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February 17, 2011



"Curley has no particular political POV"

He's a raging conservative where politics are concerned. For example, if I recall, he believes people on unemployment benefits are sucking from the government's tit, or his wallet by extension. He's hardcore anti-taxes, and he had expressed some xenophobic view points.

He sounds like a typical Reaganite; they believe social programs make people lazy and the govt. can't do anything better than business, and he probably hasn't given the philosophies of politics much thought since 1985. It sounds like he reads TMZ and Gawker while eats breakfast in the morning.


I really enjoy reading this blog! You people are very passionate about talk radio, politics and whatever else that ends up here. That photo posted is actually Randy Newman! (I am the guy in the picture with the black hair.) No big deal.

I have known John Curley since the day he arrived in Seattle. I think in my old age, that I am a pretty good judge of character. I don’t suffer fools gladly. He is a great guy who has earned everything he has. I have never been around someone with more energy. He is a great dad, his wife is awesome and he is always good for a laugh.
I was asked to join him until he finds a permanent partner. Nothing more. Hey, I’m missing Judge Judy and House Hunters on TV, not to mention being home with my wife and our dog Lucy. But for now, KIRO is a very cool place to hang out. They have an incredibly professional staff. The newsroom is a thing of beauty. Ryan Hatch is hard working, enthusiastic and smart.
I am not an employee so I have no reason to suck up to anyone. If you know anything about me, you know that I'm not a suck up. I may suck, but that's not the point. I was in radio for over 30 years. Believe me, I have seen it all. Some of the things people say on this blog are so off the mark, and on occasion very mean spirited. But it makes for good entertainment! I can tell you that talk radio isn’t easy. Even if some of the hosts aren’t exactly your cup of tea, at least give them and their producers credit for putting on a radio show 5 days a week. We’ll talk to you tonight at 7.


Has anybody noticed lately that all these KIRO no longer take phone calls!

It's almost like a directive from management.

I think it's bad policy given the name of the genre...TALK-radio.


@Dick - yep, I 've noticed the lack of call-ins as well. It leaves a big gap for me listening to these shows. Have also noticed that all three of the day-times shows (Ross-Burbank, Dori, R&D) have started filling their third (or for R&D - fourth) hour with stuff recycled from earlier in the same show. Do they not expect folks to be around for an entire show anymore? It just makes me look for something else to listen to when they do that. And while I'm sure putting together three or four hours of material every day isn't easy, this strikes me as a bit lazy. Maybe if they took more phone calls, they wouldn't have to replay stuff.


Yeah, Luke addressed that repetition thing, saying they figured very few people who were around for the first hour were around for the thid, and vice versa.

The only problem with this plan is that THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO LISTEN TO ALL THREE HOURS. If you have fresh topics for all three, then 100% of the listenership is happy, but if you rehash earlier chat, then only the hourly stragglers will be happy, and what percentage does that account for? 75% perhaps? So you'd rather cut corners to please 75% rather than "work" and satisfy 100% of your listners?

Just remember, laziness doesn't go unrewarded.


west-mike sayd "Some of the things people say on this blog are so off the mark, and on occasion very mean spirited. "

I don't think you can talk about mean spirited and 'off the mark' without mentioning Dori Monson. Garbage in garbage out, that's all I'm sayin'.

Not long ago I heard Dori and someone else describe Vili Fualaau as a victim while simultaneously laughing at him and his plight. I just don't see how anyone can reconcile that. How could anyone say he's a "good person" in real life when he demonstrates such poor character, so frequently, and with such ease on the radio five days a week?


For those of us that listen online the re-hashing/repeating of ANY part of the show is irritating. R&D are by far the worst. If you watch the webcam, these guys are endlessly replaying stuff (i.e. Rachel Bell) and brazenly at around 615pm you can watch them pack up and LEAVE! Unbelievable arrogance!


To West-mike: I really wish some of the wonderful, nice qualities of some of the KIRO personalities would come across on the air. Why do nice people feel it necessary to act like assholes when they're on the radio?


Its amazing to me that the suits don't look at other talk radio formats that are highly successful. I regularly stream KGO from SF and their late night shows have listeners from all over the world. The cornerstone of those shows are the listener calls. Ray Taliaferro, regardless of what you think of his schtick, has this concept honed to a fine art and KGO mgt seems to let him go with that and it works.


KIRO has dumbed down its station, maybe that's who's listening to commercial radio. I have to say Radke has been a huge disappointment. He's not funny, he's not particularly smart, he's clearly reading things people write for him and when he writes his own stuff it's painful to listen to as he struggles through it. I keep listening because I like Linda Thomas on news. She's obviously the smart one.


"Why do nice people feel it necessary to act like assholes when they're on the radio?"

Posted by: tigsnort

Tony Ventrella comes off as one of the nicest humans on the planet and his radio show was horrible.
Howard Stern proved the point that people wanting to hear what you say is what counts, not how nice they think you are.
As for Dori... I'm a long time fan and never have seen him as a bad guy at all, but by many posters here... He's the purest of evil that must be listened to at all times.
Curley comes off as a very decent, sincere guy...
The times I heard him last year, I'd rather just hear him do a topic with some callers, but the 2 buddies yacking away as if it's their private phone conversation was just annoying.
Curley and West also sounded so much alike, I couldn't tell who was who.
If I wanted 2 giggling goofs I'd be an R&D fan.
Good luck to Curley and whoever...
I'll be listening to Gibson on KTTH.


Dori isn't evil, he's just a dick.


A dinky dick at that!


"Dori isn't evil, he's just a dick."
Posted by: tigsnort

"A dinky dick at that!"
Posted by: Rich

Both of you listen to him every day.
Don't you? Of course you do.


"Both of you listen to him every day.
Don't you?"

Nope. Used to in the pre-9/11 days, before he lost his marbles.


Agreed, Dori lost it after 9/11. Same sentiment from everyone else I talk to.


As for Dori... I'm a long time fan and never have seen him as a bad guy at all,

What does that say about you? Your values?

Dori is an angry and hateful, bitter evasive stab-you-in-the-back host who plays nice to guests faces and then jerks em after they're off the air.

"All art is garbage."

Where's your proof of "nice" Bastard?

West, I'm glad you got a gig with Curley. That doesn't change the comments he made when filling in for Ross nor does it change his dominating ways with Brodeur. Of course, she didn't have much to offer either. Those few days were wasted radio.


Dori doesn't say "all art is garbage" aside from his take on the art that is forced upon us...
He often talks about the public art that is paid for with tax dollars and is usually just crap.
Garbage if you will.
I guess I have no proof that Dori is "nice"... Just the impression I get of him that he seems a nice guy if you knew him as a person and not a talk radio host.
I'm sure that he would admit to his puffed up, on air persona...
Much of his rage is mock.

I heard a few minutes of Curly while driving tonight during Gibson ads and it was as I feared...
2 guys gabbing and sounding like the same 2 guys I didn't want to hear during those fill in shows last year.
I went back to Gibson ads on KTTH.
(I'm sure they're both nice guys too)


No way that Shiers will replace Gibson - that would be stupid - Shiers is a nice guy, but not cut out for talk radio, IMO. Dori is called a bastard here because he dares to disagree with the liberal progressives - how f**king rude (sarc.).. Agree with RB - much of his rage is mock.

Newsflash - if you don't like him, don't listen to him.


It seems kind of like cheating when you just have two co-hosts blab on about a subject. Whatever happened to booking interesting and informative guests?


Dori doesn't say "all art is garbage"

Yes, he said that. Those exact words. I heard them. Please don't tell me what I hear and what I don't hear when I listen to the radio You may not have heard it, but I did.

"Nice guys?" I always thought nice guys finish last. I wonder why people say that?

Dori has made a name for himself and the reputation that goes with it has been earned. Interesting that you think his "schtick" is just that. Pretty embittered if you ask me. But then, I suppose anything to make a buck in your world. Hmm, Bastard? Just askin'.

I'm wondering how long you've been listening to Dori? You may be a newer listener. He's cleaned up his act a bit from what I hear. But there's no cleaning up the filth he spewed on that radio show over the years.


I've been listening to Dori since he started.
I'm sure that he's joking often times he says things and most listeners know how he means it... Those who hate his political views will use anything he says against him.
Just go ahead and hate him all you want.
I don't think he cares much.


yeah Monson did say all art is garbage, or possibly he might have said a couple times, just for variety, 99% of it is garbage, which is really a distinction without a difference. his big beef is with the public art, that's true but he did make the comment. and lets characterize the comment- it is simply incorrect, ignorant and the rantings of a fool. The comment is like saying all radio talk show hosts are pieces pf garbage except maybe for Rush Limbaugh. In Monson's case , sorry but i truly feel he is a piece of garbage. There have been so many things over recent years that qualify him for that title, but his whining protest last summer over letting the Ethiopian community use Key Arena to hold their memorial,funeral for the entire family who died in the fire summer ( his "outrage" was based on the few thousand dollars it was going to cost) is the act of a piece of garbage. Period.


This argument that Dori is just an entertainer/comedian whose rage is "mock" is the same bullshit excuse Limbaugh supporters use. Dori and his ilk have had a free ride for years, enabled by their sycophantic supporters who cower under the hollow veneer of fake reasonableness. The age of sobriety is here. Dori is a troll. He's a dark spot on the history of the Northwest. He's no J.P. Patches - in fact he's the furthest thing from it. He's an anomaly, a freakish mole on the face of the Northwest, and I don't care how long he keeps his job, because ultimately he'll be remembered as a figure of shame, not affection.


Most of Dori's political positions are merely populist, easy to agree with, like "X is a waste of money", and often times X is a waste of money. What makes Dori such a cancer on the most literate city in the nation is that he gives credence to a near sociopathic point of view.

The homeless are reduced to human garbage. The complicated state budget is reduced to their wasting too much money on "freeway art". He came within inches of saying the suicide fence was a waste of money before his board op reminds him that the Aurora bridge is the #2 suicide bridge in the country. He'll go out of his way to talk about how much he loves "Star and the girls", but regards nearly every other human being as expendable trash. He laughs at their misery. It's truly sick, and the station won't stop him because his depraved act brings in ad dollars.

I believe our capitalist society is still young, and simply hasn't learned that just because an activity is profitable doesn't mean it's virtuous or good for our future. It might not look it, but we're still in the wild west, and here insane maniacs are given microphones, and money is made as a result.


Frank Shiers worked every shift on every Entercom/Bonneville station at any time every time he was asked.

He was full-time; then part-time; then back to full-time; now back to "stand by in case we need a fill-in."

He was hard working and loyal. And what does Bonneville give him in return. A Mormon wing-tip shoe right up his stupid republican ass.

Say what you will about him, but the guy worked hard, has a wife and daughter. For his sake, I truly hope he lands a nice job somewhere.

But I fear he may soon find out that 50-something ex-radio guys soon become 99ers. He may be wishing he had lobbied on air for universal health care.


Or he may be one of those "trust-fund" kids who doesn't really need to worry which was why he could handle being in such a vulnerable business to begin with.

james chan

Andrew's last post is spot on. I don't believe dori is spewing 'mock' anything. He means it. He seems to lift his talking points from the previous night's beck, hannity or billo broadcast or a running tag line from drudge.
His inane carping on the 'far left' is cold war stupidity. I realize it has been revived by beck and billo but it really flies in the face of reality.
He, of course, was the only person on the radio to dis the rebellion in Egypt.
A few days ago he was ranting about the idiot who tweeted, now that is journalism, about Lara Logan's assault. He ranted about the 'leftist college loathing for the war in Iraq'.
He of course, omits Will, Buchanan or any other conservative opponents, or the guy resigned after the blowback.
He really is just bone stupid at times, often, that may be his saving grace in a dumbed down market.


Dori is a big head on a tiny body...
No question about that.
Nobody else on Seattle radio comes close to his shining the light on government waste...
No question about that either.
KIRO or any other station will never have a stable of hosts who will please us all and that's where a blog site like this comes in to let all of us vent about what we like and don't like.
Blatherwatch does shove it's political agenda too far past the radio biz, but if that's why it exists, then fine.
Glad to have it.


It'a interesting to me that Monson and his fascist comments and thinking seems to be in line with trends i've noticed. Last night i watched part of the Shawshank Redemption. The prison setting was supposed to be in the late 1940's. The guards were shown brutalizing prisoners somethign that is at least officially prohibited and more or less practically reduced a great deal nowadays, so thst gives us brownie points for our society today i guess. But the movie showed black and white and other prisoners mixing in the yard and talking amongst themselves. In the modern day hardcore prisons the prisoners aer controlled by complete aself-imposed, mindless fascism. No mixing or talking among the races, even such idiotic and insane codes as having certain showerheads reserved for individual races, in a line of ten identical showerheads. We've gone backwards, not forwards. People like Monson with his lack of compassion and fascist thinking are partially responsible for our devolvement into fascist trends.


Nobody else on Seattle radio comes close to his shining the light on government waste...

And, that, is your uninformed opinion, Bastard. That's probably why so many of us dislike Dori. he doesn't know what he's talking about and he's a low-level lover of money and hater of people. Are you?


Did he report waste at BIAW, Goldman Sachs? He is Seattle's Lars Larson minus a syndication to stations in communities that feed off the gubmint dime.


Didn't read you at first, Tommy, but you are right. We are trending backwards. I don't have much time for you anymore. But, what's going on in Wisconsin and with immigration and hate talk on the radio (especially Dori) is what some older white men seem to want. We are devolving into a hate-filled and separatist society.

Thanks in a large part to some radio hosts who have turned on the emotional and reactive "me-first" values of listeners who were always greedy and thoughtless but now come out in the cover of multi-millionaire hosts their wannabe clones. It is easy to dump on people rather than offer a helping hand. Bastard is a classic dumper and he's right at home with Dori. We have our new aristocracy who will offer pennies to the poor occasionally but who never believe they have to fulfill contracts. That's for the little people.


I just realized that Dori tells Bastard what he wants to hear. That's why he listens and believes and thinks he's normal. Maybe he is. Unfortunately.

He doesn't want truth, facts, reality. He said it himself: no such thing as truth.

That's why he calls himslf Bastard. Dori gives him permission to be proud of being a Bastard. Would you be proud to call yourself a Rat Bastard? I wouldn't.


Spot on joanie. There's nothing virtuous about calling attention to government expenses whose cause that you happen to disagree with, and it certainly doesn't justify acting like a "rat bastard".

If you want to see a true hero of the media identifying govt. waste, look to Susannah Frame of King 5. They do actual WORK. They're objective in their analysis.

People like rat bastard listen to Dori or Limbaugh or O'Reilly (who didn't know the moon's pull causes tides) because they make them feel jusitified in their low brow, low information hatred of an ever more liberal society, including a woman Governor and a black President.


Wow, some hard core assumptions...
Joanie seems to use "uninformed" to describe any view that doesn't agree with hers.
I don't listen to Limbaugh or see O'Reilly much...
Hatred of liberalism, yes...
How does a woman Governor and a black President have anything to do with that?
Every white liberal I know hates "W" and I always thought it was about politics.
Sexism and racism just has to be the reason for any view of our governor and president that isn't flattering.
Now THAT is a classic example of liberalism.
Sexism and racism anyplace you can put it since it's the last resort.


As far as Dori...
I'm a long time fan of his show.
Yes, I do think he seems a good person.
One thing to be clear about is that there have been no shortage of issues where I'm disgusted with his position.
Times where I see his views as extremely hypocritical and inconsistent.
That doesn't mean that he's a bad person or that everything else he says HAS to be wrong.
Again, that would be another example of classic liberalism.
There are even some liberal commentators I agree with from time to time.
The world just isn't as black and white as many need it to be.
OK, that was probably RACIST!!!!

By the way...
"Rat Bastard" is a Bill Handel term I like.
Some of you may know of him.
Not going for hidden meanings or anything complicated...
Gotta' have a name for this...


I caught the last hour of John Curley tonight. It's going to be some very, very slow sledding for the 7-10 p.m. hours on KIRO FM . Somehow Curley got to talking abouthte WTO riot and the night that riot coverage superceded his little King5 magazine show. Curley was dtermined to get on TV, ,so he got a costume made up by his Buddy in the King5 production warehouse and went out on the streets as a giant "Free Checking" sign . What a high-larious hijink. Don't ya just know it our John got found out by the King5 camera crew and they warned off Jean Emerson before she could have him interviewed. And then a honcho at King5 called John and told the little scamp to come back to the station and take off his costume. What a wild and crazy guy. So funny! .........like I said- some really really long, tedious hours ahead in the late winter early evenings on KIRO fm.

woody held

I'd like to see a 5K race between Curley and Ron & Don, FA's who are always bragging about their athletic endeavors.

Curley is an excellent runner with a very respectable 5K time. He would kick Ron & Don's butts (FA's).


One thing to be clear about is that there have been no shortage of issues where I'm disgusted with his position.
Times where I see his views as extremely hypocritical and inconsistent.
That doesn't mean that he's a bad person or that everything else he says HAS to be wrong.

Yes, that's a case of classic conservativism. You watch everything hypocritical and inconsistent but if it fits your world view - hating liberals - that's what you'll do.

Better to listen to a liberal hater even if he is hypocritical and inconsistent and disgusting.

I don't think there's anything else to add, do you, Andrew?

BTW, Bastard, I never said a word about a Black President and woman governor. That was Andrew. You didn't really address my post which really just posted what you've said yourself. But philosophically, liberals are known to be further along the evolutionary path when it comes to voting for Blacks and women and any other diverse person. Do you disagree?


rat bastard, I do NOT listen to Dori I hear an add of two on 710. When he does the security message on the ferry I tun my Ipod up till my ears bleed.


1. rat bastard - A bastard who is characterized by devious and base intentions.

2. rat bastard - A despicable person. Someone easy to hate, usually for a good reason.
It is normally related to either extreme personality flaws or actions committed counter to human decency.

3. rat bastard - a completely wretched and despised person

This is Dori. Is it you?


4. From WikiFur: "Rat Bastard was a grungy, futuristic comic about Rosco Rodent, private investigator"


I would hope "every white liberal hates W." And every brown liberal, and yellow liberal, and red liberal, and green liberal.

We hate W because he lied us into a war that has wasted billions of dollars and thousands of lives; he wrecked the economy; he lowered the standard of living for 90% of the country; and he ruined the reputation of the USA around the world.

What the fuck is to like?


AMJ: I google dall of the meanings and picked the most used (according to Google) and the one that fit.

All those teeny tiny reasons to dislike W. And we liberals - well, (hear Reagan) we're all the same.

What effing horsepuckey.

Rat Bastard, hold up a mirror and you'll see Dori. Like what you see? You must. Inconsistency, disgust and hypocrisy. That's what you'll see. And you said it.


FA's ? FA's? ...Hoho I GET IT...FABULOUS ANNOUNCERS....yes i too enjoy r and d....


what kind of pathetic, puerile ass and attention whore has to crash a WTO riot in an inane costume because his silly little magazine show was cancelled for one night by the station news department...... that wasn't the end of Curley's TMI (too much information) for his final show hour...he went on to take some gratuitous cheap shots at Larry King, i guess just so he could get in the fact that he once worked at Channel Nine in D.C. and his makeup artist did Larry's makeup for his show. I won't repeat the part about Larry because as i said - they were just pointless, gratuitous cheap shots. What was this unasked for and unnecessary info suppopsed to prove? That Larry is a bad person? The info meant nothing, and proved nothing except that Curley can engage in banal , vacuous gossip. I'm really starting to seriously dislike this guy.


i think the deal was that Larry is a famously very liberal celebrity... and Curley, being a rather nasty, meanspirited conservative, just couldn't resist getting some cheap shots in at old "Lare" . Not any more complicated than that.


It would have been nice if there had been some reporting and/or discussion of the demonstration that was taking place last night, while it was happening. I think that even Frank may have given it more serious attention. What is the point of having live radio if it doesn't report events as they happen?


ok, now i'm learning there was a dmonstration last night. Did you Listen to his entire show AMJ? The police killing issue is a serious issue and deserved some discussion. Right now, from the previous post, it appears Curley simply used the demonstration as a jumping off point to talk about his WTO prank. In other words- as a jumping off point to talk about himself- apparently his favorite subject.

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