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January 26, 2011



Country first, right, Republicans?

Congressman Tom McClintock of California has introduced H.R. 421 – "To require that the Government prioritize all obligations on the debt held by the public in the event that the debt limit is reached." This bill would prioritize payments to China and our other creditors over our own citizens should Congress not raise the debt ceiling.

South King County

Since you ridiculed that, what would you suggest then as an alternative ?

Right Leaning and Right

We don't really have a thread going on it, but I want to thank all of you and the rest of the right thinking Washingtonians for having the foresight to put the brilliant Rob McKenna in the AG's Office to defend us from the grievous attack on our Constitution by the former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, Senate buffoon Harry Reid and B.H.Obama.
In answer to sparky's concerns here, You pay those that have been most generous and likely to be there for us when we need them later (also consider China has the worlds biggest army and check book).

The Anti-Dori

Interesting, Sparky, that the people who think Americans should be in last place on the the creditor's list think that they have enough money to survive such a debacle. Almost wishes one would put it to the test . . . but we know better, don't we?

Progressive Blog Junkie

Oh Sparky, you're so witty.


I wasn't ridiculing it..I find it extremely offensive. And as far as an alternative? Poll after poll shows that a very large majority of Americans want Congress to work on finding jobs. Period. They don't care about a "deficit" when they can't buy groceries or gas or new clothes for their kids or make a house payment. Pay China before we feed our kids and seniors? You have interesting priorities.

Yes, AD, you're right.


I'm wondering if that isn't a strategy to protect Wall Sreet again. If we defaulted on our debts to China, they would throw out American companies. And American companies sell to the world so they don't really care about Americans anymore. We starve but they stay in business.

Very patriotic of them, isn't it?

Progressive Blog Junkie

The debt ceiling? It will probably be raised and this will be a non-issue. But if it isnt, then this is good management of Government. Governemnt needs its credit to run.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Priorities? You want to know about priorities. I knew a bunch of people who sacrificed home mortgage payments, rent payments, car payments, so on and so on to help Obama get elected. Me included. We contributed way more that what we could out of our pockets for what? 9% un-employment. Gitmo still operating. Banks making billions again. Hindsight is 20/20 i know, we thought we were getting the next JFK but all we got was a Carter. The only thing that improved in this country since Obama has been President is Obamas golf handicap.

The way i see it, the Libs took my job away. The Conservatives giveth back. Sure there are a lot of people out there still needing, but like i have found out, we should not have voted because we had a tingle running up our legs everytime we heard him speak. We were so blinded by our own hatred for Bush we failed not only ourselves, but our country also.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Did you read that correctly Sparky? Joanie? We failed our country. I voted for Obama. My bet is you two voted for him also. Were we thinking country first then.


Let's just remember that our financial and industrial gurus are sitting on $3 trillion dollars in cash. If the U.S. has to default, let them pony up. Since the cash is sitting idle, they obviously don't need it. So, let the money bags return the favor and bail out the Treasury.


Speak for yourself, PBJ. You can't speak for me because you don't know what tingles and what doesn't tingle for me.

You have your zeal and I have mine. Attempting to speak for me will prove a failure because I speak very well for myself.

For me, John McCain was never a viable option. So I don't regret my vote. If you do yours, then I think you cast a poorly informed vote to begin with. Is that possible?


Listening to Malloy extol Al Jazeera (sp???). I started reading it online last year but did not continue. I was impressed. Wish I'd kept on. Time is always an issue isn't it?

Long live Al Jazeera!
Long live Wikileaks!
Long live rebellion!

A toast to the coming American rebellion!

And only the Americans will be left behind . . . PBJ, isn't that the name of one of your evangelical books?


McCain wasn't interested in repealing DADT or addressing health insurance. It wasnt that difficult to vote against him or that other idiot who quit her job as governor.


Some Questions About Egypt
By Scott Horton

I spent the last week watching the developments in Egypt from London, where U.S., European, and Arab media are equally accessible. Watching them side-by-side, sometimes over many hours a day, I was struck by the weakness of the American coverage. Almost every broadcast news source has its high and low points, but the American cable news coverage, which used to command a global audience, was languishing behind its competitors. It contrasted most sharply with Al Jazeera, which has been doing a superlative job in hour-by-hour coverage from across Egypt and clearly has emerged as the broadcaster of choice for news junkies. The major difference lies in the mix of fact and opinion reporting. Al Jazeera has overwhelmed its competitors with hard, on-the-ground reporting. By contrast, U.S. broadcasters had fewer assets on the ground and filled up their time slots with talking heads, many of whom seemed poorly versed in Egypt and the current developments.


"poorly versed" - that sounds very American, doesn't it? We're becoming a nation of dummies.

It could be said that Al Jazeera is speaking to an audience to which this information is more relevant. Still, even Canadian TV is covering it better than we are.

I also heard, last night, (Malloy again?) someone wrote in who couldn't get Al Jazeer on-line. Servers crashing and all Finally, he got it on real player which is not as popular I guess. So, there are people out there who want to know.


Coiler, I’m following the UK coverage also. The European outlets have a rounded, if not complete, reporting.

The Anti-Dori

Certainly is quiet without the misinformed on the right. I might miss them . . . and then again, perhaps not.

Two million Egyptians on the streets of Cairo. An awesome sight.


If this Democratic outburst in the Middle East radiates to more states, like Jordan and Iran, I speculate Obama will get the credit.


If this Democratic outburst in the Middle East radiates to more states, like Jordan and Iran, I speculate Obama will get the credit.

Progressive Blog Junkie

No regrets Joanie? Some of your previous posts that mention the President would disprove that claim. But i get the feeling that you are telling the truth.

Speaking of feelings. Yes i was wrong in catagorizing you as a "Tingler" without asking. 2008 was an electrifying year around the United States. After Chris Matthews came out about that "tingle running up his leg" it went viral. Not only in FOX and every rightwinger criticizing him, but in describing everyone in the Progressive movement who couldnt get enough of Obama. Me including. So if you are not a "Tingler" then you must be in the other catagory that came out of the campaign. Those that took the hype to the extreme. A "Fainter".

As for casting a poorly informed vote in the internet age. 69 million people didnt think so. Either do i.

And i see you cleverly avoided my question. Nice. And since you are the "Alpha" here i will not follow up for an answer.

One more thing, there was an interesting phrase you used in your post up there...

"John McCain was never a viable option"

Something about this phrase rings a bell with me. I cant put my finger on it but i believe it was a study or poll i heard about from the Doctor. Something along the lines of "the phrase that gave Obama the election". If i remember it. I'll share it with you.




Tingler? Fainter? Why not just ask what I think or fell instead of tell me.

I was hoping for change. I had two choices: Obama and McCain. Any other choice didn't make sense given that Obama made promises I thought he would keep. Was I happy? Yes. Not only because I thought he could read the mandate for change people were granting him but also because he is our first president of color and people believed in him regardless of color.

What question did I fail to answer? I know of none.

Sparky, did you hear Mike talking about some Republican legislator wanting to legislate against abortions in the case of rape if the victim doesn't fight back? Apparently, there's a difference between "rape" and "forcible rape?"

Is this one of your esteemed conservatives, PBJ?

And Black Rhino, what's with the test?

Finally, Sparky, you gotta read this: Got Dough? How Billionaires Rule Our Schools

And maybe hear Sirota's interview with her:
Mon, 24 Jan 2011 11:20:27 -0500
Joanne Barkan our special guest to talk about her piece in the latest Dissent Magazine called Got Dough: How Billionaires Rule Our Schools. Joanne Barkan is a freelancer who writes on a wide range of political and economic topics. She became interested in the relationship between private foundations and their role in public education policy about a year and a half ago and began doing research. At 9:25 DPS Board Member Jeannie Kaplan joined us to inject how it is going on locally.

She talks quite a bit about the Gates Foundation among others and puts the lie to bed about the greatness of charter schools. It's a good read and a good listen.


So, the stock market is higher than it's been . . . more money for the uber wealthy who hold 27% of our wealth which is up from 7% about thirty years ago if I remember correctly.

I guess people forget we left England and had a revolution to get rid the of the King. We must miss the monarchy because we are sure trying to recreate it. I wonder when all the serfs will start the next revolution to throw off the chains of servitude. Or are 42" TV screens and soft sofas enough to keep us happy?

 Caleb the Comedian

this just in- a woman is sueing P. Diddy Combs for perpetrating 911 and assaulting her child. She is asking for one trillion dollars. I didn't know Joanie had a child. rim shot please. Thank you thank you- folks, I'll be here all week, and don't forget to try the Salmon at the Hotel Retaurant downstairs.

 Caleb the Comedian

Obama seems to be mishandling Egypt the same way he mishandled Iran during the unrest. He became the first President to officially recognize the rogue regime of Iran since they came into power in 1979. Nice going, chief.


The Egyptians are pulling off what the tea baggers cannot.

Right Leaning and Right

Try not to be such a simpleton Joanie. Most of the money invested in the markets is our pension and 401k $. I know how difficult it must be for you communist and socialist types to understand our investing in our own futures.
But we have a long way to go to get back to where the Dow was at 14,000 before we foolishly let Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid take over the nation.
Just prey that the country can last until the end of next year when we can correct this monumental screw up by electing an American President with wisdom, experience and vision to replace the one in there now that lacks all of those attributes.


The Dow took a dumper to the 9000s in October of 2008 before Obama was elected, the lowest at 7400 in November before Obama took office.

The right likes to throw out statements such as yours and hope that nobody checks. Puts must be your accountant!

Progressive Blog Junkie

Serious and Linear. Isnt that what you said Joanie. I kept my part. Yet you make the turn. We were talking about Priorities of the families that make up the Progressive Movement and whether or not our vote for Obama hurt the country. But here you come out with some drivel about how you came to your decision to vote for Obama. Tell me, how long did you hold onto that line before you had a chance to use it. Tell you what, go ahead and complete that circle you are on and when you are ready we can continue this discussion or we can wait for Sparky to toss out another topic we can hash out.


Why the fascination with Joanie and others? Does your woman know you are obsessed?


Funny, coiler. So far, only mischaracterizations of my posts and no issues. Yet he's complaining. So far, he's been a waste of time.

Most of the money invested in the markets is our pension and 401k $.

Oh. Like those pensions you want to eliminate for the public sector? Just like they've been doing to the private sector? Trying to have it both ways? Gotta keep Wall Street propped up to pay out pensions but want to eliminate the pensions . . . make up your mind.


There's so much information and so many pieces of it I pick up and yet can't relate on this blog And yet, it worries me. It isn't possible for a country to survive with a strong middle class when over a quarter of the wealth is in a few hands. Why doesn't the right on this blog ever respond to that?

Wall Street through commodities trading - futures - actually sets artificial prices. It isn't the free market or even a regulated market. We overpay because of speculation. Countries cannot buy food because of speculation. People are put out of work because of speculation.

Why can't people see that global markets are controlled by a few very wealthy families and companies. They will benefit and the rest of us will wither. Why can't you see what's happening around you right now?

PBJ, I don't want to vote for Obama or any Democrat again. (Except that I think I'd vote for Nancy Pelosi if she ran . . .) So how did it help you to move to the right? What is so comforting on the right? I will never go there but I want to understand what you found on the right that made you feel better than you did on the left. Believing that you really were once a liberal.

Also, did anyone see the poll that showed that most people think that Fox News is "least trusted" according to a public policy poll? Who knows if it is a valid poll or not. Wouldn't it be nice if people really were waking up to the non-news on Fixed News?

 Caleb the Comedian

Joanie, my joke about you went over real big at the comedy club here inside the casino hotel on the Vegas Strip. Dori was in the sudience and even he knows who you are.

Progressive Blog Junkie

Joanie, outstanding post up there. Being only a Conservative for a few months i will not get to deep into it but i'll give you a couple of random thoughts...

A. Doom and Gloom. Your doom and gloom scenarios sounds very familiar to the guy Michael Hood just used in his new thread. The only difference is that Beck uses a chalkboard. Maybe if you start naming those mean greedy rich people and companies and start piecing them together in how they interact to control the wealth of the world...Then you would sound more like Glenn Beck. Do ya think thats why no Progressive Host has taken that assignment and went with it.

B. Tunnel vision: Some people only look straight ahead and care only about whats in front of them. When they do turn their heads they are then afraid of the commitments they will have to make if they get involved. Its a fast paced world out there. Some people just dont want to slow down. That is until its to late. As we seen with Katrina. Government is not the solution. Government failed then and will most likely fail the next time no matter who is in charge.

C. Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger.

What i found was a job Joanie. The job i busted my ass off to make a career in. Now lets be crystal clear here. My Progressive roots run deep. We will agree on many things at the begining of my transition. But i got to tell you, from the perspective i am getting from the right, the left seems more out there than i care to remember. For instance. Lawrence O'Donnel remarking on Bachmans SOTU response...

"Where was she looking. I couldnt make a connection that she was talking to me"

Hilarious? Sure it is, but doesnt it sound familiar.


What sounds familiar? She was looking at a camera devoted to her target audience: the tea party.

You continue to make allegations the left seems more out there than i care to remember. For instance. Lawrence O'Donnel remarking on Bachmans SOTU response...

What's "out there" about that? It was an observation.

Do you deny that the ultra wealthy hold most of the wealth in this country? I don't get your complaint about my observation that the uber rich are greedy. Swiss bank accounts up, Wall Street profiting from unemployment, pyramid schemes and hedge fund fiascos all for profit.

You lose me. So far, you've posted nothing of substance. You continue to characterize or mischaracterize what I say. All I can respond is get over me. If you want a response, put something on the table to which I can respond. Otherwise, this has been just another waste of time.

PBJ, I'm not going to give you many more opportunities.

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