income.”[3] An economy in a recession or the early stages of a recovery needs more spending, not more saving.


The IRS in February asked U.S. District Judge Alan S. Gold in Miami to force Zurich-based UBS to turn over names of some 52,000 American clients believed to be hiding nearly $15 billion in assets in secret accounts.


Private Swiss bank accounts are sometimes used for tax-evasion purposes. The CRA says that it recovered around $1 billion in unpaid taxes stashed in offshore accounts last year. The accounts, stolen in 2007, will come under close scrutiny.

They have been pressing UBS to give details of 19,000 US clients with $17.9 billion (£8.9 billion) in undeclared Swiss bank accounts.

An investigation, whose report was issued yesterday, found that only 1,000 of UBS's 20,000 American clients with Swiss bank accounts had declared their accounts to the IRS.

Oh they sure are "creating jobs" aren't they. Hiding money is more like it.

You know, as long as you see this as a conservative/liberal issue, we have no hope. Start seeing it as an American issue and help us do something about it.


KS, your comments are just too way out there for me to even begin to respond.

Posted by: sparky | February 12, 2011 at 12:45 PM

Why, thank you. I wouldn't have it any other way.

joanie esp. for Bastard

KS, I've stopped talking to you. You're too dumb to waste my time on.


"First of all, you have no idea what liberals do with their money."

Sparks -And you have no idea what conservatives do with their money. If you are being judgmental why should you expect other's not to be ?

Joanie, good riddance. you are making this blog an insult to most sane people's intelligence.

joanie esp. for Bastard

Good post, Sparky. Bush created explicitly a policy to encourage outsourcing. What are these people thinking?

And corporate taxes are lower in this country than any other industrialized country. And while they pay no taxes, they get effing tax refunds! Even you, Rat Bastard, should wonder about that.

And in my previous post, I inadvertently said "private" unions when I should have said "public" unions.

And finally, empirical: based on experience or observation." Provable.

Damn. What do you people need?


News flash - Bush is no longer president.

What do you mean corporate taxes are lower than any other industrialized country ? Corporate taxes are 35% - the highest of any industrialized nation, higher than in Canada look it up. More misinformation from the Moonbeam blab to distract from the truth...


Ridding myself of the "esp for Bastard."

Do you ever feel, Sparky, like there's a group of people who just don't give a fuck abut anybody else?

This from Wiki on Jeffersonian Democracy: The core political value of America is representative democracy; citizens have a civic duty to aid the state and resist corruption, especially monarchism and aristocracy.

That requires an informed educated populace.

I wonder if Franklin had the foreboding that our republic would only last a little over two hundred years when he asked "if you can keep it."


"Do you ever feel, Sparky, like there's a group of people who just don't give a fuck abut anybody else?"

Even though I am not Sparky - No shit - sherlock !
what was your first clue - and that is a silly statement to be coming from someone who is as hyperpartisan and narcissistic as you. - it's the pot calling the kettle black again.

One who resonds to idiots

HOUSTON -- As you work on your taxes this month, here's something to raise your hackles: Some of the world's biggest, most profitable corporations enjoy a far lower tax rate than you do--that is, if they pay taxes at all.

The most egregious example is General Electric ( GE - news - people ). Last year the conglomerate generated $10.3 billion in pretax income, but ended up owing nothing to Uncle Sam. In fact, it recorded a tax benefit of $1.1 billion.

Avoiding taxes is nothing new for General Electric. In 2008 its effective tax rate was 5.3%; in 2007 it was 15%. The marginal U.S. corporate rate is 35%.

In Pictures: What The 25 Top U.S. Companies Pay In Taxes

How did this happen? It's complicated. GE's tax return is the largest the IRS deals with each year--some 24,000 pages if printed out. Its annual report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission weighs in at more than 700 pages.

Inside you'll find that GE in effect consists of two divisions: General Electric Capital and everything else. The everything else--maker of engines, power plants, TV shows and the like--would have paid a 22% tax rate if it was a standalone company.


Putting U.S. Corporate Taxes in Perspective

By Chye-Ching Huang and Chad Stone

October 27, 2008
Related Areas of Research

The U.S. corporate tax burden is smaller than average for developed countries.[1] Corporations in 19 of the member states of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development paid 16.1 percent of their profits in taxes between 2000 and 2005, on average, while corporations in the United States paid 13.4 percent.

Nevertheless, some have argued that U.S. corporate tax rates unduly burden U.S. companies by pointing to the country’s top statutory tax rate, which is 35 percent. For example, a recent Wall Street Journal editorial calling for corporate tax cuts noted that this is the second highest top statutory tax rate among developed countries.[2] While true, this gives the false impression that the corporate tax burden is greater here than in other developed countries. Because the U.S. tax code offers so many deductions, credits, and other mechanisms by which corporations can reduce their taxes, the actual percentage of profits that U.S. corporations pay in taxes — or what analysts refer to as their effective tax rate — is not high, compared to other developed countries.

I'm not sure you're smart enough to understand this, KS. People who get all their information from Glenn Beck and Fox News are shown to be provably stupider as they continue to watch.


What I have learned, joanie, is that we can post links and facts until we are blue in the face and it does not penetrate the brain cells of those who refuse to believe them. It's more comforting to listen to the rantings of Glenn/NotGlenda.

Back to ignoring them, here.


You're right. According to Rat Bastard, there's not truth. Hard to argue beliefs. I for one needs facts to make a case.

KS - usual suspects VICE

I'm not sure you're smart enough to understand this, KS. People who get all their information from Glenn Beck and Fox News are shown to be provably stupider as they continue to watch.

Posted by: One who resonds to idiots | February 12, 2011 at 01:44 PM

First off you are NOT smart enough to spell respond correctly. Secondly, you have no idea where I get my information from. I read the internet and discern enough for myself. I lean more libertarian than GOP and like a lot of what Ron Paul says. I know that must be foreign to lemmings/conspiracy theorist/9-11 truthers like yourself who only read left-wing publications or listen to Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews who are all hyperpartisan leftists who are constantly challenged by the truth.

YOu can post links until you are blue in the face, but if the source is misinformation or a propaganda sheet like a lot of them are - it will be detected by someone of integrity, which you are sitting on.

BTW- LMAO you inadvertently my point was made about the corporate tax rate of 35% in the USA and concur with what the WSJ says - the tax code is too complex - too many loopholes and needs to be overhauled. A flat tax would be nice, but there are too many special interests that are against any simpler tax rate - time to clean out DC, starting in the White House and start over - it is clearly FUBAR back there..

One who resonds to idiots

I lean more libertarian than GOP and like a lot of what Ron Paul says.

????? So?

I know that must be foreign to lemmings/conspiracy theorist/9-11 truthers like yourself who only read left-wing publications or listen to Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews who are all hyperpartisan leftists

I sourced Forbes and Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

You can post links until you are blue in the face,

Yes, Sparky made that observation.

if the source is misinformation or a propaganda sheet like a lot of them are

Prove it.

it will be detected by someone of integrity, which you are sitting on.


corporate tax rate of 35% in the USA and concur with what the WSJ says - the tax code is too complex - too many loopholes and needs to be overhauled.

You changed the discussion. I think you get confused. The effective tax rate is about 13-14%. Still arguing about that?

This is fun. Most uninformed bloggers on the right call me names and go away in a huff. At least you stick around and keep arguing your beliefs - without sources - you do persist.

One who resonds to idiots

More precisely:

if the source is misinformation or a propaganda sheet like a lot of them are

Forbes and The Center Budget and Policy Priorities?

Please don't rant. It's no fun. Listing left-wing radio personalities is a rant.

One who responds to idiots

I guess you went off in a huff. At least you didn't call me names.

KS - usual suspects VICE

"I know that must be foreign to lemmings/conspiracy theorist/9-11 truthers like yourself who only read left-wing publications or listen to Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews who are all hyperpartisan leftists"

"I sourced Forbes and Center on Budget and Policy Priorities"

So ? A leopard does not change its spots.

"if the source is misinformation or a propaganda sheet like a lot of them are

Prove it."

I already have on numerous occasions - You prove that you are credible - I won't hold my breath about that one. When its non-political you have shown a few flashes of credibility. Hey - You will still keep posting unreliable hyperpartisan links because that's who you are a prevaricator with haggish tendencies.

"This is fun. Most uninformed bloggers on the right call me names and go away in a huff."

Liar, Pudge punched your lights out on SP last time you were over there and YOU left in a huff. Keep imbibing and escaping reality... I don't really give a shit - you are of little consequence...

Right Leaning and Right

Corporate income taxes are stupid.
Eliminate them completely.
Both Joanie and KS go on about rates of 14-15% up to 35%. % of what? Gross income? Net Income? Some hybrid income?
Get rid of the corporate taxes and just let the stock holders and employees pay taxes on what they get.

The Anti-Dori

That sounds good: 90% on the stockholders (who have no labor in the game) and 10% on employees and a limit on CEO pay of 500xbaseline worker.


When Americans Go Hungry, JP Morgan Profits

It's been widely reported that 43 million Americans now require help meeting their basic nutritional needs. Less well known is that JP Morgan is the largest services of food-stamps in the U.S., offering benefit cards in 26 states. As Mary Bottari wrote for AlterNet, “The firm is paid per customer. This means that when the number of food stamp recipients goes up, so do JP Morgan profits.”

Perhaps that doesn't get your blood boiling. If not, Bottari adds: “JP Morgan is taking its responsibility to keep the U.S. unemployment rate high by off-shoring the servicing of many of these contracts to India, according to ABC News.” Yes, they're profiting off of our pain, and off-shoring the work required to do so.

JPMorgan was the recipient of $25 billion worth of taxpayer bailout, and its CEO, Jamie Dimon, took home $17 million in compensation last year – the biggest windfall on the Street.

Where are the jobs, Boner?

Right Leaning and Right

anti-dori, Are you truly an idiot or just pretending to be one to get needed attention?
At 90% taxes, why would you risk money and invest in any company just to get fucked in the butt by government?
Would you take a gamble on a new start up company with a bright young management team with a one in five chance of making it if there where no rewards for you should they make it?
Would you invest in Boeing's getting ready to design and market a new plane to replace the 737 knowing that they could screw it up worse than the Dreamliner knowing that if successful, the blood suckers in DC are going to take it all if Boeing does it right (which would mean building it here with the best airplane builders in the world).
You know what I am talking about. The people who maybe risk 10 or 15% of their income investing in the future of not only themselves, but all of our neighbors and the company's we and they work for as well.
Or are you just being silly tonight?

The Anti-Dori

For the same reason people get jobs. To make money. And if I thought the start-up was a Microsoft, yes, I would. You seem to look at Wall Street as if it is a paycheck. Since when?

Right Leaning and Right

For every Microsoft, there are a thousand penny stocks. The new and improved mouse trap or the laundry detergent that doesn't harm the fish. The new transmission that doubles gas mileage on paper.
How about the pharmacist and chemist that have come up with a concoction that just may cure melanomas, but it is going to take ten years of testing before it can prove itself to work and not do harm elsewhere. Somebody is going to invest millions in it and pray that it works and gets on the market, saves lives and makes money (and doesn't have a bunch of ambulance chasing sharks on cable tv advertising to sue you because it doesn't work well on everybody).
You really are just being silly tonite, right.

Right Leaning and Right

Would you have invested in Microsoft in 1975, when it was Bill and Paul in Bills dads garage?

The Anti-Dori

That's why they are penny stocks. Most of them fail. You take a loss. That's the way it works. You want guarantees? Put it in an FDIC-insured savings account.


Unions in America are the reason more and more outsourcing is occurring.
Keeps coming back to workers thinking they are worth more than they really are and then they wonder why their jobs go away and blame “the evil rich” for paying people in other countries.
That includes all of the costs that go into doing so.
Sure, workers in China and Mexico will work for less, but not so much less that it should be realistic for companies to go to all of the trouble.
If salaries and benefits were kept within reason here, the work would stay here.

I know, this to be true because Glenn Beck said so.

Right Leaning and Right

Tell you what. You just take and give 90% of your income to the government and keep 10% for discretionary income.
Let the big Uncle tell you where you can live, how big an apartment you can have, feed you, clothe you, provide your transportation, meds, etc as they feel appropriate.
It'll be just like when you were 7 yrs old and mommy and mommy took care of you. Only diff is that you will have to get a big boy job.

South King County

Right LR and RB - Joanie, Sparky, Coiler, Anti-Dori, Redneck Liberal are all idiots when it comes to the economy.

Not only that, but they are immoral and poor excuses for human beings because they don't care whether they bankrupt future generations or not.

Progressive Blog Junkie

The big question about the future of Egypt now is when will the Military give up its power?

Right Leaning and Right

South King. The whole group of people you mention are individual thinkers with some socialist tendencies. I doubt that they all agree with Anti-Dori's weird stance that people that are willing to invest in the future of a company should have 90% of their profit confiscated by the government.
Does that require that all of the money that their pension funds have made should be taxed at 90%?
Where do you people get those goofy ideas?

Old granny Mildred averages $500.00 per month return on her investments in various companies and you want the government to take $450.00 of it?


too much misinformed and greedy drivel posted above to respond. The information was presented but ignorant and greedy people will have their beliefs.

Mass stupidity. Sparky was right. And greed. Our country in decline.

Well, there's always Canada where people have jobs, health care, reasonable military, common sense and less greed. Oh, and they can say fuck on TV.

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