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February 05, 2011



Well, the cons will totally disregard the facts because they came from Media Matters.
I think that shooting in Arizona made people stop and think about what we have all become.
Personally, I could see Glenn moving to Kansas City and starting a movement there. He will just say that New York is a communist enclave.

Right Leaning and Right

Why would anybody want to shut down another American and his right to free speach? How lame is that?
Next thing you know, the right will insist on ending Rachel Maddow's tv show. Ed Schultz is highly offensive and inflamitory. Pull his michrophone and send him packing as well.
Just for the fun of it, I checked Beck's tv numbers on TV By the Numbers and see that he has higher ratings on his program than any show at any hour on CNN, MSNBC, and CNN, doubling his highest rated non FNC cable news program, Maddow. So, it does seem as if people still want to hear what he has to say.
So, KTTH, keep Glenn Beck on the air. Don't let these Seattle liberals that don't liston to his programor your station tell you what to broadcast. Continue to give us what we want. Of course, if you want to put Bryan Suits on for those hours and put Beck on later in the day, that would please us to.


And the "highest ratings on cable" are a drop in the viewership bucket. You are part of a drop in the bucket. Put that in your "speach."

Thankfully, some adults take responsibility for irresponsible people who promote violence and remove them from the air waves.


A show getting dropped because of hateful, inflammatory content is not a violation of "free speach". It's the free market at work. Do "conservatives" need to have every stupid little thing explained to them?


Liston to my inflamitory free speach!


I'm totally for getting Beck off the air, but a petition from a for-profit telephone company?

Is this just a way to get people to opt-in to receive advertising from CREDO?


The "free market at work" would be Beck getting fired for lack of ratings, not being silenced by liberal pressure groups. I can't stand Beck, but I have even less patience for suppression tactics. In America everyone gets to talk. I am no conservative, but I am pretty sickened by the liberal yen for silencing viewpoints that offend them.


How about silencing hate speech? How about owners of stations using their privilege to air programs which do not promote violence? Do they have a say in their programming day?

And petitions are old methods for enacting change. Tim Eyman can do it? So can Credo. It is up to the management to decide if they think the petitioners make their case or not.

Good lord. Almost any airing of public opinion could be considered a "suppression tactic" in the right frame.


Do any of these people that ane so worried about free speech remember when various meetings were being held to put out information about the health plan, the representatives were shouted down and spat upon???


I guess your only entitled to free speech if your a crazy-assed republican spouting a pack of lies. I.E. non-citizen, moslem, terrorist, Nazi, killer of grandma whom wants to give the country to the Russians. Almost forgot that he wants to bankrupt the country and kill all the jobs or send them overseas to China or India.


The "free market at work" would be Beck getting fired for lack of ratings

That would be true if FOX were a traditional broadcasting company, as opposed to an operational arm of the GOP. Beck has lost most of his advertisers, and he's losing FOX money. Ailes refuses to fire him regardless of ratings, loss of advertisers, public outrage, etc. SOP doesn't apply here.


Beck is a radio and TV personality.
Nobody HAS to listen or watch.
Too many people want their side to be the only one available.
Nothing wrong with a petition to hag at his sponsors, but he get's ratings and therefore he will have paying advertisers.


I know Glenn Beck is Mormon and KTTH is owned by Bonneville, which is part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon).

My question is this, is Glenn Beck an official spokesman for the LDS church?

It's probably debatable, but Glenn Beck is now probably the most famous, well-known, Mormon of all time in the United States.


I would bet you that if Beck is loseing Rupert's money he would be dissmised and given a golden shower. Fox makes money! That is the only reason they exist. If there was money in left wing talk they would have there fingers in that too!

Progressive Blog Junkie

Well what a mess i have found myself in. The boycotts of Beck were great in the day but as i have found conservatism, i think i'll have to shift my talents to the right. What am i saying. I just signed the petition and used Adolf Hitler as my name, the Third Reich as my address and castigated Beck in the comments. Nothing like a blast of fresh ramblings from some freaked out Progressive to get the attention of a programmer. Beck is the only one out there really showing how Communism is spreading across America. I dont want to see that happen.


Beck by virtue of his espousing his connection with the Mormons, has become a spokesman for the Church of LDS. Therefore, he spreads lies, propaganda and inspires people to kill in the name of all Mormons. Bonneville should be ashamed.

Progressive Blog Junkie

The only one who should be ashamed Bill is you. Only you.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Back East we had a network for these type of boycotts. Today as i think back i am ashamed of the events i participated in. Not all, but a whole lot of them.
Its easy signing petitions. But they only have a minimum effect. A VIP will only find it amusing that a bunch of people want to change thier marketing or business plan. So we found out the only way to actually make any changes in business behavior was to embarass them. The VIPs that is.
What we did was infiltrate thier business. We found someone who was Progressive enough to act as a mole. Someone who knew of the VIPs daily routine. We knew any type of funny stuff on business property would get us thrown in jail so we started showing up at the VIPs luncheons, Night outs, Weekend gatherings. Sort of flash mob like we just made a quick dash at them with our signs and would blurt out slogans that would make everyone present uncomfortable. It was ugly but quick enough that we made our point and escaped to return another day.
Think about it. 20 people coming into a restuarant circling this VIPs table for 20 seconds holding signs chanting stuff like "baby killer" and "Nazi sympathizer". It was great stuff. 9 out of 10 times we were sucessful. We called ourselves the "Two-Nine". or for short "29".


I think you missed Bill's point, PBJ.

It would be interesting, Bill, to know how Mormons feel generally about his antics. He's probably looked at much like other sects view all those off-the-chart religiosos on Channel 20 (That's my Viacom channel of channelers of Christ). He's probably just considered an idiot who makes lots of money and nobody gives him much thought in the Mormon community.

Of course, I'm guessing.

Roger Ailes is very political. I believe that most if not all of Beck's advertisers have moved away from him. But, I bet they recognize that Beck brings watchers to Fixed News and so he is still an attraction.

But his radio is different. Not doing so well in radio?

Progressive Blog Junkie

No Joanie, you missed mine.


The only one who should be ashamed Bill is you. Only you.

Was that posted by someone else?

As for your second post, I made no response.


Progressive Blog Junkie

That was me. I'm surprised you dont see it. All Bill did was put shame on Michael Hood. How...

Bill by virtue of his espousing his connection with Blatherwatch, has become a spokesman for the Progressive Movement. Therefore, he spreads lies, propaganda and inspires people to hate Glenn Beck in the name of all Liberals. Michael Hood should be ashamed.

Michael Hood might not be ashamed of what he does, but Bill should not put Michael Hood in a position to defend himself.


Misdirection and mischaracterization. Bill does not speak for me. Bill does not speak for Michael. Your "therefore" is illogical. I think you are well-suited to the conservative side.

And you have no right nor accorded privilege to speak to what Bill should or shouldn't do.

Now, I am leaving for the rest of the day and am done responding to you.

Pam Spencer

You are like sheep. No thinking for yourselves, only blindly following the 'system'. Sheep will die of thirst because they won't drink out of moving water and will follow each other off the cliff. Guess we'll know the liberal morons when we see them piled at the bottom of the cliff.

the Moderate Republicrat

Joanie, you're a progressive idiot wrapped in a liberal moron. Get a life and check "all" the facts. There is "always" 2 or more sides/facts to a story.


Pam and MR are invited to accept the Blatherwatch New Year's challenge of participating without using ad hominems.


One thing Beck insists on is that his viewers do their own research.
He doesn't want people to just take his word for things...
(he says that often)
He makes his case with the help of many assistants doing lots of digging.
I've always seen him as giving his personal opinion and what I believe is a sincere desire to find the truth in every subject he covers.
And yes, I love that he makes so many Liberals wet themselves with rage...
Second only to Sarah Palin.


If his viewers are in rest homes or wear blue jumpsuits while standing in line at Camping World, then the research is probably out the window


"If his viewers are in rest homes or wear blue jumpsuits while standing in line at Camping World, then the research is probably out the window"
Posted by: Coiler

Don't forget the ones hiding in our/ I mean their bunkers.


I see the latest tea party rumor going around is the government is building a huge bunker under the Denver Airport....


Yes, the Denver airport...
I actually saw the mural and thought it was just creepy, BS artwork paid for by tax dollars. (usual story)
I did hear an interview last year with this guy who tried to explain it...
The guy sounded a bit nutty, but definitely had some very interesting things to say about it.
Nothing would surprise me with the powers that be...


Also, they'll have to pry my bunker from my cold, dead hands!


One thing Beck insists on is that his viewers do their own research.

And do you do it?


"And do you do it?"
Posted by: joanie

Sure, if I see something Beck or anyone else brings up and I'm interested enough to look into it, of course.
Don't you?

The point with Beck saying that is that he tries to be accurate with facts and the opinions about those facts are his personal opinions.
I've never known of an opinion based show to ask for corrections they way he does.
The facts in any issue are the most important thing so that debate on the subject is as close to reality as possible.
Some agree with him, some don't...
Most who don't are the ones who go after him any chance they can without actually taking what he says in context.


Now that the Republicans are back in charge of the House, they have set up a work schedule where after 2 weeks of "work" they have to take a week off. So, are they looking at how they can create jobs this week? Nope. This week they will be meeting in committees to "go over rules and regulations. Then they will take next week off.

So, Mr. Boner, where are the jobs?
The cutting of the budget they promised to do? 2%. yep, those Republicans are sure showing us how to run a government, just like they promised.


Beck makes no bones about what he does. He calls it “faction”. He lays out the facts and intertwines the narrative with fiction. Sometimes the fiction is his opinion, other times it’s his tenuous connection to some other fact (hence the chalk board). Beck’s no genius; his claim to fame is the ability to mainstream rightwing conspiracies. And that type of demagoguery can only go so far. Soon, like an inebriate full of his self worth, he will turn on his own.


Or his own will turn on him. Numbers dropping . . . stations dropping him . . . what can it mean? George Soros is probably behind it all.


Has he encouraged or advocated violence? Arrest him.
Has he said anything demonstrably false or libelous? Sue him.
I can NOT believe that Hood is (by inclusion) advocating muzzling speech he disagrees with. You've never hidden your agenda, but you've become what you think the fair-right embodies.
I have never called for Olbermann's firing. The market worked. No one watched and he disappeared.
Is anyone listening to Beck on KTTH? Barely....the signal sucks. If Bonneville wants to replace him with a local show, it'll be because the $ makes sense. In the meantime, he and his barely concealed Mormon dogma remains.


There is a difference between the freedom of speech and putting a megaphone in front of the speaker. Taking away the megaphone does not take away his freedom to say what he wants.

The Anti-Dori

Olberman had high ratings on MSNBC. Darkscretplace, keep hiding because your information is bogus.


Why are you so hateful about Glenn Beck? He tells the truth! Francis Fox Piven (what a name!) hates this country and it shows in her own writing! Plus she is getting very senile. The sixties are over, Francis! Keep Glenn Beck and bring back real radio with Michael Savage!


"Keep Glenn Beck and bring back real radio with Michael Savage!"
Posted by: Norman

I'm all for keeping Glenn Beck on local radio, but Savage?
I don't think Beck is going anywhere soon.
Seattle needs him, especially with the demise of KVI.


Yep.We need all the misinformation, fear-mongering we can get. You're absolutely right, Bastard. The fact that advertisers have left Beck and there are petitions to remove him mean nothing at all. He's a perfectly sane and intelligent fella. Everybody's next door neighbor.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Joanie, the rightwingers tried that line on me a couple of years ago about Maddow, Olby, Rhodes, and Malloy. Sadly, i had to remind them the these Left Radio and TV hosts had no Advertisers and that only a few kooks were really watching.


PB&J, your sooo easily mislead. What else did they say to enlighten you?


And what else did you believe? You're so easy. Isn't he fun, Rhino?


"Yep.We need all the misinformation, fear-mongering we can get. You're absolutely right, Bastard."
Posted by: joanie

Misinformation is usually just information you don't like.
Fear-mongering can be telling someone to buckle their seat belt.

Beck is just another "Hitler" to those who don't like him and a beacon of truth to those who do.
He'll either sink or swim by the ratings he gets.

Ptrogressive Blog Junkie

What else did they say to enlighten me?

What else did i believe?

Two excellent questions.

Well lets see, Randi Rhodes and Malloy were always on the air saying the War in Iraq was illegal. I believed that and that truth enlightened me the most. It made me wake up every morning and say "what can i do today to make America better" What else, Olby, Malloy, Randi again, and Maddow told me that GITMO needed to be closed to stop the torture. They said a vote for Obama would make that happen. I believed. They told me four more years of Bushler politics was not good for the country. I believed. They told me how bad McCain would be for the Nation. I believed. They told me Palin is a media whore. I still believe. The list is so long. They even told me the lies about 9/11. How the Shrub blew up the towers himself. I believed. I Voted for Obama. Sure i regret my vote today. But back then, Not a chance. So was i mislead by them four rhino. Was i wrong in believeing them Joanie?


Misinformation is usually just information you don't like.

That's a crock and you know it, Bastard. Why do you post such drivel. No such thing as misinformation? No facts? No history? You haven't learned anything from experience? Wall Street didn't blow the money? No one is corrupt? The President isn't Black? Mark Sanford didn't have an affair while trekking the Appalachian trail? We found weapons of mass destruction worth going to war for? We are winning in Afghanistan?



Were you wrong to believe what? You names a lot of stuff that even I didn't fall for and I"m pretty far left.

Maybe that's the problem with those of you on the conservative side: you believe to much. I never heard most of those people say Shrub blew up the towers. Gitmo should be closed. Randi, Maddow and I still belive it. So?

You posts are more like sermons than conversations. A sermon is a lot of preaching. But they aren't very intellectually based. To be enlightened, one must be intellectually honest. So I suggest that whichever side you choose to be on, you start with an intellectual honesty about policy and issues. If you are a follower of radio and tv personalities, then you have found your side.


" Misinformation is usually just information you don't like.

That's a crock and you know it, Bastard. Why do you post such drivel. No such thing as misinformation? No facts? No history? You haven't learned anything from experience? Wall Street didn't blow the money? No one is corrupt? The President isn't Black?"

Did you notice that I said "Usually", not...
"there is no such thing as misinformation"?
And Wall street wasn't the sole cause of our financial problems, there was lots of help from unions and the entitlement mentality of too many present day Americans.
Corruption has always been a problem, always will be...
Wall street, politics...
I'm not sure what you mean by saying the president is black.
As far as I'm concerned, Obama being the first black president was one of the few good things that resulted from his being elected.
sounds like you might have that "All white conservatives are racists" thing going on.
(A staple of the liberal agenda)

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